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Fall Conference


2009 Fall Conference


Stu E, Delegate; Nancy H., Area Chairperson; Nancy B., Alt Chair; John B, Alt Delegate/Literature; JD O., Secretary; Cynthia D., Alt Secretary; Todd U., Treasurer; Doreen H., Alt Treasurer


George P., Grapevine Chair; George B., Conf. Adv. Com. Chair; Les M., Corrections Chair; Randy R., CPC Chair; Liz Y., PI Chair; Fred K., Treatment Chair; Lee Ann F., Special Needs Chair; David K., Area Archives Chair; Nancy S., Archivist; Kathy W., Registrar


D1-Birdie R.; D2-Clyde M.; D3-Marv S.; D4-Ryan G.; D8- Bridgett A.; D11-Ric C.; D12-Terry H.; D13-Leslie F.; D14-Frank S. (Alt); D15-Brent W.; D16- Theresa W.; D17- John H.; D20-Brent B.; D22-Clayton S.; D24–Matt K.; D27-Gary C. (Alt); D28–Dave F.; D29-Lynn G.; D31-Benjamin B.; D32-John C.; D34-Drew A.;D36-Barb W.

GSR’S and ALT GSR’s and Others PRESENT:

D1 – Joel J., Jeanette S., Cheryl R., Chris, Nancy S.; D2 – Bob T., Jim T.; D7 – Beth M; D12 – Joe M., Bill R., Mary R.; D13 – Rick B., Chris P., Diane L., Mark L., Nicole S., Perry C., Phyllis R., Mel F., Rich B., Mark G., Sylvia Y., Donna W., ; D15 – T. Michael, Jeff P., Peter W., Jason G.; D16 – Dick H., Gerald W.; D17 – Tara H.; D20 – Thomas B. Patti L., Sybil D., Lisa T., Lindsay P., Matthew E., Penny R., Dave J., Dan D.; D22 – Herb P.; D24 – Jared R., Linda R., Carol A.; D25 – Marian B., Marty P., Kathryne H., Dave D., Jeff Z., Eric S., Tim L., David C.; D27 – Nealy M., Gary C.; D29 – Dennis D., Pat B.; D32 – Ryan S., Doug N., Kari E., Tina H., Kurt H., Eric D., Carl H., George D., Cindy D., Howard P., RJ E., Rick M.; D33 – Susan B., D34 – Erin J., Chet O.

OTHERS PRESENT: Past Delegates: John B., Bob B. Bill H., Joan J., Bill A., Nancy G.; George P.; Fall Conf. Chair 2009 – Jeff Z., Barb F., Spring Conf. 2011 Chair – Ken N.; Spring Conf. 2012 - Co-Chairs Dave S. & Penny R.; Area 74 Incoming Chair – Marty L.; Area 74 Incoming Delegate Steve H.


Minutes from the Fall Pre-conference approved and accepted.


Todd U, Doreen H, Joan J, Leo M, Matt Z, Drew A,

  1. Our last Committee has not met since my last report

  2. The Area agreed to increase the Delegate’s budget by $500 and the Archivist’s budget by $100

  3. Contributions continue to be received without any indication of the, GSO number, District number, or the name of Group that is making the contribution.

  4. Remember Chairs all expense reports must have corresponding receipts before payments can be made. Please have all of your expenses for this year in by 12/15/09.

  5. Please also make a note that checks should be made out to Area 75 Treasurer, not SWAC, Rainbow Fund or Count on Us

  6. If you would like to use rainbow funds for corrections please contact Les Meir beforehand. I will need confirmation from him before I issue a check

  7. The Rainbow fund getting quite substantial. Use it up.

  8. There are financial reports on the back table

    1. A year to date general financial report, which I have made 100 copies of

    2. A year to date contributions report, which I have made 2 copies of, please leave these on the table.

    3. A year to date Chair expense report, which I have made 2 copies of, please leave these on the table.

  9. Are there any Questions?

  1. Expenses and contributions to date:

  1. Expenses compared to budget:

  1. Expenses by category

Todd commented that the increase in revenue is primarily due to 2 factors:

Motion to approve the Treasurer’s report – Approved.


Activities since the September Pre-Conference Assembly have included:

I want to give a special welcome to any new DCM’s who are here today. We would like to especially welcome districts 4 and 22 who have not been represented recently. Welcome back.

Questions regarding the Rainbow Fund have come to me recently. The area corrections chair, Les M., is responsible for authorizing disbursements. Districts or outside sponsors who need literature for correctional institutions should contact Les. Les needs to authorize purchase of the literature before it is ordered. In some cases Les will order the literature and see that it gets to the appropriate person. The area treasurer is responsible for receipt of funds into the Rainbow Fund and for disbursement of funds upon authorization by the area corrections chair.

Our next meeting will be the Winter Service Assembly. Area officers and committee chairs will be submitting their budgets for 2010 to the treasurer by the end of this year. Anyone having a proposal to submit for consideration by the area should have the proposal to me prior to the Winter Service Assembly so that it can be given to the appropriate committee.

Please contact me if you would like me to visit your District Meeting or participate in an event. I would love to visit each district during this rotation.

Yours in service, Nancy H.


Good morning. This being the last report of 2009, a sincere thank you is in order to those among us who will rotate out of their present positions at year's end. To all those DCM's, District Standing Committee Chairs, District Officers, and GSR's, it has been a genuine pleasure to have served with you and to have seen the fabulous efforts so many of you have made in service to A.A. during the course of your terms. I hope we shall all meet again in the course of serving this wonderful spiritual society of alcoholics in action carrying our message of experience, strength, and hope.

Below are some news highlights, all of which are very recent:

  1. Financial--Contributions received by G.S.O. for the first nine months of 2009 ran 6.5% less than budgeted and 6% less than in 2008. Unaudited 2009 net income stands at $1,026,100 compared with a loss of $315,900 same period in 2008. There exists nine months of operating expenses in the Reserve Fund. Literature sales were particularly strong before the price increase.

  1. Grapevine/LaVina--through September, the Grapevine lost $95,500 and LaVina lost $36,780. Monthly circulation figures are 103,000 and 9,775 respectively, both down from 2008.

  1. Archives--Michelle M. is now our full-time Archives Director, but the Archives staff level is only 3 compared with a usual staff of 5.

  1. C.P.C./Treatment/Special Needs/P.I.--The discussion on full face photography of actors portraying A.A. members in our videos will continue in the Trustees' P.I. Committee in January. Our ECR Trustee has "strongly urged" that a delegate within the region forward a proposed GSC Agenda Item on the subject for the agenda of the 2010 or 60th, General Service Conference (GSC). We have had many discussions in committee and through a survey we conducted here this summer. I would like to submit the requested item, as long as the Assembly concurs.

The video, Hope: Alcoholics Anonymous, will be placed into distribution just as soon as is possible and ought to be part of the C.P.C. Kit after that occurs. For just the DVD version, all three language versions should be on one DVD for $10.00. The Young Peoples Video (Project) should be released for distribution just as soon as one last copyright release form is received at A.A.W.S.

Some new Special Needs items are being considered. Our Area 75 Special Needs Chair has been sent information.

  1. Literature--The Trustees' Committee on Literature has taken no action on the proposed pamphlet directed towards alcoholics who are military veterans. Their feeling is that the pamphlet directed towards the armed forces member presently covers the need, though some more current (Iraq/Afghanistan/ maybe some veteran) stories might be added in the future. I notified all directly involved with the proposal by email just as soon as I got the information.

  1. G.S.O. computers were attacked by a virus last weekend. The system is still not running 100%, but progress has been made this week.

Finally, 2009 has been quite a year for us here and for all of Alcoholics Anonymous. I thank you all for the opportunity to have served you during this year. See you all either at the Winter Service Assembly or before!

Yours in Recovery and Service,

Stu E., Panel 59, Area 75 Delegate

Suggestion by Stu E. to have the Finance Committee discuss making a contribution to GSO. Nancy H. clarified that it would have to be Emergency New Business voted on by the Assembly.


2010 International Convention Update

Area 75 Fall Conference

Green Lake, WI

November 7, 2009

The 2010 International Convention of Alcoholics Anonymous will be held July 1-4 in San Antonio, Texas with the theme “A Vision for You.”  A.A. members and guests from around the world will celebrate A.A.’s 75th year at this event with big meetings held Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday morning in the Alamodome.  Other meetings, scheduled or informal, will take place throughout the weekend in the San Antonio Convention Center and local hotels. 
Convention pre-registration began on September 1 and will continue through May 14, 2010; the pre-registration fee is $95.  After that date you must register onsite at the Convention Center; onsite registration will be $110.

Housing information will be sent out only after you register; in the same manner used for registration. Housing assignments will be made on a “first-come-first-served” basis.

Many hotels in the Downtown Core are within walking distance of the Convention Center. In order to keep the registration fee affordable, no door-to-door shuttle bus service will be available in the Downtown Core. There will be identified stops for a downtown loop shuttle for those needing transportation. A limited-schedule bus shuttle will run between the Convention Center/Stadium area and hotels and motels outside the Downtown Core of hotels.

With 300 days of sunshine a year, San Antonio is a warm destination year round. On average, July is the warmest month with daytime temperatures averaging 96°F and 74°F in the evening. A.A. will be making its best effort to provide plenty of shade and water for Convention attendees. As hot as it is outdoors, be prepared for cool temperatures indoors – the air conditioning will be on, so dress accordingly.

Please see the A.A. website; www.aa.org for additional conference information and online registration.

I have a limited number of printed registration forms here today. If you haven’t attended an International Convention, now’s you chance to participate in an awesome spiritual experience. See you in San Antonio!

Here is a copy of an email sent from the General Service Office regarding the current housing situation:

Subject: International Convention Update

Dear Friends,

I wanted to give you a brief update on the International Convention. It’s been very busy since my September 4 update. Over 20,000 people registered for the International Convention already. However, this does not necessarily mean a larger attendance just that folks are registering early. As I mentioned in my email to you earlier this month, tying hotels to registration on a first-come, first-served basis really got us off to a busy start.

Hotel Reservations

For this Convention, we anticipated that providing rooms to registered attendees on a first-come, first-served basis would affect the number of people who registered and reserved housing early. The expectation was that we might see a slight increase from the number of early registrants who participated in the hotel lottery for previous Conventions. Personally, I expected that we would see half again as many, at most. For the 2005 International Convention in Toronto, only 3,000 rooms had been requested when they began assigning rooms in November of 2004. So we felt confident that we were in good shape for the opening of registration and housing.

However, after registration for San Antonio opened on September 1, our initial block of hotel rooms virtually sold out in less than two weeks. Most of the downtown core hotel rooms had been reserved within one week. These numbers are unprecedented. While we were able to respond to the demand and almost immediately add rooms and some new properties downtown, these rooms also sold out right away. This total number of rooms, over 8,000, is not historically reserved until the February before the Convention.

Housing Still Available

We continue to expand the selection of rooms in the outlying areas. There are rooms available through the Convention Housing Bureau, and new rooms are added to the reservation system as they come online. We do not expect to have additional room’s downtown available in our block.

Shuttle Service

We will provide shuttle service at no charge to registered Convention attendees. All of the housing booked through the Convention Housing Bureau will be included in the shuttle service.

I hope this information is helpful to you, as you attend assemblies and conferences this fall. We are in the process of updating our Web site with this information. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if I can provide more info about next year’s Convention. Excitement’s rising, and we’re looking forward to a wonderful Convention!

In fellowship,

Rick W.

2010 International Convention Coordinator

In Service,

John B. – Area 75 Alternate Delegate & Literature Chair

Area InventoryNancy H.

Nancy H. will have us count off by nine’s and mix-us up. At the last Assembly we picked the top 6 questions from the list of questions.

Each group will have a Secretary and asked them to compile the list of questions. We will meet back here at 11 o’clock to report each group’s response to the questions.

Group Summaries

The following people presented group summaries see the written notes below for responses to each of the questions.

Following are the questions discussed with bullets for the notes from each of the 9 breakout groups that discussed the various questions.

  1. So often we hear at the group level how it is same people involved at the area level.  Isn’t this really everyone’s responsibility? Where is everyone? Why don’t we want to be involved? Don’t we owe it to our sobriety? The concepts are also gifts from Bill many of us don’t realize exist.  Concept # 1 describes this so well. “The final responsibility and the ultimate authority for A.A. world services should always reside in the collective conscience of our whole Fellowship.” How can we as an area raise this awareness and ignite a heighten passion? Are we keeping service a secret?

  1. If our primary purpose is to carry the message to the “still suffering alcoholic”, are we achieving this objective? If not, what can be done to change it? What can Area Standing Committee Chairs do to help spark greater activity at the District level?

    • Area standing committees coming to the district. A visitor for every meeting? Rarely do DCM’s want the area at district meetings. The area chairs are available to come to the meetings. Ground rules should be set to make sure meetings don’t go over. Agenda’s.

    • Better communications with area chairs and district chairs. Better understandings of the position that is being undertaken at the District level, yellow sheets. Better communications between district chairs between districts. Offer classes/school on service positions by the area chairs.

    • Area 75 is working – we are getting more districts involved. Area chair committees are doing the work and communicating well with districts. Could reach out more to university students (e.g. UW Milwaukee, UW Madison, Concordia, Cardinal Stritch, Whitewater) & young people. Can we have a young persons standing committee position in Area and District.

    • We are carrying the message but we can always do more. Carry the message into treatment and corrections and the constant willingness to try new things. Link more action with goals. There is a sense that the newcomer finds us and that the focus of contact is on the still suffering alcoholic. Frequent contact between the standing committee chairs and the districts serves to strike this spark. The increased use of electronic communication has increased the speed at which we communicate. The more accessible we are – the easier it is for the newcomer to find us. There is an idea of socio-economic status sometimes acting as a barrier of accessibility to the newcomer. We sometimes fall short in that we do not know what we do not know. The area chairs attendance at district open meetings and district workshops serves to widen the communication channels. Increasing the participation of the next generation insures the continuity of the service structure demographic. Analysis can be a tool to show us where the need is. For the message … email tool contact serves to strengthen the bond between the districts and the area. District to district contact.

    • Also ask people who’ve been around for a while “is this your last meeting?” (Ask how they are doing.) Why aren’t they doing service? As an area chair get out to meetings and talk to people. Invite them to participate in chairs. Explain what is all involved in the different chairs.

    • Are committee chairs utilizing the corresponding contacts of GSO. Area chairs very willing to visit.

    • Area chairs can visit districts and communicate with district committee chairs between assemblies. (Area chairs do show up when requested). Continue to keep district info for each committee. Each area chair should have info for each district chair. Ask area service committee to speak at groups.

    • Do area chairs reach out to DCM’s to let them know it is ok to ask them to come out (ex: emails to touch base now and then). How do DCM’s get district chairs to reach out to area chairs? Encourage utilization. Can a committee person represent area not just specific chair? Partnering & teaming between chairs.

    • Incorporate our service work in our stories. Let people know that they are part of the area. Doing a good job. Area chairs involvement at district levels (attendance). Area should reach out to “dark” districts.

  1. If the Area DCM’s and GSR’s are bored by the business conducted by the Area meetings, what can be done to change it? How can we improve attendance by DCM’s, GSR’s, District Standing Committee Chairs, and Interested AA’s?

  1. Why are past Area Delegate’s no longer allowed voting participation in Area business? How does this practice serve the “still suffering alcoholic”?

NOTE: Who is allowed to vote at area 75 assemblies is set by assembly action.

  1. What is the basic purpose of the Area Assembly? Are we fulfilling these purposes? If we are not fulfilling these purposes what should be done to improve this?

  1. Do the trusted servants of Area 75 (Area Delegate, Alternate, Area Officers, Area Standing Committee Chairs, DCM’s, communicate sufficiently at the area level? Is there adequate discussion throughout the year? Are Area Assemblies well attended? Are reports adequate and frequent enough? How can we do a better job of communicating?


The meeting closed at 11:50 am with the Responsibility Declaration:

When anyone, anywhere reaches out, I want the hand of A.A. always to be there, and for that; I am responsible!”

Upcoming events:

11/13/09 thru 11/15/09 - ECR Forum in Kalamazoo, MI

1/24/10 – Winter Service Assembly, Madison Senior Center

2/12-14/10 – Conference of Delegates Past and Present

3/21/10 – Delegates Workshop, Madison Senior Center

4/11/10 – Pre-Conference Assembly, Madison Senior Center

4/18-25/10 – General Service Conference

4/30-5/2/10 – Area 75 Spring Conference, Olympia Resort, Oconomowoc, WI

6/13/10 – Summer Service Assembly, Madison Senior Center

7/1/10 thru 7/4/10 – AA International Convention, San Antonio, TX

10/17/10 – Fall Service Assembly (Elections), Madison Senior Center