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Alcoholic’s Anonymous – Area 75
Alcoholic’s Anonymous – Area 75
9 am, 04/11/10
Spring Pre-Conference
Madison Senior Center


2010 – Spring Pre-Conference

Nancy H., Area Chairperson; Stu E, Delegate; John B, Alt Delegate/Literature; JD O., Secretary ; Cynthia H., Alt Secretary; Todd U., Treasurer; Doreen H., Alt. Treasurer

George P., Grapevine Chair; Les M., Corrections Chair; George B., Conf. Adv. Com. Chair; Randy R., CPC Chair; Fred K., Treatment Chair; Lee Ann F., Special Needs Chair; David K., Archives Chair;

D2-Bob T; D3-Marv S.; D4-Ryan G.; D7-Beth M.; D8- Dave A.; D11-Ric C.; D12-Terry H.; D13-Leslie F.; D14-Frank S.; D15-Brent W.; D17-John H.; D19-Linda W.; D20-Brent B.; D22-Clayton S.; D24-Matt K.; D25-Nicole S. (alt); D27-Marty S.; D28-Dave F.; D29-Mike T.; D30-Dick S.; D31 – Kris K.; D32-John C.; D34-Linda Y.;D36-Barb W. (alt)

DIST 1: Dawn E; Mike G; Steve S; Tom M; Scott J; Joe S; Bea D; Carly K; DIST 2: Jim D., Robert T;
DIST 3: Lori S; DIST 7: Beth M, Alt DCM; Jody W; Brenda A; DIST 8: Toni M; DIST 11: Gerald W; Conne M; DIST 12: Larry G; Todd H; Tony G; Joe M; Lee R Alt GSR; DIST 13: Mark L; Mark G (?); Donna W; Slyvia Y;
DIST 15: Jeff P; DIST 16: Dick H; Mark V.;
DIST 17: Jim R; Kevin M; DIST 20: Mat E(?); Dybil D; Judy F; Kathy W (Alt GSR); Laura W.; Richard B.; Judy F; Chris B.; Thomas B; DIST 24: June B; Jaren R; DIST 25: Jeff Z; Nicole S; Scott D; Jerome S; Ted J; Daniel G; DIST 28: Mike K.; Ken N; Al R; Rick H; DIST 29: Lynn B Alt DCM; Barbara W; Connie S; Jeff G; Heather P; John T.; Dennis D; Phillip L.; DIST 30: Joel B; DIST 32: George D; Don D; Ken S; Cindy D; RJ E; Kurt H; Tom V. (?); Laura C; Reese K; Howard P; Robin S; Chris E, Alt GSR; David O; DIST 33: John P; Aaron M; DIST 34: Sue M; Cindy B; Greg J; Kent S; Loretta M; JoAnn K.; Jody W; Michael M; Edween R; Jim S; DIST 36: Dennis L; Pete W;

Others, District Chairs and Guests.
Kathy W., Registrar; Nancy S., Archivist; DIST 20: Dave S, Conference Chair; DIST 22: T. Michael; DIST 34: Drew A, Finance Committee; Bob S 2010 Conference Chair; Past Delegates – John B., Joan J., Jo Mc., Nancy G, George P.


Motion to forego the Secretary reading the “working portion” of the minutes – motion approved. Minutes approved as printed.


Todd U, Doreen H, Nancy G, Ken G, Ryan G, Drew A
  1. Reviewed General Service Conference agenda items for Finance Committee and provided feedback to Delegate.
  2. Deposited contributions on a weekly basis.
  3. Paid bills as requested.
  4. Presented paid bills to the committee for review.
  5. Contributions continue to be received without any indication of the, GSO number, District number, or the name of Group that is making the contribution.
  6. Please also make a note that checks should be made out to Area 75 Treasurer, not SWAC, Rainbow Fund or Count on Us
  7. The Count on us fund Is very low. The Grapevine is in financial trouble. Donations for the COU could only help support the Grapevine.
  8. There are financial reports on the back table
    1. A year to date general financial report, which I have made 100 copies
    2. A year to date contributions report, which I have made 2 copies of, please leave these on the table.
    3. A year to date Chair expense report, which I have made 2 copies of, please leave these on the table.
  9. As GSR’s, DCM’s, Area Officers, and especially active members of AA, we need to promote on a personal, service and especially sponsored level the values of the 7th Tradition and what its purpose is. We want the hand of AA to be there for the newcomer just like it was for us when we walked thru the doors.
  10. Here are the expenses and contributions to date:

  1. Here are the expenses compared to budget:
12. Expenses by category YTD

Question from the Floor: Can you explain the difference between the Rainbow and the Count on Us Fund?

Answer: Count on Us fund is used for Grapevine Subscriptions for Corrections. The Rainbow Fund is used for other literature.

Question from Floor: Why did you pull the proposal for the Mileage Reimbursement Proposal?

Answer: The Committee voted to pull the proposal because there was a lot of confusion on the supporting documentation. There were lots of questions for Drew and some for Nancy. Additional clarification from Drew is that the questions started to focus on the tax code as opposed to a fair mileage reimbursement rate. This will be brought back by the committee.

Comment from the Floor: Had John B. come to explain background on Mileage Reimbursement proposal and voted for the proposal.

Treasurer’s report approved with corrections – corrections shown in the above report.


Activities since the Winter Service Assembly on January 24th have included

I received a donation of some cassette tapes and video’s from the Milwaukee Central Office. I have them at the back of the room and for those that still have cassette tape or video players they are free for the taking.

Please contact me if you would like me to visit your District Meeting or participate in an event. I would love to visit each district during this rotation.

Some future dates for 2011 to mark on your calendars

Yours in service, Nancy H.


April 11, 2010

Good morning, and thank you all for your attendance and for your continuing service. The General Service Conference begins at the end of this week. So, most of my recent efforts and most of the time and efforts of the Boards and of the General Service Office have been aimed at preparing for the Conference. This year's conference theme is "Practicing A.A.'s Principles--the Pathway to Unity." Because of the closeness of the Conference, I have less new information for you than usual this morning.

I have one announcement, and I ask your help in getting the word out throughout all of Area 75. There is an opening for an Appointed Committee Member on the Trustee's Public Information Committee. A currently serving ACM will be rotating off the committee in July, and there is a need to fill that spot. Applicants should have at least five years of continuous sobriety and must be available to attend meetings of the Trustees Public Information Committee. Those meetings are held in New York and by conference calls. ACM's are appointed for a one-year term, but that term can be renewed for up to four years dependent upon the life of the project and the committee's needs. For this opening, expertise in media is required. Anyone interested in applying can contact me or the Public Information Coordinator at the General Service Office. I do have a copy of the requirements in print and the required resume sheet with me. Deadline for receiving applications is May 15, 2010.

Since our last Assembly in January, my service activities on our behalf have included:
  1. Giving the Delegate's Presentation at District Meetings in District 20 and District 7,
  2. Attending Group Anniversary or Intergroup events at the Waldo Seekers of Serenity Group, Group 48 in Milwaukee, the Campbellsport Group, the Lomira Group, and the Badger Intergroup,
  3. Attending and participating in the East Central Regional Conference of Delegates Past & Present in Kalamazoo, MI (training for the General Service Conference),
  4. Attending Group 16's first District Open Meeting held at the Greater Milwaukee Central Office,
  5. Conducting the Area 75 Delegate's Workshop,
  6. Sharing my own story, including how service has helped my sobriety, at an open meeting hosted by the "As Bill Sees It" Group in Sheboygan, and
  7. Preparing for the upcoming 60th General Service Conference.

One other unusual duty happened because we have Jim M., a member of the General Service Office Staff, attending the annual WI/U.P. Corrections Conference in June. When a staff member is performing a service function inside the area, it is usual to invite the current Delegate to participate in planning. Our Area 75 Corrections Chair invited me to join in a planning meeting of the committee sponsoring that conference. Les, thank you for the invitation.

I have received a report from our East Central Regional Trustee on the meetings of the General Service Board, the AAWS Board, and the AA Grapevine Board which were all held in January. I have also received advance copies of the corresponding reports which will be delivered at the 60th General Service Conference. What I have are unapproved minutes with notes and comments, so I have been unable to share them other than at this podium. (No emailing or copying of the preliminary stuff!). A few points should be shared here and now. 2009 was a challenging year economically for all of Alcoholics Anonymous. Very prudent management of our funds has the amount in the Reserve Fund standing at "approximately nine months" of operating expenses, near the desired target. Larger than usual book sales before the July 1st price increase and careful management at the General Service Office have resulted in a modest profit for 2009. The recent physical upgrades to ceiling and lighting at G.S.O. and the expansion of the Archives there came in about 5% under budget. In order to cut costs last year, a number of unusual measures were taken, and some services were cut. There are a few questions about which cuts were temporary, and which were not intended to be.

At last year's East Central Regional Forum, I pressed the General Manager of G.S.O. to restore Box 4-5-9 to an every-second-month publishing schedule. I plan to continue asking for that at the General Service Conference. It is currently distributed quarterly. Box 4-5-9 is, among other things, the preferred place for the announcement of openings on the G.S.O. Staff and of openings for Appointed Committee Members. If you noticed, NEITHER of the last two ACM positions have been announced in Box 4-5-9 because the publishing deadline could not be met! That hurts our services because the most qualified candidate might not even know the position is available.

And, the Grapevine and LaVina have faced challenges. In the face of a hard hit magazine publishing environment, The Grapevine Board has announced a three prong plan to preserve and to bolster subscription sales of the printed magazine and to work towards electronic delivery of the magazine to downloadable media like the new Apple device. Part of the plan will include online sales and a single "shopping cart" for magazine and other items which will be contracted to an established fulfillment house. The plan seems to have a price tag of about $245,000.00 this year. It projects a loss for 2010 and a very modest profit for 2011. That has caused some concern! We will hear a lot more about it at the General Service Conference.

A couple of points should be made about the future of the Grapevine and LaVina now. The Grapevine Board has primary responsibility for prudent financial management of the Grapevine's funds and the Editor has primary responsibility for the content of the magazine. Those two entities share responsibility for the daily publishing operations. There are some incredibly gifted publishing professionals on both the Grapevine Board and on the Grapevine Editorial Advisory Board; some of all this is a job best left to professionals! Yet the General Service Conference is responsible for ensuring that management is responsive to the needs of the A.A. groups of the U.S. and Canada. We had a not-so-good experience with electronic delivery of the Big Book last year with the Kindle Reader. I hope the Grapevine Board will be clear about how this is going to be different from that. The point has been made that 73% of Grapevine subscribers are age 50 or over. The magazine needs to attract a younger readership, while still guaranteeing that a print version is available to traditional subscribers. That is acknowledged in the business plan. What has not been acknowledged is the need for a print version of the magazines to be available for use by service entities. When I shared some of the early knowledge I had of this with our Area 75 Grapevine Chair, George immediately stated, "there will always be a need for the print magazine because we can take the print magazine into a jail. We can't take an electronic reader in there." Now, something like that is readily apparent to trusted servants out here, but it has NOT been mentioned in any minutes or considerations I have read from the Board.

I hope our newer members here will note that what we do here should be all about bringing forward the best, most effective services we possibly can ... all the time. It is all about love and service. It is all about communicating and participating. We need Assembly members who remain actively interested in these services, and we need trusted servants who are out there communicating with the membership and working with each other. As I traveled around, I heard some talk of the overwhelming nature of the large number of proposals we will take up later today. As we get to them, just please remember that it is all about the common welfare of this area and of A.A., and it's all about carrying our message to those who need and want it.

Thank you for this opportunity to serve, and, again, thank you for your attendance today.

Yours in Recovery & Service,
Stu Elwing
Panel 59 Area 75 (So WI) Delegate

Stu mentioned since when we have the Spring Conference we won’t have final minutes from the GSC – is it okay if Stu presents from his working notes at the Spring Conference. Assembly approved this item.


March 22, 2010
To: Area, District, and Central Office/lntergroup Literature Chairpersons
From: Julio E, Literature Coordinator
(212) 870-3019; E-mail: literature@aa.org

Re: Literature Activity Update

Warmest greetings from G.S.O. in New York!

Welcome to all new Literature Chairpersons and best regards to all chairpersons who continue to help carry our message of hope and recovery through service on Literature Committees. Just as local Literature Chairs rotate, so do staff members at G.S.O. Staff rotation takes place every two years and rotation occurred in 2009. Currently, I have the pleasure and privilege of working on the Literature Assignment and look forward to hearing from you from time to time. If you have rotated on, please forward this report to your new Literature Chairperson along with the New Literature Chairperson Form and return envelope so that we can update our mailing list.

For those of you who are new, we try to communicate with you several times a year to provide current literature information from the A.A. World Services Board, the General Service Office Publications Department and the trustees' and Conference Committees on Literature. The next Activity Update will be sent following the 60th General Service Conference, which runs from April 18th to April 24th this year.

Service piece "The A.A. Message in Print-Summary of Distribution" fSMF-140):

Enclosed is the updated service piece on the distribution summary of the Big Book and Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions. This service piece reflects the 2009 year-end figures.

Special Needs recovery pamphlet As per the 2009 Conference Advisory Action, development of a Special Needs pamphlet is currently under way. Development of the pamphlet will be under the purview of the trustees' Committee on CPC/TF/Special Needs -Accessibility and a progress report will be presented to the 2010 Conference Committee on CPCATF/Special Needs/Accessibility.

Projects Ongoing: At the next printing, and in keeping with the 2009 Advisory Action, a sentence encouraging newcomers to obtain and study the Big Book, Alcoholics Anonymous, will be added to the pamphlet "A Newcomer Asks" (next reprint is scheduled for March 2010.)

In keeping with the 2009 Advisory Action that the title of the pamphlet "44 Questions" be changed to "Frequently Asked Questions About A.A.," the reprint of the large print format (P-57) of the pamphlet currently appears with the new title. The regular print format (P-2) will be available with the new title upon depletion of current inventory (approximately March 2010.)

Literature Items on the Final Agenda for the 2010 General Service Conference: The

following agenda items will be considered by the 2010 General Service Conference. This includes projects forwarded from the trustees' Literature Committee and suggestions submitted for Conference consideration that the trustees' Literature Committee agreed to forward to the Conference Literature Committee:

Review the revised draft pamphlet The A.A. Member-Medications and Other Drugs."
Review the revised draft pamphlet "Questions and Answers on Sponsorship."

Consider developing Conference-approved literature which focuses on spirituality that includes stories from atheists and agnostics who are successfully sober in Alcoholics Anonymous.

Consider request to change a sentence regarding closed meetings in the pamphlet "Frequently Asked Questions About A.A."

Consider request to update the pamphlet "A.A. and the Armed Services" with new stories reflecting more recent experience.

Consider request to review the booklet Living Sober.

Consider request to define the editorial responsibility of G.S.O.'s Publications Department.

Consider request that the video, "Your General Service Office, the Grapevine and the General Service Structure" be revised and updated.

Consider request to develop a book on the history of "early pioneer women in A.A."

For your part in helping literature carry the message, all here at the General Service Office send our sincerest gratitude.

The 2010 International Convention of Alcoholics Anonymous will be held July 1-4 in San Antonio, Texas with the theme “A Vision for You.”  A.A. members and guests from around the world will celebrate A.A.’s 75th year at this event with big meetings held Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday morning in the Alamodome.  Other meetings, scheduled or informal, will take place throughout the weekend in the San Antonio Convention Center and local hotels. 
Convention pre-registration will continue through May 14, 2010; the pre-registration fee is $95.  After that date you must register onsite at the Convention Center; onsite registration will be $110.

Housing information will be sent out only after you register; in the same manner used for registration. The downtown core hotels are sold out at this time, but rooms are still available in the outlying areas. As at previous International Conventions, shuttle bus service will be provided at no charge to the outlying properties booked through the Convention Housing Bureau. Shuttle service will begin on Thursday around noon, and will run until the conclusion of the closing Big Meeting on Sunday. The shuttle schedule will be provided onsite at the Convention.

Please see the A.A. website; www.aa.org for additional conference information and online registration. In addition there are articles on the Conference preparations in the Winter 2009 and Spring 2010 editions of the publication box 459.

Our delegate has asked me to include the following in my report:

From: 2010IC
Sent: Monday, April 05, 2010 11:47 AM
To: Undisclosed recipients:
Subject: 2010 International Convention - Foreign Language Speakers

Dear Conference Members,

At the International Convention, the local Volunteer Host Committee will need bilingual A.A. members to act as a resource at the San Antonio Airport and in the International Hospitality Booth which will be set up in the registration area in the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center. 

There was a suggestion from a previous International Convention that a request for foreign language volunteers be sent throughout the Fellowship.  Would it be possible for you to ask around for bilingual volunteers (German, Japanese, Russian, etc.) who are planning to attend the 2010 International Convention?  All volunteers must be registered.

I would appreciate your passing this information along to anyone interested in participating in this special way. 

If you know of any such bilingual volunteers, they can sign up directly on the Web site of the 2010 Volunteer Host Committee, www.aa75.org.  

They may also contact Louise L., the chairperson of the Volunteer Host Foreign Language Subcommittee, directly by email at language2010@satx.rr.com.

I know that you have many demands on your time and I’m grateful for your effort in helping us serve our international visitors.

In fellowship,

Rick W
2010 International Convention Coordinator

I have a limited number of printed registration forms here today by the Literature display.

If you haven’t attended an International Convention, now’s you chance to participate in an awesome spiritual experience. I look forward to seeing you in San Antonio!

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the district secretaries that forward copies of their meeting minutes to me. It’s am invaluable tool to me, all of our Area officers and Standing Committee Chairs, in determining the needs of our A.A. community

In Service,

John B. – Area 75 Alternate Delegate & Literature Chair

ARCHIVE CHAIR – Nancy S. the Archivist

The Archives room is open every Sunday with the exception of May 2, July 4, October 17, and all of December. Come see your collection of materials. Located in the lower level of Holy Assumption School 7109 West Orchard St (1 block South of Greenfield) West Allis, Wisconsin 53214

New Additions to the Archives

We now have our partition wall. One side displays pictures and the history of all the international conventions starting with the 1st international in 1950 held in Cleveland, Ohio.

The other side displays the newspaper style Grapevines. We have a facsimile of the 1st Grapevine printed June 1944. We have original Grapevines, with the exception of the following, up to the last issue of August 1948. (6/1944, 8/1946, 5/1947, 1/1948) Staples have been removed and they are separately placed in acid free plastic sheeting for protection. These grapevines can be read by visitors.

There will be a new binder displayed for the first time at our Spring Conference The material was donated to our Archives about 11 years ago and includes early correspondences between cities in Wisconsin and New York from 1939 – 1952. The original materials include last names and addresses which have been removed to uphold anonymity.

Thank you for allowing me to serve you,

Area 75 Archivist Nancy Seelen


Temporary Contacts
We need more women and men to become temporary contacts to get people being released to their first AA meeting as their odds are better at staying out. I receive at least 10 requests every other week. Individuals should let your DCMs know that they will be a temporary contact. Or contact Les M., phone – 920.517.3901 or email address sherry.mier@gmail.com.

Corrections Correspondence
We are in need for AA members to correspond with AA members in correctional facilities some facilities don’t have AA meetings.

Columbia Correction Institution – 10 Big Books, 2 Big Books Large Print
Waupun – Case of Inmate to Inmate
FDL County Jail – 10 Big Books, 10 12x12s, 2 12x12s Large Print

Since our last meeting on Jan 24th, 2010 – on 2/6/10 I was at Waldo Intergroup; on 2/20 I was at Heart to Heart Workshop in Madison; from their I went to 48th Intergroup in Milwaukee that evening. On 2/27 I was at Cambellsport 28th annual open AA meeting. On 3/13 Lomira Intergroup then on 3/14 I was at Winnebagoland Central office 20th Anniversary; 3/21 at the Delegates Workshop. I apologize to Marty S. D27 for not attending their workshop. Working on the 15th Corrections Conference for June 12, 2010. Assisting in getting a meeting in Calumet County jail.

Question from the Floor: On the Area 75 website is there the GSO form for writing male inmates?

Answer: Yes there is a form for correspondence form on the website and a temporary contact form.

Question from the Floor: When corresponding to an inmate is there a minimum requirement for sobriety?

Answer: Not sure about a minimum requirement, but would recommend at least 1 year.

CPC CHAIR – Randy R.

The year started off well with an invite to the Tri-District workshop to exhibit the CPC information booth. All Area Chairs were exhibiting and the outcome was good. The CPC attended the Winter Service Assembly in January and gave a report. District 13, 32 and 34 invited the Area CPC to an informal Breakfast meeting at the Maxim’s restaurant in Brookfield on the 30th of January.

In the month of March the Area CPC was invited to District 16 and District 24 (we got-er done Matt), the Delegates Workshop (which was interesting) and the three hour District 7, 17 and 36 Workshop held at Racine Area Central Office (RACO) was successful in my opinion

April will be a busy month for the CPC chair. It will start off on the 10th at District 27. The eleventh will be spent in Madison at the Pre-Conference Meeting. After today I will be getting ready to attend the 59th Annual Spring Conference held on April 30, May 1 and 2nd.

The CPC Chair has also signed all necessary forms and sent the appropriate forms to the treasurer to pay four hundred and fifty dollars for the Exhibit Booth for the Wisconsin Association of Alcoholism and Other Drug Addiction (WAAODA). District 20 will be sharing the cost of the Exhibit Booth by writing a check to Area 75 Treasurer for two hundred twenty five dollars. The WAAODA Conference will be taking place at the Marriot-Madison West Hotel located at 1313 John Q. Hammons Drive, Middleton, Wisconsin. District 20 has graciously volunteered volunteers to help at the exhibit. Thank you District 20.

From all of my travels to different Districts and the conversations and monitoring of the District Meetings it is my pleasure to report (in my opinion) that the principals of AA is thriving and a great deal of credit and appreciation should be given to all the Districts in Area 75 and an even greater appreciation to all of our Group Service Representatives.

Please contact me if you have had any thoughts what so ever in maybe becoming our next Area 75 CPC Chair. I would love to take the time and opportunity to share my experiences with you and give to all the background information you made need to make this all so important decision.

It is now and always will be a pleasure to serve.
Randy Rogness Area 75 CPC
Question from the Floor: Clarify that the $450 WAYOTA Fee is to exhibit?

Answer: Yes the fee is for the Conference to exhibit.

  1. Grapevine Committee Report – April 11, 2010

Good Day! My name is George Possley and I am your panel 59 Grapevine Chair. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve the fellowship in Area 75.

Here is a list of my activities since our January meeting:
  1. February 12-14 I attended the Delegates/Past Delegates Conference in Kalamazoo, Michigan along with my service sponsor. At this Conference I had the opportunity to discuss Grapevine issues with other past and present delegates.
  2. On February 20, I spoke and took the Area 75 Grapevine display to the “Grateful for the Grapevine” ICYPAA fundraiser in Milwaukee. There is a great deal of enthusiasm and support for “our meeting in print” among our young people in AA.
  3. On March 21, I attended the Delegates Workshop here at the Senior Center and facilitated a small group who discussed the issues that are to come before the 60th General Service Conference that pertain to the Grapevine and La Vina. I want to thank Joel B. of District 30 who generously donated left over Grapevine literature which had been sent for use at the recent WICYPAA conference to the Area collection.
  4. Yesterday, April 10, I chaired a panel and was the main speaker at the District 9 mini-conference held in Cuba City, Wisconsin. As in any of my talks, I made sure to stress the use of the Grapevine in our 12-step work.
  5. I have initiated a program to rebuild the Count On Us fund which was totally used up last year. On April 9, I sent out an email along with two email attachments which can be printed to form a label for a self-made Count On Us donation receptacle. I have encouraged District Grapevine Chairs (and DCMs in districts without a GV chair) to make their own canisters out of a peanut butter jar, a coffee can, a clean paper milk carton or any similar receptacle. These should be distributed to all groups in Area 75 that are connected to our service structure. Use of the label is strongly recommended as it has the address to which the Count On Us funds are to be sent.

I want to extend my sincere thanks for the invitations and opportunities I have been given to share my experience, strength and hope and to talk about the AA Grapevine.

Thank you for the privilege of serving the Fellowship of AA in Area 75 as your Grapevine chair. I would be happy to address any questions you may have.

George Possley, Area 75 Grapevine Chair

Question from Floor: Received an email from a sponsee about a free set of Postcards that is available for display for Grapevine, CPC, etc.

Answer: No I haven’t heard of specific set of Postcards.

Question from the Floor: When we send in funds for Count On Us, Rainbow, Area 75 can we send in single check and denote how much goes to each fund.

Answer: Nancy H. the Area 75 Contribution Form allows you to denote contributions and send in a single check. We prefer getting one check with allocations denoted on the form.


No report provided.

Comment from the Floor: Viewed Young People DVDs – they are great and plan to send it out to the high schools in the District. You can get the DVDs for $10 from GSO and some of the Central Offices have them as well.


Area 75 April 2010 Special Needs Report

GSO Special Needs Pamphlet:
Area 75 sent at least 3 of the 38 Special Needs stories received by GSO for consideration to be used in the pamphlet. At least 2 of the 3 Authors have received, signed and returned the copyright agreement to GSO. We look forward to learning the next GSO Special Needs Pamphlet update when our Delegate, Stu, presents his report at our Area 75 Spring Conference.
Our Area 75 Special Needs Committee meets next at the Area 75 Spring Conference to work on our mailing.
I continue to see great Special Needs A.A. assistance, outreach and meetings within our Districts. Districts 24 & 34 have developed actual Special Needs District Committees to better service their Districts.
I welcome your service questions as received from various A.A. members regarding American Sign Language and use of Bilingual Interpreters.
I will be a guest at District 20 later this month. I am working on meeting with District 10. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for any Special Needs questions/concerns you may have.

Finally, Area 75 has been very fortunate to receive A.A. Conference approved Braille literature. We thank Jo Mc and The Milwaukee Central Office for these donations. Our inventory is included below:
Braille Literature: Large Print Literature:
12 Steps and 12 Traditions -3 44 Questions -1
This Is A.A. – 11 A.A. For The Older Alcoholic -1
Is A.A. For You? -11 This is A.A. -1
44 Questions-7 12 Steps and 12 Traditions-1
A.A. Big Book – 3 Living Sober-1
Daily Reflections-3 As Bill Sees It-1
American Sign Language: Came to Believe-1
A.A. Big Book VHS -1 A.A. Big Book-1
12 Steps and 12 Traditions VHS-1 2008 General Service Manual-1

Respectfully Submitted,

Lee Ann Flynn

Question from the Floor: Are you working with the Secretary from District 10?

Answer: I am working with Jose and another gentleman.


Need for BTG contacts has decreased haven’t had but 2 requests in the last month, one was for Area 74.

Rich H. volunteered to compile and updated list of contacts, though it will never be perfect it has been sent to DCMs, if you didn’t get it and would like one contact me: treatment@area75.org

March 13th we had a good meeting with Districts 13, 32, & 34 in Brookfiel, I saw good cooperation and communication, keep up the good work.

The Delegates workshop was quite interesting found more willing volunteers. Capable people with great ideas and a willingness to help.

I continue to encourage all districts to seek any treatment facilities or halfway houses in their district; contact them; offer to take literature or meetings in; offer the hand of AA. Offer to cooperate and present us as complimentary to their work, not the competition.

District 27 workshop on 4/10/10 in Milwaukee – short on turnout long on content, enjoyable and informative.

A new list of contacts was sent to all DCMs as put together by Rich H. Thank-you Rich. Mistakes have always been inevitable and some have been found already – send corrections to me or additions and we will try to remedy. This is for BTG anywhere in the Area.

Fred Krueger


Nothing to report


I downloaded all the group form updates on 4/10/10. I plan on emailing them to DCMs this week. I do not have email contacts for the following districts (it is less expensive and easier if I can email):
District 7, 10, 23, 25, 30, 35, 37.

Even if the DCM in the district doesn’t have email, if there is someone in the district that I could email the forms to for delivery to the DCM it would be helpful. If no email is available then I will snail mail.

Also FNV has a new download system that is much quicker than last year, but I did not have the accessible to include my information on the forms, so you will have to return them by email or mail me directly. My information is on the directory, and I will include my signature block in emails and snail mails.

If you choose to return to return all updates, please make sure to mark those with NO Changes as such, so I do not have to go into the database to make sure that the information is correct.

Also reminder that districts should be sending me new standing committee chairs for inputting into the database.

Yours in Service,
Kathy West
Area 75 Registrar

Question from the Floor: How do you register as Corrections Chair for a District, do they send it to the Registrar? And does GSO get this information and send out the materials.

Answer: Yes you should get the workbook and if you don’t receive the workbooks, please contact.

Question from the Floor: Can you register an Alt-DCM.

Answer: Can register as an other

DCM Reports

District 1 – No Report

District 2 – Bob T., Alt DCM
District 2 co-sponsors the Sunday Morning Speakers Breakfast in Ripon, WI on the 1st of every month except on holidays.

District 2 has created and distributes meeting schedules with MAICO’s tele # to Doctors’ offices and businesses throughout the district.

Last month, we held a well attended service workshop in Wautoma, WI.

District 3 – Marv S.
District 3 is comprised of Manitowoc and Sheboygan counties. There are 60 meetings listed.
I have visited about 1/3 of the groups and updated their information. It is my goal to visit the remaining groups before the end of this year.
Grapevine and Special needs are the only open Chairs in our district.
P.I. is our newest and most active committee. They have been meeting every other week and reviewing service literature and the Traditions. Among other plans, they would like to start a hot line.
In response to a request from Area 75, Mary M and Michelle B volunteered to be BTG contacts for District 3.
Our district meetings are held on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, and the meeting location alternates between Manitowoc and Sheboygan. Attendance at district meetings has been between 15 and 20 people. Meeting length was changed from one hour to 1-1/2 hours.
District 3 is sponsoring our third annual Service and Sponsorship Workshop.
It will be held at the 1907 Club in Sheboygan on May15th. Flyers are available at the handout table.

Yours in Service,
Marv Schuler
District 3 DCM

District 4 – Ryan G. – reporting with District 22

District 6 – No one present

District 7 – Beth M., Alt DCM
Stu E. and John B. came to the 3/14 District meeting. Watched over our proceedings and gave their reports.

We filled our CPC position by Jennifer H. Thank-you. Our open positions include Special Needs, Treatment, and Archives. All other positions are filled.

We had a well attended sponsorship workshop on February 27th.

District 8 – Dave A.
We have 10 groups, 3 new ones: Rule 62, 4th Dimension, and 3B group.

Reformatting the schedule and discussing with District 30 for Rock County web site.

Had a workshop on sponsorship in March went well. District will have a picnic August 29th at Big Hills park.

Did go through all the proposals on Friday.

District 9 – no one present

District 10 – no one present

District 11 – Ric C.

  1. District 11 consists of Jefferson County and a slice of Dane County to highway 73 to include Deerfield and Marshall. We hold approximately 39 meetings including 3 Spanish Speaking ones held in Watertown. We also have two back-to-back jail meetings on Monday nights.

  1. District 11 has changed the District meeting time from 6:00 pm to 5:30 pm on the last Tuesday of the month. Meeting is held at the Moravian Church in Lake Mills.

  1. The district will hold a Spring Workshop on Saturday, May 8th. The workshop will be held at the Moravian Church at 510 Cole St. in Watertown from 1 to 5 pm. The topics will be Spirituality, making amends, and getting started in AA. We hope for a good attendance again. Our fall 2009 workshop was very well attendant.

  1. Most of the District Chairs are filled, Corrections, PI/CPC, Grapevine, Treatment and Archives. We have been fortunate to have some new GSR’s since the first of the year. We still are actively seeking fellow alcoholics to fill other chairs and GSR positions.

  1. District 11 will have a panel at the Spring Conference in Oconomowoc.

This report is submitted by:

Ric Cira, District 11 DCM
(920) 342-0047

District 12 – Terry H.
At our last District Meeting we had 30 people and most of the time we have 22 plus.

We had a sponsorship workshop in January on 4 topics, we had 83 people.

Our District 12 2nd Saturday night open meeting is still dling well with over 100 people every time.

Check out District 12 website – Dist.12.ORG

Mark on your calendar, Sept 11th, District 12 picnic open meeting fun day. Flyers will be out at the Spring Conference.

The 2nd Saturday in November we are going to have another workshop and in October we are going to have elections for District Chairs.

In Love & Service,

Terry Horsch
DCM District 12

District 13 – Leslie F.
District 13 has 21 groups located in the southeastern part of Waukesha County. At the present time, we have 13 registered GSRs in the district. All District Chairs are filled.

District 13 works closely with Districts 34 & 32 to insure meetings are taken into Waukesha County Jail, the Huber facility and Ethan Allen Juvenile Facility. The three Districts continue to host an annual twelve step workshops and the DCMs are meeting quarterly. The three Districts’ DCMs have held breakfast meetings with the three district CPC chairs and Randy R., the Area CPC chair and our Treatment chairs and PI chairs met with Fred K, the Area Treatment Chair for a breakfast meeting. We are trying to pool resources, avoid duplication and ensure that the message of recovery is spread in Waukesha County. The three districts are trying to establish a relationship with the Detox unit of Waukesha Memorial Hospital now that the Lawrence Center for treatment has closed at the hospital.

District 13 was fortunate to have John B. from the Area attend our March meeting and simplify the proposals for us so that they could be effectively brought to the groups by the GSRs. The next District Open Speaker Breakfast meeting is Saturday, May 8th at La Casa de Esperanza in Waukesha. Breakfast is at 9AM and tickets for the breakfast are $10 and I have some if anyone wants to buy them. The Speaker Meeting is at 10AM and is open to all who come.

In Service,
Leslie Finley, DCM

District 14 – Frank S.
District 14 is in the north central part of the City of Milwaukee. We have 26 groups listed on our directory. We have one treatment center that we are active with what we call the “Rap Sessions” involving groups to volunteer for a month every Tuesday evening.

The District Meeting is the 2nd Wednesday of the month with attendance of about 6 GSRs and Chairs. Our Committee Chairs are filled with the exception of Corrections and Young People.

I have assumed this responsibility in January 2010 and my first meeting we were visited by Todd U. Area Treasurer and past DCM of District 34 and brought some good ideas and input to our meeting.

As current DCM of District 14 my intent and goal of this term is to get to our groups and stress the importance of the Service Structure and communications between the Groups, the District, and Area 75.

Respectfully Submitted,
Frank Schwartz
District 14

District 15 – Brent W.
Monthly meeting attendance averages 15 – 2 of the active meetings in the District only 1 sends a GSR to the district meetings. We have active committees for Corrections, Archives, CPC, PI and Treatment.

The District 15 open speaker meeting, held monthly at the Milwaukee Group meeting space. We may have to find a new location when the smoking law goes into effect.

District 16 – No one present

District 17 – John H.
All standing chairs have been filled. The Special Needs & CPC chairs have been changed. We now are averaging 15 GSRs up from 8 to 10.

Our corrections chair and I met with the Racine County Jail Chaplain for over an hour and came away with a new connection for entry into the State Juvenile Prison.

Two weeks ago CPC Area Chair Randy did a wonderfully informative workshop for Southeast Tri-County (3 districts). Lots of new ideas were also discussed with action forthcoming.

As far as the district consensus for the proposals; overall approval that the Area was updating & changes made were good.

John Halberstadt

District 19 – Linda W.
Wisc Dells/Lake Delton
Prairie du Sac
La Valle
Richland Center

27 Meetings UTD on web sites, Area 75, MAICO. Printed schedule by the end of month.

St. Clare changes to St. Paul’s Lutheran. St. Clare Treatment Center now needs drivers twice a week. Hot line is active.

Annual mini-conference 4/10 well attended.
Sauk County Jail – New Lisbon Prison.

District meetings last Wed of month Civic Center in Baraboo 6:15.

District 20 – Brent B.
Constitutes Dane County
~250 meetings
D20 Meeting: last Tuesday of the month, 6:30 pm, at Monona Community Center
Attendance: ~30-35 D20 Chairs and GSRs

All standing committee chairs filled
Archives: cds of members with 25+ yrs will soon be available
Bridging the Gap: temporary contacts being made in Hope Haven and Telurian Treatment centers
Treatment: meetings being well supported
Corrections: jail meetings being filled
PI: money is being utilized to print flyers and wallet sized cards to be dispersed throughout Dane Co. with the message, “Discover the Joy of Recovery,” including MAICO’s phone number and website.
Special Needs: hands on experience by chair Tom D. Very few meetings actually have capabilities for special needs access.

D20 Workshops
“Grow or Go” (Mar 6)
“Why can’t I stop slipping?” (Apr 17)

D20 Mini-conference
Oct 16, Monona Community Center
Coincides with Area 75 Service Assembly
Details are being worked out; check the A75 website for updates

A75 Delegate and standing committee members visiting D20
Stu E. (Jan)
Liz Y. (Feb)
Lee Ann F. (Apr)
Additional members will be contacted

District 22 and District 4 – Clayton B. and Ryan G.
After being dark for extended period of time, our main goals have been to fill the committee chair positions; reaching out to groups in the district to educate members about the purpose of service work and involvement opportunities within the district; and to establish contacts encompassing Corrections, CPC, and PI. We are currently looking for someone to fill the treatment chair.

On April 3, our district put on a service work panel at the East Side Alano Club and we have more panels and workshops in the works in which we hope to raise the awareness of groups in our district, and hopefully gain more support. The representation we have from GSR’s is very encouraging – more GSR’s are showing up each month to the district meeting and we are hearing that the groups have a desire to be connected with AA as a whole.

DCM – D4 – Ryan Gorman
DCM – D22 – Clayton Strasburg

District 24 – Matt K.
District 24 is Ozaukee county, north of the City of Milwaukee along Lake
Michigan. Our district includes two treatment centers and one correctional
facility. Since our last report to the area, one of our challenges has been to
to sustain the level of participation at the district level as our 2008 & 2009 committee chairs and GSRs have begun to rotate out of their positions. District participation and GSR representation fell in late 2009 and early 2010, but we have begun to see a rise in attendance in the last couple of months. Overwhelmingly we have found that issues of perceived controversy, i.e., issues that say to the groups, your vote matters, have been the main driver of district participation. We currently have about twenty GSRs and committee chairs attending our district meetings, representing about sixty weekly meetings in our district. At present we have filled the positions of Secretary, Treasurer, PI chair, CPC chair, Treatment/BTG chair, Corrections, Central Office Board Representative, Special Needs chair, and Grapevine Chair. Our district meetings are held on the third Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm at Advent Lutheran church in Cedarburg, WI.

Our corrections committee takes five meetings per week into the Ozaukee
County jail—three women’s meetings and two men’s meetings. Our corrections committee in cooperation with the Ozaukee County Jail has scheduled a jail meeting orientation for May 22.

Our Treatment/BTG committee has organized teams of AAs to carry the
message into two treatment centers in our district. We are currently on a six
to twelve week rotation with these two treatment centers and the message has been well received.

Our PI and CPC committees have worked diligently to distribute AA literature and
the updated schedules to the five public libraries, more than twenty educational
facilities, and more than forty faith-based organizations in our district. In late November we had our first informational AA speaking event at one of the churches in our district. Our CPC committee’s latest initiative is to distribute information to medical professionals in Ozaukee County.

An exciting opportunity arose last year to include the message of AA and contact information in the rotation of PSA space with clear channel broadcasting (electronic billboards) in the greater Milwaukee area. As we did last year, we hope to run the messages between Memorial Day and Labor Day 2010. Last year the images ran over 200,000 times during this time frame.

On May 15 our district will be hosting a Spirituality / Steps 2&3 workshop at the New Day Club in Mequon, WI, from 11:30am to 3:30pm--lunch will be provided. We hope to see many of you there.

Respectfully Submitted,
Matt K. --District 24 DCM

District 25 – Nicole S., Alt DCM
District 25 is a very active District with 43 meetings a week, including a 3rd Sunday breakfast held at the Ramada Hotel in Fond du Lac. 3rd Sunday Breakfast has dwindled lately and does need support.

Attendance at GSR meetings has risen, but we still have unfilled Chairs. These include Special needs and PI.

Interest in Bridging the Gap has expanded and we have added 3 more volunteers. Bridging the Gap is done twice a week at St. Agnes Hospital.

Fall Intergroup is in the planning stages and our set date is October 2nd. We are hoping to integrate a workshop in conjunction with this year’s intergroup. Please watch for flyers.

Thank-you for letting me be of service,
Nicole Skalitzky D25 Alt. DCM

District 27 – Marty S.
District 27 is on the northwest side, of the city of Milwaukee . We have 12
active groups.  One of our groups has recently disbanded. Our district meetings are held on the 3rd. Saturday of each month, 9:00am, at the 12 Step Club. At this time we have about 10 GSR’s attend and all chairs are filled except secretary.
A district 27 workshop was held on April 10, from noon-3pm. It was at
Wellington Lutheran Church. The topic was “Gratitude through Service”.
Our speakers were: Randy R, Area 75 CPC chair, David K, Area 75 Archives chair, Liz Y, Area 75 PI chair and Fred K, Area 75 Treatment
Chair. Attendance was low but we really appreciated the speakers explaining
what their service work entails and means to them.
 Our district has taken on a service commitment to help our CPC chair visit nursing homes in our district and schedule AA meetings for old-timers and other elderly AA’s. We will be meeting with the nursing home social workers and may use the new CPC DVD to help us educate them on what AA is and is not.
 Ms. Marty Sorensen
 District 27 DCM

District 28 – Dave F.
District 28 is located in the southeast corner of Milwaukee County. There are 45 weekly meetings in our district, 17 of which are club meetings. Most of District 28 chairs are filled at this time. Our monthly GSR meetings are usually attended by 10-14 members. We have a District 28 archive that is collecting history on all of our groups. Our Treatment chair is very active at St. Luke’s South Shore Hospital. Our Bridging the Gap chair has reached out to many groups and has been successful in signing up volunteers. Our Public Information and CPC Chairs are also active in the community. District 28 distributes a neighborhood meeting flier throughout the community where needs have been identified.

District 28:

Respectfully submitted,
Dave Flynn – DCM District 28

District 29 – Mike T.
Women to Women at Pass It On Club on 4/17/10 from 9 to 2:30

Round Robin tonight sponsored by group 60 at Emanuel United Church of Christ.

Watched new Young People’s video at April district meeting, received very well.
Nancy H. visited March district meeting to explain proposals.

We were approached by the Brain Injury Center at Mt. Carmel to take AA Meeting in. We will be starting them this week, Thursday, 15 Apr 2010.

Mike Tompkins - DCM

District 30 – Dick S.
We have 53 meetings and all are going strong and still growing. We have a fall mini conference in mid-October at Trinity opicable in Janesville, we will have flyers. We do need volunteers for the conference. We are sending Sharon G., Alt-DCM to the Spring Conference. We would like a bid packet for the 2014 Spring Conference.

Dick S.

District 31 – Kris C.(new DCM)
We have 7 groups and 15 meetings. 4 new meetings since the 1st of the year. 2 beginning this week.

CPC – distributed literature to hospitals, schools, police, libraries.

Meeting list flyer for posting.

September 11th – district workshop.

As of this month, district inventory by addressing questions from Traditions checklist; 1-2 at a time at the beginning of each district meeting.

District 32 – John C.
All of our District Chairs are currently filled and members are active in carrying the message. We have consistently had good attendance at our monthly district meetings, eve considering the low percentage of active GSRs.

District 32 consists of ninety-two groups located in the western half of Waukesha County. At the present time, there are only about 20 active GSRs. We continue to visit groups to encourage them to participate in district meetings.

District 32 works closely with Districts 13 & 34 to coordinate activities in Waukesha County.

We are continuing to maintain a good working relationship with the corrections facilities in the district by providing literature and volunteers to support meetings at those facilities. These include the Waukesha County Jail, the Waukesha County Huber facility, and Ethan Allen juvenile facility. In the last six months, we have provided numerous Bridging the Gap and Corrections Prerelease contacts for those coming out of facilities into our area.

We have recently added Lad Lake, which is a juvenile treatment facility, to the institutions which we are working with. This month we have started taking two meetings a month into this facility.

Respectfully submitted
John C. - DCM

District 34 – Linda Y.
No written report provided

District 35 – No one present

District 36 – Barb W.
No written report provided

District 37 – No one present

The planning has come along nicely. We have one more scheduled meeting before the conference, but I feel we are ready.

Our hotel reservations have met our minimum commitment; however, the hotel has extended our block for an extra week. That gives us until April 16th for those that may have missed the deadline.

We’re still hoping for more pre-registrations. As of Wednesday we had 183 pre-registered, 120 banquets sold, and 99 breakfasts sold. These figures are short of our commitments. I’m not too concerned at this point because I believe in the fellowship. Things will work out. After all, we still have almost three weeks to go.
I look forward to seeing all of you at Olympia on April 30th through May 2nd.

Respectfully submitted,
Bob Skebba
2010 Spring Conference Chair

SPRING 2011 CHAIR – Ken N.
As of today my Committee has been doing a great job. We the following information for the conference:

Dates: May 20th, 21st, and 22nd of 2011
Registration set $15.00
Saturday night buffet: $28.00
Sunday morning breakfast: $18.00
Ice-cream social on Friday night - $5.00 a scoop with toppings

Also the Brookfield Sheraton will be selling bottomless mugs for $15.00. Which you get all the coffee and soda you want.
Hotel rooms will be: $109.00 + taxes

For lunch on Saturday the Brookfield-Sheraton will offer a sandwich buffet. At your expense. And for the Friday night early arrivals the hotel said they would have a reasonably priced fish-fry.

We will have a table at the 2010 Spring Conference for Registration if you so desire to register.

We have the main speakers set: Friday night will be John B. of Milwaukee, WI; Saturday night will be Dorthy W. Past Trustee at Large from Indina; Sunday morning will be Bob T. from Portage, WI (I think that is where he is from).

There will be 4 AA panels in the morning and 4 panels in the afternoon. The Saturday afternoon Alateen Speaker will be: Rodriego R. from Milwaukee, WI. The Al-Anon Speaker will be Barbara W., Fairfield, OH.

Also, there will be 8 Al-Anon panels. 4 each in the AM and 4 each in the PM. Also, our East Central Trustee has been invited and accepted and will be speaking at the Assembly in the morning on Saturday. I would like to thank Stu W. our Delegate for inviting Pam the East Central Trustee to our Conference.

Respectfully your Trusted Servant
Ken N., Chair 2011 Spring Conference

Marriott Hotel & Conference Center (Madison) has been reserved for May 4-6, 2012.

All Conference Committee Chairpersons have been selected and planning is underway.

Main speaker has been selected for Saturday night.

Theme has been selected to be “Unity in Action.”

Seed money has been received from Area and an operating bank account has been established.

Amot has been contracted to tape the conference.

Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions, suggestions, or concerns.

Dave Schulz
Conference Chairperson

Central Office Reports

Milwaukee Central Office (written report provided)
Not much to report today.
  1. Our computer software upgrades are coming along, this will help our office run more smoothly. This should enable us to better serve the fellowship, although on the surface there won't be much to see.

  2. Our 40th Annual Jamboree, open meeting, dinner and dance is set for September 18, 2010, at the Milw County Zoo. Tickets are $25.00, and I have some with me, and I've brought flyers if anyone is interested. 

  3. I'd like to thank all the groups that participated in our annual "Gratitude Box" fund raiser in November.

Thank you for listening.
Dan Fredricks
Greater Milwaukee Central Office


Summer Service Assembly, 6/13/10 – District 28

The coffee volunteer is to take the coffee supplies with them at the end of today’s meeting and replenish supplies from the donation can if needed. Coffee pots are supplied by the Madison Center, which opens at 8:00 AM coffee pots and transfer of supplies to the next volunteer at the end of the day.


Reading Minutes Proposal

Reading Minutes

Area 75 Proposal Form

Used for Documenting Proposals for Consideration by Area 75

Proposal Sponsor(s): Drew Armstrong on behalf of the Ad-hoc Area Handbook Revision Committee Sponsor’s Phone: 262-358-0337
Sponsors Service Position: Ad-hoc Committee Secretary
Ad-hoc Committee: Nancy H, Jo McL, Barb W, Joan J, Drew A

Describe your proposal (attach any supporting documentation)

Rescind 1992/03/22 Assembly Action that reads: “To read the minutes of the working part of the assemblies/meetings and not to read the Committee Reports.”

Adopt the following procedure for approval of Area 75 Assembly minutes:

Prior to the assembly meetings, the Area Secretary distributes Area 75 Assembly Minutes to the area committee and others who request to receive the minutes. In addition, copies of the minutes are available at the assembly where they can be reviewed prior to approval. The Area Chair will ask if there are any additions or corrections to the minutes as printed. If corrections or additions are needed, the Secretary will note the corrections. The Chair will then ask for a motion to approve the minutes as printed or as corrected. A simple majority vote is necessary to approve the minutes. Corrected minutes will be posted on Area Website and sent to the Area 75 Archives within thirty days of the assembly meeting.

List the primary benefits of your proposal to the area. (Why should we adopt this idea?)

The current procedure is not clear on what should be read at an assembly. Copies of the minutes are distributed within one month of the assembly meeting to everyone listed in the area directory either by e-mail or postal mail. The proposed procedure will eliminate confusion on what needs to be read at the assembly meetings and clarify the approval process for the minutes of Area 75 Assemblies. Adoption of this proposal will also help streamline the flow of business during an assembly meeting.

Estimate any funding required. Outline where funding would come from. Explain whether this is a one-time or ongoing expense.

No additional funding is necessary. Sending out Area 75 Assembly minutes and having copies available at an assembly is already an ongoing expense of the area.

Motion made and seconded.

Any Discussion?
Asked for changing timeline for Secretary to distribute the minutes?
Response: This proposal does not address changing the 30 days to get the minutes out.

72 GSRs, 24 DCMs, 17 Officers Present
All In Favor; 1 Opposed – no minority opinion.
The proposal passes.

Proposal Lifecycle Proposal

Area 75 Proposal Form

Used for Documenting Proposals for Consideration by Area 75

Proposal Sponsor(s): Drew Armstrong for the Sponsor’s Phone: 262-358-0337
Ad-hoc Area 75 Handbook Revision Committee
Sponsors Service Position: Ad-hoc committee secretary
Ad-hoc Committee: Nancy H, Jo McL, Barb W, Joan J, Drew A

Describe your proposal (attach any supporting documentation)

Proposals for Assembly Action may be submitted to the Area Chair at any time. Proposals will be considered by the appropriate committee for inclusion on the agenda for the Area 75 Assembly following the Winter and/or Summer Service Assemblies where the committees are scheduled to meet. Voting on the proposals that were recommended for inclusion on the agenda will take place at the Pre-conference Assembly or the Fall service assembly. Voting on proposals that constitute emergency business may occur at any assembly when substantial unanimity (67%) of the voting members present determines it is a matter that cannot wait.

The attached flowchart shows the process a proposal will go through once it has been submitted to the Area Chair.

List the primary benefits of your proposal to the area. (Why should we adopt this idea?)

Assembly actions are important decisions made by the assembly as a whole. When the assembly action that established the agenda committee and replaced the Agenda Planning Meetings with Service Assemblies was adopted it was not clear whether voting would occur only once a year at the spring pre-conference assembly or could also occur at the fall service assembly. This proposal clarifies the process.
Estimate any funding required. Outline where funding would come from. Explain whether this is a one-time or ongoing expense.
No additional funding is required as this is a change in policy only. Current budgets already cover any expenses involved with area proposals.

Proposal Flowchart

  1. Proposals can be submitted at any time to the Area Chair. The Area Chair will take one of two actions:
    1. Refer the proposal to the appropriate Standing Committee.
    2. Refer the proposal to the Agenda Committee.
  2. The Agenda Planning Committee will review the proposal and take one of four actions:
    1. Refer the proposal to the appropriate standing committee.
    2. Recommend the proposal be placed on the agenda for consideration by the Assembly.
    3. Return the proposal to the sponsor for further clarification.
    4. Reject the proposal and return it to the sponsor with reason for rejection.
  3. The Standing Committee will review the proposal and take one of three actions:
    1. Recommend the proposal be placed on the agenda for consideration by the Assembly.
    2. Return the proposal to the sponsor for further clarification.
    3. Reject the proposal and return it to the sponsor with reason for rejection.
  4. Proposals that are recommended for inclusion on the agenda will be presented at either the Winter or Summer Service Assembly.
  5. DCMs and GSRs gather group input on the proposals via a group conscience.
  6. The proposals are discussed and voted upon at the Pre-conference Assembly or the Fall Assembly.
  7. Adopted proposals will be incorporated into the Assembly Actions.

Motion has been made to adopt the proposal and seconded.

Stu substantial unanimity for emergency business is a parliamentary procedure. Simple majority should be required as to whether an idea is heard for emergency business. Also, a Committee can reject a proposal which doesn’t follow the General Service Conference structure.

Response: Committees already have the ability by previous Assembly Action to squash a proposal.

George P. – Substantial Unanimity for emergency business has never been clearly specified at the Area business. Per the General Service Conference nothing is ever dead, it can be tabled for a year or passed on to General Service Conference with No Action taken.

The vote passed (no count needed).

Minority Opinion – none given

The proposal passes.

Substantial Unanimity Proposal

Area 75 Proposal Form

Used for Documenting Proposals for Consideration by Area 75

Proposal Sponsor(s): Drew Armstrong for the Ad-hoc Area 75 Handbook Revision Committee Sponsor’s Phone: 262-358-0337
Sponsors Service Position: Ad-hoc Committee Secretary
Ad-hoc Committee: Nancy H, Jo McL, Barb W, Joan J, Drew A

Describe your proposal (attach any supporting documentation)

In order to become an Assembly Action, a proposal must be approved by substantial unanimity — defined as a two-thirds majority of the vote.

Once an assembly action has been adopted a substantial unanimity will be required to change or rescind the assembly action.

If adopted, this proposal would go into effect at the Summer Service Assembly in June 2010.
List the primary benefits of your proposal to the area. (Why should we adopt this idea?)
Assembly actions are important decisions made by the assembly as a whole. Actions should reflect the informed collective conscience of the Area. Requiring substantial unanimity to adopt or rescind an assembly action will insure that Assembly Actions are not adopted or changed without careful consideration.

Requiring substantial unanimity for a proposal to become an Assembly Action is consistent with the General Service Conference voting process as defined on page S56 of The A.A. Service Manual 2008-2009 Edition.
Estimate any funding required. Outline where funding would come from. Explain whether this is a one-time or ongoing expense.
No additional funding is required as this is a change in policy only. Updates to assembly actions are already included in the annual budget as an ongoing expense.

Motion has been made and seconded.

Howard – We have 900+ registered GSRs and 32 DCMs; would we not need 67% of all GSRs and DCMs of all groups and districts.

Response – no we currently define quorum as people at an Assembly Meeting.

George – “The good is the enemy of the best.” Sometimes we need to make sure we have a thorough discussion on an issue and we need make sure have 67%.

Joe S. – Concept 12 – reach all important decision by discussion, vote, and when possible by substantial unanimity. Question: What is the process like in New York? And how did we get to this point?

Response – we were going through the handbook and had Robert’s rules sitting next to us and we thought the Assembly should consider this…Other response is it is required at the General Service Conference.

From the Service Manual – An advisory action requires substantial unanimity and a suggestion requires a simple majority.

Jo Mc. – Substantial Unanimity will help us arrive at an informed group conscience as opposed to simple majority.

The proposal passes.
No Minority Opinion

Handbook Proposal

Area 75 Proposal Form

Used for Documenting Proposals for Consideration by Area 75

Proposal Sponsor(s): Drew Armstrong for the Ad-hoc Area 75 Handbook Revision Committee Sponsor’s Phone: 262-358-0337
Sponsors Service Position: Ad-hoc Committee Secretary
Ad-hoc Committee: Nancy H, Jo McL, Barb W, Joan J, Drew A

Describe your proposal (attach any supporting documentation)

Adopt an updated version of the Southern Wisconsin Area 75 Handbook as set forth in the attachment to this proposal.

The new version would replace the existing version of the handbook in its entirety.

The attached proposed revision includes endnotes that would be excluded in the final version. The endnotes document the proposed revisions but are not necessary in the final version.

List the primary benefits of your proposal to the area. (Why should we adopt this idea?)

The updated version reflects current practices; provides greater clarity and detail.

Summary of changes:
Estimate any funding required. Outline where funding would come from. Explain whether this is a one-time or ongoing expense.
No additional funding is required — updates to assembly actions are already included in the annual budget as an ongoing expense.

Motion made and seconded

The current Handbook is not readable – revised for readability.

John H. – In favor of the Proposal with exception to the Map. Response – the map revision would require a separate proposal.

Howard – When we first adopted with Handbook we thought that it would not require Assembly Action? No this Handbook requires Assembly Action.
There is a typo on Page 22 – western boundary for District 17 should read I-94 not Racine County line. The map is correct but the wording is wrong. Proposal is amended with the correct wording.

Stu Question on the following wording – Section B. We don’t have any language if someone relapses of replacing them. Also, puts all power to the Committee Chair. Response: Took Stu’s input into consideration and thinks that a separate Assembly Action should happen for rescinding previous Assembly Actions. Did not want to rescind previous Assembly Actions as part of this proposal.

3. Composition of Area 75 Committee

  1. The Area 75 Committee includes District Committee Members (DCMs), Area Standing Committee Chairs and Area Officers.
  2. Any Area 75 Officer or appointed Committee Chair who has been absent from two or more meetings of Area 75 without prior knowledge and approval of the Area Chair will be considered to have resigned
  3. Further information on how the Assembly operates can be found in “How the Southern Wisconsin Area 75 Assembly Operates” – Appendix F, Attachment 6 of the Area 75 Assembly Actions.

Jo Mc. – Comment that if you don’t show up we ask you to stand down.

The proposal passes.

No Minority Opinion Given.

Financial Proposal

Proposal Sponsor: Drew Armstrong on behalf of Finance Committee
Sponsors Phone: 262-358-0337
Sponsors Service Position: Finance Committee Secretary
Finance Committee: Todd U, Leo M, Doreen H, Joan J, Matt Z, Drew A
Describe your proposal (Attach any supporting documentation)
Adopt a revised version of the Area 75 Assembly Action’s Appendix E, Attachment 5 – Financial Support of Area Officers, as set forth in the attachment to this proposal.
The new version set forth in the attachment would replace the existing version of Area 75 Assembly Action Attachment 5 in its entirety.
The attached proposed revision includes endnotes that would be excluded in the final version published in the Area 75 Assembly Actions. The endnotes document the proposed revisions in detail but are not necessary when the text is transferred to the Assembly Actions.
List the primary benefits of your proposal to the area.
The proposed revision clarifies what expenses are reimbursable by providing an all-inclusive listing of reimbursable activities for each of Area 75’s trusted servants in a single comprehensive document.
Summary of changes made:
Estimate any funding required. Outline where funding would come from. Explain whether this is a one­time or ongoing expense.

Motion made and seconded.

George P. – Point of Order - once a proposal comes out of Committee we don’t the motion made and seconded. Okay – just read the proposal and proceed to discussion.

Barb – Thinks is great and will help the Treasurer and the Standing Committee Chairs on what are reimbursable expenses.

Marty S. – Went out and did a workshop and food for a workshop and the food was not reimbursable. Also had an issue with DVDs not being literature. Having this spelled out will really help the Committee Chairs.

Todd – This brought about because the Handbook is so vague and I pretty much have to pay everyone. Nothing is specific about “Conference Meals” or “Mileage to and from Area 75 Events.”
Howard – Are our Assembly Actions on our website? Yes it is available on the website.

George – Question – the Grapevine Chair should be reimbursed at the 1st year for the Delegate/Past Delegates workshop. Answer yes it in there.
Stu – Question if the Area CPC Chair goes to District CPC Meeting is it reimbursable? Yes. Question – What about WICYPAA? No if it is not an Area 75 event. Answer the budget items and “any duties to carry out your office” so it is a loophole.

Nancy S. – If you have a budget item Miscellaneous. Answer – if the budget the approved then yes it is reimbursable.

Key is to budget to for items not covered explicitly by wording.

The proposal passes.

No Minority Opinion Given

Big Book Index Proposal

Area 75 Proposal Form
Used for documenting proposals for the Agenda Planning Meeting
Sponsors Service Position

Describe your proposal (Attach any supporting documentation)

Recently an AA member from a local home group proposed the following at our District #17 meeting: That Area75 / AAWS consider a request to add an index/glossary to a future version of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous similar to the index/glossary published by "The Anonymous Press". A copy of a page from this publication has been included with this proposal for clarification, but the exact content of the index would be determined by A AWS if and
when this proposal moves forward.

List the primary benefits or your proposal to the area.
All member of AA would benefit from this tool when looking for a specific topic.

Estimate any funding required.

Outline where funding would come from.

Explain whether this is a onetime or ongoing expense.
No expense to the Area

Proposal Sponsor John H Sponsors Phone 262-672-2186
District 17 DCM
Motion made and seconded

Jo Mc. – This has been brought up in the past. This would have to be an additional expense and we don’t think it is something they will consider.

Sharon – She is for this, but still having a problem of understanding the words.

Lynn G. – Alt DCM District 29 – The proposal states when the next printing of the Big Book comes out as not incur any additional costs.

Matt GSR – There is a Big Book dictionary (not General Service Conference Approved) available so I don’t think we need an index.

Joe Mc. – There is an online listing available.

Kathy W – Her homegroup was not for it. I need to read the book from the beginning to the end there is a Table of Contents, Dictionary, and a Sponsor.

Another Comment – It is spiritual book, find your own way.

Question – Is it an Index or Glossary. Proposal states it is just a Glossary.

Joe – Question if we approved this, then what happens? Answer – Area 75 would submit a letter to GSO consider it. Stu clarified that after this year’s GSC the Delegate would write a letter and submit it to the General Service Conference, most likely the Trustees Literature Committee, but that procedure is their procedure.

David – The little blue book (1st 164 pages) is the result of the benefit of AA copying an idea from another organization that produced the little “red book.” AA can benefit from another organizations good idea.

Nancy – Reading the Big Book may mean one thing at one time in your journey and another thing at a different time.

The proposal fails.

No Minority Opinion given.

Conference Flyer Proposal

Area 75 Proposal Form

Used for documenting proposals for the Agenda Planning Meeting
Proposal Sponsor: George Bauer / Sponsors Phone: 920-923-1592
Sponsors Service Position: Conference Advisory Committee Chairperson

Email: geobauer@charter.net

Describe your proposal (Attach any supporting documentation)

Area 75 Conference registration form and flyer should be posted on the Area 75 website no later than October 1 preceding the conference. The flyers should be available at the Area 75 Fall Assembly, which is held in October. Only one Area 75 Conference registration flyer should be available at any one time.
List the primary benefits of your proposal to the area.
Registration flyers for Area 75 conferences will be available on a timely basis and readily accessible.

Estimate any funding required.
No funding is required.
Outline where funding would come from.

Explain whether this is a one time or ongoing expense.

Motion made and seconded.
No discussion
Unanimous vote, the proposal passes.

Conference Trustee Proposal

Area 75 Proposal Form

Proposal Sponsor: George Bauer / Sponsors Phone: 920-923-1592
Sponsors Service Position: Conference Advisory Committee Chairperson

Describe your proposal (Attach any supporting documentation)

Invite the East Central Regional Trustee to Area 75 Conferences. The conference committee is responsible for all expenses, including travel, lodging, and meals. If the Trustee is unable to attend, another Trustee or GSO staff member should be invited.

List the primary benefits of your proposal to the area.

To give the fellowship an opportunity to connect with GSO and other aspects of AA.

Estimate any funding required.

No funding is required.

Outline where funding would come from.

Explain whether this is a one time or ongoing expense.

Motion made and seconded


Terry – DCM D12 – In speaking with past Regional ECR Trustee have a spot for them to participate or a role to play in the conference.

Dennis – his group wants them person involved in this proposal.

Jo Mc. – Area 75 has a history of not inviting GSO staff members. We need to open the door to our GSO staff members.

Question: The funding is already in place it just allows us to pay for someone else from GSO or another Trustee if our ECR Trustee can’t make it.

Want clarification on the current language of what the Current Conference Guidelines say – ECR Trustee is invited and paid for in our current documentation.

Lynn – these people help with my personal sobriety – it is important to get them out.

The proposal passes.

No Minority Opinion Given

Conference Speaker Proposal

Area 75 Proposal Form

Used for documenting proposals for the Agenda Planning Meeting
Proposal Sponsor: George Bauer / Sponsors Phone: 920-923-1592
Sponsors Service Position: Conference Advisory Committee Chairperson

Email: geobauer@charter.net

Describe your proposal (Attach any supporting documentation)

Speakers for Area 75 conferences should be limited to AA speakers on: Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday morning, and an Alanon speaker on Saturday afternoon. AA speakers need to be members of Alcoholics Anonymous. The conference committee is responsible for travel, lodging and meal expenses for the speakers and their guest. No other events should be scheduled during these times.

List the primary benefits of your proposal to the area.

To clarify speakers at conferences.

Estimate any funding required.

No funding is required.

Outline where funding would come from.

Explain whether this is a one time or ongoing expense.

Motion made and seconded

George – this just clarifies what is covered.

Question – can you clarify what is being changed in this document? Group was having a hard time identifying what is being changed in future proposals.

Howard – We have no mention of Alateen? Answer – I could amend this proposal to add Alateen.

John B – I think you do have to clarify this to have someone from Alateen and make it one way or another.

George – Will amend the proposal to identify Alateen sponsor.

Jo Mc. – This proposal needs to be revised and sent back to the drawing table.

Mike – What about non-alcoholic trustees.

Rick – Proposal needs to be reworked and proposal to be tabled. Motion and seconded. Only needs a simple majority to pass.

Motion has been tabled by simple majority.

Chair is instructing the Conference Advisory Chair to revise.

Mileage Proposal has been withdrawn

No Bids for 2013 Conference


Marty – Co-chair of Midwest Regional Women to Women’s conference on October 1st to 3rd, 2010. Flyers on the table.

Motion to adjourn and seconded.

The meeting closed at 1:30 pm with the Responsibility Declaration:

When anyone, anywhere reaches out, I want the hand of A.A. always to be there, and for that; I am responsible!”

Upcoming events: