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Alcoholic’s Anonymous – Area 75

Alcoholic’s Anonymous – Area 75

9:00a.m., 4/10/11

Pre Conference Assembly

Madison Senior Center


2011 Pre Conference Assembly


Nancy H.-Delegate; Todd U.-Alt Delegate/Literature; Randy R. -Area Chairperson; Lee Ann F.-Alt Chair; Matt K.-Secretary; Kathy W.-Alt Secretary; Drew A.-Treasurer; John B.-Alt. Treasurer.


Paul E.-Archives Chair; Ken N.-Corrections Chair; Brent W.-CPC Chair; Stu E.-Grapevine Chair; Barb W.-PI Chair; Thomas D.-Special Needs Chair; Nancy S.-Archivist; Bob S.-Conf. Adv. Com. Chair


D1-Jeanette S.; D2-Jane J.; D7-Jill G. (Alt); D8-Dave A.; D9-Tori K.; D11-Wendy A.; D12-Karen K.; D13-Mel F.; D14-Frank S.; D16- Mark V.; D19-Gordon M.; D20-Jessica S.; D23-Thomas B.; D24-Ray M.; D25-Nicole J.; D27-Nealy R. (Alt); D28-Greg L.; D29-Lynn G.; D30-Joel B.; D32-John C.; D36-Peter W.


D1- Tom M., Carly K., Scott J.; D2-Ryan S.; D13-Mark G., Rick B. (Alt), Jerry H.; D15-Stephen E.; D16-Dick H., Gregg R., Gerald W., Suzanne J.; D19-Gordon M.; D20- Jan M., Marcy J., Laura W., Abyn W., Chris B., Michelle K., Doreen H. (Alt); D23 Julie W.; D24-Brian P.; D25-Chris S., Jeff Z.; D28-Rick H., Steve H.; D29-Jeff G.; D31-Charles M.; D32-Carl H., James S. (Alt), Robin S.; D34-Eween R., Loretta M., Christine C.


D1-Joe S.; D2-Susan J.; D16-Bill K., Frank K.; D20-Doreen H., Greg S., Sean M.; D24-June B., Bill L.; D25-George B., Ted J.; D32-Rick M.


Past Delegates: John B., Joan J., Nancy G.; George P., Jo M.

Randy R., Area Chairperson, opened the meeting with a moment of silence, followed by the serenity prayer.


Secretary requested that new DCM’s submit their information to Area 75 Registrar JD O.

Randy R., Area Chairperson, called for the approval of the 10/17/2011 and 01/16/2011 (Fall and Winter Assembly) minutes. The minutes were approved by the assembly.


Treasurer’s Report

Pre-conference Assembly – April 10 2011

Total Assets

Dec 31 2010

Mar 31 2011


Banking Account




General Funds1



Corrections Literature Fund2



Spring Conference Accrual



Prudent Reserve



Banking Account Total



Conference Seed Money



Total Assets


Net Gain / Loss

2011 March YTD

Total Income

2011 March YTD

Total Expense

Gain (Loss)

General Funds



Corrections Literature Fund



Budget vs Expenses

Officer / Chair




Alternate Chair




Alternate Delegate




Alternate Secretary




Alternate Treasurer




Archives Chair








Area Chair




CPC Chair




Corrections Chair








Grapevine Chair








PI Chair








Special Needs Chair












Total Expenses




The treasurer’s report was approved by the Assembly.


Activities since the Winter Service Assembly in January have included:

A.A. Quarterly report from G.S.O. has been sent out (dated February 2011) in early March. Some of this information was included in the highlights received previously from our regional trustee. The Grapevine continues to be an area of concern. The Grapevine board is continuing to look at ways to cut expenses. Several items related to the Grapevine will be on the agenda for the General Service Conference. We can all help support the Grapevine by subscribing to the print and/or electronic versions.

Contribution reports for 2010 were sent to each group in early March. This is a way for groups to confirm that what they sent to GSO was reported correctly. DCM's were sent a copy of the letter that was sent to the groups and I received a report of contributions by group within a district. As of 12/31/2010 45.34 % of the registered groups in Area 75 contributed to GSO. This was a 5 % increase over 2009. Contributions from Area 75 totaled $53,482.21 (this amount does not include special contributions such as anniversary, individual, memorial or suspense (groups which have contributed but are not listed at GSO)).

A.A.W.S. Board has approved recommendations from its ad hoc committee on e-technology to allow G.S.O. to proceed with plans to create and distribute A.A.W.S. publications in digital form. The current project time-line calls for availability of the Big Book and Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions in the 2nd half of this year.

Discussions continue on the topic of anonymity in our digital age. Please remember that at the public level – press, radio, TV, films and the internet we should not use our last names. Many times we forget this when posting event flyers out on the internet. At the area level our Secretary is charged with removing last names from minutes that are posted on our area web site.

I have several District visits scheduled. If you would like me to participate in a District meeting or at a District event please contact me so that I can get it on my calendar.

Nancy H., Area 75 Delegate, Panel 61


Good Morning:

Since my last report, January 16th (Winter Assembly) I have been to many A.A. functions

I started out being invited to District 29, I also attended the East Central Regional Conference of Delegates Past and Present (Appleton, WI), Group 48’s 39th Annual Open Speaker Meeting and Dinner, Campbellsport 29th Annual Open AA Speaker and Dinner Meeting, District 7 Workshop (which was absolutely phenomenal), Lomira Annual Open AA Speaker Meeting and Potluck Dinner, the 35th Annual Badger Intergroup Speaker Dinner Meeting (my last time at this event was in 1986) which I enjoyed very much, I also visited District 15’s meeting. My final event that I attended before the Pre-Conference Assembly was District 9’s 27th Annual Spring Mini-Conference held in Fennimore, WI (which is always worth the trip).

My A.A. commitments also include the privilege of being the Treasurer for the 2011 Spring Conference (May 20th - 22nd), which translated means I am and will be very busy with my duties as the treasurer from now until the end of the conference and beyond, so please pre-register if you haven’t already.

As your chair I am thinking ahead to the Fall Assembly, so I am asking all of you to start thinking about what YOU would like to discuss at our Area Inventory. The Fall Assembly is October 16th, 2011. Please E-Mail me your thought on this or call me at the number listed in the directory. Also, I will be presenting to the Agenda Planning Committee (Summer Assembly) the dates for next years Winter Assembly, Pre-Conference Assembly, Summer Assembly and Fall Assembly.

A reminder to all that we are looking to lock in the 2014 Conference, so please take it back to your Districts and try make a decision whether or not you would like to be the District host.

Hope to see all of you at the 2011 Spring Conference on May 20th – 22nd , 2011.

Yours in Service

Randy R.

Area 75 Chairperson


No written report.

Dark District Outreach Report (transcribed)

Hello everyone I am Lee Ann, alcoholic. This is an incredible and rewarding responsibility. I am in the process of formulating a committee of four additional members to assist with the work. The committee is comprised of three past delegates and one past DCM.

I have attended the last two combined meetings of district four and twenty-two. While neither district has a DCM yet, they do have active chairs and GSRs. Their CPC chair participated in the recent VA presentation, their Treatment chair has a an active weekly meeting at META House, and their Corrections Chair is busy getting qualified volunteers registered with the department of corrections to chair meetings at the jails in Milwaukee county. Their collective GSR’s are growing and actually running out of space in the room they have rented in the Alano Club. We will continue to support their efforts. They do have one person who is thinking of standing for DCM.

District 23 has asked for our help and we will be attending their district meeting.

The new District 36 DCM approached me at the delegate’s workshop and let me know that his district is determining a time and place to hold their district meetings.

Please do not hesitate to ask me if your district would like a contact.


Many districts are sending us their minutes. The minutes are being indexed and placed in the district binders. We ask that districts also send flyers for any functions they host and programs they may have for their function. Many districts have a directory, also known as a when and where, for meetings in their district. These are another great addition for district binders. Please include the year on all materials.

The archives display has been to: Feb 5. 2011 – 7th Annual Where the Heck is Waldo; Feb 26, 2011 – Campbellsport Dist. 25 Anniversary Open meeting; March 19, 2011 Dist. 23 Open Meeting; April 9, 2011 – Dist. 9 Convention. We would be happy to bring the display to your next district function or any group functions. Just ask and the display will be there.

We are eager to come to your district meeting and share what the area archives is and what a district archives chairperson can do. Again, ask and we’ll be there.

As more people are understanding what the archives are and a deeper appreciation of our beginnings are felt there is more interest in volunteering on Sundays to help keep the archive room open from 12:00 – 4:00. If anyone is interested in helping please talk to our Archivist Nancy S.

On the Area 75.org website is an archives link located on the lower left side of the home page. If your district has an archives chair, or there is someone with an interest, open the link to find a recent list of Grapevines and Box 459s the Area 75 archives doesn’t have. If you or anyone you know has any of the items and would donate them to the archives, please contact Nancy S. You can also find an area 75 archives workbook on the archives link to help answer any questions about the archives at the area, district, and group levels.

Thank you for allowing us to serve you,

Area 75 Archivist – Nancy S.

Area 75 Archives Chair – Paul E.



As of today I’ve been to quite a few events such as the Oakhill Corrections in Oregon, WI, the Ethan Allen Boys jail at Wales, WI, a Kenosha workshop on service, and District 9’s workshop on service.

I’ve had about 20 contacts for prerelease, which about 5 or 6 were for Area 74.

We‘ve handed out about $990.00 worth of AA material to inmates. Some went to Beaver Dam and Racine Correctional facilities.

I’ve also been to a few Milwaukee County Corrections Committee meetings and they seem to be doing OK.

The Corrections Conference for Area 74 & 75 (which is not an Area sponsored event but is very informative for outside sponsors and volunteers) will be attended by Joe S. as I have another previous commitment. Thank you Joe.

I’ve got some prerelease forms on the table for any outside sponsors or volunteer that can use them.

I’ve got some prerelease form for Outside writers and inside inmates if anyone needs them.

I attended the Delegates Workshop and the committee talked about “It Sure Beats Sitting in a Cell.” We decided to recommend that the picture of a guy smoking a cigarette be removed.

We also talked about the Corrections Workbook…and couldn’t see anywhere it needed to be improved.

Your Trusted servant,

Kenneth N.


Corrections chair

PI CHAIR – Barb W.

Since our last meeting, on March 8th, I visited the Milwaukee Area Central Office. I introduced myself and gave a short talk on the PI position, showing a selection of pamphlets, explaining what helpful tools the workbook and PI kit are and giving examples of public information work we have done in our district. Thanks again Milwaukee Central Office for having me.

I was invited to District 7’s The Gift That Keeps on Giving Workshop held on March 12th. I gave a talk about my experience in service and was available all day to answer questions.

March 27th I attended the Delegates Workshop and led the PI Committee discussion. We talked mainly about the proposed upcoming membership survey and the proposed new policy on actors portraying AA members or potential AA members in videos produced by the General Service Board or its affiliates.


We have had a translator request for the Area 75 Conference in May and are presently seeking a translator for the 10:00 am Spanish panel 4 Horseman. I have not heard from Ernesto if they wish to have a translator for Saturday night. I will be in touch with Lynn G. within the next week to nail down the cost and person.

  1. Following a computer crash and lock-up I am retrieving information on community groups who service people with disabilities and will be working with the committee to finalize a letter to the various groups within the next month. The mailing is intended to let the groups know that we are here for people with disabilities who may have a drinking problem and to let the District chairs know who they might contact to offer AA’s assistance. We are also hopeful that some of the groups will advise us on how we could better serve people with various disabilities.

  2. Bill K. from District 16 has submitted several ideas for an Area display for Special needs that we are working on.

  3. We are intent on placing and organizing material for people with special needs on the Area website but are currently being hampered by your Chair’s Luddite status. We will get this done soon.

  4. It is our understanding that a binder is replacing the present folder for Special Needs Chairs sand look forward to receiving the new materials.

  5. We will be putting together a workbook for the Special Needs Chairs. Bill K. has done so for his District, and we will use that as a template for a folder that can be used by all districts in the Area.


At our March Delegates workshop, we did get some good things accomplished.  We identified needs within our area and considered items that were going to be addressed at the General Service Conference. We reviewed the contents of the Treatment Kit, and identified some area concerns in the finances of reworking the kit.  As a joint committee, we approved a change to the DVD "Hope: Alcoholics Anonymous", as the context is written only to Americans.  AA is a world-wide fellowship.


We also approved a literature change, to be implemented when our current stock is depleted.  We would als0 like to see a pamphlet directed toward veterans.  I am pleased this is being considered, as I am a Gulf War veteran.


We also addressed changes to "Serving Alcoholics with Special Needs", to remove the word equality. We also approved that the Special Needs kit be available in a 3-ring binder instead of folders, also the inclusion of the DVD's to Special Needs.


We had great discussions, accomplished a lot, and have found more individuals for their respective committees.


Submitted with Gratitude for Service,


Lori S.

Area 75 Treatment Chair


The Area 75 Grapevine Committee met at the Winter Service Assembly in January and at the Delegate's Workshop in March. We will next meet on Saturday afternoon at the Spring Conference and at 9:00 a.m. on the day of the Summer Service Assembly. All Grapevine Reps and District Grapevine Chairs are urged to attend. All interested GSR's, DCM's, or regular members are also invited to join our meetings.

Since my last report, I have been busy learning the Grapevine Chair position, and I have been talking and listening to many of our members and to the A.A. Grapevine's leadership. A summary follows:

1. Our new Executive Editor/Publisher, Ami B., is not only bi-lingual, but she also has had the experience of launching another magazine's digital versions.

2. Paid subscriptions seem to be holding around 85-87,000 per month for the Grapevine, no major changes for LaVina.

3. The majority of members here would like to see the A.A. Grapevine become self-supporting once again. Many would be willing to sacrifice color and some of the total page count in order to see that happen. The vast majority here want the printed version of the A.A. Grapevine to continue and are open minded about the development of digital products. Most feel that the A.A. Grapevine has distinct recovery and service value. These are the sort of things members are sharing with me.

4. In a conversation last month, the Chair of the A.A. Grapevine Board shared with me that the A.A. Grapevine is about to launch a new product. For an expected price of $34.00 per year, you will be able to digitally subscribe to all things Grapevine--the magazine, the archive, Audio Grapevine, and the books! Checking a box on the digital order form to allow A.A. Grapevine to auto-renew your subscription when it ends will net you a savings of $2.00 off your annual subscription price. The final announcement will be made at the 61st General Service Conference, and our Area 75 Delegate will have any final details when she returns in May!

5. While trolling the www.aagrapevine.org website, I came across a product I had not known about before, Item GV-24, the Convention Special Edition, celebrating 75 years of A.A. history. It is available at $4.00 per copy. It sounds like a cool souvenir of our 75th International Convention!

Back to the service end of this now--I would like to remind all our districts and groups that a Grapevine Chair or Grapevine Rep is an important service position. DCM's and GSR's, please help us get those positions filled in our districts and in our groups. All that is needed in a GvR is a member who is willing to encourage group and individual subscriptions to the magazines and to increase awareness of the Grapevine's and LaVina's other offerings. If your group chooses, have current issues available either for loan or for purchase.

I will wrap up by saying that I have a new personal favorite part of the aagrapevine.org website. That is the Poll section. If you answer this month's question, a window opens to give you the results of this month's question so far and of the final results of recent months' polls. Did you know, for example, that of respondents to a question about your chosen Higher Powers a couple months ago, only 3.25% of those who answered consider themselves atheists?

Thank you for your support of the Grapevine and LaVina! Don't forget to check out the recently released book Spiritual Awakenings 2. See you at the Spring Conference!

Yours in Recovery & Service

Stu E.

Area 75 Grapevine Committee Chairman


I would like to welcome those of you who are attending your first Area 75 meeting. I hope that it has been a positive experience for you and that you in turn will encourage others from your home group and districts to attend.

In addition to serving as the Area 75 Alternate Delegate, I also serve as your Area 75 Literature Chair. I will keep you informed of new developments and changes to the conference approved literature available from A.A. World Services Inc.

Our committee displays A.A. literature and audiovisual material at every possible area and district function and selling literature at those functions helps to carry the A.A. message and fulfill our primary purpose.

I attended the East Central Region Conference of Delegates Past and Present held February 11-13 in Appleton, WI. I came away with a better understanding of the committee process utilized by our General Service Conference at New York.

Last month we met at the Delegates workshop and exchanged information about the topics that our Delegate and the 2011Conference Committee on Literature will be voting on. The trustees Literature Committee agreed to forward for consideration the following items.

A. Review the revised draft pamphlet “The A.A. Member–Medications and Other Drugs.”

B. Review progress report from the trustee’s Literature Committee on the development of literature which focuses on spirituality that includes stories from atheists and agnostics who are successfully sober in Alcoholics Anonymous.

C. Review progress report from the trustee’s Literature Committee on the revision of the pamphlet “A.A. and the Armed Services.”

D. Review draft revisions to the Living Sober booklet.

E. Consider suggestion to replace the text under “When you’re a G.S.R.” in the pamphlet “G.S.R. General Service Representative.”

F. Consider a request to develop an item similar to the Self-support or “green card” to help promote the use of our literature as a Twelfth Step tool.

G. Consider a request to reconsider the 2010 Conference Advisory Action that “the trustees’ Literature Committee develop literature which focuses on spirituality that includes stories from atheists and agnostics who are successfully sober in Alcoholics Anonymous.”

H. Consider a request to include the A.A. Preamble in the front inside pages of the Big Book.

I. Consider a request to develop a publication about the General Service Office.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the district secretaries that forward copies of their meeting minutes to me. It’s an invaluable tool to me, all of our Area officers and Standing Committee Chairs, in determining the needs of our A.A. community

I am available to attend district meetings as your Area Literature Chair if you would like and I look forward to seeing all of you again at the upcoming 60th Annual Spring Conference – May 20-22 at the Sheraton Brookfield. I hope to see you all there.

In Service,

Todd U. - Panel 61 Alternate Delegate & Literature Chair


District 1:

No written report.


Yesterday we had a GSR school and Ken G. came to facilitate. We had a pretty good turnout. Mostly we are trying to bring in information as to what a GSR does and try to get more people involved. We have a pretty good group that comes down for the assemblies and things that are happening as the Area over the last year. I am meeting with the alternate DCM and we are attending meetings in our district to encourage participation. We are planning to bring a couple of speakers in at the end of this year, around November, to bring in a Big Book study over the course of a weekend.

District 2:

There are 8 active GSR’s in our district with at least 22 unique meeting sites. Our district includes the following cities: Adams, Berlin, Green Lake, Markesan, Montello, Neshkoro Princeton, Redgranite, Ripon, Wautoma, Westfield and Wild Rose. We have 31 meetings at these locations. Our GSR meeting is held after an open breakfast meeting in Ripon once a month.


We have an ongoing meeting with the Redgranite Correctional Facility. This month we are hosting a Spirituality workshop at Hope Lutheran Church on April 16h, from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. We have also supplied funds to an outreach group that visits area high schools and makes AA accessible to the youth.



Jane J., DCM

District 3:

No report.

District 4:

No information on this district.

District 6:

Hello family at the Area 75 Assembly,

A big thank you for all the DCM’s who replied to our query on printing When and Where’s. We made it through that process once again unscathed. Either my self or our PI&CPC Chair will make the updates available to the area shortly.

District 6 covers Walworth County and includes towns such as Delavan, Lake Geneva, Sharon, Whitewater, Genoa City, Elkhorn, and East Troy. We currently have 88 meetings a week, including those from District 36 on our east side, we share When and Where printings. This number is basically the same as last years, a few have closed and a few have opened. Most notably, a new Spanish speaking meeting just started four weeks ago with much help from District 10 and their DCM Ernesto, mucho gracias! This meeting needs support so it can stay afloat after the start up periods concludes and is locally sufficient.

I am very grateful that our District is well on its way to being a flourishing service opportunity after being dark for quite a while. We meet every other month for about an hour only, and have good turnout considering the over all lack of participation historically. We have a DCM, Alt DCM, Secretary, Treasurer, Correction Chair, and PI&CPC Chair. We average 10 GSR’s in attendance.

In loving service, Chris D. Dist. 6 DCM

District 7:

Overall, we are optimistic about what is to come in district 7. Our district committee is committed to raising awareness of important positions like committee chairs, volunteerism and GSR’s and their respective duties. A couple highlights:

Thank you for your time,

Dave L. DCM District 7

District 8:

We have eight active groups and donations from the groups are meeting the needs of the district activities. We are hosting SOWONI (Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois) the second Saturday of May. The cost is $5 and it will be held at the Rockford Community Center in Northern Illinois. On August 28 we will have our annual summer picnic at Reservation Park in Beloit, WI. We have cooperated with District 30 on a website called Rock County AA…www.rockcoaa.org.

District 9:

District 9 covers the southwest region. We have meetings in Dickeyville, Prairie du Chien, Barneveld, Dodgeville, Platteville, Darlington, Muscoda, Boscobel, Cassville, Mineral Point, Fennimore and Lancaster.

The number of GSRs and volunteers that show up at the district meetings range anywhere from six to twelve people. This last meeting we had eleven or twelve, which was a good night.

Activities in the district include the Mini Conference which we have every April. And Dodgeville has an AA anniversary potluck the last Saturday of every month. Attendance ranges anywhere from about thirty-five to fifty. In July (also in Dodgeville) we have our annual Corn/Brat Festival (one of the best events of the year). Attendance is normally about forty to fifty people or more. Our annual picnic is the Sunday after Labor Day. Attendance is normally forty to fifty people or more. Also throughout the year we have other activities such as bowling or golf events. Barneveld also has a couple of Fellowship activities. One last thing is our Back to Basics workshops in Dodgeville.

District 10:

No report.

District 11:

  1. District 11 consists of Jefferson County and a slice of Dane County to highway 73 to include Deerfield and Marshall. We hold approximately 35 meetings in this area. We also have two back-to-back jail meetings on Monday nights at the Jefferson County Jail.

  2. I am the new DM for District 11 and I have already learned a lot and am looking forward to learning more. It is so great to see our district meeting grow month to month as new people have joined us. We like to have fun in our district meeting.

  3. District 11 has changed its meeting day from Tuesday to Wednesday at 5:30pm on the last Wednesday of the month. The meeting is held at the Moravian Church in Lake Mills.

  4. The district puts on two workshops a year, we pick a different town for each one so it is closer for people to get to, and also gets other people involved. Our fall workshop was on Saturday, October 2, 201, from 12:30pm-4:00pm, at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Fort Atkinson. The topics were How It Works: Have to’s or Suggestions, and Freedom: A Promise. Our spring workshop was April 9, 2011 from 12:30pm-4:00pm, at St. John the Baptist Church in Jefferson. The topics were: How to Begin as a Newcomer in Alcoholics Anonymous, What is the difference between a 1st step meeting and a 12th step meeting, and What are the ABC’s in How It Works. We get our topics from the AA meetings in the area that people want to hear about and then ask groups in the area to do a panel. These are very well attended.

  5. Most of our Committee Chair positions sare filled: Treasurer, CPC/PI, Treatment, Corrections, Archives—and we also have a WICYPAA representative to keep us informed of the upcoming events that they put on. We are seeking other fellow alcoholics to fill the other chairs. We have 14 GSRs representing 16 meetings in our district.

  6. I have been visiting the groups in our district and will continue until I have completed all the updates.

  7. We also donate Big Books to the Jefferson County Jail and Fort Behavioral Health for treatment and after care. We have donated to both of these meetings since January. The district did a time slot for the Alkathon during the WICYPAA conference in January and has agreed to do another spot for the Alkathon during the Spring conference in May.

This report is submitted by:

Wendy A., District 11 DCM

District 12:

District 12 encompasses Washington County with 30 weekly meetings in the cites of Germantown, Hartford, Jackson, Kewaskum, Slinger and West Bend.

District 12 business meetings are held on the first Wednesday of the month. An average turnout at the meeting is 25-30 people, including several GSR’s, committee members and guests.

District 12 also facilitates a monthly open meeting with individual groups hosting the event. Attendance at the open meeting ranges from 75 to 125 people. We are also excited to share AA’s message at District 12’s annual picnic in September, which has grown in attendance, with last year’s turnout at 200+.

Some of the goals for District 12 this year are;

-Quarterly workshops, beginning with a GSR workshop at the end of June and an annual Area Committee Informational gathering to help newer AA members feel more comfortable in engaging in service opportunities.

-Continued support and expansion of our corrections volunteer program, with orientation meetings routinely scheduled.

Thank you for the opportunity to be of service,

Karin K.

District 13:

District 13 is located in the southeastern part of Waukesha County. Our district is bordered by Grand Avenue (in the City of Waukesha) to the West, Interstate 94 to the North, and the Waukesha County line to the South and the East. District 13 serves the communities of Brookfield, Waukesha, New Berlin, Muskego, Big Bend and Vernon.

I started my term as DCM this January. At the present time, we have 21 groups represented by 9 registered GSRs. I am happy to report that almost every district meeting is attended by all of those GSRs or their alternates. We meet at Saint Mathias Episcopal Church on the first Sunday of each month at 1:00.

We recently decided to combine the CPC and PI position in our district. The former chairs of those positions operated together and their duties often overlapped. That combined position along with our special needs chair position are both open. All other district chairs are filled.

District 13 has no treatment facilities. We do, however, have a treatment chair that has the names of several AA members in our district that are willing to take individuals to their first meeting. Those names have been given to the area treatment chair.

District 13 works closely with Districts 32 & 34. I have attended their district meetings to gather ideas and see what our common challenges may be. The three Districts continue to host an annual twelve step workshop in January. This year there were about 120 attendees. This event is very popular and I personally love the unity it promotes. I hope to continue meeting with the other two district’s DCMs to pool resources and ensure that the message of recovery is spread in Waukesha County.

In Service,

Mel F., DCM

District 14:

We have 26 active groups in our district. They run the range from open discussion/topic meetings to cross-talk meetings, 12 and 12 meetings and Big Book meetings with some very unique meetings like the “Charlie Stone group” one of the very few in A.A. with an actual name of a past member of A.A. and Group 7 one of the first to be established in Milwaukee.

The District meeting is currently held at the Milwaukee Central Office on the 4th Wednesday of the month. Our Chairs are filled with the exception of corrections and young peoples and PI, we have combined treatment with CPC. We have between 6 and 8 GSR’s that attend the meetings.

The district has a good relationship with the treatment center in our area and the “Rap Sessions” are going strong with good participation from the groups. We have also has contact from Froedtart health about supplying them with literature for their patients and have a contact person for a new addition to Froedtart Hospital that will have a new treatment unit and is interested in having A.A. meetings there after it is built.

We are looking forward to the up coming Spring Conference and hope to be of service were needed. The district would like to get a summer event put together as a way to get the groups to get to know each other and maybe in cooperation with another district. We are always trying to keep our groups informed and keep them connected with Area 75 and GSO through us.

Respectfully Submitted,

Frank S.

DCM District 14

District 15:

No report.

District 16:

District 16 has been very busy this past year. In November we had a workshop on the twelve concepts at Milwaukee Central office. It was a great success with forty to forty-five people in attendance.

In addition to that, we had our second annual March in to Sobriety open speaker meeting at the Milwaukee Central Office. We thirty-five people attending.

We are currently working on our third annual District 16 picnic on Saturday, June 25th at Greenfield Park picnic area 5 in West Allis: Food at noon and speaker Jeff Z. at one.

We currently have three positions available: PI, Corrections, and Literature.

Our Special Needs committee is working on a library of speaker CD’s to lend out to members that are home bound or just cannot get to meetings. They are also working on an area Special Needs display including a binder to organize information for Special Needs.

Our Treatment chair attends a monthly meeting at the VA to talk to vets about AA and answer questions they may have. Our Special Needs chair joins him on the second Tuesday of the month at VA.

Our CPC chair has delivered packets of literature to Aurora Clinic at 72nd and National and Gateway Medical Clinic at 70th St and is on the CPC committee for the VA.

The District 16 GSR meeting is the first Wednesday of the month at Faith United Methodist Church (91st and Adler) at 7pm.

The district mailing address is:

District 16

PO Box 14511

West Allis, WI 53214

Mark V.

District 16 DCM

District 17:

No report.

District 19:

We currently have twenty-nine meetings in our district covering Baraboo, Prairie Du Sac, Ridgeland Center, La Valle, Wisconsin Dells, and Reedsburg. We have positions open for the CPC/PI, corrections, and BTG. We just concluded a successful mini-conference in district 31. About one hundred people attended. We have women’s and men’s meetings ongoing in the Sauk County jail. We also work with the St. Clair treatment center getting patients to and from meetings. We also go into the center to talk to the patients bi-weekly.

District 20:

  1. District 20 covers Dane County-many meetings and groups—can have anywhere from 10-30 GSRs at the District meeting—which is held the last Tuesday of the month.

  2. Planning a District 20 mini-conference on October 15, 2011, the day before the fall service assembly, at the Madison Senior Center, 10am-3pm, speaker, panels, etc.

  3. We currently have one committee chair opening—Archives, however, some has expressed an interest in it.

  4. We have a surplus of funds currently, so we are planning on several projects—one of which is to print out more informational flyers and business cards that say “Experience the Joy of Recovery” with MAICO’s phone number. We will also most likely do a service workshop. Proposals are being sought from GSRs.

  5. District 20 is also hosting the 2012 Spring Conference.

District 22:

No information on this district.

District 23:

No written report.


Our district covers Dodge County. We are trying to re-kindle interest in the district. We have about twenty-four groups. Six groups actively participate. We would like to have a service workshop in the future. We also sponsor a jail meeting at the county jail in Juneau. I have invited Lee Ann F. to help us out. Our next meeting is this Wednesday night at the Alano club in Beaver Dam at 6:30pm.

District 24:

District 24 is in Ozaukee County, north of the City of Milwaukee along Lake Michigan. We have 61 groups, and approximately 80% of the groups meet within two clubs. Our district includes two treatment centers and one correctional facility.

District 24 has been busy since the new year, adding many new GSR’s and improving our District representation.  All Committee posts are filled and active.

 Specific focus in 2011 has been on the General Service Representative, increasing the quantity and quality of this position.  We’ve stressed that the: “GSR, May Be The Most Important Position In AA” (title of the GSR Brochure), while continuing our strong and active work within our Committees.

 A summary of our “GSR Discussions”, held at each District 24 meeting would include:

As a result, we’ve seen improvement in; group governance, improved thought given to elected positions at the Group and District levels, and an increase in group inventories, and group consciences. 

Other District 24 highlights include:

Our goals moving forward will be to continue adding GSR’s and adding to their importance as the “link” between the group and the District.  Thanks to J.D. O., and Matt K., our immediate past DCM’s; as we entered ’11 in a strong position and we hope to continue to build on that success. 

Respectively submitted,

Ray M.

District 24 DCM

District 25:

District 25 covers Fond du Lac County and currently has around thirty-five meetings per week. We have ten to twelve active GSRs and our chairs are filled with the exception of Special Needs and Archives. The Winnebagoland Central Office is active as well carrying a large variety of literature. The Central Office holds meetings and is host to a twenty-four hour hotline. District 25 is currently working on our Intergroup, which is held every October at Lakeside Park in Fond du Lac. Our GSR meeting is held the second Tuesday of each month at the Gratitude Club. Feel free to attend one of our meetings. Thank you.

District 27:

District 27 covers north to county line and 35th St and south Lisbon and on the west side is 124th St.

People are staying sober and reaching out in the community.

Our CPC/PI chair is dropping off literature at doctor’s offices.

Groups 5, 51, 24, 6, 61, 27, and 124 all need support.

Archives is updated every month. When and Where’s are updated. Our next district meeting is April 16, 2011.

District 28:

Our district along with district 29 put on a workshop which was very informative and fun. We also do a holiday Alkathon with district 29. Our CPC/PI chair has been in contact with high schools, health and police departments in our district to see how we can be of service. We are having trouble getting GSRs and district level service positions filled. Our district area meeting flyers are continuing to be a big help to new people and visitors to our district. We also have a good working relationship with the treatment center in our district. We have been in contact with the groups to see what we can do to generate interest.

District 29:

District 29 is located on the Southwest Side of Milwaukee. Its boundaries are 27th St the East, 124th St to the West, Lincoln Ave to the North and Ryan Rd to South.

We have approximation 54 -65 meeting. The true registered number is not known at this time

I have started posting the District Agenda and AAWS forwards on a special section of a bulletin board at the Pass It On Club (an idea from DCM school).

Since January our district has had two members of the Sunday Morning Today’s Choices Group-step up to the plate and post our district meetings on the Area 75 Find-A-Meeting website.

We are actively seeking an Archives, CPC and Literature Chair.

Our Grapevine Chair Chris is active visiting and encouraging groups to get a GV rep.

Special Needs has done one presentation at the Mt. Carmel Brain Center and is looking to do a second. We take meetings in every Thursday at 7pm if the census permits

Eric has been in contact with the Greendale School system and is making headway there.

Ron had previously contacted MPS and three other schools, however, due to work, that has gone dry for the moment.

Since August 1994 we have had an Open Meeting Round Robin that has fizzled and we are trying to bring it back to life so I hope we see you all tonight 

A committee comprised of members from district 28 and district 29 has maintained a successful Holiday Alkathon as well as a great Back To the 40's Step Workshop \ which was presented by board members from Dr Bob’s House in Akron, OH. We have had Randy, Brent and Stu down to speak which was well received.

The Friday Night Thoughts For Today Group at the Pass it On Club is going to be hosting its first ever workshop on a Saturday in July during the Pass it on Fest. We hope this joint venture will be a fun positive experience considering almost 65% of the districts AA meetings are held at the Pass it on Club

A few groups have stepped up to help out with the Area 75 Spring Conference

I think this is it!

Respectfully Submitted,

Lynn G., DCM Dist 29


District 30:

Things are going well within district 30 which is the northern half of Rock County and contains Janesville, Evansville, Edgerton, and Milton. We have attendance of fifteen to twenty-five at our monthly district meetings. All of our district committee positions are filled. We do have a district hotline maintained by AA members--it is a prepaid cell phone. We do not have a district Intergroup Central Office Rep, but we do have Kathy W. coming down to our district meeting to give a MAICO presentation. We currently have thirty-one groups holding fifty-nine meetings each week. We have two women’s meetings and one men’s meeting held weekly at the Rock County jail. We also have a weekly treatment speaker meeting at Mercy Hospital. Our annual mini-conference will be held in October and we have new blood stepping up to be the chairs which is awesome. There has been a request to hold a GSR school for all of our new GSRs, so Ken G. and I will be meeting to discuss some times and dates. Finally, we are looking forward to hosting the 2013 Area 75 Spring Conference and are currently forming the host committee.

District 31:

No report.

District 32:

District 32 consists of ninety-six groups located in the western half of Waukesha County. At the present time, there are only about ten active GSRs.

About half of the district chairs are filled and we are struggling to get more people involved to fill the rest. We still have vacancies for PI and Treatment.

District 32 works closely with districts 13 and 34 to coordinate activities in Waukesha County. Our annual tri-district workshop, an event organized by all three districts is coming up on its 8th year.

We are continuing to maintain a good working relationship with the correctional facilities in the district by providing literature and volunteers to support meetings at those facilities. These include the Waukesha County Jail and the Waukesha County Huber Facility. Our relationship with Ethan Allen, a correctional facility in our District, will be ending this summer, as that facility will be closing.

Respectfully submitted,

John C. -- DCM

District 34:

No report.

District 35:

No information on this district.

District 36:

Hi, I’m Pete and I’m an alcoholic. I am also serving as your Dist. 36 DCM.

Dist 36 is comprised of western Racine and Kenosha counties, from Interstate 94 to the Walworth county line.

Our new Dist committee took over in Jan., and things have gone very well. We have most positions filled other than Grapevine and special Needs which are currently vacant. Our Treatment/BTG position is also vacant as we have no treatment facilities in our Dist.

Corrections has always been a big focus for our District. We work hard to support the 2 women’s facilities and also RCI in Dist 17. We have several people from our Dist who are outside contacts or take meetings into those facilities. We also collect a good amount of money from the rainbow can in our Dist, which we use to supply literature to those institutions.

Unfortunately The Southern Oaks Girls School in Union Grove is scheduled for closure on July 1st. . The inmates will be transferred to the Lincoln Hills Facility which is in Area 74. We will lose our ability to be of service to those juvenile offenders.

Our P.I. Chair has been working on publishing meeting places and times in a couple of the small local newspapers.

Even though we do not have a Grapevine Chair, our RACO rep, has been talking with The Racine Area Central Office about adding some Grapevine subscription info in their Monthly Reprieve publication. We felt this would be a good way to support the Grapevine.

We are also currently working with Dist 6 on updating and printing our joint meeting list the When and Where’s, which should be ready for print and distribution by the end of April.

Yesterday our Dist put on a workshop on steps 8 & 9. We want to thank Nancy G. for facilitating that. Attendance was in the 35-40 range, and a good time was had by all.

Thank You

District 37:

No information on this district

MAICO – Kathy W.

Madison Area Intergroup Central Office (M.A.I.C.O.) Report

Area 75 Assembly

April 10, 2011

  1. MAICO continues to be in the process of a potential move to an office with handicap accessibility. A building on Engel St. in Madison is the frontrunner. Steering Committee received the lease, is having a lawyer look over it and will discuss at the next meeting on April 12th.

  2. MAICO Reps Breakfast is May 14th, Trinity Lutheran Ch., 1904 Winnebago St., Madison, 8:30am-11:30am, 8:45am Breakfast, 9:30am - Speakers will share on “The Family Afterwards.” $5.00 donation will be accepted at the door but no one wishing to share in our fellowship will be turned away.

  3. MAICO Steering Committee is continuing to work towards MAICO accepting credit cards for merchandise sales. A proposed, revised contract is being reviewed.

  4. MAICO Reps 6th Annual Picnic will be August 14 which will be at the Swan City Park (Mill St. Shelter) in Beaver Dam

  5. Steering Committee members are making their yearly visits to the Districts that MAICO serves. A Steering Committee member, with the DCM’s prior knowledge, attends the monthly District/GSR meeting, brings some free AA literature, information about MAICO, makes a 5 minute informational presentation and asks for questions or comments. This yearly visit has opened communication between MAICO and the districts.


Conference bids can be taken at any time for the 2014 conference. We are looking for a district or group to host a conference.


Area 75 Spring Conference will be held May 20th, May 21st, and May 22nd at the Brookfield Sheraton Hotel in Brookfield, WI.

As of today things are going great the committee is doing an super job on getting things together.

So far there are one hundred and eighty-one registered for the conference, ninety-four for the banquet, and fifty-one for breakfast.

We need to get the hotel rooms sold—we’ve only got about half sold so far. The Area Assembly will be meeting Saturday morning and there will be panels in the AM and PM. The standing committees will meet Saturday afternoon.

There will be a skit before the main speaker Saturday night. We would like to see as many of you as possible at the Conference.

SPRING 2012 CONFERENCE CHAIR – Nancy G. for Dave S.

May 4 – 6, 2012

Madison Marriott West, Middleton, WI

Room rate = $109

Registration = $15

Banquet = $28

Breakfast = $11

All main speakers are confirmed.

Registration flyers will be available at the Spring 2011 Conference.


Jim B. is the chair--Joel is reporting. May 17-19, 2013, Holiday Inn Express will be finalizing at the end of May.

Coffee Volunteers for Summer Service Assembly:

Districts 28 & 29

Vote on Proposal:



Proposal Sponsor: Rick M.

Sponsors Service Position: G.S.R., Alt. D.C.M. and Literature District 32

Describe your proposal:

Revise Area 75 Proposal Form (see attached)

List primary benefits of your proposal to the area:

Simplify and Clarify proposal discussion and understanding so that assembly members can understand what they are voting for.”

**What will happen if we vote yes to this proposal?

We would have a new form to use which should add clarity and understanding to the proposal approval process. In addition it should help with unity within Area 75 as confusion regarding what would happen as the result of a vote should be lessened or eliminated.

*** What will happen if you vote no to this proposal?

Proposal Form will remain the same

see www.area75.org/business.html Area Proposal Form

Estimate any funding required:

There are no foreseen expenditures to the Area”

Assembly passed the Area 75 Proposal Form Proposal with substantial unanimity.

The meeting closed with the Responsibility Declaration:

When anyone, anywhere reaches out, I want the hand of A.A. always to be there, and for that; I am responsible!”


If you have not already done so, please register for our Area 75 Spring Conference to be held at the Brookfield Sheraton, Brookfield, WI. Call 800-221-6671 or (262) 786-1100 for room reservations. Be sure to pick up flyers to take back and distribute to your respective groups & districts.

Upcoming dates:

05/20/11 - 05/22/11 - Spring Conference in Brookfield (Delegate's Report)

06/26/11 - Summer Service Meeting at the Madison Senior Center

7/22/11 – 7/24/11 East Central Regional Conference in Columbus, Indiana

10/16/11 - Fall Service Assembly at the Madison Senior Center

11/11/11 - 11/13/11 – East Central Regional Forum in Miamisburg, Ohio

1 $4500 moved from General Funds to Spring Conference Accrual to account for anticipated preconference hotel charge. (Winter Service Assembly motion.)

2 In accordance with Assembly Actions, the Rainbow Can Fund and Count on Us Fund have been consolidated to a single fund known as the Corrections Literature Fund.