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Alcoholics Anonymous in Southern Wisconsin
Alcoholic’s Anonymous – Area 75
Alcoholic’s Anonymous – Area 75
9:00 a.m. Sunday September 7, 2008
Pre-Conference Assembly
Madison Senior Center, Madison



OFFICERS PRESENT: John B., Area Chairperson; George P., Delegate; Stu E., Alt Delegate/Literature; Nancy B., Secretary ; Mark C., Alt Secretary; Nancy H., Treasurer; Cynthia H., Alt. Treasurer

STANDING COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSON PRESENT: Nancy G., Grapevine Chair; John W., Special Needs Chair; George D., Area 75 Registrar; Marty S. Corrections Chair; Randy R., CPC Chair; Nancy S., Archivist

DCM’S PRESENT; D1-Art B.; D2- Denise E.; D3- Jim K.; D8- Bridgett A., D11-Dewey K.; D12- Terry H.; D14- Frank S. Alt.; D15- Mike B.; D16-Theresa W.; D17-Linda N.; D20- Doreen H.; D24- Mark K.; D28- Dave F.; D29- Gary E.; D30- Bill Atl.; D34- Drew A.; D36- Barb W.

GSR’S & DISTRICT COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSONS PRESENT; D2- Bob T., Jim F., Ezyde M.,; D3- Gary F.; D8- Toni M. Alta T.; D11-Ric C.; D12-Mary R.; D13- Leslie F., Rick S., Bob M., Phyllis R., Diane P.; D14-Frank S., Diane E.; D15- Daniel S., Ryan G., Brent W., Jose B.; D16- Mark V., Patty L.; D17- Rob H., Jim R.; D20-Kathy W.; D22- Scot H.; D24- Matt K.; D25- Jeff Z., Les M.; D28- Terry R.: D29- Lynn G., Gail S., Dennis D.; D30- Bill J.; D32- Kari E., Rick M., Bob G., Carl H.; D34- Crystal L., Lee Ann U., Greg G.; D36-Pete W.

OTHERS PRESENT: Past Delegates: John B., Joan J., Bill A., Nancy G., Ken G.: 2008 Fall Conf. Annette D.; 2009 Fall Conf. Jeff Z. Visitor: John A.


Review minutes from Spring Conference Assembly Meeting at the Olympia Resort & Conference Center held in Oconomowoc, WI, Saturday May 17, 2008. Which contained Financial Report, Delegates report from 2008 General Service Conference, and one standing committee report that was submitted.

A reminder to please notify George D., our current Registrar via e-mail (if possible) of any information changes regarding groups, DCM addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc. Thank you.

I’d like to thank everyone for the opportunity to serve these past two years as the Area Secretary. It was an honor and privilege.


To date 42 groups, districts and individuals have contributed to the Rainbow Fund; 8 groups and individuals contributed to the Count On Us Fund and 302 groups, districts and individuals to the area. The number of groups contributing represents approximately one third of the groups registered with GSO. A report listing these contributions is available for your review.

Contributions to the area are about $1500 behind last year at this point. If it were not for the income from the spring conference we would only have $129.73 in our checking account to support area service work.

The finance committee is investigating setting up a separate account for conferences. Currently they are doing fact-finding to see what other areas are doing in regard to conference finances. The committee hopes to have a report for the Winter Service Meeting in January.

I want to thank all groups who have used the contribution form. Use of the form makes my job easier. A blank form is sent to groups along with a receipt for contributions made unless the group requests that no acknowledgement be sent. The form is available at the back of the room or it can also be downloaded from the area web site www.area75.org.

The checking account has been reconciled as of the August 31, 2008 statement.

The Finance Committee met last month to review checks written during May, June and July.

A draft outline has been prepared for topics to include during a workshop for group or district treasurers and other interested members.

I have been documenting the duties of the area treasurer. We will be having elections for a new treasurer and alternate treasurer at the fall conference. If you or someone you know is qualified and interested in standing for one of these positions you can contact me for a copy of this document or you can talk to any member of the finance committee.

Nancy H., Area 75 Treasurer



Current Assets

Cash in Checking-M&I


Prudent Reserve-M&I


Cash-Count On Us


Cash - Rainbow Can


A/R-Conference Seed Money




Equipment Depreciation



Total Current Assets



Total Assets




Current Liabilities


Total Current Liabilities



Total Liabilities



Retained Earnings


Net Income



Total Capital



Total Liabilities & Capital







2008 Actual YTD

2008 Total Budget

2008 Variance YTD












Alt. Delegate/Lit.



































Public Info.










Spcl. Needs










Alt. Chair





Alt. Secretary





Alt. Treasurer





Archives Chair










COU Literature


Rainbow Literature




Conference Seed Money

Fall 2008


Spring 2009


(Hotel deposit = $1500)

Fall 2009





This Year

Last Year

Year to Date
This Year

Year to Date
Last Year


Group Contributions





Conference Proceeds





Other Income









Total Revenues










Conference Booth Fee





GSO Fees






























Misc/Office Expense















Registration Fees










Archives Rent










Web Site














Total Expenses









Net Income










REVENUE - Rainbow & COU

Group Contributions - Rainbow





Grp Contribution - Count On Us





EXPENSES - Rainbow & COU

Literature - Rainbow/COU






I’d like to apologize to anyone who showed up for the rescheduled Summer Service Meeting. I followed the same lines of communication in canceling the original meeting in June, rescheduling the meeting and final cancellation. Nancy G volunteered to come down to the Senior Center in June and nobody from Area 75 showed up. Based on that information I felt it was safe to assume the second cancellation notice had reached the same people as the first. In hindsight I should have requested our webmaster to make sure a prominent message was displayed on the Area website regarding both cancellations. So if there was anyone other than the one person that called me that morning, once again I apologize.

Shortly after the Spring Conference in May I received an email from our CPC Chair, Cheryl M-J, to the effect that she was unable to complete her term due to health reasons. I would like to thank Cheryl for her service to Area 75 up to that point and wish her a speedy recovery. I’d also like to thank Randy R for volunteering to accept the appointment of CPC Chair for the balance of Cheryl’s term.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the District Secretaries and the DCM’s who have sent me copies of the minutes from your District meetings during the past two years. It’s very important that we keep each other informed on the business of Alcoholics Anonymous. I would encourage you and your successors to make maximum use of the Area website by keeping your neighboring Districts informed of your activities. It is your commitment that has allowed Alcoholics Anonymous to be successfully passed on from one generation to the next for the past 78 years. I challenge all of you with the task of engaging others in the important task of service work and locate qualified replacements for your positions before leaving office. This will ensure that the message and solution will be available for future generations of alcoholics yet to find their seat at a meeting.

I would also like to thank you for the opportunity to be a service to our fellowship in the capacity as Area Chair during the past two years. The experience has definitely provided me with many growth opportunities that will serve me both in and out of Alcoholics Anonymous. I hope that I continue to be useful in whatever capacity you see fit, whether it is at the Area, District or Group level. I also hope I remain forever grateful to the program and never reach the point of unwillingness because I’ve done my share…

A special thanks to those of you who fulfilled your commitments as Area Offices, Area Standing Committee Chairs and the many volunteers that made our meetings possible during the past rotation.

Please pick up a copy of the Area resume form and fill them out for the incoming Area Chair so that the positions can be filled with qualified and enthusiastic members of our fellowship.


Good day and thank you for the privilege of serving as your delegate!

Since my last report at the Spring Conference in Oconomowoc, here is how I have been involved in service to Area 75:

On June 10, the date of the founding of our Dear Fellowship, I was privileged to present my delegate’s report to the monthly secretary’s meeting at the Milwaukee Central office. I am grateful for the way I was consistently invited and given adequate time to present a delegate’s report at the Milwaukee Central Office throughout my term as delegate.
On Friday, July 25, Liz and I flew out to Cleveland, Ohio to attend the 23rd East Central Regional Convention held in conjunction with the 52nd Ohio State Convention. It was a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with my fellow East Central Regional Delegates, our East Central Regional Trustee and other AA trusted servants. They put on a great conference and Liz and I enjoyed the entire weekend. I particularly enjoyed the speakers most if not all of whom were from the state of Ohio.

In August, I received a letter from one of our districts having to do with the issue of “swearing and cursing” at AA meetings. This is the kind of thing you are privileged to be consulted about when you are the delegate. A group wanted to include a phrase in their meeting format discouraging the use of profanity during the meeting. When the group conscience went against the submitter of this letter, he took his minority opinion to the District and then demanded that the DCM take it to this meeting and the Fall Conference and that I take it to “any regional and national level as appropriate”. Does this remind you of anyone? It reminds me of me.

I explained that such matters qualify as an outside issue. I went on to explain that the long form of our 10th tradition states, “No AA group or member should ever in such a way as to implicate AA, express any opinion on outside controversial issues – particularly those of politics, alcohol reform or sectarian religion.”

I explained that this kind of issue needs to be dealt with by his home group and that his options were to either bring the issue up again or to accept the decision of the group.

I have received the 2008 Final Report from the 58th Annual Meeting of the General Service Conference of Alcoholics Anonymous. These are on the table in the back of the room along with various CD’s and other Grapevine materials that have been sent to me by the General Service Office. Please feel free to take these items and distribute them. There are 150 copies of the English version and 50 copies of the Spanish version for you to take back and distribute one to each AA group in your district. I am keeping back 50 copies for distribution during the final months of my term.

Finally, I guess this may be my last chance to enjoy the latitude of giving a report before the Area 75 Assembly. I want you to know that I can’t find the words that adequately express my gratitude for the privilege of serving as your delegate. Nonetheless, I’ll try. My first reaction to being elected delegate is “What were you thinking?” After that, it was “What have I gotten myself into?” Then it was, “Hmm, I can do this. I’m even getting pretty good at it!” Then it was, “Holy mackerel, put a fork in me. I’m done!” Now it’s, “Where did the last two years go?” The experience of representing AA of Southern Wisconsin in New York City at the General Service Conference has been one of the most frustrating, humbling, enriching, enlightening, exasperating, fulfilling, and memorable experiences of my young life. I intend to be the “bad penny” of AA. I won’t go away. I believe there is more out there and I intend to stick around in the hope that I’ll get it. I’m not saying goodbye. I’m just saying, “Thanks. See you around!”

George P., Panel 57 Delegate, General Service Area 75, Southern Wisconsin


Welcome to all, it has been a busy summer indeed!

I would like to begin with some literature items:

1. The Area 75 Literature Display is on the table in the back of the room. As usual, books and other single items are for display only. I also have the Take-It-Or-Leave-It Pamphlet Sample Rack here again today. Please help yourself to its contents and to the literature catalogs back there as well. That rack seems a well received and cost effective way of getting literature samples out to our membership at area meetings and assemblies. The verbal feedback I have received on he rack and its contents has been positive. If anybody has a negative input they would like to share with me on the subject of the Take-It-Or-Leave-It Pamphlet Sample Rack, please catch me during one of our breaks today. I want to leave some feedback on it for my successor next term.
2. There are many new items available in DVD and in CD format from G.S.O. Some of these are not current in the issue of the Literature Catalog that is being mailed out. But you can find an up to date listing in the Aug/Sept issue of Box 4-5-9. If you do not have a copy in print, use the search engine on the G.S.O. website at www.aa.org to display and print a copy for your reference. The list is on page two. It is of particular interest to Corrections, CPC, Treatment, Archives, and Special Needs Committee members, but ALL members will find items of interest. In fact, DCM’s might print a few for distribution at your meetings. Again, the list is on page two of the Aug/Sept issue of Box 4-5-9.
3. The same website has a new set of guidelines called “A.A. Guidelines-Internet”. If you get the idea from them that all of A.A. is “finding its way” in terms of material shared via the internet, I would tend to agree with you. Rather than fearing this medium and the concerns that come with its use, let’s all please try to grow together!
4. As instructed by a group conscience of the combined Literature and Grapevine Committees meeting during the Spring Conference, I forwarded to our Area 75 Chair a Proposal to make a change as follows:
It is proposed that:
We seek to add to the agenda of the next General Service Conference an item for consideration, that item being the addition of wording like “Obtain and begin to study a copy of the book, Alcoholics Anonymous” to the paragraph headed “What advice do you give to new members?” in Pamphlet P-24. (Pamphlet P-24 is titled “A Newcomer Asks”)”.
Since the proposal would not come up for a vote here until April 2009, I asked our Delegate and a couple of our Past Delegates for help with it. The end result is that our Delegate has received a letter from the literature Coordinator at GSO stating that this item will be considered by a November meeting of the Trustees’ Literature Committee. Once that meeting has occurred, it would seem right to withdraw the Area 75 Proposal.

As your Alternate Delegate and Literature Chair, I visited meetings of Districts 27, 7, 16, 6, 11, and 12 since my last report to you. I also spoke at the Greater Milwaukee Central Office Secretaries’ Meeting in August. I shared a bit about my duties and we had a general discussion on serving Alcoholics Anonymous. There were questions and much discussion. I am so very pleased to see our districts reaching out through workshops and other events! Each works hard to get done what can be done in the face of limited resources, both in terms of dollars and of willing trusted servants.

I attended by invitation a meeting of the planning committee for the Wisconsin/Upper Michigan Corrections Conference. That group sure worked hard to present a quality event! It was also a pleasure to attend that Conference in June.

I assisted in the search for a new Area 75 Cooperation with the Professional Community (CPC) Chair following Cheryl’s resignation. After Randy R.’s acceptance by our Area 75 Chair, I worked with Randy to help him get started in that position.

I also attended our East Central Regional Conference in Westlake, Ohio. I fulfilled the normal duties of an Alternate Delegate while there, and I had the humbling privilege of sitting as a panelist on Saturday. Our panel topic was “Growth through Love and Service”. Also at that conference, an opportunity came to explore the possibility of our Trustee-at-Large (U.S.), Dorothy W., attending our Area 75 Fall Conference. By Sunday morning, our Delegate joined Dorothy and me for more discussion of that visit and of her participation. I am also Program Chair for that conference, so details were worked out with Dorothy and her husband, Jim, with our Delegate, with the Conference Committee, and with the Conference Advisory Committee Chair over the next several weeks. I personally do not recall the last time a Trustee-at-Large attended an Area 75 Conference; those of us involved are all excited at the prospect!

Very recently, our new Area 75 CPC Chair-Designate and I were asked to meet with the committee working on the “A.A. at the VA” one-day conference in October. We met yesterday as a committee. It was a productive meeting, hopefully a prelude to a great annual cooperative event at Milwaukee’s Zablocki VA Medical Center.

Finally, this is the last report I will give to you from this podium as your Alternate Delegate & Literature Chair. I extend my deepest thanks and gratitude for the opportunity to have served you in that capacity this term. I sincerely hope that my humble efforts to serve have in some way enhanced our larger efforts to carry A.A’s message wherever it is needed and have justified the trust you all placed in me. And I extend thanks to our Delegate for having allowed me to assist him as needed in his duties and for having encouraged my overall work on your behalf. He has allowed me substantial latitude in service and we have conferred many times along the way. Many Alternate Delegates have not been so blessed.

Yours in Recovery and Service,

Stu E., Area 75 Alt. Delegate & Literature Chair


Please remember that the Area 75 Grapevine Committee is asking for your continued help in these last months of the 2007-2008 rotation. The challenge continues to be: 1) Promote new subscriptions to the Grapevine and La Vina, 2) Make a monetary donation to the Count On Us fund to provide both new and renewal subscriptions to correctional facilities, and 3) Collect back issues for correctional facilities. We will have a donation box and donation can at the Grapevine display at the Fall Conference in Fond du Lac. We have over $500 in renewal subscriptions to cover around year-end. Please ask your groups for a special collection to help in this effort.

Special thanks to Connie M of District 6 who collected $155 for the Count On Us fund! Great work, Connie!

New Products
Spiritual Awakenings CDs in Spanish – Bill W. said, “The greatest gift that can come to anybody is a spiritual awakening.” Listen to these Grapevine stories from AAs relating the different spiritual awakenings they have experienced in the course of their recovery. To hear a sample selection, go to aagrapevine.org.
2009 Wall Calendar and Pocket Planner
The Language of the Heart – now available in large print

Grapevine Free Monthly E-Newsletter / Subscription Info
Over 29,000 people are now receiving the Heard It From the Grapevine E-newsletter. You can sign up on the website (aagrapevine.org).

2nd Quarter 2008 –
Average GV issue circulation = 106,227 with a pass-along rate of 4 = 531,115
La Vina May/June circulation = 10,436
Digital Archive = 3,046 subscriptions
AudioGrapevine = 1,598 subscriptions

GV - Wisconsin – June 2007 = 2540; June 2008 = 2629 (+3.5%)
LV - Wisconsin – Jul/Aug 2007 = 23; Jul/Aug 2008 = 27 (+17.39%)
Upcoming Special Features
October – Getting Sober Over 60
November – Classic Grapevine: Celebrating 20 Years of The Language of the Heart (with stories describing the origin of the Steps, Bill’s struggle with Step Eleven, and a wild bender Bill went on with Ebby T)
December – Double-Digit Sobriety

Please remember to join us for the Area Grapevine Committee meeting on Saturday afternoon at the Fall Conference.

Thank you for your continued support in carrying the AA message utilizing the Grapevine and La Vina. And thank you for the opportunity to serve as your Grapevine Chair during this rotation.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy G.
Area 75 Grapevine Chair


Thank you all, for the spiritual and financial support you have given to the area 75 corrections committee. A special thanks to those who carry the message of hope to the incarcerated AA’s in area 75.  Those of you, who have written inmates, bless you. Many are attending meetings and are working the program.

The Rainbow fund has been able to supply conference approved literature to every jail and prison who has asked for books. Some districts are using the cans and supplying their local jails.

The G.S.O’s new D.V.D., “A.A. in Correctional Facilities” has been delivered to 26 institutions in the last year.

I have met with the correction committees of district 8 & 30 to support them in carrying the message into the Rock county jail. We then scheduled a meeting with the staff from the jail and had a good discussion of what AA can provide to their inmates.

I met with the inside contact at Jefferson county jail to discuss “open vs. closed” A.A. meetings at their jail. The staff would like us to continue open meetings. I discussed our singleness of purpose statement and left a DVD with them.

I receive 4-10 requests a week for sober writers. This is a great way to do a 12 step call when they go home to area 75. My list of writers has been growing. Thank you to Art B and Chris B who are committee members and help enormously in this area.

New meetings have been started at Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility
(now 2 a week), Marshall Sherrer & Felmers Chaney. District 15 has done a wonderful job finding volunteers for these meetings!

The next thing I have on my agenda, before I step down, will be to start meetings for the women at Milwaukee county jail, downtown.

I appreciate this privilege to serve the area and the inmates in area 75.

Marty S.

CPC CHAIR – Randy R.

Cheryl has asked me to relay to all in the fellowship her most sincere thank you for allowing her to serve for the last year and a half as CPC chair. Cheryl has also left me a wonderful paper trail to follow that takes out the guess work of where she left off. Her organizational skills have proven to be outstanding and meticulous. It became obvious to me, through her notes and binders, that Cheryl thoroughly enjoyed her time in the CPC position. I would also like to thank Cheryl for everything she has done in our fellowship and Area. Also, I wish her the very best in her health and recovery.

Once I received the fifteen pounds of binders and notes from Joan J. I started to wonder what I had gotten into by volunteering to step up. When Joan left my house I quickly took the material and put it out of site, you know out of site out of mind. A day or two went by and the curiosity got to me so I reluctantly started the process of reviewing the binders. I quickly realized how well organized these binders are, which made it easy for me to follow. About the time I went through them once, the phone rang and it was Stu E. offering to help me get familiar with the CPC responsibilities. I quickly took Stu up on his offer. We met and went through the binders and Stu was able to clarify some information and answer my questions. Stu also informed me about the AA at the VA Conference, and along with that was an invite for a CPC literature display that Stu has offered to help me with. Thank you Stu for all you have done in bringing me up to speed so I can follow through and represent Area 75 as the CPC.

I am currently looking to send out an e-mail to all the District DCM’s to let them know that the CPC position is not vacant. Also, that I am willing to meet with any
District that wishes to invite me. I am also bringing myself up to speed on the DWI Court in Waukesha County.

All of you know how hard it is to fill the shoes of somebody like Cheryl, but I promise to do my best and I am not timid or afraid to ask for help. My sincere thanks to Joan and Stu for all their help.

Hope to see all of you in Fond du Lac come October.

Randy R. - Area 75 CPC Chair

PI CHAIR – Matt Z.

My name is Matt Z. I am a Alcoholic.
I am your PI Chair for area 75.

News to report:
The Young People’s Video Project is still going on. The aim of the project is to produce a Video from young people in AA to share their experience strength and hope.
Please go to the GSO website for info and details on guidelines

The new PSA “I Thought” is tentatively scheduled to go out mid November. Distribution will only cover large stations and committees will have the opportunity to bring this PSA and others to local stations. I have the list of all stations that will get a copy and will try to cover the rest in our area. The new PSA will be tracked as many others have in the past and the list of how often and what time they aired will be available in approximately 6 month after distribution.

I have gone to district meetings in the past couple of and appreciate the invite from a couple more.

Happy to be of service

Matt Z. – Area 75 PI Chair

TREATMENT CHAIR – Chris C. – No Report Submitted


My name is John W. and I am an alcoholic.
The only thing I have to report is a message or plea from the Spanish Department at the University of Wisconsin That we try to give their translators more then 2-4 days notice.  They need the extra time to find child care.  I know Area 75 already has a 30 day minimum policy in effect; but I've never had more than 3 days notice when a translator was requested.
Other then that nothing is going on.
I would like to thank all of you for allowing me to serve these last few years.  Thank You.
Johns S. W. - Area 75 Special Needs Chair

ARCHIVES CHAIR – Robin S. – No Report Submitted


The 3rd Annual Archives Movie Day will be Sunday October 26, 2008 (Packers do not play on October 26th) from Noon until 4:00. It will be held in the hall outside of the Archives Room as it has in the past. The location is: Holy Assumption School / between 71st & 72nd Orchard St. West Allis / Enter at School Building. The Movie Schedule: 12:30 House Full of Miracles; Intermission; 1:15 When A Man Loves A Women 1994 Starring Meg Ryan & Andy Garcia; 3:30 Raffle To Uphold AA Traditions: Only AA Members May Purchase 50¢ Raffle Tickets. You do not have to be present to win.
Thank you for keeping me busy. We have received many District meeting lists. I have been indexing the district’s materials and minutes that have been being sent to me and I have found something very interesting. Many of the District’s that were sending in excellent information and materials have slowed down to almost nothing. Then there are District’s that hadn’t been sending in anything and they started to send their minutes and flyers.
At the beginning of 2009 I will be giving each District a copy of their index which will show all of the materials for that District that are in the Archives. I will also include a list of the District’s group meetings that are in the Group History binders.
Thank you for letting me serve you,
Nancy S.

REGISTRAR – George D. – No report submitted.



District 1 is in the process of starting a workshop with Lacrosse’s Intergroup. At the present time our Literature chair is responsible for that. He hasn’t received any confirming from them as yet.

Our District meetings are quite small consisting of 5 to 7 people, but our service is great. We are going into 3 prisons, 3 county jails and one boot camp.

Thank you for letting me serve you and District 1 for these past two years. Hopefully I can still serve the suffering alcoholic in the community.

Yours in Service

Art B.


Our District which is Marquette, Waushara and Green Lake county continues to have great attendance at our monthly district meetings. We were glad to have Nancy and Ken G. visit our meeting in June to report on Area Grapevine and MAICO news. We've been using approximately 15 minutes each meeting to discuss the traditions. Each month someone volunteers to lead the discussion. The idea is to gain a better understanding of each tradition, the concepts and the warranties. We've also updated our meeting list which has a new, more user friendly appearance. Currently we (the district) are planning an event to replace the annual Halloween party. Groups are offering ideas of what they would like to have happen .We'd like to thank District 34 for hosting a fabulous conference this past spring and also George for being an outstanding Delegate.

Most groups in the District have seen some growth and many newcomers that "keep coming back" so I think on a whole we've been doing pretty good carrying the message to the still suffering Alcoholic. It has been an honor to serve as District 2's DCM and I'd like to thank the fellowship for this opportunity.

Thank you

Denise E.


District # 3 consists of Manitowoc & Sheboygan counties. Our meetings are conducted every third Wednesday of the month. We discuss how we can better carry the message, and work together in greater unity. Alcoholics in action, offering hope not fear.

Our district is not without changes from time to time. Keeping groups together, lost G.S.R.s filling chair positions, and people getting involved. If we have a daily reprieve contingent on the maintenance of our spiritual condition, we as individuals, groups, and districts must stay connected. Our way of life is recovery, unity, & service.

Every year groups step up, conducting workshops, cook-outs, fun day, games, great speakers, road rallies, and three day weekend study & action groups. Food and fellowship are always a part of it. Always keeping an open heart and mind for possibilities yet unexplored.

Never in my wild dreams did I expect what has been given to me. From my unbelief to belief, to this gift of spirituality, and inner strength that grows a new way of life.

I would like to thank all area chair persons for their assistance in the past.

Become a part of Alcoholics Anonymous, not a part from. Never lose sight of the glorious work to which you have been called.

Thank You and Take Care

Jim K. - D.C.M. District # 3


Southern Half of Rock County

Our GSR meeting is the 1st Friday of the month at 6:45 in the Good Sheppard Lutheran Church Park Ave in Beloit. We have been having around 8-10 attendees with three GSR’s of the 9 groups. Last month we had to bring in more chairs with around 15 in attendance. We continue to read the long form of the Tradition of the month and answer questions form the Grapevine Traditions Checklist. Even though a few roll their eyes I think it has been a great way to educate and get thinking about this set of principles.

We have several service Committee Chairs in place: Treatment/BTG, PI, Grapevine, and Corrections. I find this rather exciting as we are making connections with people and places we previously had not. Our PI chair has vowed that every place with a corkboard (and will let us) will have our schedule on it. We are looking forward to having the Area Service Committee Chairs to attend a District Meeting to help inspire and give direction.

I have made a commitment to visit each group in the district at least 6 times and slowly making my way down the list. One group that is several years old held their first steering committee meeting and elected a GSR! Our largest group in town (holding over half of the meetings) will be voting this week to decide if they will continue to be one group or use the space to hold a club with several groups. I know that God will guide this conscience to be whatever we will need and/or need to learn in our district.

We had our annual Picnic on August 24th. This event was highly attended and some old-timers said it was the best they have been to. Everyone had a good time and we finished it off with a red ball gratitude meeting that brought tears to my eyes.

We will also be joining District 30 for the Mini-Conference October 25th at Trinity Episcopal Church in Janesville. Flyers have been distributed by email in the last couple of days.

Thank you all for helping me be of service,

Bridgett A. - DCM D8


District 11 encompasses Jefferson county, approximately 576 miles, also (3) communities, Cambridge, Deerfield and Marshal in Dane County.

Within this area we consist of (34) groups in (12) communities offering (8) am and (27) pm AA meetings. In addition we provide Monday and Wednesday pm meetings in Jefferson County Jail and Friday pm meetings at Johnbirch Center in Waupun.

Average attendance varies from 5 to over 30 depending on time, day and place.

District 11 conduct it GSR and committee reports the last Tuesday of the month at 6:00 pm at the Lake Mills Moravian church.

We are currently focusing our energies toward CPC and PI to better inform the public. Stu E., Area 75 Alt Delegate/Literature Chair visited our district meeting in August.

Respectfully Submitted,

Dewey C. – DCM #11


District 12 is doing very well; we have between 22 & 28 people at our district meetings, I and the alternate DCM are getting to all the meetings we can get to, so if any group needs anything we can help.

District 12’s annual picnic and fun day is next Saturday, Sept 13th and the theme is sobriety can be like a three ring circus. It is a family event with food, games, speakers and music, everyone is welcome. It is posted on the AA web page. Speakers are Stu E. and Spring Y.

Fall conference is coming along very well thanks to Annette and the people on the committee.

On Nov 1st there will be a corrections Grapevine workshop at the Unity Club, more details to come with flyers and on web site.

Terry H. – DCM


District 15 is located entirely in the city of Milwaukee, bordered by I-94 to the south, 35th street to the west, and the Milwaukee River to the north and east. District 15 has 22 active groups, and our goad for the remainder of this year is to increase group participation at District meetings and commitments encouraging groups to elect GSR’s to represent their groups at district and area events has been a difficult task, but most groups have been receptive to visits from district servants.

District 15 has 6 correctional facilities, one university and several treatment facilities within its borders. Hopefully our efforts to carry the AA message into these institutions will inspire those who receive it to pass it on. District 15 is involved in the Milwaukee County Corrections committee, and many AA member from our district are either involved in inmate correspondence or taking meeting into jails.

District 15 has several members who are very dedicated to AA and service. We are having elections in December and look forward to continued growth in District participation and service. It has been an honor and a privilege to serve.

Mike B. - DCM


District 16 is continuing to grow. We currently have 112 GSR’s and also volunteers to help carry the message. We have a visitor from the area each month.

We recently filled the CPC chair with Kathy M. and the Corrections chair with Patty L. The other chairs filled are PI by Dave K. and Archives by Mark B. We continue to work on filling the Grapevine, Treatment and Special Needs, Chairs.

We recently opened a checking account in District 16’s name so that there will not be any confusion about who to make checks out to for donations.

We are working on stocking the libraries in the district with Big Books and Living Sober. We are also working on getting a District 16 meeting list.

We are currently finishing up the details of our 2nd Annual District 16 fall workshop that will be held on October 26th at the How to Club. The ideas for the topics of this workshop came from the fellowship of AA. The workshop will be structured the same way our first workshop was structured. Flyers are on the back table.

Theresa W.


All chairs are filled. Average attendance is about 25 GSR’s and chairs. Since the last reporting period District 17 has been active in the involvement with the Spring 2009 Area 75 Conference along with working with District 7 and 36. The other involvement has been with corrections. The correction chair presented a workshop on August 31, 2008 to gain more volunteers for corrections meetings. The rainbow cans have been successful in our district and we have been able to provide AA approved literature to both person and jails within the district. In terms of the other chairs – archives chair has a room at RACO – up and running and successful. Treatment Chair – has a closed meeting on Wednesday @ 6 pm at the local treatment facility. Grapevine chair – has been putting the word out. PI/CPC chair – plans to do mailing in Oct/Nov. 2008. Special Needs – has had the opportunity to provide AA meeting to people with needs, during this reporting period. Hotline – has been active. Over all, District 17, 15 carrying the message.


Our District meeting is held the last Tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm at the Atwood Community Center. The community center has moved to a new location and we will start meeting at the new facility starting September 30.

There is approximately 25 GSR’s attending the District meeting on a regular basis and all Standing Committee positions are filled. Our Special Needs Chair has been reaching out to the Assisted Living Facilities in the Dane County Community. The Public Information Chair was asked to bring AA literature to the Latino Health Check Fair held in August in Madison. The Treatment chair and committee has started taking an AA meeting into the Mendota Mental Health Center and the 3 jails that have men and women’s AA meetings are attended on a regular basis thanks to our Correction chair getting the word out that volunteers were needed. The BTG chair and other AA representatives attend a weekly meeting at our main treatment center to share the BTG form and explain how the program works. The District held a Funshop on July 19, which included a panel to share about the different service positions at the District level. Our District Inventory that was planned for June has been rescheduled until the October meeting. Hopefully this will help us to get more GSRs to come to the District Meetings.

Time has truly gone fast. This will be my last DCM report since District 20 will be electing new officers in November.

Yours in service,
Doreen H.


District 28 is located in the southeast comer of Milwaukee County. There are 46 weekly meetings in our district, 19 of which are club meetings. All of District 28 chairs are filled at this time. Our monthly GSR meetings are usually attended by 12-15 members. We are in the process of getting the message out about the importance of GSR' s to each group; we would like to have more representation from our district groups. We have a District 28 archive that is collecting history on all of our groups. Our treatment chair is very active at St. Luke's SouthShore Hospital. Bridging the Gap, Public Information, and CPC chairs are also active in the community. District 28 distributes a neighborhood meeting flier throughout the community where needs have been identified.

Our district is self supporting through annual donations from the district groups. District 28 sponsors an annual 'Old Timers' meeting week. Each night a different AA and Alanon member with 20+ years speaks to the group. District 28 co-sponsors an annual holiday Alkathon over the Christmas and New Year's holidays. District 28 sponsors a bi-annual mini conference that is hosted by a different group. District 28 tries to host a workshop on the non-mini, conference year.
Respectfully submitted,
Dave F. - DCM District 28


District 29 is alive and well and living in the south west corner of Milwaukee County. Our Round Robin series of open meetings is bringing in many who want to hear the message of recovery. They are held the first Sunday of every other month. We are helping District 10 with their Conference which will be held on November 29 and 30. We will be hosting the English speaking panels. Only one committee chair is open at this time and that chair was vacated during the summer. We are still in the process of getting into the Milwaukee Public Schools to have AA's speak to high school students during health class. This has proven to be a slow process, but we are still moving forward. Our BTG and Treatment chair has been busy working with St Lukes Hospital in getting 12 step work in the transplant department. Our District When and Where's are flying off the shelves. We are printing up our second thousand of them. District 29 donated money to the "AA at the VA" mini-conference and we are excited for this mini-conference to happen. It will be Saturday Oct 11, 2008 at the Zablocki Veterans Administration in West Milwaukee. 9:00AM-5:00PM.
Respectfully Submitted,

Gary E. - District 29 DCM


Fall mini conference at Trinity Episcopal Church, Janesville, WI, October 25, 2008 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. AA & Alanon speakers and panels. Food, fun and fellowship.

Various committee chairs are open right now: Treatment, Special Needs & BTG.

District meetings 1st Friday of month @ 6:30 p.m. at Rock Valley Community Programs (Formally Carville)

Starting AA meetings “Again”

Started Keys to Freedom Group @ Rock County Jail (Janesville, WI) (Registered with GSO)


Bill J. Co-Chair Dist 30 Corrections.


Greetings from District 31!

Our district encompasses most of Columbia County.

Our district has been doing well. We had some pretty severe flooding, but it didn’t dampen our spirits. Meetings continued as usual many had to be moved out of basements to dryer locations. Members offered up their homes; time and service to help the clean up. Our district meeting was even flooded. We’ve had to move it to the upstairs of Pardeeville library while the basement is restored.

We have 8 to 10 attendees each month with 9 of 10 groups represented. It’s encouraging to have such strong support at our district meetings. All but a couple of chair positions have been filled. We meet the 3rd Sunday of every month at 6:30 and have had a good turn out.

Our CPC/PI chair has done packets of pamphlets that were sent or delivered to doctors, police, guidance counselors, etc. along with meeting schedules & contact info.

Our Archivist has started to receive material that we hope will show “where we came from and just how we got here” donated items from groups, members and even deceased members.

We recently filled our Grapevine and Literature chairs! It’s wonderful to have such good support.

Corrections: holds regular meetings at Columbia correctional facility and with good attendance I’m told. Volunteers also conduct meetings at Columbia county jail. Men’s and Women’s meetings are both held. We’re all excited and pleased to have our 1st annual mini-conference/seminar; Sept 13th at Dekorra Lutheran Church. It’s entitled “Carrying the message”; what it has meant to me. It should be a lot of fun and we’d like to make it an annual event. The support for this has been overwhelming! Everyone working together to help their fellow alcoholic, awesome!

Yours in Service,

Benjamin B. – D31 DCM


District 34 consists of thirty-one groups located within the northeastern quadrant of Waukesha County. At the present time, fifty-five percent of the groups have a registered GSR and all District Committee Chairs are filled.

District 34 works closely with Districts 13 & 32 to:
Insure meetings are taken into Waukesha County Jail, the Huber facility and Ethan Allen Juvenile center; organize and host annual twelve step workshops; arrange and orchestrate informational luncheons for members of the professional community and co-host corrections and treatment workshops.

In addition, District 34:
Sponsors a monthly open meeting on the second Saturday of every month;
provides speakers to the treatment centers within the District; responds to Bridging the Gap requests; arranges for meetings for those with special needs; donates Grapevines & La Vinas to a number of institutions and insures the correctional institutions are well stocked with AA literature including the text Alcoholics Anonymous.

Our District is active, engaged and dedicated to carrying the message to the alcoholic that still suffers.

Respectfully submitted
Drew A. – DCM


District 36 is doing quite well.  We had a record 18 people in attendance for the August district meeting.  All committee chair positions are filled except P.I. and we've created a new committee to put together workshops.  We have 4 people on the committee and are planning for a workshop on Spirituality sometime this fall. 

Respectfully submitted,

Paul H. – DCM


2008 FALL CONFERENCEAnnette D. - Conference Chair

Theme: “Happiness through Change”
October 3-5, 2008
Holiday Inn, Fond Du Lac

Conference planning activities continue to be on schedule. We are excited to have the Regional Trustee At Large, Dorothy W., participating in our conference. She will be sharing during “AA news” at 6:30 p.m. on Friday evening with our delegate George P. and also on Saturday afternoon at 2:15.

September 19th is the last date that hotel reservations can be made to receive the special convention rate. As of September 5th, we had 135 paid registrations. To register for the Saturday Banquet and/or Sunday Brunch send in your conference registration ASAP. Groups should send in their contributions for the Bill W. Fund (to allow those who cannot afford the registration fee to attend) and the Hospitality Fund (to purchase items from the hotel for our hospitality area as we are not able to bring in food items) to the Conference Treasurer per the information on the flyer.

The next committee meeting is September 14th, 2008 at 9:30 a.m. at the conference site for the committee to walkthrough the facility and meet with the hotel staff.

The final committee meeting before the conference will be September 28th at 6:00 p.m. at St. Luke’s Church in Slinger. We welcome anyone who wants to help with any committee.

2009 SPRING CONFERENCE – Dennis L. Chairperson

Peter W., Alcoholic, Registration Chair for the 2009 Spring Conference. Dennis L. Our chairman was unable to be here today.

Dist 7, 17, & 36 will be hosing the Area 75 Spring Conference May 15, 16 & 17, 2009 at the Racine Marriot Hotel & Conference Center.

The Committee would like to thank Joan J. for taking over as our advisor. She has been very helpful to the committee.

The program and speakers are set. Our registration flyers are printed and we will be at the Fall Conference in Fond Du Lac promoting our conference. We feel we are right on the time line and things have come together nicely.

The entertainment committee is planning some fun activities for Friday and Saturday night. The plan is to have live music for the dance Saturday night.

Things are moving along.

Thank you.

Peter W.

2009 FALL CONFERENCE - Barbara F. and Jeff Z., Co-chairpersons

November 6, 7, & 8, 2009
Heidel House, Green Lake, WI

Our last meeting was held July 20, 2008.

After some discussion, our Program Committee chair and co-chair have selected and confirmed a new speaker for Friday night. Because we had three men speaking, and a male Al-Anon speaker, we thought it would be a good idea to substitute a women speaker. We now have Irene from the GSO speaking on Friday night, Lyle P. of Stockbridge, GA on Saturday and John S. of Fond Du Lac, WI on Sunday morning.

All panel topics have been selected, but the committee is holding off on contacting possible panelists until January when new DCM’s take office.

The Al-Anon chair person has selected and confirmed Craig M. of Lincoln, NE as the speaker.

Printing and Publicity now has a co-chair with prior conference experience and she already has registration form and program templates set up on her computer. An informational flyer will be available – orange flyer – at Fall Conference.

Registration chair has designed name badges which were approved with a couple of small changes. He also now has a co-chair to share responsibilities.

Some different ideas for entertainment are being discussed; more will be revealed!

Our next meeting is scheduled for October 29, 2008, at which time we will have a “field trip” to the Heidel House so the full committee can look over the setting for what will be a great last fall conference.

Spring Conference 2011Ken N. – Chairperson

My name is Ken N. I am the chair person for Area 75, Spring Conference in 2011.
I first want to give thanks to John B. and Howard P. for putting together the contracts.
The news that I have on this event as of now, is that we have secured the hotel. The dates that this event is scheduled for is May 20, 21, 22, of
I am planning to start holding meeting for this event after January 1, 2009.
If you have questions please call me at
262-835-1296 home or
262-721-5451 cell phone

Sincerely you're Ken N.


None present or submitted.

WICYPAA – George H. - Representative

Geoge reported on their bid for the International Convention and the need for help. Please contact George H. for more information.

COFFEE VOLUNTEER: for the Winter Service Meeting to be held on January 18th, 2009 at the Madison Senior Center will be District #16.


We broke into discussion groups to formulate suggestions for possible formats to till the block of time previously devoted to planning the agenda. The following was distributed to start discussions:

Please write down your ideas for the Winter & Summer Service Meeting; previously know as the Agenda Planning Meeting. These ideas will be passed on to the next area chair to fill the block of time normally devoted to setting the agenda.
  1. Guest speakers -
  2. Service panels -
  3. Panel presentation hosted by volunteer district
  4. Watch videos available through AAWS
  5. Other ideas:

Ideas from the discussions:

  1. Many agreed with the suggestions above.
  2. Suggest not having the meetings if there is no necessary business to conduct.
  3. Perhaps make the area meeting at conference more interesting – service speaker or video to get more outside of service involved and inspired.
  4. Guest speakers – Service topics
  5. Include food – Pot Luck
  6. Intergroup style
  7. Continue and expand the GSR program, G.S.R.’s are needed in all Districts.
  8. Bring persons interested in becoming a GSR.
  9. Strong recommendation for watching video available through AAWS
  10. Make 12th Step calls to local institutions (break into small groups and hold open/closed meeting’s at local institutions)
  11. End meeting early, no afternoon session.
  12. Work through service manual
  13. Discussions on Concepts
  14. Past Delegate speakers/panel
  15. Service panels on Corrections, Treatment, BTG
  16. Inspire newcomers to get involved in service to others.
  17. Workshop by Area Chairs for District Chairs: GSR School: Special Needs School: CPC School, etc.
  18. Sharing among districts to find out how to get more involvement at the district level. Ex. How to get 25 people at a District meeting.
  19. Get down to business and end early.
  20. Preview videos so we can promote to others.
  21. With time available we don’t have to fill entire day.
  22. Committee meeting need to be held in am – formulate any proposals to go to agenda plan committee.
  23. Hold GSR workshop & DCM sharing sessions that do not conflict with committee meetings.
  24. Brain storm within committees about how to recruit and fill chairs.
  25. How about skits from committee.
  26. Want to see the videos.
  27. Like to have PI, CPC, Treatment, Corrections, etc, give an in depth presentation of what it does, what it wants/need from us. To ask a couple districts who have active participation to help present.

The meeting closed with the Responsibility Declaration:

When anyone, anywhere reaches out, I want the hand of A.A. always to be there, and for that; I am responsible!”

Upcoming events:

Area 75 – 2008 Fall Conference – October 3 – 5, Fond du Lac, WI (Elections)
NOTE: If you would like to serve as a standing committee chair next rotation, please fill out a resume form so they can be passed on to your next area chair. Se the Area 75 Secretary for a copy or download a copy from www.area75.org

01/18/09 - Winter Service Meeting at the Madison Senior Center
02/13/09- 02/15/09 - ECR Conference of Delegates Past and Present in Springfield, IL
03/29/09 - Delegate's Workshop at the Madison Senior Center
04/19/09 - Pre-Conference Assembly at the Madison Senior Center
04/26/09 thru 05/02/09 - General Service Conference in New York
05/15/09 thru 05/17/09 - Spring Conference in Racine (Delegate's Report)
06/28/09 - Summer Service Meeting at the Madison Senior Center
08/07/09 thru 08/09/09 - ECR Conference in Peoria, IL
09/27/09 - Pre-Conference Assembly at the Madison Senior Center
11/06/09 thru 11/08/09 - Fall Conference in Green Lake (Area Inventory)
11/13/09 thru 11/15/09 - ECR Forum in Kalamazoo, MI

Note: The dates for the use of the Madison Senior Center have been approved and posted on the Area 75 website. July 19th has been chosen as the back-up date for the Summer Service Meeting should there be a conflict with the renovations at the Madison Senior Center.