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Alcoholic’s Anonymous – Area 75
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2009 Spring Pre-Conference Assembly

Stu E, Delegate; Nancy H., Area Chairperson; Nancy B., Alt Chair; John B, Alt Delegate/Literature; JD O., Secretary ; Cynthia H., Alt Secretary; Todd U., Treasurer; Doreen H., Alt. Treasurer

George P., Grapevine Chair; George B., Conf. Adv. Com. Chair; Ken N., Corrections Chair; Randy R., CPC Chair; Liz Y., PI Chair; Fred K., Treatment Chair; Lee Ann F., Special Needs Chair; David K., Archives Chair; Nancy S., Archivist; Kathy W., Registrar

D1-Tom N.; D2-Clyde M.; D3-Marv S.; D8- Bridgett A.; D11-Ric C.; D12-Terry H.; D13-Leslie F.; D15-Brent W.; D16- Theresa W.; D19-John S.; D20-Brent B.; D25-Les M.;D27-Marty S.; D29-Mike T.; D30-Tamra L. (Alt).; D31-Benjamin B.; D32-John C.; D34-Drew W.;D36-Barb W.

GSR’S and ALT GSR’s and Others PRESENT:
Cathi W. (D12), Mary K. (D12); Denise E. (D2); John A. (D2); Joel B. (D30); Diane E. (D14); Jasmin S. (D20); Laura W. (D20); Dale H. (D32); Kurt H. (D32);Ray K. (D11); Mark B. (D16); Crystal L. (D34); Jim K (D3); Tom R. (D3); Paul B (D3); Howard P. (D32); Toni M (D8); Clay K (D15); Jarrod S. (D3); Kari E (D32); Nancy A. (D34); Rick M (D32); David E (D32); Susan B (D32); Carl H (D32); Jim D (D2); Tom M (D16); Erin J(D34); Dave J (D20); Jess G (D34); Don D (D32); Carl D (D25); Dennis L (D36); Charlie E (D31) Margala H; Stephen W.; Ken G (D20); Valerie L (D15); Dave H (D15); Michael S (D3); Barb W (D29); Lynn G (D29); Terry W (D28); Sylvia Y. (D13); Donna W (D13); Chris S. (D25); Richard H (D16); Nicole S. (D25); David C (D25); Mark V (D16); Jeff Z (D25); Ted J (D25); Dave D (D25); RJ E (D32); Freddie K (D16); Mark G (D13); Betsy R (D6); Joann K (D34); Mike O (D13); Frank S (D28); Phyllis R (D13); Scot H (D22); Harry G (D12).

OTHERS PRESENT: Past Delegates: John B., Joan J., Ken G., Leo M.; Nancy G.; George P.; Conference Advisory Chair – George B.; Spring Conf. 2009 Chair – Dennis L., Fall Conf. Chair 2009 – Jeff Z., Spring Conf. 2010 Chair – Robert S., Spring Conf .2011 Chair – Ken N.; Central Offices – Milwaukee Central Office, MAICO


Minutes from the Winter Service Assembly approved and accepted.


Actual useable balance is $12K.

Just did a bank reconciliation and will meet with the finance committee. Did not have a prepared written report for the Pre-conference Assembly. Written report will be sent out with the minutes.

Treasurer’s report approved by the Assembly.

Todd U, Doreen H, Joan J, Leo M, Matt Z, Drew A,
  1. Reviewed General Service Conference agenda items for Finance Committee and provide feedback to Delegate.
  2. The Treasurer has set up electronic checking with M&I Bank. Checks are now issued and mailed by the bank eliminating postage and office expenses for the Treasurer.
  3. Concern was expressed that the Assembly should have approved the $1200 contribution sent to G.S.O. to cover the General Service Conference expenses. The requested amount is $700 but the Area has traditionally sent in $1200.
  4. Review of Contributions and Expenses to Date
    1. Contributions continue to be received without any indication of the Group that is making the contribution.
    2. The Treasurer would like to post a new contribution form on the website but has met with resistance from the webmaster. The Treasurer would like the form to be interactive allowing the Group’s to type in their information including an email address to which the acknowledgment can be sent. This would eliminate some mailing costs
  5. Discussed approval of forwarding mailbox account for Area Registrar
    1. The Area Chair has requested a forwarding service be set up to which Group Information forms can be mailed.
    2. The Committee voted not to approve the request at this time.
  6. Here are the expenses and contributions to date:

YTD Income

$ 10,277.32

2008 Checks

$ (1,570.93)

Rainbow Out

$ (667.45)

Count on Us Out

$ (72.72)

YTD Expenses

$ (6,963.98)

Checking Balance

$ 20,473.96

Prudent Reserve

$ 5,000.00

Count on Us Balance

$ 618.84

Rainbow Balance

$ 1,685.71

Usable Balance

$ 13,860.97

  1. Here are the expenses compared to budget:




$ 1,128.82



$ 2,315.41



$ 516.76



$ -



$ -



$ 118.92



$ 450.00



$ -



$ 591.77



$ 120.45


Public Info.

$ 71.30



$ 64.00


Spcl. Needs

$ 976.97



$ 109.58


Alt. Chair

$ -


Alt. Secretary

$ -


Alt. Treasurer

$ -


Archives Chair

$ 6,463.98

$ 28,132.31

Total Expenses


Some people did not receive the Agenda for the Pre-conference Assembly that was emailed out.

Chairman’s Report
Pre-Conference Assembly
April 19, 2009

Activities since the January Winter Service Assembly have included

The Madison Senior Center will be closed for renovation this summer. Arrangements have been made to hold our Summer Service Assembly on the original scheduled date, June 28, 2009, at the Monona Community Center, 1011 Nichols Rd., Monona, WI.

Please contact me if you would like me to visit your District Meeting or participate in an event. I would love to visit each district during this rotation.

Yours in service,

Nancy H.


Since my last report to you in January, I have been, as usual, quite active in service to the members and groups of Area 75. First, I have some sad news to share with you. On January 29th, I met several of our Past Delegates, some of A.A.’s long-sober members in the Milwaukee area, and the Interim Director of Greater Milwaukee Central Office to attend the funeral service for Past Delegate (Panel 17) Bob W. in Wauwatosa. That was in part sad, because it was the first death of a Past Delegate we have experienced here in some time. It was also a time for reflection because of the incredible service Bob performed both as a trusted servant of this area and also as a highly regarded professional in the field of alcoholism in both Kenosha-Racine. His legacy also includes his substantial influence on certain alcoholism-related legislation, in Wisconsin as a whole. More recently, Chairman of the AAWS Board, John S. who served A.A. and the General Service Board in many capacities over a period of years and was a Past Delegate from Area 13 the District of Columbia, was laid to rest April 10th. Phyllis H., General Manager of GSO, attended the services on our behalf.

My activities as your delegate also include:
  1. Participation in the annual conference of the Wisconsin Young People in A.A. (WICYPAA) Jan. 30th through May 2nd. While there I was asked also to meet informally with some of WICYPAA’s trusted servants on the subject of closer cooperation between Area 75 and WICYPAA;
  2. Attendance at the Waldo Intergroup on February 7th ;
  3. Participation in the East Central Regional Conference of Delegates Past and Present in Springfield, IL from February 13th to 15th. A note on that conference: Alternate Delegate John B. and I had planned to travel together in order to save on some expenses. A business commitment not under John’s control forced his late arrival at the conference and prevented our joint travel from happening. While there, we both underwent the characteristically rigorous training for the General Service Conference that that conference exists to provide;
  4. Attendance at the Group 48 Annual Dinner and Open Meeting on February 21st ;
  5. Attendance at the Campbellsport Group Anniversary Dinner and Open Meeting on February 28th ;
  6. Participation in a business meeting and later speaking at an open meeting of the Courage to Live Group, which meets inside the VA Medical Center in Tomah, on March 6th ;
  7. Helping plan and execute an ICYPAA Bid Committee hosted workshop in Fitchburg on March 14th ;
  8. Participation in the annual Area 75 Delegate’s Workshop on March 29th here in Madison. Many thanks to all who braved the bad weather that day for the purpose of helping your Delegate prepare for the 59th General Service Conference!
  9. Joining with the Area 19 (Chicago) and the Area 20 (No. IL Area) Delegates at the Area 20 equivalent of our Delegate’s Workshop. There I sat with the Area 19 Delegate, the Area 20 Alternate Delegate, and twenty-three DCM’s to review the GSC Report & Charter Agenda. About 170 total members attended the event;
  10. Attendance and sharing at the District 25 Third Legacy Workshop in Fond du Lac;
  11. On invitation, I met with and advised three different boards or committees on Traditions and Concepts matters;
  12. Attendance at the 33rd Badger Intergroup.

In February, I advised our Area Committee members that the A.A. Grapevine was found to not be in compliance with the USPS regulations for bulk mailing by non-profits. We delegates were not told then that the USPS had allowed a two-month transition period for our mailings to be brought into compliance as regards the return address labels on the mailing envelops. You might note that the April issue’s mailers have changed to both fulfill that requirement and to protect anonymity. The Grapevine continues to seek committee and reader input on the new look of the magazine and its contents. I have received several inputs, which I will take to the General Service conference with me.

More recently, delegates received word on a literature price increase to take effect on July 1, 2009. The bottom line is that Big Books will go up $2.00 per copy and most other books will go up $1.00. Our Literature Chair will have more information during his report later today. Since the last price increase in 1997, warehousing, inventory management, and order processing and shipping has increased 107% since 1997, from about $868,000 for 1997 to $1.86 million for 2008. Other costs have increased as well. In addition to the price increases, some cost saving measures have been implemented by the AAWS Board and the General Service Board. These include the first ever staff salary freeze effective March 2009, a selective staff hiring freeze also effective as of March, and deferment of some building improvements and of the Archives expansion/remodeling project. The Fellowship New Visions (FNV) Database project is performing very well and has been judged to have met its objectives in every respect.

All trusted servants at all levels are encouraged to update your contact information and preferences for receiving either hard copy or electronic forms of service material including Box 4-5-9 just as soon as possible. Updates can be sent to records@aa.org and should include your full name, address, service number from the address label on material you have received from GSO by mail, your service position and your email address. This will enable G.S.O to save postage and printing costs on any regular information you are able to receive electronically.

In 2008, 42.25% of registered groups in Area 75 contributed to G.S.O., compared to 45.49% in 2007. I know that current economic conditions are tough for many, but let’s please all encourage every group we represent or that we attend regularly to contribute as able to G.S.O., your Central/Intergroup Office, your district, and to Area 75. All of these entities perform vital service functions that benefit all of our members. Let’s please do our best to keep them strong, to keep them there for us and for that next alcoholic in need.

There is a great deal more which I could share with you, and much of it is very recent information. Some of it is in the form of preliminary reports we delegates have received. Not wanting these to be misquoted or mistaken for complete and final data, I am not adding them to this report. I will remain available after we conclude today’s Assembly so that any member who is interested might hear them in a more informal setting and ask questions as well.

I would like to finish with a deep and sincere thank you for the privilege of serving you as your Delegate this term. I will be flying to New York to represent you at the 59th General Service Conference, which begins Saturday evening.

Yours in Recovery and Service,

Stu E.
Panel 59 Area 75 (So. WI) Delegate

The Box 4-5-9 publication from GSO is going to quarterly this summer from monthly to save money.


Alternate Delegate & Area 75 Literature Chair Report

Pre-Conference Assembly – Madison Senior Center

April 19, 2009

Since our last gathering in January I had the opportunity to attend the 36th annual East Central Region Conference of Delegates Past & Present held in Springfield, IL, February 13th -15th. Area 75 was well represented and I found the proceedings and the discussions to be interesting and informative. I had an opportunity to meet and talk to several of the seated delegates and numerous past delegates. Nancy took the opportunity to visit Lincoln’s home and take in some of the bi-centennial events around the city that weekend.

Last month I attended the Delegate’s Workshop and facilitated discussion of the items that are on the Literature Committee’s agenda for the upcoming General Service Conference (GSC), which convenes April 26th – May 1st. I’ve included a brief summary of some of the items currently on the agenda…

Additional Points of Interest

San Antonio 2010 International Convention: Preliminary information has been sent to conference members, foreign G.S.O.’s and intergroup/central offices as of February 2009, notifying them that they will receive a mailing with registration forms and hotel information in August. The committee agreed to forward discussion of an anonymity-protected photo of the flag ceremony to be taken at the 2010 International Convention and a request for the encrypted broadcast of the flag ceremony to the 2009 Conference Committee on International Conventions/Regional Forums.

I would ask you to support the proposal for a Conference Approved A.A. pamphlet for the Military Veteran Suffering from Alcoholism as our returning troops have needs beyond the scope of the literature currently available. Last, continue to support Tom M. as he reaches out to the still suffering alcoholics at the Clement Zablocki VA Medical Center.

Respectfully Submitted,

John B. – Alternate Delegate/Area 75 Literature Chair


My name is David K., and I am an alcoholic, also area 75 archives chair. I am currently working with Nancy at the archives room, to update the various minute binders for the different districts located in the area. I have also been invited, and spoke, at district #1, located in Sparta Wisconsin, on our archives. Nancy and I will also be working with Jim at central office. He has cleaned the office up, and has labeled several boxes archives, that, Nancy and I will be working through, to see what can be placed on display at the archives room, upon approval of the central office board.

I encourage the districts, and groups in our area, to invite either one of us, to present and talk to you about what our archives can offer.

Nancy and I would also like to encourage all the districts in our area to send your district minutes to us. We have been receiving minutes from several districts but we ask that you also send flyers of district events with programs. Many districts have when and where’s and we ask that you send that also. Please include full dates on all materials. When sending your district materials, please send them in word form, and not PDF.

Thank you.

Your trusted servant,
David K.


Hi my name is Ken N., Area 75 Corrections chair,

Since our last meeting I’ve been to a few service events for Corrections. I was at the Area 74 and 75 state Corrections Conference meeting which was held in Appleton,Wi on 2-6-09 And the Corrections Conference will be  June 27-2009 at the  Thomson Community Center in Appleton ,Wis. There’s flyers on the back table.

On March 29 -2009 I was at the Delegates workshop and Corrections  Committee had a good turn out.
Also I was  invited to District 8 on 4-6-09 , To try and get people more interested in corrections. As they don’t have a Corrections chair. Also I talked about the Rainbow cans. What they are for and what they are not for.
Also got hooked up with the Outside sponsor from Waupun Prison and found out they have AA meetings back in the prison again. They were stopped for about a year or so because of internal problems. Dale C. is the outside sponsor. And we’re glad the meetings are back in again.

Also I’ve sent books to Districts # 6,36 and18 through the Rainbow fund. Thanks to all who have contributed.
Hope to see you all at the spring Conference in Racine .
                                                           Your trusted servant,
                                                            Ken N.

Question from the floor about the 14th annual corrections conference about getting on the area website? Response - Yes will get it on the website.

Question from the floor can we get Correspondence form for writers on the website? Response - Yes we will get it on the website.

CPC CHAIR – Randy R.

First of all I would like to thank District 8 for inviting me to speak at their district meeting (they were my first). I would also like to let all of you know that District 3 CPC (Scot S.) has begun coordinating his efforts to begin educating the professional community (all right Scot)

The Delegates Workshop held in March was a total surprise to me. The committee consisted of District 12 (2 people), District 20 (1person) plus an AA’er from the great state of Montana. We had a good discussion on the questions pose to us from GSO. The question raised was how to get the professional to view the DVD that they are making for the professional community. I think the committee did a fantastic job at addressing this question. Our answer was given to the Delegate to take with him to New York. We will soon find out if he brought up our suggestion.

The Area 75 CPC literature booth will be displayed at the VA Women’s Health Fair on the 29th of April. I will make sure that it arrives on time and is set up for the Health Fair. I will not be their to work the booth but Joan J., Cheryl M. and other will work the exhibit as professional, such as they are.

The Area 75 CPC Committee has coordinated coverage with District 32 for the May 2009 WAAODA Event which will be held at the Olympia Resort in Oconomowoc. District 32 stepped forward on a moments notice (which was my fault) to help offset the Exhibit fee and also to help round up coverage for the Exhibit. I would like to thank Mark G. (District 32) and Fred T. (Area 75 Treatment Chair) for stepping forward.

If your District is planning an event for 2009 please contact the Area 75 chair. Training, support and literature can be acquired through the Area Committee. Visits to your district are as easy as a phone call or an e-mail. Each DCM is expected to notify the Area CPC with any new contact information of their district CPC chair rotations. Education to the professionals about what AA can and does do is invaluable to the alcoholic who still suffers. Remember we focus on professional that come into contact with these still suffering individuals.

Thank you to all the Districts that have been e-mailing their minutes to me, this has become a great tool to update my lists and e-mail addresses.

My greatest reward for being the Area 75 CPC Chair is to visit other Districts and meet the people (and there are many) who carry out the Responsibility Declaration, what an honor.

I am looking forward to seeing all of you at the Spring Conference in Racine.

With Sincere Gratitude
Randy R.
Area 75 CPC Chair

Asked DCMs if they have events going on, please contact Randy. No calls so far to help out but would like help.


Good Morning! My name is Grapevine Guy and I’m an alcoholic. Actually, my name is George and I am your panel 59 Grapevine Chair. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve the fellowship in Area 75.

My activities since our Winter Service meeting on January 18 are as follow:
  1. On January 31, I set up a Grapevine Display at the WICYPAA conference at the Olympia Resort in Oconomowoc. I showed up at the panel on service on Saturday morning having been asked to participate only to find that there was a mix-up and there was no time for me to speak. That was ok. They had plenty of good speakers. I want to thank Nancy Seelen again for taking down my display and transporting it up to Waldo the next weekend.

  2. On February 13-15 I attended the Delegate’s / Past Delegates conference in Springfield, Illinois with Ken G., my service sponsor and his wife Nancy, my service salvation. While this is not related to my Grapevine activities, it does get funded through my Grapevine budget.

  3. On February 22, I ventured into the maze that is Waukesha and was privileged to set up the Grapevine Display and speak on service and the Grapevine at the Open Meeting sponsored by the Waukesha Sunday Night AA group. It was a truly memorable experience and I’m very grateful for the invitation.

  4. On March 29, I attended the Delegate’s workshop in Madison. My Grapevine committee consisted of myself and one other AA member who is not a Grapevine rep. We had a great time discussing the “About Alcoholism” pages in the Grapevine and whether or not the Grapevine should be distributed via commercial outlets.

This coming weekend, I am scheduled to attend the District 8 workshop in Beloit on Saturday and the District 32 workshop on Sunday in Waukesha. Thanks to these two districts for allowing me to be a part of their life-saving activities.
The following part of my report is quoted from a report delivered by Madeline P. Pacific Region Trustee, at the 2009 PRAASA meeting.
As you may be aware, the AA Grapevine raised the price of their books by $2.00 at the beginning of this year, with the exception of the Best of Bill. Beginning July 1, 2009, a one year subscription for the Grapevine will be $27.00. This larger than usual increase is due to “too little – too late. “ The AA Grapevine has not kept pace with increasing costs and inflation over the years and this price increase represents an attempt to actually charge what is needed to produce the magazine. Remember – “self-supporting through our own contributions! ” The AA Grapevine can no longer subsidize the cost of the magazine. And remember, where else could you get so much f or so little? How much did you spend on coffee today? Ice cream last night? Get over the shock and get with the program of “we pay our own way.” Bill W. stated in his letter to Royal Shepherd that he wanted the Grapevine to be the “Voice of the Alcoholics Anonymous movement.’ It’s up to you to ensure it stays that way today and for tomorrows to come.“

So save yourself $7 per subscription by getting those subscriptions in before July 1!

As always, I am available to come to your meetings, workshops, and mini-conferences with the Grapevine Display or to share my experience, strength and hope.

Thank you for the privilege of serving AA.

George P., Area 75 Grapevine Chair


Introduction of Liz Y. Liz has been on-board for about a week so no written report provided.


I attended District’s 27 monthly meeting in February.

I continue to network with Special Needs Chairs from District’s 1, 12, &34. I continue to work closely with D34 with a permanent Special Needs referral. This continues to work out very well as we coordinated transportation with many different meetings.

I have our Area Translation Equipment and plan to hand it off to Dennis, Chair of our Spring 2009 Conference today.

I have confirmed translation services with Spanish and Hearing Impaired Interpreters for our Area and possible District Needs. Please contact me if you would like this information. While a 30 day advanced request time frame is appreciated, it is possible to work with these individuals within a shorter time frame of just a few weeks.

I am planning on attending additional District meetings: 24, & 8, pending my surgical recovery with restoration of my ability to drive.

I am also following up with Special Needs Chairs from Districts: 7, 13, & 20 (I only have a name but no contact information from District 20. Please forward this information to me).

District 1 has requested me to speak in Tomah at the Tomah VA Medical Center on 06/05.

Respectfully Submitted,

 Lee Ann F.


Little news to report. Requests for contacts about 1 per week. Recently an 18 person recovery house called for literature and help. The local District chose to handle it. I’m just the Matchmaker. Seems to work well. Have visited 2 Districts and have 2 visits schedule to other Districts.

Question from the floor 90 day Treatment Center in Milwaukee? Facility is on 14th street between Lincoln and ? it is in the Spanish speaking district.

Need info for DCMs and GSRs of existing groups when new directory in May 8th. Need to have a name and a meeting date to be listed in the International Directory. This is the primary way for people to find a meeting that are traveling outside their normal meeting area.

DCM Reports

District 1 – Tom N.
District 1 is doing well with approximately 103 meetings per week within the district. Attendance is up at district meetings, averaging 12-15 people per month which is triple from last fall. We continue to work to encourage more active participation, communication, cooperation and attendance.

Current active standing committees include Corrections, CPC, Treatment Facilities, Grapevine and Special Needs. I have been in contact with members in the district who have expressed an interest in filling the Archives and Public Information Chairs and am currently awaiting their decisions.

The Corrections Committee and the Special Needs Committee are actively working to meet the needs of the district while CPC, Treatment and Grapevine are still gearing up and organizing having started from scratch very recently.

As DCM, I’ve been getting to as many meetings in the district as possible, encouraging active participation and attendance at district meetings, building bridges and healing divisions where possible and encouraging communication, coordination of efforts and events and cooperation between the groups, the La Crosse Area Intergroup, Area 75 and the surrounding districts I’ve been able to contact.

I would like to thank the Area Delegate, Officers, Committee Chairs and Past Delegates for all of their assistance, advice and encouragement. A special thank you to Area 75 Delegate Stu Elwing, Past Delegates Joan Johnson and Jo McLaughlin and “AA in the VA” Conference Chair Tom Mitchell for all of their encouragement and their willingness to listen. The dedication, enthusiasm and “willingness to go to any lengths” of all our Area trusted servants to assist District 1 in our efforts to rebuild has been exemplary and truly outstanding.

District 2 – Clyde M.
Our District continues to enjoy goo representation by our GSR’s at our district meetings. While not every group is represented we do have dedicated commitment and service from many.

We have continued the monthly study of traditions begun by our previous DCM, and found it to be most useful. Our GSR’s have learned, have become informed, and thus able to provide good info to their groups to help apply the traditions when problems or controversies arise.

We have recently updated our district meeting schedules, are in the process of planning a spring event, are trying to reestablish previous jail meetings in our counties, and are actively trying to fill Committee Chairperson vacancies. We do not have enough volunteers to fill all open chairs and have decided for the present to concentrate on Corrections, CPC/PI, Grapevine, and Archives. Our GSR’s are actively asking their group members to consider getting involved.

Our officers plan to follow in the footsteps of our previous rotation which helped us grow in service & commitment thus ensuring we can and will further carry the message while following the principles and traditions of AA.


Clyde M.
DCM District 2

District 3 – Marv S.

It has been a challenging few months for me as DCM, sorting through all of the paperwork and trying to get organized. Mike S., the alternate DCM, and I are visiting the meetings in our District and gathering current contact information.

Attendance at the District meetings has been between 15 and 20 people. We are still trying to fill all of our Chair positions. Special thanks to George P. for acting as interim Secretary. I would like to offer special thanks to Jim M., GSR for the Monday night beginners’ group for the enthusiasm and action he and his group have brought to our District. They are also active in WICCYPA.

District 3 is sponsoring a sponsorship workshop on May 9th at the Alano Club in Manitowoc. It will be from 11 am to 3 pm and lunch is included.

If you would like more information on the workshop, please contact me.

Marv S.
District 3 DCM

District 8 – Bridgett A.
Southern Half of Rock County

Our GSR meeting is the 1st Friday of the month at 6:45 in the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Park Ave in Beloit. We have been having around 8-10 attendees.

Recently, there are several service Committee Chairs in place: Treatment/BTG, PI, CPC, and Special Needs. We have had Area Service Committee Chairs attend our District Meeting to educate as well as put a face with a name and feel more comfortable attending Area meetings. This has been helpful and very informative. Thanks to Randy, Fred, and Ken. We hope to have all visit by the end of the year.

The local hospital outpatient treatment program is sending patients to the beginners meeting and we have been seeing more newcomers staying around. It is exciting to watch things beginning to rejuvenate our district. Many corrections pre-release requests passed along.

We have a workshop next Saturday ‘Recovery in Action’ St Johns Lutheran Church Bluff Street. Potluck at noon and panels from 1-4pm, flyers on Area 75 and Maico websites. We will be hosting SOWANII (Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois) monthly dinner and speaker gathering on May 2nd.

Yours in Service,

Bridgett A.

District 11 – Ric C.
  1. District 11 has changed the time it meets from 6:00 pm to 5:30 pm on the last Tuesday of the month.

  1. The district held a Spring Workshop on the 4th of April. The topics were the Fourth step and working with others. The attendance was around 30.

  1. Some of the District Chairs are filled, Corrections, PI/CPC and Treatment. We are actively seeking fellow alcoholics to fill other chairs and GSR positions.

  1. I have been visiting the groups in the District and will continue until I have completed all the updates. I’m about half way through.

  1. I was asked to join the UW-Whitewater/Community Coalition. This coalition deals with alcohol and drug abuse prevention on campus. UW-Whitewater is starting an on campus A.A. meeting on April 22, 2009. I will attend to help them get started.

  1. The District treasury has been blessed and the District is starting to disturb some of its funds. We sent 150.00 to Area 75 Corrections and have asked that Groups donations to the District for the months April and May 09 be sent to Area 75 Corrections also.

This report is submitted by:

Ric C., District 11 DCM

District 12 – Terry H.

My name is Terry and I am the DCM for District 12. The District is alive and well, we have only 1 Chair open, Grapevine, and we are actively trying to get that Chair filled.

We get between 22 and 28 people at the district meeting, I don’t know what happened last month, only 16 people attended.

Our Saturday night District 12 open meeting is doing well, getting over 100 people a night. The meeting is doing well, the meeting is the second Saturday night of every month. The month of May has changed to Sunday at the Washington County Fair Park for Father Tom W. from Oakland, CA.

Also, our District picnic is on the second Saturday in September, so it doesn’t conflict with the Jamboree. We also have the speaker already, they are: AA District 16 – Theresa W., and the Alanon speaker is Linda D. from Richfield.


District 13 – Leslie F.
District 13 has 21 groups located in the southeastern part of Waukesha County. At the present time, we have 13 registered GSRs in the district. All District Chairs are filled with the exception of the Special Needs Chair who recently resigned.

District 13 works closely with Districts 34 & 32 to insure meetings are taken into Waukesha County Jail, the Huber facility and Ethan Allen Juvenile Facility. Mark G. Is the Ethan Allen Contact and has started an Open Speaker meeting on Tuesday nights at Ethan Allen and is trying to get a Beginner meeting started on Monday nights. The three Districts continue to host an annual twelve step workshops and the DCMs are meeting quarterly and are encouraging our Committee Chairs to do the same in an effort to coordinate service work and get more work done. Our PI and CPC chairs will be manning a table at a GE health fair held on May 21st.

District 13 changed it’s meeting time from 230PM to 4 PM on the first Sunday of the month at St. Mathias Church in Waukesha. We have started studying 1 service concept per meeting and are looking to start a district sponsored Open Speaker breakfast meeting on a weekend date.

In Service,
Leslie F., DCM

District 15 – Brent W.

Attendance at the monthly District meeting has been growing.

District members are involved in corrections, treatment, and the 2011 conference.

The District is working with other Milwaukee area districts to coordinate planning events and possibly combine resources to more effectively carry the message of AA.

New for 2009 is the monthly open speaker meeting held at The Milwaukee Group meeting space the 1st Saturday of each month at 7:00 pm.

This month should see an AA meeting in an area treatment facility be planned to be supported by the District.

District 16 – Theresa W.

8 GSR’s currently and multiple volunteers. We have the following Chairs:

We are still in need of: Treatment, Special Needs, Literature.

Our picnic is scheduled for May 30th. Our intention for this picnic is to reach out to the groups in our district and let them know what the district does. Dave K. will be speaking and sharing how his experience with service has enhanced his sobriety. We will also have a literature rack available that central office is helping us with. Archives for District 16 will also be on display.

From this picnic we are hoping to get more involvement in the district, with the 2011 Spring Conference and with the VA hospital. All food & soda & water is being donated.

We will be having our 3rd annual Fall workshop again and will be planning that after the picnic.

We have a guest speaker every month at our district meetings.

Everyone in the district is working as a team to get out to the groups.

We have 4 GSR’s here today voting on behalf of their groups.

AA informational presentation at the VA once a month.

District 19 – John S.

Hello, my name is John S. and I’m an alcoholic. I have the privilege of serving as the DCM for District 19 which encompasses Sauk and Richland counties. We currently have groups located in seven communities holding a total of 23 meetings throughout the week. Our district currently holds monthly business meetings on the last Wednesday of the month at the Baraboo Civic Center at 6:15 pm. We routinely have good attendance at our district meetings and are always looking for members who are willing to perform service work. Our service work in the district includes the following:

The next district sponsored event will be the D19 roundoup on May 9th in Richland Center (701 W. Seminary St.) starting 5:30.

Yours in service,

John S.

District 20 – Brent B.

District 20
Goodman Community Center
149 Waubesa St.
Madison, WI 53704
Last Tuesday of the month; 6:30 pm

Standing Committee News
  1. All Standing Committee Chair positions filled
  2. Archivist Susan R. is conducting interviews with members having 25 years or more
  3. Bridging the Gap Henry S. is organizing a list of contacts (100 men/100 women)
  4. Treatment Gary S. is working on setting up another meeting at UW hospital
  5. CPC Dank K. is looking for volunteers to help at the WAAODA annual conference
  6. Corrections Chris B organizing contacts forwarded from Ken N. Are 75 Corrections Chair
  7. Grapevine Dorren H. is encouraging subscriptions to the Grapevine
  8. PI Bruce F. and committee are checking in the availability of AA literature in libraries
  9. Special Needs Tom D. is organizing a committee and may be conducting a survey to find out exactly what types of needs are required in our District

  1. Two successful breakfast events
    1. History of AA
    2. Spring Into Action

  1. Groups are discussing several ideas for workshops that have been posed at D20 meetings
  2. Groups will be organized into workshop committees based on idea interest to help put on workshops

District 24 – Matt K.
District 24 is Ozaukee county, north of the City of Milwaukee along Lake Michigan. Our district includes two treatment centers and one correctional facility. Since the beginning of the year one of our challenges has been to complete an updated district meeting directory. This process proved to be a useful tool in spreading information about the service structure and encouraging individuals, groups, GSRs, and district committee chairs to research and reach out to the collective experience of AA as a whole. The updated schedules were competed at the end of March. Our district currently includes fifty-seven meetings, forty-nine of which are held at the two twelve step clubs in the district.
Our corrections committee takes five meetings per week into the Ozaukee County jail—three women’s meetings and two men’s meetings. At present we have filled the positions of Grapevine chair, PI chair, CPC chair, Treatment/BTG chair, Corrections, Central Office Board Representative, Secretary, and Treasurer. We hope to fill the Special Needs position in the coming months.
Our new Treatment/BTG chair has organized groups of AAs to carry the message into the two treatment centers in our district. We are currently on a four to six week rotation with both treatment centers and the message has been well received.
Our PI committee is working diligently to distribute AA literature and the updated schedules to the five public libraries, more than twenty educational facilities, and more than forty faith-based organizations in our district. An exciting opportunity has recently arisen to include the message of AA in the rotation of PSA space with clear channel broadcasting (electronic billboards) in the greater Milwaukee area. Working in conjunction with the surrounding districts and the central office our PI committee has researched the issues and hopes to have the message up and running in the coming months.
On February 7 district 24 hosted an eighth and ninth step workshop at the New Day Club in Mequon, WI. Our panelists and speakers were drawn from district 24, district 15, and district 12. We had forty-three in attendance and the feedback was positive.
Out of fifty-seven meetings in our district we currently have between twelve and fourteen GSRs attending the district meetings. This is a direct result of the efforts and dedication of our previous DCM and our committee chairs…a district that was by all measures “dark” three years ago is beginning to get active. It has been a privilege to be a part of this process.

District 25 – Les M.

All of the committee positions have been filled in our district. Also, we just completed a 7th Tradition workshop and the 3rd Legacy on April 11th. I want to thank Nancy and Ken for their contribution. We’re also putting the 2009 Fall Conference together and a Grapevine Workshop on May 30th. The speaker for the workshop is going to be Robin B., Executive Director of the Grapevine from New York.

In Service,

Les M.

District 27 – Marty S.

District 27n is on the northwest side of the city of Milwaukee. We have 14 active groups and 5 groups I am still checking on. I have been visiting each group and encouraging them to elect GSR’s who will attend district and Area 75 meetings. Our district meetings are held on the 3rd Saturday of each month, 9:00 am, at the 12 Step Club. All chairs are filled except Corrections. We have corrections writers.

A workshop was held yesterday, entitled, “Why Do I Keep Slipping?” There were about 30 people in attendance. We will have another workshop in the fall.

All 6 of the DCM’s in Milwaukee county and District 24 have been meeting on the second Thursday of the month to discuss topics in our districts and how to open more communication between the districts, in Milwaukee county. There has been some discussion of a joint function in the future.


Ms. Marty S.
District 27 DCM

District 29 – Mike T.

All chairs filled.

Completed Men’s AA Mini-Conference

Upcoming Today Round Robin

District 30 – Joel B.

Joel B. GSR Life on Life’s Terms Group District 30 (Past DCM). 54 weekly meetings in the northern half of Rock county. Monthly district meetings reasonably well attended average 20 participants. All chair positions are currently filled.

2 women’s and 1 men’s corrections AA meetings that meet weekly at Rocky County Corrections. Informational AA speaker meeting at Mercy hospital every other week. PI/CPC Chair mailed out letters to all churches asking if they’d like more information on AA.

We will be having a district mini-conference this fall. My home group is involved with the host committee for the WICYPAA 2010 and will be sponsoring a WICYPAA outreach event “Game Night” on Friday, May 29th @ 8 pm at the Wesley Ave Alano Club, 1833 Wesley Ave, Janesville, WI. www.wicypaa.org

District 31 – Benjamin B.

District 31 is comprised of 10 groups and encompasses Columbia County. Our District has its meeting on the 3rd Sunday of every month at 6:30 pm at the Pardeeville Public Library (with a good turnout). All of our Chairs are full except Alternate DCM and Literature.

We will be holding district elections in May so this is my last pre-conference assembly as DCM. It has been a privilege to work with everyone and I have found it very rewarding both for my continued sobriety, but also for better understanding AA as a whole.

We are also planning our second annual mini-conference in September again. We hope to have a great day of speakers and fellowship. Last year’s was very inspiring and had a great turnout. September 12th is our date and we hope to see you there. It’s to be held at Dekorra Lutheran Church again.

We have meetings at both Columbia County Corrections and County Jail, carry the message to inmates at both. The county jail has both men’s and women’s meetings. We recently purchased more literature for this purpose.

Again thank you for letting me serve, I have been greatly rewarded. It has been a privilege to see District 31 flourish and grow, & have been involved with Area 75.

Yours in Service,

Benjamin B. DCM

District 32 – John C.

District 32 consists of niney-six groups located in the western half of Waukesha County. At the present time, eighteen of the groups have an active GSR, forty two of the groups have a registered GSR or group contact and 17 of the groups have no registered GSR or contact. As with past DCMs, myself and LCMs from the District are actively trying to encourage more groups to get involved at the district level. We are planning on holding a number of workshops this year aimed at increasing the involvement of the inactive groups.

All of our District Chairs are currently filled and members are active in carrying the message. We have consistently had good attendance at our monthly district meetings, even considering the low percentage of active GSRs.

District 32 works closely with Districts 13 & 34 to coordinate activities in Waukesha County. We continue to be involved in an annual twelve step, tri-district workshop.

We do our best to provide literature and volunteers to support meetings at Waukesha County Jail, the Waukesha County Huber facility and Ethan Allen juvenile facility. We also work closely with the Lawrence Center treatment facility to provide literature and volunteers to speak at meetings. An finally we provide Bridging the Gap and Corrections Prerelease contacts for those coming out of facilities into our area.

Respectfully submitted

John C. - DCM

District 34 – Drew A.

District 34 consists of 30 groups located within the northeastern quadrant of Waukesha County. At the present time, 63% of the groups have a registered GSR. Group contacts have been established with those groups that have no GSR and those contacts are actively keeping their groups informed of District and Area business.

All District Chairs are filled with the exception of the PI Chair. Our PI Chair recently announced that she was moving to California and we are in the process of backfilling that position.

District 34 works closely with Districts 13 & 32 to insure meetings are taken into Waukesha County Jail, the Huber facility, and Ethan Allen Juvenile Facility. In addition, the 3 Districts continue to host an annual twelve step workshop. At the present time, the 3 Districts are in the process of identifying additional twelve stop work that can be jointly performed.

In addition to the work performed in concert with District 13 and 32, District 34 sponsors a monthly open meeting on the 2nd Saturday of every month; provides speakers to the treatment centers within the District; responds to Bridging the Gap requests; arranges for meetings for those with special needs; donates Grapevines and La Vinas to a number of institutions and insures the correctional institutions are well stocked with AA literature including the text Alcoholics Anonymous.

Our District is active, engaged and dedicated to carrying the message to the alcoholic that still suffers.

Respectfully submitted,

Drew A. - DCM

District 36 – Barb W.
Hi. My name is Barb W. & I’m an alcoholic. DCM of District 36, western Racine & Kenosha Counties.

Our district has 32 groups.

Though we have 4 committee chair positions still open, our district meetings have been enthusiastically attended by many GSR’s.

I have been visiting groups and have been very well received.

Our district is co hosting this year’s spring conference. We have had a lot of participation so far.

We have a spirituality workshop planned for Saturday June 13th 11:30 – 3:30 @ the Plymouth Congregational United Church of Christ, 124 West Washington Street in Burlington. Fliers are on the table.

Thank you.


Host Districts 7, 17, and 36. I think we are ready for the conference. Some loose ends to tie down. But for the most part we are ready. We are getting more people registering every day. We have:

Our next meeting is next Sunday, 4/25/09 at 2 pm. We will tie down all loose ends.

Thank-you for letting me serve,

Dennis L..


Since we last met at the winter service assembly in January, our committee has met 3 times. We have been able to come up with what we believe to be, a very attractive and affordable registration and meal package. As follows:

Please keep in mind the Bill W. fund for those that might not be able to afford the registration fee, but would like to attend. Heidel House Resort room rates are attractive and affordable as well at $109 per night. Please make a not when booking your room, to mention our (password) Area 75 Fall Conference. This will accomplish several very important things, (1.) You will get the discounted room rate of $109, plus tax. (2.) The area will get credit for the contracted number of rooms rented.

Registration flyers are in the final throws of last minute changes and corrections, as we are speaking. I have the utmost confidence in our printing committee these changes will be made, and the flyers will go to pres, sometime in the next couple of days and will be available to all of you at the Spring Conference in Racine in 4 weeks. To all DCM’s present there will be a packet of pertinent information and registration flyers, for you at the registration table when you register in Racine please be sure to pick them up when you register. Not too that several sets of conference tapes are being made available to thos who register early, so don’t wait to the last minute like I usually do. For more registration forms visit: www.area75.org or email fallconference@charter.net Next meeting is next Sunday, April 25, 2009 12:30 pm at the Gratitude Club in Fond du Lac.

It is an honor and a privilege to be of service. Respectfully submitted: Barbara F. and Jeffery Z. Co-chairs of the 2009 Fall Conference.


The Age of Miracles is Still With Us

The Are 75 59th annual Spring Conference, hosted by District 32, is set to be held at Olympia Resort in Oconomowoc, April 30th through May 2nd, 2010.

Things are coming together as well as can be expected. Our committee has experienced a few setbacks, but nothing that couldn’t be overcome.

All of our speakers are locked in. Our program is pretty well set, with a couple of minor details to be worked out.

Our Al-Anon Chair reminded us about something very significant. We in AA don’t normally promote Al-Anon functions unless AA is somehow involved. Therefore, Al-Anon would be hard-pressed to promote our conference if the words Al-Anon were not present. We chose to resolve this by adding the words “With Al-Anon Participation” to our Save-the-Date flyers. The main reason we were concerned with this, is that we are not competing with the Al-Anon conference date that year.

Our Save-the-Date flyer will not have any pertinent information, so that we do not detract from any upcoming or ongoing conferences. We’re willing to wait our turn.

As I’ve reported previously, we have a very workable contract with Olympia. We are responsible for $7,000 in food and beverages. We are responsible for 150 room rentals for both nights, at the rental rate of $99.000, which includes up to 4 person occupancy.

Respectfully submitted,

Bob S.
Conference Chair Spring 2010

No written report provided.

Conference Advisory Chair – George B.

Archives – Nancy S.

In the archives they now have all of the information for all the conferences. Just a reminder to anyone working on conferences and provide a copy of all minutes and other information dealing with the conference, contracts, etc. That way future conferences can see past information. Placed in a confidential area.


My name is Jim and I am an alcoholic. I have a few announcements from Great Milwaukee Central Office.

Gene has decided to retire. He will not be returning as the director. The board has decided to continue with me as the director and Dan as the Office Manager. Dan will assume my responsibilities during the months of June, July, and August. I will return in September. Gene will serve as a consultant until May of 2011. His consulting services will be determined by the Board of Directors.

Our Jamboree will be on September 19th and again be held at the zoo. Tickets are $24 and that includes admission to the zoo. The speaker is Jack C. from Hagerstown, Maryland. Tickets are now available. Flyers are on the table in the back with order forms. Dan and I have tickets with us. Gen will be recognized at the Jamboree for his years of service.

We have added an additional meeting at the office. The meetings are now Monday thru Friday at 12:15 and 4 pm and Saturday at 10:30 am (this is the new meeting) and 3 pm.

Our upgraded computer system should be completed in August or September. This should provide a new, improved face to our website and timely updates to group and meeting information.

We have spent the past month evaluating inventory and determining how best to clear unnecessary or overstocked product. We will be reducing prices on these products by 50%. We will then determine how best to distribute this literature and other product to the fellowship through the service structure. We will no longer be sending GSO and Area contributions quarterly. We will now be sending them every month.

Finally, I must apologize for not becoming more involved with the districts in learning how best to communicate the requests we receive at Central Office, that can be more appropriately dealt with at the District level or in cooperation with Central Office. I will make this a priority when I return in September.

I thank you for allowing me to share and that should be two minutes.

Question from the Delegate, trying to get more current with the Service Manual. Jim responded that they are now current with the Service Manual.

MAICO – Ken G.

The Madison Area Intergroup Central Office (MAICO) is a full-service central office
that helps coordinate and facilitate communication and cooperation among individual A.A. groups, area 12-step and other committees, and components of the A.A. service structure. MAICO provides needed services that are beyond the scope and ability of any individual A.A. group, and is at all times responsible to the groups it serves.

The office receives calls for 12 Step work, meeting information, directions to meetings, and service opportunities to name only a few.

In February, MAICO hosted a workshop, presented by Bill G, on the history of the writing of the Big Book. It was well attended and very interesting according to those who participated.

MAICO also hosted “Spring Into Action” in March. Spring Into Action was a breakfast, prepared by the MAICO Reps, with speakers from Milwaukee (Bill) and Chicago (Derek). Bill and Derek focused their remarks on the work of central offices and how they serve the local A.A. community. Another great success!

We were invited to another great mini-conference hosted by District 9 in Kieler. As usual, it was a wonderful day. District 9 sure knows how to put on a mini-conference. Thanks to all who planned the days events and all who participated.

The MAICO Reps are planning our annual MAICO Picnic for August 8th. The flyer is not done yet, but will be coming soon. Keep your eyes open for the flyer and please come join us!

Our hope is to continue with regular workshops/breakfasts, so watch the MAICO website for details.

If your district would like your district minutes placed on the MAICO website, or your events placed in the “Calendar of Events”, please send an electronic copy of the minutes and/or events to Diane. MAICO’s contact information is shown above.

Announcement from the Chair

No place to go for lunch for the Summer Service Meeting, so bring your own.


Summer Service Assembly – June 28, 2009 – District 27

This is at the Monona Community Center at 1011 Nichols Rd., Monona

The coffee volunteer is to take the coffee supplies with them at the end of today’s meeting and replenish supplies from the donation can if needed. Coffee pots are supplied by the Madison Center, which opens at 8:00 AM the day of the event. The coffee volunteer is responsible for clean up of the coffee pots and transfer of supplies to the next volunteer at the end of the day.

AREA 75 CPC Sense of the Meeting

Get the written details from Randy on Videos. Actors get their faces blurred out.

- If they are portraying themselves as persons of AA and then someone sees them in public drinking concern about this issue.

- Tom – District 1 – wants to take it back to the groups.

- GSO wants this as a sense of the meeting, since we need this for General Service Conference.

Vote for a sense of the Meeting. Faces blurred vs. faces shown with a disclaimer. Since it is a sense of the meeting anyone present can vote.

Blurred faces for paid actors: 25 in favor of this

Show full faces with disclaimer: 75 in favor of this



Proposal Sponsor: Howard Paulbicke
Phone: 262-798-3583
Sponsor’s Service Position: Conference Advisory Chairperson

Provide complete details of your proposal (attach any supporting documentation):
To increase the amount of seed money advanced for Area 75 Conferences from $500.00 to $1,000.00. The Area 75 Conference Advisor requests the funds on behalf of the hosting conference committee. If funds in excess of $1,000.00 are requested, such increase will be subject to approval by the Area 75 Finance Committee.

Benefits/Background/Additional Information:
1) Seed money is needed for start-up costs for Area Conferences. These costs include, but are not limited to, opening a PO Box, ordering checks, and printing. Funds may also be required for a facility deposit. The amount of these costs has increased significantly since the last increase was approved in 2002.
2) Previous Assembly action, Chapter 3 – Conferences and Workshops, Section A. Action dated 2002/03/03 – “Increase the conference seed money from $300.00 to $500.00.”

Estimated Funding Required:
Conferences are bid three years in advance. Therefore, $2,000 to $3,000 may be outstanding at any one time, depending on the timing of the funds needed by the conference committees. Seed money is returned to the Area treasury at the conclusion of the conferences.

Discussion on Proposal
Background from the Finance Committee past chair realized that $500 is not adequate these days for start-up of a Conference. Often additional money needed to be advanced to the Conference. Significant discussions in the Finance Committee, then asked the Conference Committee to submit a proposal to increase the seed money.

It cost $410 to print 5,000 registration forms. Need additional funds for the conferences.

Call for the question to stop the debate. Motion to stop debate has to stop debate has carried.

Vote to raise the seed money – 84 to 0, proposal passed

Area 75 Proposal Form

Proposal Sponsor: John Baddaker & Randy Rodgness
Sponsors Phone: John Baddaker 262 538-3829
Randy Rogness 414 906-6685

Sponsors Service Position: Area 75 CPC and Literature Chairs

Describe your proposal. (Attach any supporting documentation)

This proposal is for a new AA Conference Approved brochure or pamphlet for Military Veterans suffering from Alcoholism.

Today, there are more Veterans than Active Duty Military personnel. In 2006, the US Census Bureau estimated 24.5 million Military Veterans live in the United States this number includes Veterans dating back to World War I. Currently, Veterans from seven wars and conflicts are receiving treatment for alcoholism in VA Medical Centers and clinics in our state. Many are Veterans walking in off the streets. There are too many still suffering alcoholic Veterans who are home bound, in shelters or homeless.

In years to come, there will be many more potential alcoholics returning home from current or future military conflicts. We want the hand of A.A. always to be there and for that we are responsible.

Fact: Veterans are part of AA history. Bill Wilson, one of our founding fathers was a WW I veteran.

Bill describes his experience in the first three paragraphs in Chapter 1.

Fact: in 1945, Dr. Gilbert King, a WWI Veteran and resident of VA Facility in Woods, WI, carried the first AA message to the Milwaukee City Jail as noted in a letter from Bill Wilson and on display at the Area 75 Archives.

The AA and the Armed Services pamphlet was created in 1974 just after the Vietnam War. It was last revised in 2003 but still only addresses active duty Military personnel not veterans. We felt adding veteran stories to this pamphlet would take away from the primary purpose of the original publication. The needs of Veterans are entirely different in nature and it was decided a new publication would best serve the veteran cause.

List the primary benefits of your proposal to the area.

The new brochure would be a vital 12 step tool for all members of Area 75 and Alcoholics Anonymous as a whole. New stories reflecting the experience, strength and hope of veterans recovering from Alcoholism could be carried to other still suffering alcoholics at VA hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices, counselors, homeless shelters and anywhere a veteran reaches out for help.

January 15, 2009 was the last day to submit new agenda items to the upcoming General Service Conference but we can still get the lengthy approval process going today. We can ask our Literature Chairperson John B. to forward the proposal to the districts and groups for consideration.

Costs to the area: NONE

In the Spirit of Service,


Tom Mitchell

GSR When and Where Group

Outside AA Sponsor Clement J. Zablocki VA Medical Center

Question from the floor: What would be different in a Veteran’s piece of literature vs. what literature that we already have? Response: We have literature that is focused on different groups of people, we need some literature specific to Veteran’s needs.

Clarification: All this proposal would do is get it considered for the Agenda for the General Service Conference.

How many different pieces of literature do we need for specialized groups? This would cost money to create a new pamphlet. Possibly we could modify the existing Armed Forces pamphlet.

Another comment is not perpetuate the uniqueness of a special group. Recovery is based in the Big Book and by doing one-on-one work with another alcoholic. Are we substituting literature for one-on-one alcoholic work.

As the number of in-patient and out-patient treatment facilities decline, many of the Veterans are turning to the VA hospitals for help. Pamphlet would help in those areas where a major VA hospital is not located.

If we vote for this the proposal goes to the Trustees, then may get referred to a specific committee, then it could either be recommended to be put on the GSC or the committee may take no action.

Proposal sponsor talked with GSO – GSO said it would be a longer process to modify the existing Armed Forces pamphlet as opposed to creating a new pamphlet. Different needs of Veterans vs. Active Armed Services.

No further Discussion:
Vote to develop pamphlet: 63 to 32. Motion carried, is there a minority opinion?

Minority opinion: With cutbacks in financial resources of GSO and will we need pamphlets for each specialized groups. Singleness of purpose. We need to keep it simple and promote uniqueness. Clarification that this proposal is only for Canada and the US.

Anyone who voted in the majority would like to reconsider? None – so the proposal passed.

Area Spring Conference 2012
Brent B. of District 20 for May 4th to May 6th of 2012 and price rooms is $109. No other districts submitted a proposal.

Question – how firm are the dates? We don’t know the dates for the 2012 GSC. That was the hotel’s preferred dates.

Motion to accept the proposal and seconded. Proposal passed.

Announcement for ICYPAA bus going to Atlanta – 5 spots left on the bus.

Announcement let Kathy know if you want your Box delivered electronically.

The meeting closed at 12:45 pm with the Responsibility Declaration:

When anyone, anywhere reaches out, I want the hand of A.A. always to be there, and for that; I am responsible!”

Upcoming events:

04/26/09 thru 05/02/09 - General Service Conference in New York
05/15/09 thru 05/17/09 - Spring Conference in Racine (Delegate's Report)
06/28/09 - Summer Service Meeting at the Monona Community Center, 1101 Nichols Rd., Monona, WI – Note the address and location change due to remodeling at the Madison Senior Center
08/07/09 thru 08/09/09 - ECR Conference in Peoria, IL
09/27/09 - Pre-Conference Assembly at the Madison Senior Center
11/06/09 thru 11/08/09 - Fall Conference in Green Lake (Area Inventory)
11/13/09 thru 11/15/09 - ECR Forum in Kalamazoo, MI