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Alcoholic’s Anonymous – Area 75 – Fall Service Assembly


Madison Senior Center


2010 Fall Service Assembly


Nancy H., Area Chairperson; Nancy B., Alt Chair; John B, Alt Delegate/Literature; JD O., Secretary; George D., Alt Secretary; Todd U., Treasurer; Doreen H., Alt. Treasurer


George P., Grapevine Chair; George B., Conf. Adv. Com. Chair; Les M., Corrections Chair; Randy R., CPC Chair; Fred K., Treatment Chair; Lee Ann F., Special Needs Chair; Liz Y., PI Chair; David K., Archive Chair; Kathy W., Registrar; Nancy S., Archivist


D1-Jeannette S.; D2-Clyd M.; D3-Marv S.; D6-Chris D.; D9 – Tori K.; D11-Ric C.; D12-Becky G. (Alt); D13-Leslie F.; D14-Frank S.; D15-Brent W.; D16- Mark V.; D17- John H.; D20-Brent B.; D22-Clayton S.; D23-Thomas B.; D24 – Matt K.; D25-Mark L.; D27-Nealy (Alt); D28 – Dave F.; D29-Mike T.; D30-Dick S.; D31-Kris C.; D32-Rick M.; D36-Pete W. (Alt)

GSR’S and ALT GSR’s and Others PRESENT:

D1 – Scott J., Steve S., Jeanette S., Dawn E., Tom M., Bea D., Marty L.; D2 – Jim E., Rose K., Jane J.; D3 – Lori S., Jarrod S.; D11 – Derek D.; D12 – Larry G., Dick R.; D13 – Mel F., Rick B., Bos M., Sylvia Y., Tom G., Dunner W., Mark G.; D15 – Stephen E., Peter W.; D16 – Dick H., Cody S., Bill K, Suzanne J., Gregg R., Gerald W., Paul E.; D17 – Tara H., Steve N.; D20 – Tom D., Judy F., Dan K., Chris B., Lisa T., Laura W., Julie W., Greg S., Dave J.; D22 – Julie L.; D24 – Bill L., Rich V., June B., Jared R.; D25 – Jeff Z., Chris S., Sandy R., Marian L.; D28 – Greg L., Karen M.; D29 – Chris S., Lynn G., Dennis D., Jeff G.; D30 – Joel B., Joe H., D31 – Dennis C.; D32 – Kurt H., RJ E., Ryan S., Ken S., Robin S., Bean S.; D34 – Rich V., Drew A., Edween R.

OTHERS PRESENT: Past Delegates: Joan J., Ken G., Nancy G.; George P.; Spring Conf. 2010 Chair – Robert S.,


Motion to approve the minutes moved and seconded. Minutes approved.


Finance Committee is looking for a DCM or past DCM to serve on the Committee.

Todd U, Doreen H, Nancy G, Ken G, Drew A

  1. Deposited contributions on a weekly basis.

  2. Paid bills as requested.

  3. Presented paid bills to the committee for review.

  4. Chairs please submit expenses by December 15th so that I may balance books by years end.

  5. Contributions continue to be received without any indication of the, GSO number, District number, or the name of Group that is making the contribution.

  6. When making Area, Rainbow fund, or COU contributions, please fill out the Area 75 contribution form found on the Area 75 web site.

  7. There are financial reports on the back table

    1. A year to date general financial report, which I have made 100 copies

    2. A year to date contributions report, which I have made 2 copies of, please leave these on the table.

    3. A year to date Chair expense report, which I have made 2 copies of, please leave these on the table.

  8. This will be my last report as your treasurer. It has been a learning and growing experience for me. Our newly elected treasurer, and I will be meeting to transfer the work of this office prior to the next area meeting. I want to thank the current and former members of the finance committee for all of their help during my term as treasurer.

  9. Here are the expenses and contributions to date:





    YTD Income

    $ 31,252.19

    YTD Income

    $ 30,175.60

    2009 end balance

    $ 21,262.27

    Rainbow Out

    $ 3,572.90

    Rainbow Out

    $ 2,177.14

    Count on Us Out

    $ 291.00

    Count on Us Out

    $ 132.72

    YTD Expenses

    $ 14,964.38

    YTD Expenses

    $ 17,553.94

    Checking Balance

    $ 33,686.18

    Checking Balance

    $ 28,212.59

    Prudent Reserve

    $ 5000.00

    Prudent Reserve

    $ 5,000.00

    Count on Us Balance

    $ 608.22

    Count on Us Balance

    $ 851.03

    Rainbow Balance

    $ 2,240.99

    Rainbow Balance

    $ 2,871.26

    Usable Balance

    $ 25,836.97

    Usable Balance

    $ 20,474.05

  10. Expenses compared to budget:



    Variance YTD

    Percent used


    $ 2,407.12

    $ 4,180.00

    $ 1,772.88



    $ 2,926.68

    $ 4,111.00

    $ 1,184.32



    $ 616.77

    $ 2,245.00

    $ 1,628.23


    Alt. Delegate

    $ -

    $ 1,309.00

    $ 1,309.00



    $ 777.83

    $ 1,968.00

    $ 1,190.17



    $ 572.81

    $ 1,456.00

    $ 883.19



    $ 1,434.21

    $ 1,810.00

    $ 375.79



    $ 772.06

    $ 2,063.00

    $ 1,290.94



    $ 822.84

    $ 1,568.00

    $ 745.16



    $ 75.00

    $ 1,090.00

    $ 1,015.00


    Public Info.

    $ 672.11

    $ 1,083.00

    $ 410.89



    $ 426.60

    $ 1,077.00

    $ 650.40


    Spcl. Needs

    $ 3,156.54

    $ 3,301.00

    $ 144.46



    $ 135.82

    $ 895.00

    $ 759.18


    Alt. Chair

    $ -

    $ 416.00

    $ 416.00


    Alt. Secretary

    $ -

    $ 315.00

    $ 315.00


    Alt. Treasurer

    $ 167.99

    $ 638.00

    $ 470.01


    Archives Chair





    $ 14,964.38

    $ 29,525.00

    $ 14,560.62


    Total Expenses

  11. Expenses by category

YTD 09’

YTD Total

YTD 10’

$ 450.00

Conference Booth Fee

$ 450.00

$ 1,200.00

GSO Fees

$ 1,200.00

$ 110.26


$ 506.42

$ 1,061.73


$ 1,731.39

$ 816.37


$ 433.00

$ 5,414.77


$ 4,279.41

$ 875.92

Misc/Office Expense

$ 1,041.71

$ 905.61


$ 693.41

$ 974.61


$ 1,681.04

$ 344

Registration Fees

$ 160.00

$ 2321.50


$ 2,713.00

$ -

Web fee

$ 75.00

$ 14,512.77

Total Expenses

$ 14,964.38

Motion to approve Treasurer’s Report. Moved and Seconded. Motion Carried.


It is with much sadness that I must announce the death of Cindy D., our Alternate Area 75 Secretary. Cindy performed a lot of service for our area and will be missed. I have asked George D. to serve as Alternate Area 75 Secretary for the remainder of the term. Assembly Action on 3/23/97 requires that I ask for a sustaining vote of the appointment. A simple majority is required and I will be asking for this following my report.

Resume's for standing committee chair positions are due by 11/1 per the Area 75 Handbook. We have some forms here and the form is also available on the area web site.

I want to thank District 20 for making the coffee today. This service is appreciated by all.

Activities since the Summer Service Assembly in June include:

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for allowing me the privilege of serving as your Area Chair. It has been a very rewarding experience and has given me the opportunity to learn and to grow. I especially want to thank the other officers, standing committee chairs and past delegates for their help and service. Without each of you we could not have accomplished the things we have done to help carry the message to the still suffering alcoholic.

Nancy H., Area 75 Chairman


Motion to sustain the appointment of George D. as Alt. Secretary through end of the term. Motion made and seconded. Motion carried.

DELEGATE’S REPORT – John B. read Stu E’s Report

October 17, 2010

Greetings all, and welcome to the final Area 75 Assembly of Panel 59, the 2009-2010 term. Everybody here should have received from our Area 75 Secretary my General Service Update of September 22nd either by email or by mail. At that point in time, I had much information to share, more than could wait until October. So, in hopes of getting this information to District Committees, GSR's and to members of this body, I compiled it into a four page update report. Ordinarily, that information would have been reported at the (September) Pre-Conference Assembly. That Assembly has been eliminated beginning this year. If anybody has not received that report, arrangements to get it can be made with our Area 75 Secretary. I also ask that our Area 75 Secretary append that report to the minutes of this Assembly, since I will not repeat that information today.

Attached to that mailing was a survey from the General Service Office on the subject of electronic delivery of our A.A. literature and other information. Blank copies of that survey are available today on the literature table. Please fill one out if you have not done so already. I do need them back today, and they will be submitted to Rick W. at the General Service Office early this week. There is a box for them on the literature table. In the weeks since they have been sent out, I have received about eight of these back, filled out.

Grapevine Surveys--Beginning in June, I have distributed nearly 400 blank copies at our various gatherings and when visiting District Meetings. I have received twenty-eight back, filled out. Despite a deadline of October 1st printed on the survey, I will still gratefully accept them this week. Elsewhere, this week, seven members (delegates and trustees) met concerning the mechanics of data entry for the surveys received. They traveled at their own expense to meet for two days plus travel time of up to two days. They all have statistics backgrounds of some sort and are doing this in addition to any other duties they might have. To date, throughout the U.S. and Canada, about 2,500 surveys have been received. Up to another 5,000 are anticipated. The whole purpose of this endeavor was to be sure our membership is heard loud and clear in the decision-making process when it comes to the future and the content of the Grapevine. But you will not be heard if you do not fill out a survey!

Throughout the summer and fall, I have been on the road, as usual, attending District Meetings and A.A. events of all sorts. All were informative. There is a fabulous enthusiasm out there for what we do together. I received much thoughtful input on many subjects from many members at all levels of service and from the membership at large. The Grapevine, electronic publishing, and combining our A.A.W.S. and non-magazine Grapevine items into a common catalog were among the many subjects brought up. I had the privilege of visiting District 23 (Dodge County) twice as they reorganized their General Service Structure. District 23 is active again! For the time being, their district meetings will rotate locations throughout the district, rather than just meeting in Beaver Dam monthly. Please contact Thomas B., the DCM, for info. I would like to note that the Area 75 Archives Movie Day on September 26th was exceptionally well attended, with about 70 present. On October 9th, the 3rd Annual A.A. at the VA Mini-Conference saw over 200 attendees registered. In the past year, the local committee coordinating eleven A.A. groups meeting inside the VA Medical Center in Milwaukee has drawn on the resources of the Area 75 C.P.C., Treatment, Literature, and Archives Committees, mainly with displays, literature, and participation. Numerous members have contributed their time and their service there. It is a fine example of cooperation between groups and the entire General Service Structure and is, to the best of my knowledge, the most extensive example of this sort of service in the U.S. and Canada.

I remain available to visit District Meetings and events the remainder of the year.

A few news items:

  1. The printed A.A. Directories (Eastern U.S., Western U.S., and Canada) have been published and are available for purchase from our central/intergroup offices and from G.S.O.;

  2. The new Young People's Video Project offering "Animation" was added to the G.S.O. website on Friday. To see it, go to www.aa.org and search "Young". It will show up in the search results;

  3. The 2010-2011 Edition of the A.A. Service Manual Combined With Twelve Concepts for World Service will be released shortly. It should be on the way from the printer to the warehouse now. There are some pretty extensive changes; it should be our most readable Service Manual in recent times;

  4. No news on finances or Grapevine circulation right now. As far as I know, the summer trends are continuing. Your contributions and your subscriptions remain very necessary;

  5. Attendance at the 75th Anniversary-A.A. International Convention was about 53,000. Because of the current economy, a very prudent break-even registration figure of 48,000 is what costs were projected from. No exact figures have been shared, but, informally, hopes are for covering all the costs, plus some surplus revenue.

In a few moments, we will begin the process of selecting and installing a new Area 75 Committee to begin serving on January 1st. Officer elections will occur today. At this time, I need to say just a few thank you's. First, to John B, our Alternate Delegate and Literature Chair. Every time I have asked for John's input or assistance with any of my duties, John has always been there to do whatever was needed. Second, to our Past Delegates. I believe I have called on every one of them for input or experience on a very wide range of topics this term. In every instance, they have given me the benefit of their very best and most thoughtful counsel. And to our Chair, Officers, Standing Committee Chairs, and the entire Area 75 Assembly--my heartfelt thanks for your participation, your service, your vision, and your hard work to make this one very memorable, successful term in the history of Area 75, A.A. in Southern Wisconsin! I especially thank you all for having allowed me the privilege of being a small part of what we have done here. Godspeed.

Yours in Recovery & Service,

Stu E., Panel 59 Area 75 (So. WI) Delegate


Movie day was September 26th. About 70 people attended. We showed House full of Miracles, and the play of Bill W. and Dr Bob. Also attended with the archives the District 26 Workshop. The Archives room will be open every Sunday from 12:00pm to 4:00pm, except for December. The Archives room is located in West Allis, Wi. 72nd and Orchard, at Holy Assumption church. This is my final report, and am very privileged to have served you.  Also took Archives to AA at the VA.



David K.

CPC CHAIR – Randy R.

After our Summer Meeting (June 13th, 2010) the Area 75 CPC was invited to several Districts. The Wisconsin Association of Alcoholism and Other Drug Addictions (WAAODA) Conference held in May 2010 paid off by allowing Area 75 to begin a new relationship with Spectrum Health Care in Milwaukee. I met with Dr. Carmen on September 1st and had a meaningful hour of conversation; we ended with an agreement of Alcoholics Anonymous going in to talk with their patience on a regular basis. Lynn G. was the first to go in and share her experience, strength and hope with approximately 9 female patients, Lynn also left time for them to ask questions, and ask they did, thank you Lynn.

After the WAAODA Conference the Area CPC Chair was completely depleted of literature. We purchased literature from Central Office and made sure that the Women’s 3rd Annual Health Fair at the VA in Milwaukee was set. Joan J., Cheryl M. and others managed the exhibit and had good results.

The Area 75 CPC volunteered (along with Ken N.) to set up and exhibit the corrections booth at the Prairie du Chien Correctional Institute (PDDCI) 2nd Annual Re-Entry Fair on October 4th, 2010. The exhibit was a total success and we will be invited back next year. I’m sure that the correction Chair

Les M. will have more to say about the event. We managed to hand out 1128 individual pieces of literature, as seen below.


As of 9/30/10

Re-Entry Fair

As of 10/6/10

1st 164 Pages of the Big Book (Pocket Size)




Beginners Manual




44 Questions




Jack Alexander Article about AA




A Brief Guide To A. A.




Young People and A. A.




Is AA For You




12 Steps of alcoholics Anonymous (Single Sheets)




Can A. A. Help Me Too ?




A. A. and the Gay/Lesbian Alcoholic




A. A. for the Native North American




Problems Other Than Alcohol




This Is AA




Memo To Inmates who may be Alcoholic




Inside AA




Time To Start Living




The AA Group




Inmate to Inmate (soft cover book)




Do You Think Your Different




Questions and Answers on Sponsorship




Corrections Pre-Release Forms




Inside A.A. understanding the fellowship and….




Frequently Asked Questions About A.A.








On October 16th the Area 75 CPC was invited to exhibit at District 20’s mini-conference “Life Will Take On New Meaning”. Considering all that was going on that Saturday and the fact that it was their first mini conference it turned out excellent, congratulations to everyone who helped put this on.

Today we had 9 District CPC’s, 6 District PI’s and 2 guests (GSR’s). We always have an excellent Standing Chair Committee Meeting. We have an information round robin where we all share what works and what does not. It always amazes me to learn what 15 CPC’s and PI’s can do and what I can learn from them. Today District 15 CPC/PI Peter W. hit us with a potential place to be “Funeral Homes”! I personally never would have thought this and according to the response most of us would not have, way to go Peter.

The summer has gone by quickly and it is truly worth the time and effort that is required of me to fill my duty as the AREA 75 CPC. My time as your CPC is quickly coming to an end and I have been actively asking for individuals to step up and experience the level of gratitude and gratefulness that I have.

Please contact me if you have had any thoughts what so ever in maybe becoming our next Area 75 CPC Chair. I would love to take the time and opportunity to share my experiences with you and give to you all the background information you made need to make this all so important decision.

It is a pleasure to serve

Randy R. Area 75 CPC


First of all I would like to thank you for allowing me serve as corrections Chair. I also would like to thank Randy R. & Ken N. for taking care of the 2nd Annual Re-entry Fair at Prairie Du Chien Correctional Institution. I heard it was a great success. About 270to 300 inmates came through. We distributed almost 1,128 individual pieces of literature & pamphlets This is huge because none of the units had AA literature or Big Books. Also 39 outside Contacts requests were handed out. Also we will be invited to other facilities for their re-entry fairs. I’ve contacted the institution to see what literature is available for their AA meetings.

Literature from Rainbow Fund

Were still in need for more Men & women writers for inmate being released.

Their a big need in writers for Correspondence where people are in

their more than 6 Mo., some have no meetings in their institution

Also if anyone is interested in becoming Corrections Chair should submit your name to the area Chair or contact me if you want to know what the Job entails.

GSO If any members that are in corrections if we have had any experience’s with legal binding documents in our area 75. In some institutions. Please let me know or contact Corrections Desk at G.S.O

Also Dodge Correctional Institution are in need of a few volunteers for info about volunteering please get in touch with Mark R. ( 920) 892-4317 or get in touch with me (920) 517-3901

In Service

Was at District 20 Mini Conference on Sat. 16th was a great success had really good panel & speakers.

Our Committee had 12 people at our meeting this morning. We discussed the need of more volunteers at several facilities in our area. Also we talked about contacts for people being released. An discussed the need for literature. And how to be able to receive some

Les M.


Good Day! My name is George P. and I am your panel 59 Grapevine Chair. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve the fellowship in Area 75. 

Here is a list of my activities since our June meeting:

  1. Attended the International AA Convention in San Antonio, TX. I visited the Grapevine Display and chatted with one of the staffers about the new e-strategy for the Grapevine.

  2. Attended the District 12 picnic and Open Meeting with the Area Grapevine Display.

  3. Sent letters to each of the outside sponsors who are receiving Grapevine or LaVina subscriptions through Count On Us. I have received many back as undeliverable but have also received lots of good feedback from trusted servants who are active. I have renewed lots of Grapevine and LaVina subscriptions because of this activity. Thank you, Area 75 for your wonderful response in building up the Count On Us fund to the point where it can be effective.

  4. I want to continue to encourage you to rebuild the Count On Us fund.  If the proposal to create a Corrections Literature fund is passed, please inform your groups about this endeavor to see that funding continues to be available for Corrections use.

  5. Chris is a new GV rep in D29.

  6. RJ D32 working on getting more of the GV surveys back to our delegate. Are working on going to groups to encourage people to have a group subscription.

  7. Joe D12 – Put together a group Grapevine rep flyer. Distributed at District meeting. There is a lower sober time suggestion for GV rep and it’s a way that newer people can adopt. Have gotten a lot of group GV reps and he sends out info via email to them periodically. Has been reminding groups that several articles have been published from people in his district. This gives him a basis for encouraging discussion on how to submit articles to the GV/LV.

  8. A suggestion was made that sponsors give sponsees a subscription and that groups purchase a subscription for their group.


I want to extend my sincere thanks for the invitations and opportunities I have been given to share my experience, strength and hope and to talk about the AA Grapevine. 

Thank you for the privilege of serving the Fellowship of AA in Area 75 as your Grapevine chair.  I would be happy to address any questions you may have. 

George P.

--Area 75 Grapevine Chair 


Post-Convention Update

The 2010 International Convention of Alcoholics Anonymous was held July 1-4 in San Antonio, Texas with the theme “A Vision for You.”  Approximately 52,600 members of A.A. and Al-Anon attended the event. Although the final financial figures have not been reported, the breakeven point was budgeted at 48,000 attendees.
More than 4000 volunteers from local groups and neighboring states greeted members as they arrived at the airport, answered questions and gave directions.

I was in attendance and from my very limited viewpoint the events I was present for proceeded smoothly.

Several A.A. members from Area 75 were selected to serve as panelists and moderators at a few of the more than 200+ meetings.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to attend an International Convention, now’s you chance to start saving for 2015 in Atlanta!

Literature Committee Update

The committee chair for the Literature Committee appointed the following three subcommittees to: 1) review and define the intent and scope of the pamphlet “The A.A. Member – Medications & Other Drugs,” and bring a report to the October 2010 meeting; 2) develop a plan on how to proceed on the development of literature focused on spirituality and report back to the October 2010 meeting and 3) develop a work plan for the update of the pamphlet “A.A. and the Armed Services” and present a report at the October 2010 meeting (Note: Item 3 is the result of a proposal originating in Area 75).

Based on the 2010 Conference recommendations to review the book Living Sober the committee asked the Publications Department to review the text for outdated language or practices and present a draft or report at the October 2010 meeting.

The committee discussed the proposed booklet “This is Your General Service Office” and asked the Publications Department to undertake a careful revision and bring a draft report back to the October 2010 meeting.

The committee reviewed the G.S.R. pamphlet and agreed to forward to the 2011 General Service Conference suggested text to replace the first paragraph under “When you’re a G.S.R.”

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the district secretaries that have forward copies of their meeting minutes to me. It’s been a privilege to serve as your Area 75 Alternate Delegate and Literature Chair. Thank you for the many opportunities for continued growth.

In Service,

John B. – Area 75 Alternate Delegate & Literature Chair


Love & Service,

Liz Y.


Thank You Committee Members who participated in our meeting today.  We will try to squeeze one more meeting in before the end of the year to complete our mailing to the various organizations who support the Special Needs Community to let them know about A.A.


I attended the District 20 Workshop yesterday with a display of our Special Needs Literature.  It was a great conference!

I continue to work with Districts and their Special Needs Chairs.  There continues to be a lot of exciting energy such as District 24's establishment of a rotating CD library of Speaker Meetings.  District 16 is considering a Special Needs Mini Conference.


Please let me know if you would like me to attend your workshops and/or meetings to display/discuss/participate with Special Needs through the end of this year.

Finally, it has been an honor and a privilege to be of Service as your Area 75 Special Needs Chair.


In A.A. love and service,

Lee Ann F.


I’m impressed with the work you are doing in each district.

Fred K.


No report given


Note – while the votes were being counted during the election process, the Standing Committee Chairs gave their reports. For the purpose of continuity in reading the minutes the Election results appear together in their own section as opposed to being interspersed among the Standing Committee Chair reports.



1st Round Vote (need 65 to win)

Nancy – 57

Todd – 40

2nd Round Vote (need 67 to win)

Nancy – 64

Todd – 36

3rd Round Vote (need 67 to win)

Nancy - 71

Todd - 29

Nancy is the new delegate

Alternate Delegate


Nominations closed – Todd U. is Alt Delegate

Area Chairman


Closed – Randy is elected.

Alternate Area Chairman


Nominations closed – Lee Ann elected

Area Secretary

Motion to close nominations – Matt K. is new secretary

Alternate Area Secretary

Nominations closed

Area Treasurer


Nominations closed

Alternate Area Treasurer

Nominations closed




Proposal Sponsor: George B. Phone: 920-923-1592

Sponsor’s Service Position: Conference Advisory Chairperson

Describe your proposal:

To approve the revised document “Area 75 Conference Guidelines” dated May 22, 2010. This document will supersede the 2007 revision.

Primary Benefits/Background Information:

This proposal is the result of the work of the ad-hoc committee appointed to review the Area 75 Conference Guidelines, and is based primarily on conference experience gathered since 2007, as well as the elimination of the Area 75 Fall Conference.

Attachments (A, B, C) to the original document, as revised, will remain as attachments to the revised guidelines.

Copies of the subject document (with and without revisions) are available upon request. The suggested changes are highlighted in the May 2010 document.

Please review the 2007 guidelines for comparison to the suggested May 2010 guidelines.

Estimate any funding required: Not to exceed $50

The revised Area 75 Conference Guidelines will be posted on the Area 75 website. One copy will be sent via email or mail to requesting Districts. It will be the responsibility of each District to make copies for district members. Copies will also be needed to update the Assembly Action binders.

Please note that the revised Area 75 Conference Guidelines document consists of 21 pages, including cover sheet and attachments.

Proposal passed by substantial unanimity.

Delegates General Service Conference Contribution Proposal

Area 75 Proposal Form

Proposal Sponsor: Todd U.

Sponsors Phone: (414) 507-1970

Sponsors Service Position: Area Treasurer

Describe your proposal (Attach any supporting documentation):

It is proposed that:

Area 75 contributes to GSO an amount as close as possible to the actual cost of the Delegate’s annual expenses for the General Service Conference. When the Finance Committee reviews the Area 75 annual budget, a recommendation will be made by the Finance Committee for this expense as a separate budget line item. That recommendation will take effect for that calendar year only upon budget approval by the Area 75 Assembly.

List the primary benefits of your proposal to the area.

In the spirit of the principle of self-support, Area 75 should, whenever possible, pay an amount to GSO as close as possible to the actual costs incurred for the Delegate’s General Service Conference expenses.


$1,200 is the minimum contribution currently suggested by GSO for this expense, and that is the amount Area 75 contributed for the last three years. That amount is about 24% of the actual cost, which was closer to $ 5,000.

Some areas voluntarily contribute a number closer to the per delegate cost. They do that in accordance with their ability to pay that year.

The “per Area cost” varies year by year depending on the hotel contract, air travel costs, printing/support costs, etc. The actual amount is arrived at by costs associated with the Conference--air travel for all concerned (includes trustees), lodging for all concerned (includes trustees and staff), meals for all concerned (same), office support costs, publishing and printing, staff wages etc. All costs are divided by 93 (number of delegate areas).


Estimate any funding required. Outline where funding would come from. Explain whether this is a one-time or ongoing expense.

Additional funding would be approximately $3800 more for 2011. Funding would come from group contributions. This would be an ongoing expense.

Proposal passed by substantial unanimity

Dark District Proposal


Agenda Proposal Sponsor: Randy R. Phone (414) 690-6685

Sponsor’s service position: Area 75 CPC Chairperson

Provide complete details of your proposal (attach any supporting documentation)

In an effort to promote maximum participation and foster unity among the districts and groups in Area 75, the Alternate Area Chairperson, in cooperation with the Area Officers and Standing Committee Chairpersons, will be responsible for outreach to and communication with all districts throughout each two-year rotation.

It is recommended that:

Although it is the responsibility of the Area Officers and Standing Committee Chairpersons, by virtue of their positions, to visit the Districts and support District activities, a more organized approach could prove effective. Therefore, if deemed necessary, the Alternate Area Chairperson is authorized to form a District Development subcommittee to facilitate this outreach and communication. It is expected that Area Officers and Chairpersons would serve on this subcommittee and/or be responsive to suggestions to them from the subcommittee.

List the primary benefits of your proposal

Increased communication will foster maximum participation and unity among the groups and districts in Area 75, which in turn advances our primary purpose to carry the message of Alcoholics Anonymous to those who still suffer.

Area 75 currently has several districts, which are considered dark or struggling. Every effort should be made to ensure that all members in Area 75 feel welcome and connected to the Area and A.A. as a whole through general service. Increased communication and contact will advance that purpose. As Tradition 9 states, the Area committee is “directly responsible to those they serve” – the districts and the groups.


The A.A. Service Manual states on page S36 that “...the area holds an important middle position in the Conference structure – through the elected delegate, it participates in A.A. worldwide, while through the D.C.M.s and G.S.R.s, it is close to the local scene…. The area assembly is the mainspring of the Conference structure – the democratic voice of the movement expressing itself.” It is clear that this vital voice functions best with maximum participation.

In the past, Area 75 has directed attention toward helping the struggling and dark districts. For example, in 2003, an Ad Hoc Committee was formed to address this issue. Districts considered inactive were contacted by committee members and suggestions made to the Area Assembly included: 1) Form an Area subcommittee to handle Group Relations, composed of GSRs, DCMs and at least one Area officer; 2) Rotate Area meeting locations; 3) Offer a GSR school at every Area Assembly; 4) Provide funds for DCMs to attend Area Assemblies if the individual or district cannot afford the expense. Although the GSR school is now offered at two Assemblies per year, no other direct action was taken by the Area regarding the 2003 Ad Hoc Committee suggestions.

Estimated Funding Required

Travel and miscellaneous expenses will be included in the Alternate Chairperson’s annual budget or in the budgets of other Area Officers and Committee Chairs.

Proposal passed by substantial unanimity

Eliminate the Count on Us Fund and Combine with Rainbow Fund

Proposal sponsor:  George P.

Sponsor's phone: 920-265-6244

Sponsor's Service Position:  Area 75  Grapevine Chair

Proposal description:

Eliminate the Count on Us fund as a separate fund and combine it with the Rainbow Fund.  The combined fund will be called the "Corrections Literature Fund".  The purpose of the Corrections Literature Fund will be to purchase Conference-approved literature and Grapevine/LaVina subscriptions and/or materials for use in correctional institutions.  The Corrections chair, with help from the Grapevine Chair, will authorize expenditures from the newly created Corrections Literature Fund.

Primary benefits of proposal:

Groups are currently confused about the funds and their purposes.  It would make it more efficient to collect and explain the reason for encouraging a "special collection" to the groups.

Estimate of required funding:

No funding is necessary as currently used and available Rainbow cans could be re-labeled.

Proposal passed by substantial unanimity

Mileage Reimbursement Proposal

Area 75 Proposal Form

Proposal Sponsor: Todd U.

Sponsors Phone: (414) 507-1970

Sponsors Service Position: Area Treasurer

Describe your proposal (Attach any supporting documentation):

That the current Assembly Action addressing mileage reimbursement:

2001/03/04 That Area 75 pay mileage for Area Officers and Committee Chairs in an amount equal to that which GSO pays the delegate for driving mileage when attending the General Service Conference. This amount’s rate is sent to the delegate each year prior to his/her attendance at the General Service Conference and should be updated automatically upon its receipt by the delegate.” (page 5-9 of Area 75 Assembly Actions) be rescinded and replaced with:

Area Officers and eligible Committee Chairs will be reimbursed for personal vehicle travel expense in a per mile amount based on the direct cost of operating the vehicle where the direct cost exclusively includes the cost of fuel and oil.”

List the primary benefits of your proposal to the area.

Area 75 should reimburse its officers and chairs at a fair and reasonable rate for travel expense, but at the same time be prudent and conservative in its method.

Currently, the Area reimburses at a business rate set by the General Service Office for the Delegates. Adopting this proposal would lower the reimbursement rate to be equal to the direct costs associated with operating a vehicle as calculated by the cost of fuel and oil.


Currently, the Area reimburses at a business rate of 41.5 cents per mile, which includes not only the direct costs of operating the vehicle but also includes allowances for automotive maintenance, insurance etc.

The proposed rate would be based on the actual direct cost to operate the vehicle in terms of fuel and oil. The charts below provide a sample of what that reimbursement rate would be:

Cost to operate an automobile assuming a fuel cost of $2.50/gal and a $30 oil change every 5000 miles

Cost to operate an automobile assuming a fuel cost of $3.00/gal and a $30 oil change every 5000 miles

Mileage (MPG)

Cost ($/mile)

Mileage (MPG)

Cost ($/mile)

























Formula to arrive at reimbursement rate:

(Cost of fuel per gallon / Miles per gallon) + (Cost of oil change / miles driven between oil changes)

There is also a potential problem in that reimbursing at a rate greater than the allowable charitable rate, it may be advisable for our trusted servants to report as taxable income the amount reimbursed that is greater than the charitable rate.

Research indicates that the IRS allows for a volunteer to be reimbursed at the actual cost to operate the vehicle, where the actual cost is calculated using the cost of fuel and oil, even when such costs exceed the fourteen cents set by statute. If this proposal passes, this interpretation can be applied so that no one loses money as a result of high fuel costs and low vehicle mileage.

Estimate any funding required. Outline where funding would come from. Explain whether this is a one-time or ongoing expense.

No additional funding required.

Area budgeted expenses will likely decline as a result of this proposal.

Printing of updates to the Assembly Actions is a budgeted item.


Question called – debate ended

Proposal is defeated.


Winter Service Meeting – January 16, 2011 – District 25

The coffee volunteer is to take the coffee supplies with them at the end of today’s meeting and replenish supplies from the donation can if needed. Coffee pots are supplied by the Madison Center, which opens at 8:00 AM the day of the event. The coffee volunteer is responsible for clean up of the coffee pots and transfer of supplies to the next volunteer at the end of the day.


Joel B. – WICYPAA 18 – January 21st to 23rd Hyatt Regency in Milwaukee. Parking passes included.

Nealy – Fear Panel – Eastside Alano Club Milwaukee October 30, 2010

The meeting closed at 1:20 pm with the Responsibility Declaration:

When anyone, anywhere reaches out, I want the hand of A.A. always to be there, and for that; I am responsible!”

Upcoming events:


Fall Service Assembly, 10/17/10