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Alcoholic’s Anonymous – Area 75


Summer Service Assembly

Madison Senior Center


2010 Summer Service Assembly


Nancy H., Area Chairperson; Stu E, Delegate; John B, Alt Delegate/Literature; Cynthia D., Secretary; Todd U., Treasurer; Nancy B. (Alt Chair) – Nancy B. took minutes for JD O.


George P., Grapevine Chair; George B., Conf. Adv. Com. Chair; Les M., Corrections Chair; Randy R., CPC Chair; Liz Y., PI Chair; Fred K., Treatment Chair; Lee Ann F., Special Needs Chair; Nancy S., Archivist; Kathy W., Registrar


D1-Janette S.(Alt); D2-Bob T (Alt); D3-Marv S; D4-Ryan G.; D6 – Chris; D8-Dave A.; D12-Terry H.; D13-Leslie F.; D15-Brent W.; D20-Brent B.; D24-Matt K.; D28-Al R. (Alt); D29-Lynn G. (Alt); D30-Sharon G. (Alt); D32-John C.; D34-Sue M. (Alt); D36-Barb W.


D1-Bea D., Tom M., Joe S.; D2-Jim D., Bob T.; D4-Colin H.; D12-Tony G., Cheryl G., Cathie E., Amy G., Cathi W.; D13-Gary K., Tom G., Bob M., Rick B., Mark G., Rick F., Mel F., Phyllis R., Donna W., Perry C., Chris P., Mark L; D14- Jeni P.; D15-Stephen E.; D16-Gerald W., Suzanne J., Bill K.; D20-Dave J., Judy F., Laura W., Tom B.; D24-Molly H., Carol A.; D25-Jeff Z., Duwayne S., Brandon D.; D28-Al R.; D30-Joel B., Joe H.; D32-Kurt H., RJ E., Eric D., Rick M., Howard; D34-Sue M., Cindy B., Drew A.; D36-Pete W.


Past Delegates – John B., Ken G., Joe Mc., Nancy G., George P.;


Nancy H. asked if there were any additions or corrections to the minutes. There were none. Motion made to approve the minutes as distributed. Motion seconded, there was no discussion and the motion carried.


Todd U, Doreen H, Nancy G, Ken G, Ryan G, Drew A

  1. Deposited contributions on a weekly basis.

  2. Paid bills as requested.

  3. Presented paid bills to the committee for review.

  4. Chairs please submit expenses as soon as possible so that the Finance committee and Area has an understanding of what our financial status is.

  5. Contributions continue to be received without any indication of the, GSO number, District number, or the name of Group that is making the contribution.

  6. When making Area, Rainbow fund, or COU contributions, please fill out the Area 75 contribution form found on the Area 75 web site.

  7. Please also make a note that checks should be made out to Area 75 Treasurer, not SWAC, Rainbow Fund or Count on Us

  8. The Count on us fund Is very low. The Grapevine is in financial trouble. Donations for the COU could only help support the Grapevine.

  9. There are financial reports on the back table

    1. A year to date general financial report, which I have made 100 copies

    2. A year to date contributions report, which I have made 2 copies of, please leave these on the table.

    3. A year to date Chair expense report, which I have made 2 copies of, please leave these on the table.

  10. As GSR’s, DCM’s, Area Officers, and especially active members of AA, we need to promote on a personal, service and especially sponsored level the values of the 7th Tradition and what its purpose is. We want the hand of AA to be there for the newcomer just like it was for us when we walked thru the doors.

  11. Here are the expenses and contributions to date:





    YTD Income

    $ 18,716.28

    YTD Income

    $ 15,204.42

    2009 end balance

    $ 21,262.27

    Rainbow Out

    $ 2,203.90

    Rainbow Out

    $ 903.45

    Count on Us Out

    $ 0

    Count on Us Out

    $ 132.72

    YTD Expenses

    $ 9,753.01

    YTD Expenses

    $ 11,745.30

    Checking Balance

    $ 28,021.64

    Checking Balance

    $20, 313.74

    Prudent Reserve

    $ 5,000.00

    Prudent Reserve


    Count on Us Balance

    $ 459.03

    Count on Us Balance

    $ 715.84

    Rainbow Balance

    $ 1,981.34

    Rainbow Balance

    $ 2,393.90

    Usable Balance

    $ 20,581.27

    Usable Balance

    $ 13,052.56

  12. Expenses compared to budget:



    Variance YTD

    Percent used


    $ 1,425.12

    $ 4,180.00

    $ 2,754.88



    $ 2,533.19

    $ 4,111.00

    $ 1,577.81



    $ 616.77

    $ 2,245.00

    $ 1,628.23


    Alt. Delegate

    $ -

    $ 1,309.00

    $ 1,309.00


    $ -

    $ 1,968.00

    $ 1,968.00


    $ 465.73

    $ 1,456.00

    $ 990.27



    $ 450.00

    $ 1,810.00

    $ 1,360.00



    $ 489.50

    $ 2,063.00

    $ 1,573.50



    $ -

    $ 1,568.00

    $ 1,568.00


    $ -

    $ 1,090.00

    $ 1,090.00

    Public Info.

    $ 323.03

    $ 1,083.00

    $ 759.97



    $ 273.29

    $ 1,077.00

    $ 803.71


    Spcl. Needs

    $ 2,872.57

    $ 3,301.00

    $ 428.43



    $ 135.82

    $ 895.00

    $ 759.18


    Alt. Chair

    $ -

    $ 416.00

    $ 416.00

    Alt. Secretary

    $ -

    $ 315.00

    $ 315.00

    Alt. Treasurer

    $ 167.99

    $ 638.00

    $ 470.01


    Archives Chair

    $ 9,753.01

    $ 29,525.00

    $ 19,771.99


    Total Expenses

  13. Expenses by category

YTD 09’

YTD Total

YTD 10’

$ 450.00

Conference Booth Fee

$ 450.00

$ 1,200.00

GSO Fees

$ 1,200.00

$ 104.42


$ 205.20

$ 1,061.73


$ 1,241.43

$ 767.41


$ 347.00

$ 3,713.23


$ 2,193.33

$ 703.81

Misc/Office Expense

$ 654.61

$ 367.17


$ 431.54

$ 575.53


$ 968.90

$ 271.00

Registration Fees

$ 130.00

$ 1,200


$ 1,931.00

$ -

$ -

$ 11,255.30

Total Expenses

$ 9,753.01

Treasurer’s Report Approved.


I want to thank everyone for coming and I want to especially thank District 28 for preparing the coffee for today’s meeting.

Activities since the Spring Conference Assembly on May 1st have included

Looking ahead at 2011 the agenda committee discussed the following dates for assemblies: Winter Service Assembly – January 16th, Pre-Conference Assembly – April 10th, Conference Assembly – May 21st, Summer Service Assembly – June 26th, Fall Service Assembly – October 16th. Date for the Delegates Workshop would be March 27th. If anyone has any input regarding these dates please get back to me prior to August 1st.

Please contact me if you would like me to visit your District Meeting or participate in an event. I would love to visit each district during this rotation.

Some future dates for 2011 to mark on your calendars

Yours in service, Nancy H.


Good morning and welcome to the Area 75 Summer Service Assembly. I hope the morning's committee meetings were informative and productive for all.

Since our Spring Conference, my activities on our behalf include delivering the Delegate's Report on the 60th General Service Conference to three of our districts and to the monthly Group Secretaries' Meeting at Greater Milwaukee Central Office. One other district asked to reschedule my visit to a later date, and two more are scheduled in the coming week. I was also invited to attend a meeting of District 23's remaining GSR's in Beaver Dam to deliver that report and to share my service experience as they considered whether to reorganize their District Committee or to become a dark district. I am happy to report that about eight GSR's attended and that they have named a District Secretary. They expect to meet in June for the purpose of electing a new DCM after the current GSR's visit as many groups in the district as they can in order to invite participation.

On May 15th, I attended an excellent workshop held by District 3 in Sheboygan. And I attended District 16's Annual Picnic and Open Meeting. We did have fun and heard a great speaker there.

As we discussed at our last Assembly, I wrote and sent a letter voicing Area 75's support for the Wisconsin Bid for ICYPAA Committee's efforts to secure the bid for next year's ICYPAA Convention.

Recent news items include:

1. Contributions Online went live Friday the 11th ! This is a major step forward in our online capabilities at the General Service Office. Contributions can be made by individuals or by groups. In order to do our best to ensure that only A.A. members are making contributions, a contributor is required to fill out a profile on their first visit to the page. I do have a set of confidential guidelines and am sharing a set with our Area 75 Treasurer today. Check it out at the www.aa.org website!

2. During the 2010 International Convention, there will be a web feed of the Flag Ceremony. That will be available to anybody at the G.S.O. website. The feed will be anonymity protected. No additional passwords are required.

3. I have available today for DCM's and for other members of the Area Committee copies of the report of the General Service Board Sub-committee on Vulnerable Members. The sub-committee met in the fall of 2009, originally to consider the safety of minors attending A.A. meetings. The scope of that committee soon was enlarged because it was suggested that other portions of the A.A. population could be vulnerable to improper acts on the part of others. Among those included in the expanded scope were certain Special Needs alcoholics and those members with various psychiatric diagnoses. The report centered itself in safety and any liability that A.A. as a whole might have. So our legal counsel was involved. The sub-committee was chaired by East Central Regional Trustee Pam R. I had a preliminary report, as presented to the entire General Service Board and I showed it to the Area 75 Chair and the Area 75 Alternate Delegate after I received it. In January and in April, we knew we faced agendas with thirteen proposals included and much area business to be done. We discussed whether an area level workshop or panel discussion might be in order. The decision was made by us to forward it to DCM's in the hope that they would discuss it with GSR's and that GSR's, in turn, would make their groups aware. The need here is to ensure the safety of all in our A.. groups and meetings while still, in accordance with Tradition Three, not closing our doors to any who wish to recover from alcoholism. Given that the General Service Board accepted this report in the January meeting and that our General Service Board Chair did have a bit to say about it at the General Service Conference, now seems an appropriate time to give copies to our DCM's. We also realize that many districts and groups do inventories during the summer months, and this might or might not be a good topic for you to include there. I would encourage all to approach this with our best spiritually minded attitudes towards our Traditions and our principles.

4. Yesterday, Jim M., Staff Corrections Coordinator at the General Service Office participated in the Wisconsin/Upper Peninsula of Michigan Corrections Conference in Fond du Lac. I expect our Corrections Chair will have much more to say about Jim's excellent participation there. It is always good to see a G.S.O. Staff member here in Area 75! Jim did note that there continues to be a serious need for male writers for the Corrections Correspondence Program. He also spoke to Corrections Committee members and volunteers about the General Service Conference changes to the Corrections Workbook concerning our experience to date with binding legal agreements some facilities require Correction volunteers to sign. We very much appreciated both Jim's attendance and all the other excellent panelists heard during the day. Congratulations to the committee on organizing a terrific conference, and thanks to Winnebagoland Central Office for having A.A. literature available for sale there.

6. The Grapevine has been experiencing a further decline in circulation. That number is now down to roughly 92,000 per month. The sweeping new business plan for 2010 has not yet been fully implemented, though work has begun. Let's please subscribe to the Grapevine if you do not already do so, and don't forget those other excellent printed offerings the Grapevine has. Our Grapevine Chair and I have a survey we would like to hand out today. Please feel free to make additional copies for other members. You can fill it out as individuals or as a group--just indicate numbers of each type of response in the blanks provided. The survey was developed by another delegate and has the endorsement of the Conference Committee on the Grapevine. I would ask that you please take a few moments to fill one out and to return as indicated on the bottom of the survey.

Very recent correspondence has indicated the Grapevine is still searching for a new Publisher. Interested, qualified applicants can contact me for more information. The Grapevine Board is taking resumes from applicants for the position of Non-trustee Director. Deadline is September, with service to begin after the 61st General Service Conference.

7. As a follow-up to the General Service Conference, the Report & Charter Committee has begun work on reviewing and proofing the Final Conference Report. As a member of that committee, I will be quite busy over the summer with proofreading! The General Service Conference Inventory Committee has also had their first meeting by way of a conference call amongst its members.

As we enter summer here, I look forward to visiting as many districts as would like me to come by. I have discussed A.A. news and have given shortened versions of the Delegate's Report on the 60th General service Conference in my recent visits. DCM's, please do talk to me about visiting your district if you would like.

I thank you all for the excellent service you do here in Southern Wisconsin. And I thank you for the opportunity to serve as your delegate!

Yours in Recovery and Service,

Stu E.

Panel 59 Area 75 Delegate


The Corrections Committee talked about what was going on in their district. Also we talked about the meeting that people were volunteering in correction on how the meetings are doing.

The 15th Annual Corrections Conference their was a good showing as we had 111 people in attendance. Jim had a great message. Also Jim was impressed with the dedication for corrections in our area. Also talked about that the conference is not an area event. But I felt I needed to share how the event went. Also I wanted to say thanks to all who participated & helped out at the event.

Temporary contacts

We’re still in need for more people for writers for men & women being released


Also theirs a big need in writers. I & Jim talked about the need for Writers for people that are in their longer than 6 mo. One thing that we talked about getting groups to sign up to correspond as writer.

Jim said to say goodbye for him to the area75 people.

Also I want to thank area 75 for allowing me to serve you.

Area 75 Corrections Chair

Les M.


Districts 1, 13, 15, 16, 20, 28

  1. Bridging the Gap Call Log on Area Website. Committee edited it for anonymity – Tradition 12 reasons and this form is thrown away once contact is made again for protecting anonymity. Fred will talk to webmaster about this.

  2. District 13 is trying to get contact information and/or meeting into Detox Unit of Waukesha Memorial Hospital.

  3. District 28 has an active program for Bridging the Gap and they make follow-up call after initial contact with a no-show. Central Office has contact treatment chair directly for referrals.

  4. District 1 here to observe and learn and they are trying to get active treatment committee formed – 2 treatment facilities in District 1.

  5. District 16 – going to VA meeting and leaves literature – trying to coordinate w/other groups to do that. Went to treatment house, Century House.

  6. District 20 – active w/ meetings in Treatment facilities w/several groups sponsoring the meetings in the facilities. Rides are given to people who sign up to go to the meetings from treatment.

  7. District 15 has updated a list of inpatient, outpatient, and residential facilities to prepare to contact professionals.

  8. District meeting lists were discussed as good tools for treatment. Hotline, central office, club members were good to have on these lists. No personal names or numbers on lists given outside of AA

If your district has a treatment need such as literature or AA contacts – contact Fred the Treatment Chair.


VA Recovery fair

No connection made with dist 16

GE Health fair

Contributions to library at GE

Dist 3

Marv S.

Questions about handling a hotline

Dist 14

Jeri P.

Dist 1


Getting groups registered: divide and conquer!

Dist 16


CPC needs a committee and a map

PI running out of places to go, can’t crack MPS or Mke Corrections

Dist 24


Well received with local churches, now reaching out to medical

Workshops re: treatment facilities and first 3 steps

Dist 30

Sharon G.

Updating info with local newspaper

Hotline going well

Grapevine in local jail, but corrections needs vols to bring meetings into jail

Speakers at local hospital

Big Books in library

Dist 8

David A.

Rock county AA website

Dist 12


Letters to churches

Not a lot of success getting to talk at clinics. Mailers sent, little response

Posters in schools, books in libraries

Dist 13

Diane and Bob

Finalized meeting lists, distributing with “Info on AA”

Dist 3


Hotline questions

Books in libraries

Dist 15


Targeting community bulletin boards

Using software to target NGOs, map


Our Committee met at our Spring Conference.  We oriented a new District Special Needs Chair.  We discussed our plan for mailing and creating the display board.  We had a Special Needs A.A. guest attend our meeting and share how we have been able to help her. 

There is no further update from GSO regarding the Special Needs pamphlet.  All 3 of Area 75 Special Need's Authors have signed and mailed their releases back to GSO.

Today we were able to encourage a potential District Special Needs Chair to stand at their next District meeting.

We also brainstormed a request from Stu regarding how we could provide the service of having the Daily Reflections read to our visually impaired members who are not
Braille or computer literate.  We will continue to explore this as we research computer software and other alternative ideas as the request is for one A.A. member so far.

I will be attending meetings at District 20 and 10 next.

Please know I remain ready, willing, and able to field your Special Needs questions and visit your District upon request. 


Respectfully submitted,


Lee Ann F.

CPC CHAIR – Randy R.

The Wisconsin Association of Alcoholism and Other Drug Addictions (WAAODA) Conference was held on May 10, 11, 12, 2009 and was a great success. I believe getting there early and picking out the Exhibit Table is key to the success that we have at the Conference, again we were by the main entrance. I would like to thank Dan K. from District 20 for helping out at the Conference. Area 75 was ready for the Conference this year unlike last year and we did well with the literature until the close of the second day. If you remember we were wiped out in the first four hours of the conference last year. We met and spoke in depth with many visitors at the exhibit booth. I can not tell you how many conference attendees told me how needed we are in the community and how appreciative they were that AA was available to all.

The Conference again started off with a bang right from the opening bell. I had all I could do to keep up with the traffic. At lunch I was sitting with exhibitors that I knew from last year and found out that many young people would be showing up at the conference. I was stunned to say the least, because this was the first I had heard. Sure enough after lunch the yellow school buses started to show up. Young people from the program Project Change (Madison, Janesville, Milwaukee, Waukesha, and other cities) were now overwhelming the Exhibit. By three pm I was completely out of literature for the younger crowd.

The second day was no different than the first, very busy from the opening bell and again overwhelmed with young people in the afternoon. Sorry to say Area 75 had no literature for the younger crowd on day two. A total of 17 large school buses showed up in the first two days, approximately 650 young people total. This ball will not get dropped next year. I had a discussion with Angela McAlister, Interim Director for the WAAODA. I let her know how disappointed I was in the fact that I did not know the young people were going to show up. She quickly pointed the finger at me and said I should read the agenda that came to me in the mail. I quickly responded that I did not get one, this year or last year, and if she would like I could show her what I received this year and last year. Long story short (she admitted) they did not mail me the agenda. By the close of the second day the exhibit was depleted of almost all literature. I went home Tuesday night and Dan K. would be there in morning to open.

The third day Dan K. was their and all went well according to Dan. I drove back to Madison and at noon I broke down the exhibit and Dan relayed to me although we had little literature we still had good traffic and had approximately 6 blue cards filled out.

The actual count for all literature handed out at the 2010 WAAODA Conference was 3087 individual pieces of literature. Please see the attached sheet for individual counts.

The WAAODA Conference ended on the 12th of May and the Area CPC was invited to a workshop in District 3 with Exhibit. What exhibit! We had nothing left so a quick shopping trip was in order at the Milwaukee Central Office. Bought enough literature to fill two literature racks (no literature was allowed to be handed out at the workshop) so we did look professional.

On the 20th of May the Area 75 CPC was invited to display at a “meet and greet” at the VA. We managed to get through this day also, it hasn’t been easy to say the least, but we did put on a good display and had lots of visitors at our exhibit. A thank you letter from the VA is also attached.

Today at the CPC Standing Committee we had a total of 14 District CPC’s and PI’s attending (Brent W., Jeri P., Jeanette S., Theresa W., Molly H., Sharon G., David A., Cheryl G., Bob M., Nathan S., Melissa M., Diane L., Marv S., Cathy W.,). The District chairs that showed (as always) had great reports as to what they are doing in their Districts.

The Area 75 CPC will be at a dinner on Friday June 11th to meet our Corrections Chair from GSO (Jim M.) and I will also will be attending the Corrections Conference in Fond du Lac on Saturday the 12th of June. Which brings me to today the 13th of June.

It’s been a very busy month and a half since the last time we met, but it is truly worth the time and effort that is required of me to fill my duty as the AREA 75 CPC. My time as your CPC is quickly coming to an end and I have been actively asking for individuals to step up and experience the level of gratitude and gratefulness that I have.

Please contact me if you have had any thoughts what so ever in maybe becoming our next Area 75 CPC Chair. I would love to take the time and opportunity to share my experiences with you and give to you all the background information you made need to make this all so important decision.

It is now and always will be a pleasure to serve.

Randy R. Area 75 CPC

Letter sent from VA

June 9, 2010

Dear Members of Alcoholics Anonymous:

On behalf of the VA Medical Center Mental Health Recovery Committee, thank you so much for participating in our first “Recovery Services Showcase” and helping to make it a resounding success! We know that information fairs are a major commitment so we appreciate the time, resources and dedication you allotted for this event. We have received many positive comments from employees and veterans about the importance of identifying recovery oriented services in the local community.

We look forward to our continued partnership in serving our veterans and hope to work with you again.


Michael M., MD. Pat B., LCSW

Recovery Coordinator Recovery Project Coordinator

Mental Health Division

Zablocki VA Medical Center

ARCHIVE CHAIR – Nancy S. (Archivist)

The Archives room has been open every Sunday so far this year from 12:00 until 4:00 with the exception of March 21st during the delegate’s workshop and today because the volunteers cancelled and I could not find a replacement.

I am asking for help today to staff the Archives room. We have volunteers to help Dave and I the months of July and most of August. I have a sign up sheet on the back table if anyone is interested in giving 4 hours of their time on a Sunday afternoon. You can sign up for one day or as many days that you are able to commit to. If you are interested please take this commitment seriously. We are located in the lower level of Holy Assumption School; 7109 West Orchard St (1 block South of Greenfield) West Allis, WI 53214

I have had two districts call me saying that they will be bringing several people and requested a tour of the materials in the Archives room. This shows me that the interest in our history is growing. So as the saying goes…build it and they will come.

We will be having are 5th Movie Day this year Sunday, September 26, 2010 at Noon.

(The packers play on Monday that week) We will be showing “House Full of Miracles” and the movie of the hit play “Bill W. and Dr. Bob.” Again there will be sandwiches and snacks at a very nominal cost. We will again have a raffle after the movie. To Uphold AA Traditions: Only AA members may purchase the 50¢ raffle tickets. You don’t have to be present to win.

The Archives collection continues to grow and I want to say, “Thank You” to all of the districts that reqularly send me minutes. If your district is one that is not sending minutes please start sending them now. It is important for your districts history. If documentation is not kept, those to come will not know what their district has accomplished in the past. Don’t be afraid to use full names. They are edited for display binders. Please also send any district flyers, letters, meeting listings, or other materials that involve your district.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

Area 75 Archivist: Nancy S.


Good Day! My name is George P. and I am your panel 59 Grapevine Chair. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve the fellowship in Area 75. 

Here is a list of my activities since our January meeting:

  1. Spoke at Milwaukee Central Office on Grapevine and General Service – April 13.

  2. Spring Conference April 30 – May 2.

  3. Main Speaker at District 3 Service and Sponsorship Workshop – May 15.

  4. Spoke at District 24 in Cedarburg on May 18.

  5. June 12 attended Wisconsin and Upper Peninsula Corrections Conference in Fond du Lac.

  6. I want to encourage you to rebuild the Count On Us fund.  On April 9, I sent out an email along with two email attachments that can be printed to form a label for a self-made Count On Us donation receptacle.  I have encouraged District Grapevine Chairs (and DCMs in districts without a GV chair) to make their own canisters out of a peanut butter jar, a coffee can, a clean paper milk carton or any similar receptacle.  These should be distributed to all groups in Area 75 that are connected to our service structure.  Use of the label is strongly recommended as it has the address to which the Count On Us funds are to be sent.


I want to extend my sincere thanks for the invitations and opportunities I have been given to share my experience, strength and hope and to talk about the AA Grapevine. 

Thank you for the privilege of serving the Fellowship of AA in Area 75 as your Grapevine chair.  I would be happy to address any questions you may have. 

George P.

--Area 75 Grapevine Chair 


Literature/International Convention Report

Madison Senior Center

June 13, 2010

Please see the attached memorandum From Julio E., the literature coordinator at your General Service Office for all the latest highlights of the literature committee…

The 2010 International Convention of Alcoholics Anonymous will be held July 1-4 in San Antonio, Texas with the theme “A Vision for You.”  A.A. members and guests from around the world will celebrate A.A.’s 75th year at this event with big meetings held Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday morning in the Alamodome.  Other meetings, scheduled or informal, will take place throughout the weekend in the San Antonio Convention Center and local hotels. 
The deadline for pre-registration will has expired and the registration fee is now $110. You can still register on line if you wish or onsite in San Antonio. The web address for the online registration link:

The 2010 International Convention of Alcoholics Anonymous will be held July 1-4 in San Antonio, Texas with the theme “A Vision for You.”  A.A. members and guests from around the world will celebrate A.A.’s 75th year at this event with big meetings held Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday morning in the Alamodome.  Other meetings, scheduled or informal, will take place throughout the weekend in the San Antonio Convention Center and local hotels. 
Registration opens in the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center on Wednesday June 30, 2010 at 8:00 a.m. Registration will continue Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., and Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. The opening Party in the Park starts at approximately 8:00 p.m. Thursday evening, July 1 and ends at midnight.

You will be provided with a link to the online housing form, as well as information on how to contact the Housing Bureau, once you have completed your online registration (this information will appear at the end of the Summary page). Housing request forms will also be included with your registration confirmation.

Questions regarding hotel reservations? Please contact 2010 IC Housing by fax at 210-207-6702 or by email at

AAWS has secured dormitory rooms at St. Mary's University. 3-4-or-5 night packages are available and include breakfast daily. Single and double rooms are available, and all room packages must be pre-paid in full. Double rooms require a roommate name and contact information at the time of registering. AA will not assign roommates.

Marathon meetings will begin at midnight on Thursday, and run around the clock until Sunday morning. Meetings start at the Convention Center on Friday at 9:00 a.m. and continue until 5:00 p.m., with the same schedule on Saturday.
Friday night and Saturday night from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m., we gather in the Alamodome stadium for Big Meetings. The Flag Ceremony will take place before the meeting on Friday night, and Saturday we will have an oldtimers meeting, where A.A.s with more than 40 years of sobriety will share.
The closing meeting will take place in the Alamodome on Sunday from 9:00 – 11:00 a.m.

All meetings are being professionally recorded.  Individual meetings will be available by MP3 Download online or on audio CD.  Two packages of recordings will also available; the three Big Meetings or the entire Convention.  To pre-order recordings, click here.  You may also purchase recordings on-site or online after the Convention.  Look for the booth in the Bridge Hall of the Convention Center. 

If you haven’t attended an International Convention, now’s you chance to participate in an awesome spiritual experience. I look forward to seeing you in San Antonio!

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the district secretaries that forward copies of their meeting minutes to me. It’s am invaluable tool to me, all of our Area officers and Standing Committee Chairs, in determining the needs of our A.A. community

In Service,

John B. – Area 75 Alternate Delegate & Literature Chair

June 4, 2010




Area, District, and Central Office/Intergroup Literature Chairs

Julio E., Literature Coordinator, (212) 870-3019 or literature@aa.ora

Literature Activity Update

Warmest greetings from all of your friends at G.S.O. in New York. The following is to provide some activity updates pertaining to A.A. literature.

60th General Service Conference: The General Service Conference convened April 18-24, and the following five recommendations from the 2010 Conference Committee on Literature resulted in advisory actions:

The revised pamphlet "Questions and Answers on Sponsorship" be approved.

The trustees' Committee on Literature develop literature which focuses on spirituality that includes stories from atheists and agnostics who are successfully sober in Alcoholics Anonymous, and bring a draft or progress report to the 2011 Conference Committee on Literature.

The paragraph regarding closed meetings on page 22 of the pamphlet "Frequently Asked Questions about A.A.," which reads:

"A closed meeting is limited to members of the local A.A. group or visiting members from other groups. The purpose of the closed meetings is to give members an opportunity to discuss particular phases of their alcoholic problem that can be understood best only by other alcoholics."

Be replaced with:

"A closed meeting is for A.A. members only, or for those who have a drinking problem and have a desire to stop drinking. Closed meetings give members an opportunity to discuss particular phases of their alcoholic problem that can be understood best only by other alcoholics."

The trustees' Literature Committee update the pamphlet "A.A. and the Armed Services" to include recent experiences from members on active duty and a section which focuses on veterans of the armed services, and that the range of experiences be reflected in the title of the pamphlet. The committee requested that a draft or progress report be brought to the 2011 Conference Committee on Literature.

General Service Office of Alcoholics Anonymous P.O. Box 459 • Grand Central Station • New York, New York 10163 USA • (212) 870-3400 • www.aa.org

The trustees Committee on Literature review the booklet Living Sober and present a draft or report to the 2011 Conference Committee on Literature.

The revised pamphlet, "The A.A. Member - Medications and Other Drugs," which was reviewed by the 2010 Conference Literature Committee, was returned to the trustees' Literature Committee for further discussion.

Request for Email: If you haven't already provided an email address and you have one, we would like to request it. Send your email address to our Records Department (records@aa.org). Please include your full name, service number and position.

New Service Piece - Structure of the Conference (U.S. and Canada): Enclosed is the new service piece with the inverted triangle configuration of the Conference structure found in the A.A. Service Manual. Please feel free to copy as needed.

Publications Department Activities:

The following new products are available from G.S.O.:

A compilation DVD in English, French, and Spanish of "A.A. in Correctional Facilities"

The 2006 revised Easy-to-Read version of "A.A. in Prison: Inmate to Inmate" in Spanish

A new Spanish Daily Reflections with references to the Third Edition Spanish Big Book


Since I don’t have enough information at this time to give a final report, this is only going to be preliminary information.

The conference was a success, given the fact that we had 620 registrants. Those included the Bill W. registrants, which were all covered by donations.

I have heard very few negative comments about the conference, other than some didn’t like a certain speaker. Most of what I heard was, “Great job, we had a good time”.

We know we are money ahead. I just don’t have the final figures at this time. I do know that we have money coming from the hotel, to the sum of $430.00, but we don’t have the check yet. We’re trying to determine where they sent it.

Hopefully the hotel can get their act together, our treasurer can finalize the numbers, and the committee will get their final reports in so I can give a final report at the fall service meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Bob S.

Spring 2010 Conference Chair


A Vision For You; May 20, 21, 22 2011. Brookfield Sheraton, I-94 and Moorland Road.

Hi, my name is Ken N., Chair of the 2011 Spring Conference:

Registration: $15.00

Saturday night buffet: $28.00

Sunday morning breakfast: $18.00

Ice-cream social on Friday night: $5.00 a scoop with toppings

Also, the Brookfield Sheraton will be selling bottomless mugs for $15.00. Which you get all the Coffee and soda you want.

Hotel rooms will be $109.00 + taxes

For lunch on Saturday the Brookfield Sheraton will offer a sandwich buffet. At your expense. And for the Friday night early arrivals the hotel said they would have a reasonable priced fish fry.

We have the main speakers set.

Friday night will be: John B. Milwaukee, WI

Saturday night will be: Dorthy W. Past Trustee at Large from Indina

The Saturday afternoon Alateen Speaker will be: Rodriego R. Milwaukee, WI

The Al-Anon Speaker will be: Barbara W. Fairfield, OH

Sunday morning will be Bob T. from Portage, WI.

There will be 4 AA panels in the morning and 2 & oldtimers panel

Also there will be 8 Al-Anon panels. 4 each in the AM and 4 each in the PM

Also our East Central Trustee has been invited and accepted and will be speaking at the Assembly in the morning on Saturday.

I would like to thank Stu E. our Delegate for inviting Pam the East Central Trustee to Conference.

Respectfully your Trusted Servant.

Ken N.

Chair 2011 Spring Conference


No report submitted.


No report submitted.


We have the Picnic coming up on Saturday August 7th at Goodland Park in Madison. Starts at noon and bring a salad or dessert. The oungtimers/Oldtimers workshop is Saturday November 6 at 10:00 a.m, at Trinity Lutheran Church. Lunch provided on a donation basis.

That is all I have for now.

Thanks in Love and Service.

Mark H.



Report of Proposals to be voted on at the Fall Service Assembly in October. See proposals at the end of the minutes.

There were 6 proposals submitted.

  1. Sponsor Todd U., Area 75 Treasurer. Proposal to rescind the current mileage reimbursement rate which is the same rate paid by GSO for delegates traveling to that years General Service Conference. The rate would be replaced with a rate based on the cost of fuel and oil for the specific vehicle used.

  2. Sponsor Todd U., Area 75 Treasurer. Proposal that Area 75 contribute an amount as close as possible to the actual cost of the Delegates annual expenses for the General Service Conference. Recommendation for amount would be by the finance committee as a separate budget line item and would take effect for that calendar year only upon budget approval by the Area 75 Assembly.

  3. Sponsor George B., Conference Advisory Committee Chair. Proposal to approve the revised document “Area 75 Conference Guidelines” dated May 22, 2010. This document will supersede the 2007 revision.

  4. Sponsor Randy R., Area CPC Chair. Proposal to establish an organized outreach approach to districts to encourage participation and unity in the area.

  5. Sponsor George P., Area Grapevine Chair. Proposal to combine the Count on Us fund and the Rainbow fund into a Corrections literature fund. The Area 75 Corrections chair, with help from the Area Grapevine chair, will authorize disbursements from the fund.

The Finance Committee recommended the proposals numbered 1 and 2 above for inclusion on the Fall Service Assembly Agenda. The Conference Advisory Committee recommended the proposal numbered 3 above. The Agenda committee recommended proposals numbered 4 and 5. The proposal for combining the COU and Rainbow funds was also recommended by the Finance, Grapevine and Corrections committees.

The 5 proposals will be put on the area website: www.area75.org/business.html as separate items.

The Agenda Committee did not recommend placing on the agenda the 6th proposal submitted be included on the Fall Service Assembly Agenda. The proposal was sponsored by Stu E., Area 75 Delegate. It proposed funding expenses of up to three standing committee chairs to attend East Central Regional Forums. Reasons for not recommending it be forwarded were: 1) A mechanism already exists as part of the budget process for committee chairs to request approval for funding and this could be explained to standing committee chairs prior to the budget submission process in January of each year. 2) Committee did not like the proposed method for deciding which chairs would receive funding if more than three requested it.


Coffee Volunteer for the Fall Service Assembly on 10/17 at the Madison Senior Center is District #20.

The coffee volunteer is to take the coffee supplies with them at the end of today’s meeting and replenish supplies from the donation can if needed. Coffee pots are supplied by the Madison Center, which opens at 8:00 AM the day of the event. The coffee volunteer is responsible for clean up of the coffee pots and transfer of supplies to the next volunteer at the end of the day.


Elections next Assembly, we will be electing: Delegate, Alternate Delegate, Chair, Alternate Chair, Secretary, Alternate Secretary, Treasurer, Alternate Treasurer.

Anyone interested, talk to current person holding that position.

AA @ the VA September Flyer

Jan 21 to 23 WICYPAA – www.wicypaa.org

Theresa – District 16 – District Fall Workshop on the Concepts.

The meeting closed with the Responsibility Declaration:

When anyone, anywhere reaches out, I want the hand of A.A. always to be there, and for that; I am responsible!”

Upcoming events:

10/17/10 – Fall Service Assembly (Elections), Madison Senior Center

2/11-13/11 – Conference of Delegates Past and Present – Appleton, WI

5/1-7/11 – General Service Conference - NY

5/20-22/11 – 60th Annual Spring Conference – Sheraton Brookfield

11/11-13/11 – East Central Regional Forum – Miamisburg, OH

Mileage Reimbursement Proposal

Area 75 Proposal Form

Proposal Sponsor: Todd U.

Sponsors Phone: (414) 507-1970

Sponsors Service Position: Area Treasurer

Describe your proposal (Attach any supporting documentation):

That the current Assembly Action addressing mileage reimbursement:

2001/03/04 That Area 75 pay mileage for Area Officers and Committee Chairs in an amount equal to that which GSO pays the delegate for driving mileage when attending the General Service Conference. This amount’s rate is sent to the delegate each year prior to his/her attendance at the General Service Conference and should be updated automatically upon its receipt by the delegate.” (page 5-9 of Area 75 Assembly Actions)

be rescinded and replaced with:

Area Officers and eligible Committee Chairs will be reimbursed for personal vehicle travel expense in a per mile amount based on the direct cost of operating the vehicle where the direct cost exclusively includes the cost of fuel and oil.”

List the primary benefits of your proposal to the area.

Area 75 should reimburse its officers and chairs at a fair and reasonable rate for travel expense, but at the same time be prudent and conservative in its method.

Currently, the Area reimburses at a business rate set by the General Service Office for the Delegates. Adopting this proposal would lower the reimbursement rate to be equal to the direct costs associated with operating a vehicle as calculated by the cost of fuel and oil.


Currently, the Area reimburses at a business rate of 41.5 cents per mile, which includes not only the direct costs of operating the vehicle but also includes allowances for automotive maintenance, insurance etc.

The proposed rate would be based on the actual direct cost to operate the vehicle in terms of fuel and oil. The charts below provide a sample of what that reimbursement rate would be:

Cost to operate an automobile assuming a fuel cost of $2.50/gal and a $30 oil change every 5000 miles

Cost to operate an automobile assuming a fuel cost of $3.00/gal and a $30 oil change every 5000 miles

Mileage (MPG)

Cost ($/mile)

Mileage (MPG)

Cost ($/mile)

























Formula to arrive at reimbursement rate:

(Cost of fuel per gallon / Miles per gallon) + (Cost of oil change / miles driven between oil changes)

There is also a potential problem in that reimbursing at a rate greater than the allowable charitable rate, it may be advisable for our trusted servants to report as taxable income the amount reimbursed that is greater than the charitable rate.

Research indicates that the IRS allows for a volunteer to be reimbursed at the actual cost to operate the vehicle, where the actual cost is calculated using the cost of fuel and oil, even when such costs exceed the fourteen cents set by statute. If this proposal passes, this interpretation can be applied so that no one loses money as a result of high fuel costs and low vehicle mileage.

Estimate any funding required. Outline where funding would come from. Explain whether this is a one-time or ongoing expense.

No additional funding required.

Area budgeted expenses will likely decline as a result of this proposal.

Printing of updates to the Assembly Actions is a budgeted item.

Delegates General Service Conference Contribution Proposal

Area 75 Proposal Form

Proposal Sponsor: Todd U.

Sponsors Phone: (414) 507-1970

Sponsors Service Position: Area Treasurer

Describe your proposal (Attach any supporting documentation):

It is proposed that:

Area 75 contributes to GSO an amount as close as possible to the actual cost of the Delegate’s annual expenses for the General Service Conference. When the Finance Committee reviews the Area 75 annual budget, a recommendation will be made by the Finance Committee for this expense as a separate budget line item. That recommendation will take effect for that calendar year only upon budget approval by the Area 75 Assembly.

List the primary benefits of your proposal to the area.

In the spirit of the principle of self-support, Area 75 should, whenever possible, pay an amount to GSO as close as possible to the actual costs incurred for the Delegate’s General Service Conference expenses.


$1,200 is the minimum contribution currently suggested by GSO for this expense, and that is the amount Area 75 contributed for the last three years. That amount is about 24% of the actual cost, which was closer to $ 5,000.

Some areas voluntarily contribute a number closer to the per delegate cost. They do that in accordance with their ability to pay that year.

The “per Area cost” varies year by year depending on the hotel contract, air travel costs, printing/support costs, etc. The actual amount is arrived at by costs associated with the Conference--air travel for all concerned (includes trustees), lodging for all concerned (includes trustees and staff), meals for all concerned (same), office support costs, publishing and printing, staff wages etc. All costs are divided by 93 (number of delegate areas).


Estimate any funding required. Outline where funding would come from. Explain whether this is a one-time or ongoing expense.

Additional funding would be approximately $3800 more for 2011. Funding would come from group contributions. This would be an ongoing expense.



Proposal Sponsor: George B. Phone: 920-923-1592

Sponsor’s Service Position: Conference Advisory Chairperson

Describe your proposal:

To approve the revised document “Area 75 Conference Guidelines” dated May 22, 2010. This document will supersede the 2007 revision.

Primary Benefits/Background Information:

This proposal is the result of the work of the ad-hoc committee appointed to review the Area 75 Conference Guidelines, and is based primarily on conference experience gathered since 2007, as well as the elimination of the Area 75 Fall Conference.

Attachments (A, B, C) to the original document, as revised, will remain as attachments to the revised guidelines.

Copies of the subject document (with and without revisions) are available upon request. The suggested changes are highlighted in the May 2010 document.

Please review the 2007 guidelines for comparison to the suggested May 2010 guidelines.

Estimate any funding required: Not to exceed $50

The revised Area 75 Conference Guidelines will be posted on the Area 75 website. One copy will be sent via email or mail to requesting Districts. It will be the responsibility of each District to make copies for district members. Copies will also be needed to update the Assembly Action binders.

Please note that the revised Area 75 Conference Guidelines document consists of 21 pages, including cover sheet and attachments.

Dark District Proposal


Agenda Proposal Sponsor: Randy R. Phone (414) 690-6685

Sponsor’s service position: Area 75 CPC Chairperson

Provide complete details of your proposal (attach any supporting documentation)

In an effort to promote maximum participation and foster unity among the districts and groups in Area 75, the Alternate Area Chairperson, in cooperation with the Area Officers and Standing Committee Chairpersons, will be responsible for outreach to and communication with all districts throughout each two-year rotation.

It is recommended that:

Although it is the responsibility of the Area Officers and Standing Committee Chairpersons, by virtue of their positions, to visit the Districts and support District activities, a more organized approach could prove effective. Therefore, if deemed necessary, the Alternate Area Chairperson is authorized to form a District Development subcommittee to facilitate this outreach and communication. It is expected that Area Officers and Chairpersons would serve on this subcommittee and/or be responsive to suggestions to them from the subcommittee.

List the primary benefits of your proposal

Increased communication will foster maximum participation and unity among the groups and districts in Area 75, which in turn advances our primary purpose to carry the message of Alcoholics Anonymous to those who still suffer.

Area 75 currently has several districts, which are considered dark or struggling. Every effort should be made to ensure that all members in Area 75 feel welcome and connected to the Area and A.A. as a whole through general service. Increased communication and contact will advance that purpose. As Tradition 9 states, the Area committee is “directly responsible to those they serve” – the districts and the groups.


The A.A. Service Manual states on page S36 that “...the area holds an important middle position in the Conference structure – through the elected delegate, it participates in A.A. worldwide, while through the D.C.M.s and G.S.R.s, it is close to the local scene…. The area assembly is the mainspring of the Conference structure – the democratic voice of the movement expressing itself.” It is clear that this vital voice functions best with maximum participation.

In the past, Area 75 has directed attention toward helping the struggling and dark districts. For example, in 2003, an Ad Hoc Committee was formed to address this issue. Districts considered inactive were contacted by committee members and suggestions made to the Area Assembly included: 1) Form an Area subcommittee to handle Group Relations, composed of GSRs, DCMs and at least one Area officer; 2) Rotate Area meeting locations; 3) Offer a GSR school at every Area Assembly; 4) Provide funds for DCMs to attend Area Assemblies if the individual or district cannot afford the expense. Although the GSR school is now offered at two Assemblies per year, no other direct action was taken by the Area regarding the 2003 Ad Hoc Committee suggestions.

Estimated Funding Required

Travel and miscellaneous expenses will be included in the Alternate Chairperson’s annual budget or in the budgets of other Area Officers and Committee Chairs.

Eliminate the Count on Us Fund and Combine with Rainbow Fund

Proposal sponsor:  George P.

Sponsor's phone: 920-265-6244

Sponsor's Service Position:  Area 75  Grapevine Chair

Proposal description:

Eliminate the Count on Us fund as a separate fund and combine it with the Rainbow Fund.  The combined fund will be called the "Corrections Literature Fund".  The purpose of the Corrections Literature Fund will be to purchase Conference-approved literature and Grapevine/LaVina subscriptions and/or materials for use in correctional institutions.  The Corrections chair, with help from the Grapevine Chair, will authorize expenditures from the newly created Corrections Literature Fund.

Primary benefits of proposal:

Groups are currently confused about the funds and their purposes.  It would make it more efficient to collect and explain the reason for encouraging a "special collection" to the groups.

Estimate of required funding:

No funding is necessary as currently used and available Rainbow cans could be re-labeled.


Summer Service Assembly, 6/13/10