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Spring Conference 05/16/09
Racine Marriot


2009 Spring Conference

Stu E, Delegate; Nancy H., Area Chairperson; Nancy B., Alt Chair; John B, Alt Delegate/Literature; JD O., Secretary ; Cynthia H., Alt Secretary; Todd U., Treasurer; Doreen H., Alt. Treasurer

George P., Grapevine Chair; George B., Conf. Adv. Com. Chair; Ken N., Corrections Chair; Randy R., CPC Chair; Liz Y., PI Chair; Fred K., Treatment Chair; Lee Ann F., Special Needs Chair; David K., Archives Chair; Nancy S., Archivist; Kathy W., Registrar

D1-Tom N.; D2-Clyde M.; D3-Marv S.; D7-John S.; D8- Bridgett A.; D11-Ric C.; D12-Terry H.; D13-Leslie F.; D15-Brent W.;D17-John H.; D20-Alt. DCM-Jessica S.; D24-Matt K.; D25-Les M.;D27-Marty S.; D28-Mike F.; D29-Mike T.; D29-Alt DCM-Lynn G.; D34-Drew W.;

GSR’S and ALT GSR’s and Others PRESENT:
D1 – Margala H., Jeanette S.; D2 – Robt T.; D8-Toni M.; D12 – Larry G., Mary R., Dick S.; D13 – Mark G., Tom W., Sylvia Y., Donna W., Lisa W., Diane P.; D14 – Diane E., Frank S.; D15 – Jeff P.; D16 – Richard H; D17 – Scott A.; D19 – Chuck M.; D20 – Ken G., Dave J.; D24 – Carol A., Chirs J.; D25 – David D., Marian B., Jeff Z.; D28 – Terry R.; D29 – Dennis D.; D30 – Bill D.; D32 – Susan B., Carl H., Kari E., Ryan S., Kurt H., Don D., George D., RJ E., Eric D., Howard P., Rick M., D33 – Sharon S.; D34 – Bill K., Jo Ann K., Mark S., Nancy A., Crystal L..; D35 – Joel J.; D36 – Mel F.; D37 – Jon R.

OTHERS PRESENT: Regional Trustee – Pamela R.; Past Delegates: John B., Bob B.; Bill H.; Joan J., Bill A.; Will K.; Ken G., Leo M.; Jo Mc.; Nancy G.; George P.; Conference Advisory Chair – George B.; Spring Conf. 2009 Chair – Dennis L., Fall Conf. Chair 2009 – Jeff Z., Spring Conf. 2010 Chair – Robert S., Spring Conf .2011 Chair – Ken N.


Corrections to minutes noted as follows:

Minutes were approved as corrected.


Todd U, Doreen H, Joan J, Leo M, Matt Z, Drew A – Finance Committee
  1. Contributions continue to be received without any indication of the Group that is making the contribution.
  2. Discussion on what are Area expenses w/ committee
  3. Expenses and contributions to date:




YTD Income

$ 12,234.39

$ 7,415.63

Rainbow Out

$ (903.45)

$ (1,566.90)both

Count on Us Out

$ (72.72)

YTD Expenses

$ (8,172.64)

$ (7,023.76)

Checking Balance

$ 20,986.37

$ 5,193.21

Prudent Reserve

$ 5,000.00

$ 3,350.00

COU Balance

$ 640.84

$ 197.56

Rainbow Balance

$ 2,051.61

$ 1,374.22

Usable Balance

$ 14,007.48

$ 271.43

Seed Money

$ 2,500.00

$ 3,000.00

Net Worth

$ 23,486.37

$ 8,193.21

  1. Expenses compared to budget:



Variance YTD

Percent used


$ 1,128.82





$ 2,593.14





$ 628.02




Alt. Delegate

$ -





$ -





$ 118.92





$ 450.00





$ 719.67





$ 591.77





$ 170.45




Public Info.

$ 121.30





$ 64.00




Spcl. Needs

$ 976.97





$ 109.58




Alt. Chair

$ -




Alt. Secretary

$ -




Alt. Treasurer

$ -




Archives Chair

$ 7,672.64

$ 28,132.31

$ 20,459.67


Total Expenses

  1. Expenses by category


YTD Total

YTD 08

$ -

Bank Charges

$ 450.00

Conference Booth Fee


$ 1,200.00

GSO Fees


$ -


$ 56.32



$ 523.37



$ 560.27



$ 2,092.77



$ 524.57

Misc/Office Expense


$ 366.17



$ 447.17



$ 171.00

Registration Fees


$ 681.00



$ 600.00

Archives Rent


$ -


$ -

Web Site

$ -


$ 7,672.64

Total Expenses

$ 7023.76


Recognized John B. for 42nd Sobriety Anniversary

Fall Conference flyers are in the back; DCMs please pick up a packet of flyers.

Resignation of Ken N. from Corrections Chair, his committee meeting this afternoon will be his last formal function. Nancy has resume forms available for corrections. Looking for someone to submit their resume for Corrections.

Nancy mentioned that the committee meetings are in the afternoon – on the program from 12:30 to 2 pm. Gave out room assignments for the different committees.


May 16, 2009

Welcome to all who are here, especially to those trusted servants who are here for the first time. I vividly recall sitting as a G.S.R. hearing my first ever Delegate’s Report to the Spring Conference, and I have heard quite a few more since that one. A lot of the items reported flew right over my head then. But from the questions and nods amongst those who had more experienced than me, I came away with the sense that our affairs were in good hands and that, if I stuck to it, I would eventually understand more and maybe even someday contribute to the questions and recommendations put to our Area 75 Delegate.

I had originally wanted to give an entirely factual report about the 59th General Service Conference. I felt that facts were more vital to you as you share parts of this report in your districts and groups. But since the Conference is of a spiritual nature, the hand of a loving God as He may express Himself through our group conscience, I found that sort of report to not be either possible or entirely reflective of that week in New York City. So what I will try to do is to describe the facts, the actions and the flow of the Conference and its discussions, reports, and highlights as best as I am able to do. So, let’s fasten our seat belts and turn back our watches to Friday, April 24th as we depart Milwaukee’s Mitchell International Airport bound for LaGuardia and the 59th GSC!

Yes, I said April 24th, the day before the first scheduled conference activity. I went a day early in order to spend a small amount of time in the city touring, shopping, eating a preferred NYC meal, and eliminating all the environmental distractions so that I could fully concentrate on Conference business. That turned out to be a wise choice.

Conference activities began with a Delegates Only Meeting on the night of Saturday the 25th. Here we met many of the Panel 58 Delegates and learned from them how the Conference was conducted. They impressed upon us that Delegates make up just over a 2/3 majority of the Conference members, that any question could be asked at the microphone, that honest sharing was the key, and that all members of the Conference were equals on the Conference floor. The need for effective, complete communication within the allotted time limit was stressed. It was a great session, when added to the excellent sharing that had taken place between us and our own Past Delegates and Trustees at the East Central Regional Conference of Delegates Past & Present.

During the Conference, we heard many reports. I would like to summarize some pertinent points for you:

Throughout the General Service Conference, time was set aside for sharing sessions and for a workshop session. Time and space constraints here prevent me for sharing these in detail, but I encourage you all to read those sections of the 59th GSC Final Report when that booklet becomes available later this year.

Before leaving for the 59th General Service Conference, I was asked by several of our trusted servants how I planned to use the committee input generated at the Area 75 Delegate’s Workshop. I put the reports you gave me into a folder, which went into my Conference binder. I referred to them frequently during the voting sessions of the conference.

2009 General Service Conference by Committees
Note that these are highlights only. They appear in alphabetical order, not the order in which the committees gave their reports to the full sessions of the Conference. That order is determined by random drawing. The full, official listing and report of all actions will appear in the Conference final report, due out in late summer. The actions shown here are those actually taken by the General Service Conference as a whole. The committees give recommendations for action and they name any additional considerations. The additional considerations are taken as strong suggestions for future actions.
I. Agenda
(The Agenda Committee met three times in committee session for a total of 8 1/2 hours in addition to the GSC Agenda.)

A. The theme for the 2010 General Service Conference be: “Practicing A.A.’s Principles – the Pathway to Unity.”

B. The following be presentation/discussion topics for the 2010 General Service Conference:

  1. Practicing These Principles in All Our “Service” Affairs

  2. Unity Through Inventory

  3. General Service Conference Agenda Selection Process: The following be the workshop topic for the 2010 General Service Conference: “Discuss the General Service Conference Agenda Selection Process” and that all background provided to the 2009 Conference Agenda Committee regarding the “General Service Conference Agenda Selection Process,” be sent to the members of the 60th General Service Conference in February 2010 as background for the 2010 Conference workshop session along with any additional related background material that may be compiled by the General Service Board, the trustees’ Committee on the Conference, the General Service Office, or other sources.

If any member has specific information that describes the General Service Conference agenda item selection procedures prior to 1974, please pass it along to your Area 75 Delegate. This is a request from the Conference Agenda Committee.

II. Cooperation with the Professional Community (C.P.C.) (The CPC Committee met twice for a total of 6 hours in addition to the GSC Agenda.)

A. The draft video segments directed to professionals in the Employment/Human Relations field were approved. Note: This brought about the first of many discussions on the subject of full-face photography of actors portraying A.A. members in our videos, even with suitable voice and visible disclaimers at the start and finish of the video.

B. The committee suggested that certain C.P.C. video items be made available in DVD format in the C.P.C. kit and for purchase in the catalog.

C. The committee discussed possible uses of the A.A. Grapevine and La Viña in C.P.C. and suggested that some helpful ideas be added to the C.P.C. Workbook.

III. Corrections (The Corrections Committee met twice for a total of six hours in addition to the GSC Agenda.)

A. Reviewed contents of Corrections Kit and Workbook and also suggested that the list of items included in the Corrections Kit be posted in the Corrections “bucket” on www.aa.org
B. The committee suggested that the biennial mailing to corrections professionals be suspended indefinitely.

C. The trustees’ Committee on Corrections will undertake a revision of the pamphlet, “It Sure Beats Sitting in a Cell,” which will take into consideration:

and that a draft pamphlet or a progress report be brought back to the 2010 Conference Committee on Corrections.

IV. Finance (The Finance Committee met three times for a total of

A. Review material submitted from the Fellowship concerning the 2008 Conference Advisory Action “the trustees’ Finance and Budgetary Committee gather input from the Fellowship on the benefits and liabilities, both spiritual and practical of fully funding G.S.O. Services to the Fellowship (G.S.O. functional expenses) by the voluntary contributions of A.A. members and groups.”

B. No action was taken on a request to produce a Seventh Tradition poster. That was seen as a waste of money and effort.

Note: We can expect more discussion on various aspects of self-support, but the priorities of the Conference lie more in line with the priorities expressed in the financial reports already summarized.

V. A.A. Grapevine (The Grapevine Committee met three times for a total of nine and one half hours in addition to the GSC Agenda. All of the below items were forwarded as Additional Committee Considerations.)
A. The committee reviewed contents of A.A. Grapevine and La Viña Workbook and noted that the new portable GvR Handbook is scheduled for publication.
B. Consider request that “the 2007 Conference Advisory Action recommending that ‘the Grapevine and La Viña include a section on the medical, legal, and social aspects of alcoholism, with an appropriate disclaimer’ be rescinded” and took no action.
C. No action was taken on: Consider request that the following 2004 Conference Advisory Action be rescinded:
To allow the widest distribution of the A.A. Grapevine and La Viña to all purchasers, while guarding against affiliations with any outside enterprise, a) subscriptions to the A.A. Grapevine and La Viña magazines be issued only by A.A. Grapevine, Inc., or by A.A. trusted servants directly; and b) the A.A. Grapevine, Inc., adopt standardized sales practices and pricing structures for all purchasers.

VI. Literature (The Literature Committee met three times for a total of eight and one half hours in addition to the GSC agenda.)
A. Review the revised draft pamphlet “The A.A. Member–Medications and Other Drugs.” End result after a floor action is that this is going back to the Trustees’ Literature Committee for review. There are strong objections to one story which devotes about 2/3 of its content to drug abuse rather than alcoholism.

B. Approved the revised draft pamphlet “A.A. for the Native North American.”

C. The pamphlet “Questions and Answers on Sponsorship” will be reviewed with a view toward eliminating or revising outmoded ethnic, cultural and vocational references. Note: This was a nearly unanimous vote.

D. Approved a request to develop a new Special Needs recovery pamphlet for newcomers or prospective members. Watch for notice of solicitation of stories.

E. Consider request to add a sentence to the pamphlet “A Newcomer Asks” that encourages newcomers to obtain and study the Big Book, Alcoholics Anonymous. After thorough discussion and reconsideration of a requested other revision, this item passed overwhelmingly. GOOD JOB Area 75 Literature Committee!!!

F. The title of the pamphlet “44 Questions” will be changed to “Frequently Asked Questions About A.A.”

G. Discuss whether there is a need to develop Conference-approved literature that focuses on the topics of spirituality, and agnostics or atheists/nonbelievers in A.A. After much discussion, there was no clear-cut group conscience. A subsequent floor action committed to the Trustees’ Literature Committee the immediate future discussion of development of such a pamphlet.

H. Consider request to publish a book of stories from members living in remote communities.

I. No action was taken on a request to develop a second volume of Daily Reflections.

J. No action was taken on a request to develop a video on the General Service Representative (G.S.R.). It was viewed as costly and not really needed.

VII. Policy/Admissions (The committee met four times for a total of eight and one half hours in addition to the GSC agenda.)

A. The Alternate Delegate, Area 12, Delaware, was seated as a Conference member at the 59th General Service Conference because the Panel 58 delegate for Area 12, passed away.

B. Approve the attendance of one observer from the General Service Board of Brazil, S.A. and two observers (1) from the General Service Board and (1) from the General Service Office of Colombia, S.A.

C. The dates for the 2012 General Service Conference will be April 22-28, 2012.

C. Review “General Service Board Summary of Responses to Inventory Questions Pertaining to Regional Composition and Structure.”

D. A procedure for filing a minority appeal directly with the General Service Conference will be formulated, as described in Bill W.’s commentary on Concept V. Action on developing a procedure will begin in the Trustees’ Committee on the General Service Conference. Voting on the recommendation was 112 for and 8 opposed. (Delegate’s Note: It was the view of the Conference that the time for this has come. I do not see the 60th GSC waffling on this item one bit. It will be done in a way that is aware of the spiritual need for minority opinions on matters that greatly or gravely affect A.A. as a whole to be properly heard and considered, and that, at the same time, respects all members of the Conference.)

E. A proposal requesting a General Service Conference inventory was approved. Note: Present plans include establishment of an inventory planning committee consisting of Delegates, Trustees, Non-Trustee Directors, Directors, and Staff members.

VIII. Public Information (The Public Information Committee met twice for a total of eight hours in addition to the GSC Agenda.)

A. The Conference approved updated text and graphics of the pamphlet “A Message to Teenagers…,” utilizing selected text and graphics from the current “Too Young?” pamphlet, with minor changes.

B. The Conference approved the draft wall poster for young people with information about Alcoholics Anonymous with minor changes. One “minor” change is to make the first figure from the left look “younger”.

C. Public Service Announcements (P.S.A.s): The Conference approved development of a new television P.S.A. for review by the 2010 Conference Committee on public Information at a cost not to exceed $40,000.00. Full daces of actors portraying A.A. members will NOT be shown in this P.S.A. and it will include portrayals of older members and special needs members.

D. The Conference approved production using the revised draft script of “Combination Radio P.S.A.s on CD,” with minor changes. P.S.A. #15 will be omitted and cost will not
exceed $20,000. (The committee also requested that the script of the P.S.A.’s be packaged with this item.)

E. The Conference approved the draft of the “A.A. Videos for Young People Project.” Delegate’s Note: This might be the finest single video project A.A. has ever produced. The four selected videos, which we viewed, were approved unanimously, with applause. We took a break after the viewing and quite a number of Delegates walked from the room with visible tears or otherwise emotionally affected by the viewing. In every way imaginable, this video project portrays us as we would like to be portrayed. The committee requested that the project continue and that continued submissions by young members be solicited, especially from young, Spanish-speaking members.

F. The Conference approved the draft 2010 Alcoholics Anonymous Membership Survey Questionnaire.

IX. Report and Charter (The Report & Charter Committee met five times in committee session for a total of 16 hours in addition to the GSC Agenda. The Area 75 Delegate sits on this committee.)

A. The A.A. Service Manual, 2008 - 2009 Edition:

1. The Conference unanimously approved adding the term of non-trustee directors to the section describing how non-trustee directors are selected on page S75 using specific language suggested by the committee.

2. No action on a suggestion to add a locally developed G.S.R. Preamble to The A.A. Service Manual.

3. All changes to The A.A. Service Manual/Twelve Concepts for World Service be listed in the edition in which the changes appear for the first time, and organized by source of change (General Service Board, Conference Advisory Action, Conference Committee on Report & Charter, Publications Department). Conference advisory actions will be noted by vertical margin change bars in the edition in which the change appears for the first time.

4. The General Service Board, the A.A.W.S. Board and the A.A. Grapevine Board annually review The A.A. Service Manual/Twelve Concepts for World Service and forward necessary updates to the Conference Committee on Report and Charter.

(Delegate’s Note: The above two actions put the General Service Conference back in the driver’s seat on any change to “The A.A. Service Manual/Twelve Concepts for World Service”. An additional consideration of the committee limits the Publications Department to ONLY the following types of change:

There will be no more “editing for readability” or interpretation WITHOUT GSC APPROVAL. This was viewed as long past due action needed to protect the manual and especially the General Service Conference Charter.

5. The Conference approved that the title “Conference Language” on page S19 be changed to “Glossary of General Service Terms” and that the subheading “A glossary of terms frequently used in general service activities” be removed.

6. The committee strongly suggested against the addition of text regarding the desirability of business or professional background for regional and at-large trustees to the section of The A.A. Service Manual on “Qualifications of an Effective Trustee” on page S63. The committee felt that such text might prevent the selection of the most qualified candidate.

7. Suggested revisions to Chapters 10 and 12 regarding the A.A. Grapevine were found to be crafted from an edition of the A.A. Service Manual Combined with Twelve Concepts for World Service which was several years old. Text differences made it impossible to determine the current intent of the revision with any reasonable degree of exactitude. The Gv Executive Editor was asked to have them re-drafted and to submit them as an Agenda Item for 2010.

8. The conference approved that the last sentence of page S70 of the 2008-2009 edition of The A.A. Service Manual/Twelve Concepts for World Service in the section “Appointed Committee Members” be changed from “The term of service is four years, renewed on a yearly basis” to “Appointed Committee Members are appointed for one year, but the term may be extended depending on committee projects (maximum four years).”

Note: This language makes the description of the terms of service of Appointed Committee Members consistent with the language in the trustees’ Committee on Nominating Procedure No. 2, “Procedures for Selecting Appointed Committee Members for General Service Board Committees.”

9. Consider request to clarify language on page S65 regarding nominating a regional trustee candidate in the same year when nominating a trustee-at-large candidate. The committee has forwarded this request to the 2010 Conference Committee on Trustees, noting inconsistencies in the current AA. Service Manual Combined with Twelve Concepts for World Service, the current Conference Charter, and the 1985 Conference Advisory Action of the Conference Committee on Trustees which served as background.

10. The conference approved a suggestion to add cross-references to area numbers and area names in Appendix D on pages S90-S91.

B. A.A. Directories (Canada, Western U.S., and Eastern U.S.): The committee agreed to review the draft document when received and return same within 21 days of receipt.

C. Discuss General Service Conference Final Report. The committee agreed to review the draft document when received and return same within 21 days of receipt.

X. Treatment Facilities (The Treatment Facilities Committee met twice for a total of 6 hours in addition to the GSC Agenda.)

1. The conference approved the revised video, Hope: Alcoholics Anonymous, be approved.

Delegate’s Note: This became another 2 1/2 long debate on the advisability of full-face photography of actors portraying A.A. Members. This video was a multi-year, $60,000.00 effort that was very nearly disapproved for lack of a uniform policy regarding full-face photography.

2. The committee’s scope will be expanded to include service to Special Needs/Accessibilities committees and that the name of the committee be changed to the Conference Committee on Treatment Facilities/Special Needs/Accessibilities.

3. Additional Committee Considerations included a recommendation that Gv/LaV develop an annual TF issue like the annual Corrections issue and that Gv/LaV materials be included in the TF Kit, that the trustees’ Committee on C.P.C./T.F. consider developing a section on treatment in an out-patient setting for inclusion in the T.F. Workbook, and that the DVD, Hope: Alcoholics Anonymous be made part of the T.F. Kit. (Delegate’s Note; Our Area 75 T.F. Committee and any other committee having experience to share on working with T.F. outpatients or the professionals who have contact with them are asked to provide sharing from our point of view with your respective Staff Coordinators at G.S.O. on a regular basis. Districts are similarly asked to make input to their Area75 counterparts.)

XI. Trustees
1. The Conference approved by vote the slate of nominated Trustees, the amended slate of Officers of the General Service Board, and the slates of Directors of the A.A. Grapevine and A.A.W.S., Inc. respectively.

2. On April 27, 2009 the General Service Board approved a motion that the trustees’ Nominating Committee, in consultation with the A.A.W.S. Board, consider actions to fill the vacant general service trustee position and report their conclusions to the General Service Board at its summer 2009 meeting. At that time the General Service Board may choose to appoint a Class B general service trustee.

3. The Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc. Board will operate with the Class B trustee-at-large/Canada serving as a director, replacing a Class B general service trustee director.

4. Note: The Areas of the Eastern Canada Region have elected to not fill the currently vacant position of Eastern Canada Regional Trustee. The Trustee-at-Large—Canada is filling both positions at the moment.

5. The Conference approved that, in light of the extensive confidential information in the trustees’ election resumes, resumes of all election candidates would no longer be made available to all Conference members immediately prior to the Conference trustees' election session. Distribution of trustee resumes at the Conference would be limited to only voting delegates and members of the Conference Committee on Trustees and the trustees' Committee on Nominating. The resumes of the elected trustees would be distributed to all Conference members immediately after the election session.

6. Delegate’s Note: We are presently operating several trustees short due to various reasons. It is anticipated that efforts will be made to fill the vacancies, except that of the Class B Eastern Regional Trustee.

XII. Archives
A. Additional Considerations all concerned themselves with making the A.A. Archives more accessible to members and more visible/usable via the www.aa.org website.

XIII. International Conventions/Regional Forums
A. The Conference approved an anonymity-protected photograph of the flag ceremony to be taken at the 2010 International Convention.
B. The Conference approved a broadcast of the 2010 International Convention Opening Flag Ceremony similar to the encrypted, anonymity-protected, delayed extranet broadcast of the 2005 International Convention Opening Flag Ceremony.

XIV. Floor Actions

A. As previously noted, The revised 59th Conference pamphlet, “The A.A. Member – Medications and Other Drugs,” be returned to the trustees’ Literature Committee for additional discussion and report back to the 2010 Conference Committee on Literature.

Note: This Floor Action refers to the revised draft pamphlet reviewed by the 2009 Conference Literature Committee.

  1. Committed to Trustee’s Literature Committee was a Floor Action that we develop Conference-Approved literature that focuses on Spirituality and includes stories from atheists and agnostics who are successfully sober in Alcoholics Anonymous.

C. Proposed by your Area 75 Delegate was a Floor Action to develop a uniform Conference approved policy regarding full-face photography of actors or subjects appearing in our General Service Conference-approved videos/public service announcements/graphic arts projects before and new projects are placed in production.
This action was voted down, but is expected to be taken up by one of the trustees’ committees in the coming year as a priority item.

The 59th General Service Conference, possibly the last to be held at the Crowne Plaza Times Square Hotel, adjourned with all of its business completed at approximately 2:15 a.m. EDT on Saturday, May 2, 2009. It currently stands as the longest General Service Conference in the history of Alcoholics Anonymous.

This concludes my report. Your questions and comments are always welcome. The 59th General Service Conference was an experience that that profoundly altered my perspective on Alcoholics Anonymous as a Fellowship, on the way we perform our service to A.A. and to the next suffering alcoholic, and on various parts of my personal life. I hope that, in some small way, you might feel my service to you justifies the opportunity you have given me to serve and the trust you have collectively placed in me as your Delegate and your servant.

Yours in Recovery and Service,
Stu E.
Panel 59 Area 75 (So. WI) Delegate


East Central Regional Trustee – Pamela R.

Pamela R. briefly introduced herself to the Area 75 Assembly.

The meeting closed at 11:30 am with the Responsibility Declaration:

When anyone, anywhere reaches out, I want the hand of A.A. always to be there, and for that; I am responsible!”

Upcoming events:

06/28/09 - Summer Service Meeting at the Monona Community Center, 1101 Nichols Rd., Monona, WI – Note the address and location change due to remodeling at the Madison Senior Center
08/07/09 thru 08/09/09 - ECR Conference in Peoria, IL
09/27/09 - Pre-Conference Assembly at the Madison Senior Center
11/06/09 thru 11/08/09 - Fall Conference in Green Lake (Area Inventory)
11/13/09 thru 11/15/09 - ECR Forum in Kalamazoo, MI