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Alcoholics Anonymous in Southern Wisconsin
Alcoholic’s Anonymous – Area 75
Alcoholic’s Anonymous – Area 75
9:00 a.m. Sunday, April 20, 2008
Pre-Conference Assembly
Madison Senior Center, Madison



OFFICERS PRESENT: John B., Area Chairperson; Ron B. Alt. Chair; George P., Delegate; Stu E., Alt Delegate/Literature; Nancy B., Secretary, ; Mark C., Alt Secretary; Nancy H., Treasurer; Cynthia H., Alt. Treasurer

STANDING COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSON PRESENT: Nancy G., Grapevine Chair; Matt Z., PI Chair; John W., Special Needs Chair; George D., Area 75 Registrar; Howard P., Conference Advisory Chair; Marty S. Corrections Chair

DCM’S PRESENT; D2- Denise E.; D3- Jim K.; D7- Elizabeth K.; D8-Bridgett A., D9- Ted K.; D12- Terry H.; D13- Dolly H. Alt.; D15- Mike B.; D16-Dave K. Alt.; D17-Linda N.; D19- John S.; D20-Doreen H.; D22- Carl H.; D24- JD O.; D25- Barb F. Alt.; D27- Gary C.; D28- Dave F.; D29- Gary E.; D30- Ken G.; D31 Benjamin B.; D32- Chris E. Alt.; D34- Drew A.; D36- Barb W. Alt.

GSR’S & DISTRICT COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSONS PRESENT; D2- Ezyde M., John A., Jim F., Sara J., Rose K., Shirley R., Bob T.; D3- Charles H.; D4- Scot H.; D6- Connie M.; D7- Mike R.; D8- Toni M.; D12- Richard R., Tina T., Bruce D., Mary R., Bill R., Cathi W., Nick S.; D13- Rick S., Rob M., Mickey L., Tom W., Leslie F; D14- Frank S.; D15- Clay K. Brent W., Daniel S.; D16- Patty L., Mark L.; D17- Dennis L., Darrel S., Danny S., Rob H., Jim R., Sam M,; D20- Kathy W.; D24- Jonathan L. Matthew L.; D25- Jeff Z., Marian B., George B., Joe G. Leslie M.; D27- Gary C.; D28- Gregory L.; D29- Gary E., Dennis D., Lynn G., Pat B. Scott L., Ron G.; D31- Shirley R.; D32- Kari E., Bob G., Rick M., Bill S., Carl H.; D34- Crystal C., Edween R., Jerry M., Erin J., Connie M., Richard V., Maggie B., Chris L., Linda Y., Vicki R.; D34- LeeAnn U.; D36- Pete W.

OTHERS PRESENT: Past Delegates: John B., Joan J., Nancy G., Bill A.; 2008 Spring Conf. Michelle S.;2008 Fall Conf. Mary R.; 2009 Spring Conf. Dennis L.; Others: Randy R., Terry R.,


Reviewed minutes from Agenda Planning meeting, Sunday January 20, 2008; containing Financial Statements, Chair Reports, and items placed on today’s agenda.

Reminder to all committee (& DCM’S) members to e-mail Nancy B. their reports; however there is a new e-mail address: nbaddaker@wi.rr.com

Reminder for everyone to deposit name tags at table by door before leaving.

Lastly, please notify George D., our Registrar via e-mail (if possible) of any information changes regarding groups, DCM addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc. Thank you.


A report of contributions by group for 2008 through March 31 is available for review at a table in the back of the room. Updated versions will be available at future assemblies. I also have a copy of the 2007 contributions. Please see me if you have questions regarding your groups contributions for last year.

As you can see on the balance sheet for the period ending 03/31/2008 we have some available funds for expense reimbursement. Contributions have come in since this report and funds have been available for all required expenditures.

I want to thank all groups who have used the contribution form. Use of the form makes my job easier. A blank form is sent to groups along with a receipt for contributions made unless the group requests that no acknowledgement be sent. The form can also be downloaded from the area web site www.area75.org.

The checking account has been reconciled as of the March 31, 2008 statement.

The area books for last year have not yet been audited. The past treasurer on the finance committee is in charge of the audit and is not present today.

The Finance Committee has not met since January. The Finance Committee will meet at the Spring Conference.

Nancy H., Area 75 Treasurer

Balance Sheet as of 3/31/08


Current Assets

Cash in Checking-M&I


Prudent Reserve-M&I


Cash-Count On Us


Cash - Rainbow Can


A/R-Conference Seed Money




Equipment Depreciation



Total Current Assets



Total Assets




Current Liabilities


Total Current Liabilities



Total Liabilities



Retained Earnings


Net Income



Total Capital



Total Liabilities & Capital





Buget vs. Actual 3/31/2008


2008 Actual YTD

2008 Total Budget

2008 Variance YTD












Alt. Delegate/Lit.



































Public Info.










Spcl. Needs










Alt. Chair





Alt. Secretary





Alt. Treasurer





Archives Chair










COU Literature


Rainbow Literature




Conference Seed Money

Spring 2008


Fall 2008


Spring 2009


(Hotel deposit = $1500)

Income Statement 3/31/2008

This Year

Last Year

Year to Date
This Year

Year to Date
Last Year


Group Donations





Conference Proceeds









Total Revenues










GSO Fees






























Misc/Office Expense















Registration Fees










Archives Rent



















Total Expenses









Net Income











Group Donations - Rainbow





Group Donations - Count On Us






Literature - Rainbow/COU






I participated in a Sponsorship Workshop at the Serenity Club in February and also the Badger Inter-group at the end of March.

Kevin from Area 24 contacted me regarding a Spanish speaking district. I sent out copies of the questions I received from him but didn’t get a response.

Today’s agenda deals with issues that came to light during the ad hoc committees on conferences visits to the districts. The issues were also discussed during the Area inventory at the 2007 fall conference. These proposals will eliminate the fall conference if passed. Another of the proposals would substantially change the format for the Agenda Planning meetings. These changes reflect the collective voice of the districts according to the responses recorded by the ad hoc committee. Whatever the outcome of today’s voting we hope you will continue to attend the future Area 75 functions. The future of AA rests in our hands. If we truly believe in the words of the “Responsibility Declaration” and “want the hand of AA to always be there”, then we must pass on the legacy of service. It’s up to us to make sure that the principal of attraction applies here as well as at our home groups.

I also attended the Delegates workshop heading up the discussion on the Trustee’s agenda. I found this very interesting and rewarding.

In Service,

John B.

Delegates (Panel 57) Report - George P.

Good day and thank you for the privilege of serving as your delegate!
Since my last report, here is how I have been involved in service to Area 75:
Nearly every week, I get a large brown envelope from the General Service Office. This envelope contains new group registration forms along with requests for me to fill in missing information, copies of Box 459, information about the upcoming General Service Conference, and communications from the various Service Desks at GSO. I try to peruse this information and process it as best I can.
My email is deluged with communication from GSO, from other delegates and from Area trusted servants. I try to reply to all direct requests for my involvement but it’s a prodigious task and I fail to read everything that is sent to me. I do my best to read your District minutes and I appreciate the Districts who faithfully send them to me in email and in regular mail.

I recently received a communication from the Public Information desk at GSO requesting that I take some action regarding an anonymity break at the public level. Though I have not yet done so, I will shortly be sending a letter to the AA member involved explaining our Anonymity traditions with a copy of our pamphlet “Understanding Anonymity”.

On February 8-10, your Alternate Delegate, Stu, and I traveled to Indianapolis, Indiana to attend the East Central Region Conference of Delegates past and present. As you will hear or have heard in Stu’s report, this was a very valuable conference for both your Delegate and your Alternate. I particularly enjoyed the opportunity to communicate in great detail with Stu during our long journey by car.

On February 23, I attended the District 24 workshop on Sponsorship at the New Day Club in Mequon. I was invited to share my experience, strength and hope regarding sponsorship and service. I am grateful for the kind invitation of JD and the many other trusted servants in District 24 who hosted a very valuable and well-attended workshop.

Later the same evening, I attended the annual Campbellsport open meeting. It was one of those feel-good AA events with lots of food, new friends and sharing from the heart.

On March 29, I attended the Badger Inter-group with my long-time and dear AA friend, Chuck Mc. I was delighted at the privilege of reading the long form of the 12 Traditions before more than 1200 enthusiastic AAs.

On March 30, I presided at the annual Area 75 delegate’s workshop. At this essential Area function, approximately 50 AA members “rolled up their sleeves” and dug in to the business of the 2008 General Service Conference. If you were there, I thank you for taking the Responsibility Declaration literally. It’s a long way from a person’s first AA meeting to a Delegate’s workshop. Along the way are those perilous pitfalls like “It’s all politics!”, apathy, ignorance, “let George do it”, “what difference does it make?”. Thanks again for showing your support of my attendance at the General Service Conference.

On April 11, I attended the annual “Moose and Goose” in Navarino, Wisconsin. This is an Area 74 event to raise funds for Corrections literature. I met some old friends up there and made a few more new ones.

Today, I look forward to your spiritually-minded participation in our Business Meeting. We have some fairly unprecedented proposals to decide upon. I have discussed these in my home group and I hope that you have done the same in yours. Let’s be guided by the wisdom of our Higher Power as well as our tolerance and respect for one another as we decide the future of Area 75.

Finally, Liz and I will be leaving this coming Saturday to attend the 58th Annual General Service Conference in Manhattan. I am continually at a loss for words as I try to express my gratitude to you and my amazement at my good fortune in being allowed to serve as your delegate.

I ask for your prayers and thank you for your support and encouragement.

Respectfully submitted:

George P., panel 57 delegate, General Service Area 75, Southern Wisconsin


Welcome to all, especially to those of us attending the Pre-Conference Assembly for the first time. It seems like only a short time has passed since we gathered together, but it has been a busy spring, studded with AA gatherings and events. I have attended quite a few. Among them were the Group 48 Anniversary Open Meeting in Milwaukee, the Campbellsport 26th Group Anniversary Open Meeting and potluck, the Lomira Group Anniversary Open Meeting and potluck, and the Badger Inter-group. These gatherings allow me to meet and talk with many of our members and to gather a sense of what is or is not important too members other than those we see at area meetings and assemblies.

I have noted from these discussions that the AA service knowledge gap between our members and those of us here in this room appears wider than ever. It is not that members have no interest in what we do here, but rather that much of it is simply not understood, even by many of our older members. I do not know whether there is a sure remedy, but a logical beginning would be for each of us to better use opportunities to relate information from these meetings to our groups in an understandable fashion. AA service is a matter of willingness and a matter of love of this Fellowship. Better understanding will encourage more willingness to learn and to participate. Personal sponsorship of newcomers to AA service is key. Workshops and gatherings provide opportunities, but one-on-one sharing is essential.

Along with our Delegate, I did participate in this year’s East Central Regional Conference of Delegates Past and Present in Indianapolis during February. This is a place for Delegates and their alternates to be taught the procedural skills necessary for the General Service Conference. I cannot state strongly enough the importance of this conference to a Delegate’s ability to represent us and for the Alternate Delegate’s ability to be ready to do so, should the need arise. George and I both had a greater degree of comfort with this year’s proceedings, and we both found the trip very productive. A side benefit is a closeness to and understanding of others in service in the other areas of our region. Since then, I have spent more time becoming familiar with the agenda for the 58th General Service Conference.

I chaired the Literature Committee meeting associated with our own Delegate’s Workshop here on March 30th. One big questions that arose there was how the stories were gathered for the update of the pamphlet “The A.A. Member—Medication and Other Drugs. Those stories were not acquired through a call for stories, but rather, as GSO’s Literature Coordinator explained it, from “other sources”, items already on file, etc. Next, I am extremely pleased to announce that the 3rd Edition Spanish language Big Book is now a reality. Also, we have a new literature catalog! Copies are available at the literature display in the back of the room. Also related to literature, I assisted our ailing CPC Chair in securing the literature support needed to effect our exhibit booth at the annual convention of the WI Assn. on Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse (WAAODA) in May. The booth will be staffed largely with CPC volunteers from District 20.

Finally, the DCM and members of District 37 invited me up there for a longer version of a district meeting, with lunch, a presentation I made, and a lengthy and thoughtful sharing session on AA service at the district level. We began the session with a viewing of the 15-minute video “Hope: Alcoholics Anonymous” and just went on from there. Our discussion included quite a bit about actually applying the twelve Traditions to service matters.

Thank you all for the opportunity to serve you as your Alternate Delegate and Literature Chair. See you all at the Spring Conference!

Yours in Recovery and Service,
Stu E., - Area 75 Alt. Delegate & Literature Chair


Corrections/Grapevine Zone Workshops
The NW zone workshop that had been postponed due to weather was held March 1 in Mauston. It was a great success. Because these Corrections/Grapevine traveling workshops were so well attended and received in 2007, Marty S. and I plan to continue them in 2008. We would like to again travel to the same zones, but hopefully hold the workshops in different locations. The only one scheduled thus far is the NE zone for September 6 in Fond du Lac. Please let Marty and I know if you would like to provide a host site and let us know a date. We look forward to continuing our work in the districts.

District 25 hosted a Grapevine workshop on April 19, 2008. I was pleased to provide the Area Grapevine display and participate on a panel. It was a wonderful event, with great sharing, very entertaining Grapevine skits and good food. I appreciate the enthusiasm District 25 continues to show for the Grapevine and La Vina.

The Area 75 Supports the Grapevine Challenge
It appears that the call for new subscriptions continues to be successful. Wisconsin’s count was 2540 in June 2007 and 2618 in March 2008. We had the highest increase in our five-state region at 3.07%. Overall in our Conference (the U.S. and Canada), subscriptions were up by 1674 for that period.
Please remember that the Area 75 Grapevine Committee is asking for your continued help in 2008. The challenge continues to be: 1) Promote new subscriptions to the Grapevine and La Vina, 2) Make a monetary donation to the Count On Us fund to provide subscriptions to correctional facilities, and 3) Collect back issues for correctional facilities. I will have a donation box and donation can at the Grapevine display at the Spring Conference in Oconomowoc. PLEASE continue the good work started in 2007.

New Products
Emotional Sobriety CDs – “There are many paths to emotional sobriety. In this collection of Grapevine stories, sober women and men describe their personal experiences as they practice the principles of AA in all aspects of their lives. Many discover that happiness is a by-product of giving without demand for return. Others embrace the present with gratitude and claim moments of real peace … "a quiet place in bright sunshine," as Bill W. put it in the essay that gave impetus to the book Emotional Sobriety and these CDs.”
Spiritual Awakenings CDs – “These Grapevine stories are from AAs relating the different spiritual paths they have taken in the course of their recovery. Paths that led them from the darkness into a new kind of light. These storytellers continue to share their discovery that a life without alcohol can be lived fully and joyfully, whatever comes their way.”

Call for Articles
August – Adventures in AA (We absolutely insist on having fun)
September – Hardest Amends I Ever Made
October – Getting Sober Over 60

Guidelines for writing articles are available at aagrapevine.org.

Please remember to join us for the Area Grapevine Committee meeting on Saturday afternoon at the Spring Conference. Many thanks for the opportunity to serve.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy G.
Area 75 Grapevine Chair


My fellow AAs,

It has been a very busy past few months in Corrections.

The Milwaukee County Corrections Committee (MCCC) is up and running. Milwaukee County local groups have been very generous in sending their corrections monies to MCCC. We are supplying Big Books to local jails and institutions. As the funds grow, they plan on buying more varied, conference approved literature. They are busy hosting the first WI/UP Corrections Conference in Milwaukee. It is being held at the Serenity Club, in Cudahy, on 6/21/08. We are looking for new curious volunteers who would like to find out more about corrections. There will be professional and volunteer panels. One main speaker is a prison psychologist, who happens to be one of us. Many ex-offenders will be there reminding us what it was like to only be able to attend one AA meeting a week. Please show your support for this very important 12-step work.

The GSO DVD has been distributed to staff at: REECC, SOGS, Redgranite CC, John Burke. CC, Marshall Sherrer. CC, and Felmers O. Chaney CC.

New meetings are in the works at Marshall Sherrer and Felmers Chaney in Milwaukee. Both are minimum-security prisons with work release programs. Warden Husz, MSDF, suggested we take AA in because the men are facing many challenges working for the first time and not having good support.

The following jails need your support: Rock County jail (men), Milwaukee County jail (men & women),  and Juneau County jail (wants to start a women’s meeting).

Institutions needing help are: Milwaukee Secure Detention (men & women), REECC in Union Grove, Mondays and Wednesdays (women), SOGS, Union Grove, (young women).

On May 3, I will be conducting corrections volunteer training for districts 30 & 8. Please contact the new DCMs for location and directions.

I have stepped down as the outside sponsor for the Earned Release Program at REECC, in Union Grove.  Southern Oaks Girls School has been turned over to Brenda C, district 36. We desperately need women from Racine and Kenosha to share this responsibility and grow spiritually in the process. Please remember, ”gratitude is an action.”

I received 38 pre-release writers requests from Area 74 and 42 inmates coming home to Area 75. Good news for ex-offenders who want to give back - if they ask their POs they may be able to write to a current inmate and take them to their first meeting on the outside. This is the GSO “Pre-release writers” program for inmates who have less than 6 months to release.

Respectfully……….Marty S.

CPC CHAIRCheryl M. – No Report Submitted

PI CHAIR – Matt Z.

My name is Matt Z. I am a Alcoholic.
I am your PI Chair for area 75.

News to report:
The Young People’s Video Project Dead line has been extended till the end of Sept. for now. The aim of the project is to produce a Video from young people in AA to share their experience strength and hope and to carry the message to the still suffering.
Please go to the GSO website for info and details on guidelines

Also I have been working with GSO on assembling a list of Radio and TV Stations to insure the coverage of Public Service Announcements throughout Area 75. This has been a very fun Project. With the help of some Pi Chairs from the Districts we have expanded the number of radio and TV stations within our area.

I have been unable to go to any district meetings in the past couple of month due to the new addition to our family, but hope to get things back on track as soon as things settle down a bit.

Thank you,

Matt Z.

TREATMENT CHAIR – Chris C. – No Report Submitted


    I am your, My name is John W. and I am an alcoholic.
    I received an E-mail from George P. our delegate and from G.S.O. inquiring information on meetings that could offer American Sign Language (ASL) for the deaf and hard of hearing.
    IE-mailed or snailmailed all DCM's or Special Needs Chairs at the District level.  Inquiring if they had meetings capable of interrupting ASL.  It did not mean that they were already doing so.
    I will resend the request because, only 3 replies came back.  They stated that they thought there was one on Friday nights in district 34.  That info was not what we were looking for.
    I also tried contacting the Waukesha County Council On Aging, and was informed that they lost their funding during the Clinton Administration; also the same fate for the Waukesha County Council on Alcoholism.
    G.S.O. sent me a new literature catalog and Stu E. gave me one this morning.  So if anyone needs one let me know.
    I am working with a lady for the Spring Conference in case of a request for the translating equipment and a translator.
    On the first Wednesday in March I visited the District 16 Meeting at the request of their DCM Teresa W. I explained what the duties of a Special Needs Chair for the district were.   They were surprised at just how much we cover in terms of service.  Thank You District 16 for your invitation and hospitality.
Yours in Service
John S. W. - Area 75 Special Needs Chair

ARCHIVES CHAIR – Robin S. – No Report Submitted

ARCHIVIST – Nancy S. – No Report Submitted


Greetings all, at the last Area meeting I reported that GSO is shifting a lot of responsibility to the Areas including printing Group information sheets…the good news is that I was able to attain a laser printer which greatly reduces printing time and cost. I received this printer as an anonymous donation which of coarse means it will be passed on to the next Registrar. This allowed me to print all of the group information sheets in a timely fashion and get them mailed out. As I mentioned last time the registrar will now be making all of the changes to the GSO Database via the FNV (Fellowship New Vision Program)! To make the changes is relatively easy…and when you make an entry mistake GSO is watching and they do let you know!
I have received only about a third of the Group information sheets information sheets back …having said that, according to the Service Manual page S29 a typical metropolitan district should have 15 to 20 groups…some districts in this area have well over 90 groups. Just food for thought!

George D. – Area 75 Registrar



District 2 includes Green Lake, Waushara, Marquette, and Adams counties. If I've done my math right, which is questionable, there are 30 meetings per week between these counties. We have 17 named GSR's and continue to have great attendance at our District monthly meetings. Maybe we're all just hungry, but, we offer food at our meetings and people keep showing up! I'd like to thank all of the GSR's for their work and service. I believe there are 8 of us here today.

There are 3 new meetings in the district. One in Berlin, wed, noon, another in Wautoma, Sunday afternoon, and Friday afternoon in Markesan at Fernwood Campground.

Our groups began the year with group inventories which sparked a lot of discussion about the traditions. This was one of the suggestions made at the Pre Agenda Planning assembly in January during the DCM and GSR "schools" We were not in a habit of doing group inventories on a regular basis and there was some havoc going on. I believe we are becoming a healthier district by getting back to and understanding the need of the traditions. Time at District meetings will be set aside to focus on one tradition and /or concept each month, to strengthen the GSR's understanding so that they can then pass that along to their groups. A couple of us were able to attend the delegate’s workshop and again more learning.

Other news:

Recently the Montello women's Group hosted a Spring Fling Potluck and once again food works!

Many of our groups continue to host the first Sunday open speaker meeting held at Royal Ridges in Ripon.

We have also discussed putting together a workshop in the fall, which our district hasn't done in quite some time. Topic ideas are sponsorship and service work. The date has not been determined.

Our yearly Halloween Party is still on the Agenda for this year.
As far as committees, we don't do so good. At present, we have only our Archive chair position filled. I guess that gives us something to work on!
In closing: our district is grieving the recent loss of old-timer Jim R. and ask that you remember him and his wife Shirley and family in your prayers-Thank you

Denise E. – DCM


Located in Manitowoc and Sheboygan Counties on the shore of beautiful Lake Michigan. Meetings are held every third Wednesday of the month. We alternate meeting places; Odd months in Manitowoc and even months in Sheboygan.

Our district is on a solid foundation and moving forward. But now, we have resurrected two dark groups and added four G.S.R.'s. The chair people have been doing a tremendous job which contributes to our growth. Many of our groups are doing an outstanding job. Several groups are called Big Book Thumpers which is good. The directions and instructions for recovery are in the big book. People chairing meetings are our potential future leaders. Let's not let them slip away.

We put together a Newcomers Packet with all approved A.A. Literature, Meeting List, and Contact People. There are some on the table for you to look at. New meeting lists have been completed with two new groups added.

Our District will be holding a Sponsorship Workshop on May 3rd at the 1907 Club in Sheboygan. Fliers are on the back table. Quite a few districts are holding workshops on Sponsorship this year. Sponsorship is a two way experience.

May our Higher, Greater Power keep us all in the company of those who meet the Third Tradition.

Thank you and take care, D.C.M., District #3 Jim K.


2 New Meetings
6:30 am Monday Club Breakaway
7:00 pm Friday Aurora Hospital

Tri County April 26th at the UAW Hall on Washington Ave. Kenosha

May 3rd Power Run Outcast Afterbay 1310 63rd Street, Kenosha

Regular attendance by standing chair members

Had a staple pulling party few months ago.

Our meeting 4th Sunday at 4 p.m. concept each month.

Elizabeth K.


Southern Half of Rock County

Our GSR meeting is the 1st Friday of the month at 6:45 in the Good Sheppard Lutheran Church Park Ave in Beloit. We have been having around 8-10 attendees with three GSR's of the 11 groups. We have added reading the long form of the Tradition of the month at each meeting. After it is read each person reads and answers a question form from the Grapevine Tradition Checklist. It has been a great way to get the traditions and our part in them on our minds- at least once a month.

I have made a commitment to attend each group in the district for 6 weeks each; I am currently on my second group. Having only lived in my district for 2 years it is turning out to be a great way not only to be helpful to the groups but to be sure to give a smiling face with a name.

There are several service Committee Chairs in place: Treatment/BTG, PI, CPC, Grapevine, and Corrections. Some are new and feeling a little lost about how to begin and some are out of the habit of coming to the district meetings. I have recently registered the new chairs with GSO so we will have our work books soon, hopefully that will inspire some new action. I have invited the Area Service Committee Chairs to attend a District Meeting so the District Chairs may also be able to put a face with a name and have a bigger desire to come here to learn from all of you.

We had a Workshop on Carrying the Message on April 12th. It was a small group, but everyone seemed to enjoy and learn a lot. We will be hosting SOWANII (Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois) monthly (during the cold months) dinner and speaker gathering on May 3rd. August will be enjoying our annual picnic, plans are well on the way. We will also be joining District 30 for the Mini-Conference; the first planning meeting was yesterday and the aimed date will the end October or the beginning of November.

Yours in Service,

Bridgett A. - DCM


Counties – Grant, Lafayette, Iowa, Crawford.

Mini Conference on April 12th, Hige Success. Approx: 200 attenced.

We also have a 4 person best shot Golf outing coming in the 1st week of June. Pretty good representation from the GSR’s for most of our meetings at our GSR meeting at the End of April. And we will start planning our next mini-conference at our next GSR meeting. All in all we are doing pretty well.

Ted K. - DCM


The district is alive and well, and its people are fairly active. We have 28 active meetings; plus 23 open speaker meetings, which are held on the second Saturday of each month. These are put on by the different groups of the District.

The district is also; having a picnic September 13th and we are combining it with the District open meeting. The flyers will be out in June and this year it will not interfere with the Jamboree held at the zoo.

Also do not forget the fall conference, which is also, sponsored by District 12. The conference is held October 3rd through 5th at the Holiday Inn in Fond du Lac.

Terry H. - DCM


District 15 is located in Milwaukee County, bordered by I-94 to the south, 35th street to the west, and the Milwaukee River to the north and east. There are 48 groups registered with G.S.O. in District 15, however several of these have disbanded. For several years, participation and activity in District 15 could only be described as low. Most groups in the district were not aware of the service structure, much less service opportunities at the district level. Therefore, the focus of our work with groups in the district has been encouraging them to get involved by electing G.S.R.’s, attending district and area functions and reviewing district and area business at their respective business meetings.

A workshop held with District 16 in early March was a great success and has resulted in some more interest in the district and service. The district is currently considering holding another workshop in fall 2008.

There are many correctional facilities within the confines of District 15; accordingly, our correction chair has been working with the Milwaukee County Corrections Committee to care the AA message into these facilities. We are also working on “means and methods: to carry the message into district treatment facilities, to better cooperate with the professional community and to revive AA at Marquette University.

District 15 holds it’s meeting the 3rd Sunday of every month at 933 E. Center Street in Milwaukee at 6:30 p.m. and any AA is always welcome to attend.

Mike B. - DCM


We currently have 5 active GSR’s, 1 alternate GSR, and volunteers which gives us approximately 12 people in attendance each month. Our PI chair, and Archives chair are filled, and we also have a volunteer that are interested in the grapevine chair, that will most likely be voted on next month. Our current temporary treatment chair has been working with alcoholics in the real estate industry. He has contacts that he calls when he is given a referral. That contact then works with the alcoholic in need. Our PI chair is currently working with getting big books into libraries. Future events include a literature drive, and our 2nd annual fall workshop. Details are still being worked out for these events. We are still in need of Corrections, Special Needs, CPC, and Literature chairs. We are hoping to spark more interest in the available service opportunities by having new guests each month. This is an exciting time in district 16.

ALT. DCM Chair David K.                                                                                     


All chairs are filled. The district6 has been very active on participating with the conference – spring, 2009. The overall enthusiasm is good. We have had an average attendance between 20—25 at each of the district 17 meetings. We continue to meet on the 3rd Sunday of the month at RACO @ 1:00 p.m. for the exception of today. We also participate in the Grove club’s secretary meeting by presenting information on the importance of a GSR, which in turn created interest and more GSR’s. In terms of chairs:

Archives: Archive rooms is open at the same time as RACO

Corrections: 1. Discussion with the area 75 chairs – Marty S. on what is happening at the Racine Youthful Offenders Facility and if nothing should ask them if AA can help. Need to contact Marty S. for update.
  1. Had a good talk with Alan K. and he is asking what AA can do about starting up a meeting in the max side – pre release center.
  2. Z.C.I. Program personal have asked if we can get some 23 stepper to start a Big Book meeting in the men’s program floor.
  3. Many Rainbow Fund can donations received in the past few months. The fund is growing thanks to your groups and kind offerings. This will be of great use in the coming weeks/months. The rainbow fund is always in need of donations of cash, literature, and Grapevines.

Treatment: Meetings started at St. Clair and Durand House.

PI/CPC: 1. Mailing of 800 went out.
  1. Some of the mailings have been getting returned.
  2. Ali wants to work with Racine Unified, Wheaton Franciscan, and Racine Bar Association with the next mailing.

Special Needs: Has received two calls from someone in need of Special Needs

Hotline: There was a meeting for Hotline Volunteers for orientation & questions.

Grapevine: 1. Grapevine stand at the Tri County Spring Conference.
2. Old copies will be disbursed to jails or treatment.


Our district elections were held in November 2007 and all the positions were filled to include alternates for DCM, Secretary and Treasurer. Our district meetings are generally well represented with 12-15 of us in attendance.

We held a district workshop on April 12th at the Baraboo Civic Center which was attended by approximately 75 members of the fellowship and their family/friends. The subject of the panel discussion was "Living Free in Sobriety" and an excellent job was done by all four speakers.

In an effort to generate more interest in service work our district will be holding district meetings in different towns once a quarter. Our first "on the road" meeting will be April 30th, 6:15 PM, St. Vincent De Paul Resource Center, 1906 North St., Prairie du Sac. Our hope is that interested AA’s will be able to experience a district meeting on their home turf and get some understanding of the importance of our Third Legacy.

District 19 currently holds 24 meetings at various locations throughout Richland and Sauk counties.

Yours in service...............John S. DCM, District 19


Our District meeting is held the last Tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm at the Atwood Community Center.

Our CPC Chair from District 20 is helping the Area 75 CPC Chair with the WAAODA Conference that is being held in Madison, May 5-7 again this year. WAAODA is the acronym for WI Association on Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse. This is a great opportunity for us to reach out to the Professional community. Volunteers will “man the booth and inform Professionals on how AA could be of Service. Professionals can sign up to receive the About AA newsletter. All Standing Committee positions are filled. Our Special Needs Chair has sent a mailing out to the Assisted Living Facilities in the Dane County Community. Will here about any feed back at the next District Meeting. There is approximately 20 GSR’s attending the District meeting on a regular basis. The District plans to host a Funshop on July 19. Look for more information in the near future. We are planning to hold a District inventory at our June meeting. Stu will be visiting our District in either July or August to talk about the Alternate Delegate and Literature positions for the Area.

Yours in service,
Doreen H.

District 22

Old business:

Completing district 4/22 where and when.

New business:

Looking into having a service workshop, as we have many vacant chair positions and groups without GSR's.

Thank you
In Service,

Carl H. – DCM

District 24

Since our September report we have seen an increase in participation at our monthly District Meeting. This increased participation is attributed to the two workshops conducted in our District.

Attendance at our District meetings has averaged around 12 people over the past few months. We currently have 9 GSRs representing 9 of the 49 groups in our District and we have the following positions filled at the District: DCM, Secretary, Treasurer, Corrections Chair, PI Chair, CPC Chair, and Milwaukee Central Office Board Member. We are still trying to find someone to fill our recently vacated Treatment/BTG Chair.

In November, the New Day Club hosted a 4th/5th Step Workshop. This was very successful with 43 people attending. District 24 helped provide speakers/panelists for the event and it helped raise awareness about service. It also motivated our District to put on a workshop of our own.

In February, District 24 held a Sponsorship Workshop. 57 people attended the workshop and we were very excited with the turnout and participation. More people have attended our District Meetings and have become involved in Service as a direct result of the past two workshops. Additionally, it is my opinion that if we tap into the energy of the Clubs it can provide a significant benefit and resource for us. My opinion is that most people are not involved in Service because they are not aware of it. And if they are not aware of it, then the responsibility falls on us to communicate the message.

Currently we are planning our next workshop on the 6th/7th Steps to be held on June 7th, 2008.

Our PI Chair, Pamela N. has drafted a letter to send to the schools and colleges in our District and we have authorized her to spend $250 to purchase literature.

We continue to hold 3 women's meetings a week and 2 men's meetings a week at the Ozaukee County Jail.

We are excited about the energy being exhibited by all of our new participants at our District and we hope that this energy and enthusiasm is contagious.

Respectfully Submitted,
J.D. O, DCM District 24


Grapevine Workshop yesterday 4/19; 80-90 people present for informative panels, delicious potluck, enlightening and hilarious skits and moving speaker; Will K.

Third Sunday Breakfast speaker meeting stared at Ramada in Fond du Lac. Good turnout and speakers.

Discussions have been held on purpose and distribution of Rainbow Can donations. There seems to be a lot of confusion among group members & also GSR’s Les, our corrections chair has drafted a letter clarifying some of the questions that were raised.

Grapevine/corrections workshop planned for 9/6; 9-3 p.m. more details will be coming. Books to TCL & library. Spanish BB. Breach of anonymity mentions by Area Delegate; our PI chair contacted the newspaper involved and explained and left brochures regarding traditions. All to no avail.

Preparations for Fall 2009 conference are proceeding nicely. Stay tuned later for my report on that.


Barbara F. – Alt DCM


20 groups estimated, 6 active GSR’s. Visiting groups without GSR;s. Outreach to several treatment centers within our districts.

Workshops: Treatment workshop held in fall with possible follow up conference this fall.

Active literature chairs with frequent distributions to treatment centers.

Gary C. - DCM

District 28

District 28 is located in the southeast comer of Milwaukee County. There are 46 weekly meetings hi our district, 19 of which are club meetings. All of District 28 chairs are filled at this time. Our monthly GSR meetings are usually attended by 12-15 members. We are hi the process of getting the message out about the importance of GSR's to each group; we would like to have more representation from our district groups. We have a District 28 archive that is collecting history on all of our groups. Our treatment chair is very active at St. Luke's South Shore Hospital. Bridging the Gap, Public Information, and CPC chairs are also active in the community. District 28 distributes a neighborhood meeting flier throughout the community where needs have been identified.

Our district is self supporting through annual donations from the district groups. District 28 sponsors an annual 'Old Timers' meeting week. Each night a different AA and Alanon member with 20+ years speaks to the group. District 28 co-sponsors an annual holiday Alkathon over the Christmas and New Year's holidays. District 28 sponsors a bi-annual mini conference that is hosted by a different group. District 28 tries to host a workshop on the non-mini conference year.

Respectfully submitted,
Dave F. - DCM District 28


Is alive and well!

Our round robin series of open meetings is very well attended and the speakers have been wonderful.

We have established dialog with Milwaukee Public Schools and hopefully in fall, we will have people ready to speak to the high school students. This will be done during the Alcohol and Chemical addiction portion of health class.

We continue to update group information for G.S.O. A number of people have stepped up to help accomplish this task.

Our district when and where is very well received. Much thanks to our PI chair. BTG chair has been going to EAP, therapists, and doctor offices and dropping off literature. Corrections chair is keeping the libraries supplied with literature. Grapevine chair is asking for groups and personal subscriptions. All chairs are filled except special needs.

District 29 helped District 10 with their annual conference in Milwaukee, organized the English speaking panels and supplied translator and equipment.

Respectfully submitted,

Gary E. – DCM


13 people average
1st Friday every month at 6:30

Planning mini conference for Oct or Nov date to be announced – 1st meeting yesterday. Many positive comments after last years event. Promoted 2008 mini conference 180 attendees. Self Supporting.

Learning to be very careful of wording when asking groups to vote on any events.
(Misunderstandings cause issues to be tabled.)

For 3 months, I’m getting to all groups as time allows with Dist 8. Marty S. is coming May 3rd for information session/mini workshop, at Wesley Avenue Alano Club. 1-2 hrs.

One new group in Edgerton. 7 p.m. Thursday 164 pages group. 3 wks now. St Josephs Church.

When I around in District 30 it seemed there was a wall. Trying my best to whip groups into shape!

Thank you!

Ken G. - DCM


Our DCM, Katherine G. had to resign as she moved to Virginia. Larry B. is our alternate DCM and handling the position. In spite of having to fill several chair positions, attendance at the district meetings is good. Our PI chair, Rick M., has put together a package of pamphlets and a district meeting list to distribute to area schools. Our corrections and treatment chairs, Bill S. and Ken Y., are working with districts 13 & 34 to put on a corrections/treatment workshop in September, specific details will be available soon.

Submitted by,

Chris E. - District 32 Grapevine Chair


District 34 consists of thirty-one groups located within the northeastern quadrant of Waukesha County. At the present time, fifty-five percent of the groups have a registered GSR and all District Committee Chairs are filled.

District 34 works closely with Districts 13 & 32 to:
Insure meetings are taken into Waukesha County Jail, the Huber facility and Ethan Allen Juvenile center.

Organize and host annual twelve step workshops

Arrange and orchestrate informational luncheons for members of the professional community.

In addition, District 34:
Sponsors a monthly open meeting on the second Saturday of every month;
Provides speakers to the treatment centers within the District;
Responds to Bridging the Gap requests;
Arranges for meetings for those with special needs;
Donates Grapevines & La Vinas to a number of institutions;
Insures the correctional institutions are well stocked with AA literature including the text Alcoholics Anonymous; and is hosting the Spring 2008 Area Conference.

Our District is active, engaged and dedicated to carrying the message to the alcoholic that still suffers.

Respectfully submitted

Drew A. – DCM


District 36 is doing well.  We had 16 members in attendance at our March District/ GSR meeting.  We welcomed one new GSR.  All committee chairs are filled except PI, tentatively we have a GSR willing to do CPC.  Admittedly most committee chairs are also GSRs for AA groups~ most of us wear 2 hats.
Through donations to our Corrections Committee we were able to provide over $ 280 in AA literature to the Racine Men's Prison and the Women's prison in Union Grove. 
Our District is sponsoring its first workshop in many years.  It is on Sponsorship with a panel and main speaker, Leo M. from Milwaukee.  It will be on Saturday, May 10th from 11:30 to 3:30 at the Plymouth Congregational Church, 124 W. Washington, Burlington.  Both the workshop and lunch are free.  Please come and pass the word.  Flyers are available on the announcements table.
Respectfully submitted,
Paul H. -  DCM


My name is Howard P. and I have the honor of being the Area 75 Conference
Advisory Chair.
My thanks goes out to all the host Districts who have taken on the Service
Responsibility for host our future Area 75 Conferences.
Those being:

District 34

Spring 2008 – May 16th – 18th, 200

Olympia Resort & Conference Center – Oconomowoc, WI

Theme - Love and Service


District 12

Fall 2008 – October 3 – 5, 2008

Holiday Inn – Fon du Luc

Theme – Happiness Through Change


Districts 7 – 17 – 36

Spring 2009 – May 14 – 16

Racine Marriott – Racine


From - Loneliness to Living


District 25

Fall 2009 – Nov. 6 – 8, 2009

Heidel House Resort – Green Lake, WI


District 32

Spring 2010 – April 30th – May 2, 2010

Olympia Resort & Conference Center – Oconomowoc WI

My thanks to each and every District and Conference Committee member for taking on the Service responsibility on behalf of all of Area 75 Fellowship
Howard P.
Area Conf. Chair

Spring Conference 2008

We are set, on the ball. We are now 26 days away from the conference and things are moving along well. Currently we have 208 pre-registrations, 146 dinners, and 96 brunches. Two weeks ago we had 62 rooms reserved for 5/16 and 66 rooms for 5/17. Our commitment is 75 rooms each night, so we are well on our way!!!! If you have not registered yet please do so as it will help us in every way!! I do have registration forms today if you need any, or if you would like to register today please see me.

Fall Conference 2008-

District 12 (Washington County)
Chair: Annette D.
Co-Chair: Mary R.
Date: Oct 3, 4, & 5, 2008
Location: Holiday Inn, Fond Du Lac
Theme: Happiness through Change”

We are on Schedule. The flyer is being prepared for print as is the registration form and will be available at the predestinated time, “Spring Conference at Olympia” Panels are titled, and Moderators in place and speakers (main) are locked. We have an energetic and fun entertainment being prepared by that committee. Conferences bring Life to districts.

Spring Conference 2009

The Area 75 2009 Spring Conference Planning Committee is working hard to put on a great conference.
My name is Dennis L. and I am the Conference Chair. My co-chair is Mary T. Mary will also serve as the hotel liaison. She has worked extensively with the 2001 Conference as the hotel liaison.
The Area 75 2009 Spring Conference theme will be "From Loneliness to Living." This conference is being hosted by District's 7,17 & 36. It will be held May 15-17 2009 at the Racine Marriott. The hotel is located right on Highway 20, (which goes to I94) so it will be easy to find.
The planning committee is using the Area 75 planning time line to keep us on schedule. We appreciate the seed money we have received to cover initial expenses.
Our Treasurer has requested budgets from each sub-committee chair, and is working on our overall budget. Barb W., our treasurer, will receive registrations at her home, so we will not need a PO Box. Barb has a checking account for the Conference. We have not set a fee, but hope to keep costs (and reg. fee) as low as possible. Having a buffet, instead of a sit-down dinner, has been discussed as an option.
The Program Committee has selected panel topics which correspond to the steps. Roxanne D and her committee have chosen 2 main speakers for Friday and Saturday nights. Both are from out of state. They are seeking a local speaker for Sunday morning. The Spanish and Young peoples' panels will choose their own panelists, but will go along with the same topics as the main AA panels.
We plan to work with Area Special Needs to find sign language and Spanish interpreters.
The Alanon Chair Maureen has found a main speaker. She plans to correlate her panel topics with those of the AA panels. There will be no main Alateen speaker; however Maureen hopes to have an Alateen on each panel.
The Greeters chair hopes to involve 60 AA members in greeting, by having a greeter at each panel. He hopes to obtain used or passed on hats/ribbons/ or sashes from other conferences to help identify the greeters.

The Conference Planning Committee hopes to put out flyers announcing our conference at the 2008 spring and/or Fall Conferences, and even to have a flyer stuffed in the 2008 Registration packets. This flier is for information only and is not for registration.
It is our hope that all of our sub-committee chairs and co-chairs will attend the spring 2008 Conference.
Linda N. is our Publicity & Printing chair. Linda has designed a beautiful oversized glossy registration flyer, which we plan to proofread extensively before printing. We are estimating to need 5,000 registration flyers. We plan to obtain 3 estimates for printing before placing an order.
Racine Area Central Office, where the Planning Committee meets monthly, will sell both AA and AI-Anon literature at the Conference.
Our Entertainment Chair, Carrie L., is writing a humorous skit for Friday night. We plan to have karaoke on Friday as well. The Saturday dance will either have a DJ or a band. The submitted contracts will be presented at our May meeting for comparison and a decision at that time will be made for Saturday's entertainment.
This report has been prepared by the 2009 Conference Secretary, Mary Me.
-Dennis L.
2009 Conference Chair
Mobile: 262-716-6825 E-Mail: DennisL2U@aol.com

Fall Conference 2009


Our last meeting was held January 27, 2008. We now have all of our committee chairpersons in place and some have elected co-chairs.

Our program Committee chair and co-chair have selected and confirmed speakers for Friday and Saturday night and Sunday morning. They are Steve L. of Nashville, TN, Lyle P. of Stockbridge, GA, and John S. of Fond Du Lac, WI.

The Al-Anon chairperson has selected a possible speaker, but has yet to contact him to confirm his availability.

Our next meeting is scheduled for April 27, 2008, at the Gratitude Club in Fond Du Lac. 12:00 p.m.

Conference Theme: Back to Basics

Winnebagoland Central Office will provide literature sales.

Nov. 6, 7, & 8, 2009 @ Heidl House, Green Lake, WI

Respectfully submitted by:

Barbara F. and Jeff Z., Co-chairpersons

Spring Conference 2010 – No Report Submitted


None were represented.

Agenda planning meeting on June 22nd, at the Madison Senior Center – District 24.




Agenda Proposal Sponsor: Nancy G/ on behalf of the 2007 Area 75 Ad Hoc Committee on Conferences (phone 608-221-2891)

Committee Members: Joan J. (Past Delegate), Jo McL. (Past Delegate), Nancy H/ (Area 75 Treasurer), Nancy G. (Area 75 Grapevine Chair and Past Delegate)

Provide complete details of your proposal (attach any supporting documentation).

That the three-day Area 75 Fall Conference, normally held in October or November of each year, be discontinued commencing in 2010; and,
That a one-day Fall Service Assembly be held to facilitate Area business; including, but not limited to, the Area 75 elections or the Area 75 Inventory (currently held in alternate years during the weekend of the Fall Conference), Standing Committee meetings, and officer and committee reports.

List the primary benefits of your proposal.

This proposal is presented based on the findings of the 2007 Area 75 Ad Hoc Committee on Conferences. These findings were summarized in the report presented by the committee to the Area Assembly on September 16, 2007 (said report incorporated as Attachment A).

Background/Additional Information:

See Attachment A.

At a meeting of the Ad Hoc Committee at the 2007 Fall Conference in Manitowoc, attended by John B. (Area 75 Chairperson) and Howard P. (Area 75 Conference Advisory Chairperson), it was agreed that it was the responsibility of the Committee to bring this proposal based on the clear indications of the majority of people who contributed to the findings of the Committee. Although broader issues regarding our Area 75 service structure need to be addressed, this proposal brings the main issue (the subject of continuing 2 annual Area Conferences) to a vote.

The final Area 75 Fall Conference will be the one currently scheduled for November 6-8, 2009 at the Heidel House in Green Lake, WI. This time frame will allow further and more detailed recommendations regarding the Area 75 service structure to be addressed before these changes are implemented. However, we feel this primary issue must be addressed now, before future Fall Conference bids are accepted.

Estimated Funding Required:

None. A savings in Conference expense reimbursement to Area officers and standing committee chairpersons will be realized.



SEPTEMBER 16, 2007

Committee Members: Joan J. (chairperson), Jo McL., Nancy H., Nancy G.

Purpose: To survey the Area 75 fellowship and gather basic information regarding the desired number of Area 75 conferences

To accomplish our directive, the committee members visited as many GSR meetings as possible in the allotted timeframe. Information was also solicited by phone, email and in person at various AA functions. General background information was provided, and three basic questions were asked of the fellowship:
  1. Should Area 75 continue to hold two Area conferences per year?
  2. If we have only one conference, should it be held in the spring or the fall?
  3. If we eliminate one conference, should we hold one-day meetings to replace that conference (either spring or fall) to conduct Area business (e.g., delegate’s report, elections, Area service committee meetings)?

The committee members visited and/or contacted members from all but five districts at the time of this report. In addition, survey information was gathered from interested individual AA members.

Results are as follows:
  1. 82% = No - Area 75 should not continue to hold two conferences per year
  2. 67% = preferred Spring
  3. Of those who answered Question 3, the majority agreed with one-day business meetings to replace those normally held at the eliminated conference.

Much discussion was generated in the information gathering process. Some often heard comments were:

It became clear during this process that many individuals have no desire to attend Area conferences or Area business meetings. Many members, including GSRs and DCMs, seem apathetic or ill-informed about the importance of the AA group and their trusted servants at all levels in the general service structure. Most groups are not active at the district or area levels and often do not know what their role is within the structure. More than a few did not know about Area conferences.

It is the opinion of the ad hoc committee that this initial survey process reflected a greater problem in Area 75 than simply lack of attendance at Area conferences. We see a need to address the conference issue, but more importantly, the way our Area 75 service structure operates is desperately in need of review. Questions include, but are not limited to:

As a committee, we hope that the Area Chair will either expand the scope and membership of this committee, or appoint a new committee, to address what we see as the greater issues within the Area 75 service structure.

It is our hope that research into our history as an Area, as well as that of other Areas within our Conference, in addition to further input from our members, will yield proposals that will improve the quality of our structure, and thereby attract greater participation. Greater participation within the structure, whatever form that takes, can only improve our ability to carry the AA message to the still-suffering alcoholic.


Area 75 Proposal Form

Proposal Sponsor: Lee Ann U. Sponsor’s Phone: (262) 424-6656
Sponsor’s Service Position: D34 Special Needs Chair

Proposal Co-Sponsor: Drew A. Co-Sponsor’s Phone: (262)358-0337
Co-Sponsor’s Service Position: D34 DCM

Describe your proposal:
That in June 2015 and every 5th year thereafter, Area 75 holds a one-day Assembly in lieu of a three-day Spring Conference. These are the years in which the A.A. International Convention is held. This Assembly will be held for the purpose of presenting the Delegate’s report on the annual meeting of the General Service Conference.

List the primary benefits to the Area:
Area 75 will then conform to GSO guidelines regarding conferences during the years in which the A.A. International Conventions are held.

This will give more people the opportunity to better fiscally manage attending the Area 75 Delegate’s report and the International Conventions.

Estimate any funding required. Outline where funding would come from. Explain whether this is a one time or ongoing expense.
There will be a savings of the cost of Spring conference expense reimbursement provided to the Area 75 Officers and Standing Committee Chairs during the years of the A.A. International Convention.



Agenda Proposal Sponsor: Nancy G., Area 75 Grapevine Chair

Provide complete details of your proposal (attach any supporting documentation).

That the Area 75 Agenda Planning Meetings, normally held in January and June of each year, be discontinued; and,
That the January Agenda Planning Meeting be replaced by a Winter Service Assembly; and,
That an Area 75 Agenda Committee be implemented. It will be the responsibility of the Agenda Committee to review and approve the overall format and content of the agenda and/or program, including voting items, for the Area 75 Assemblies, in consultation with other officers and committee chairpersons. The Area 75 Chairperson would also serve as the Chairperson of the Agenda Committee, and would appoint a minimum of four additional members to serve on the Committee during each two-year rotation.

List the primary benefits of your proposal.

1. Experience has shown that the majority of proposals brought to the Agenda Planning meetings are placed on the Agenda. When the proposals are presented, the complaint is often heard that the time is spent discussing the merits of the proposal, rather the merit of it being placed on the agenda. An Agenda Committee would streamline the process and allow proposals to be discussed in Committee before being brought to the floor.

2. Based on the A.A. Service Manual, it appears that the major responsibility for setting the agenda for assembly meetings falls to the Area Chair:

The A.A. Service Manual describes the duties of the Area Chairperson: “The chairperson is responsible for the smooth running of area assemblies…consulting with officers and committee members on the program, and chairing the assembly meetings.”

The A.A. Service Manual also states: “Much depends on the chairperson’s ability to conduct a smoothly functioning meeting: These suggestions should be helpful: Keep the issues clear. If a motion is offered, be sure it is stated clearly and distinctly so that all know what they are voting for or against…”

This proposal would bring that responsibility to rest with the Area Chair, while at the same time insuring that chairperson’s consultation with others through the committee system.

3. The Area would more closely align itself with the General Service Conference structure and benefits of the committee system. Proposals coming forward from DCMs, GSRs, individual group members etc. would be received by the Agenda Committee, and then referred to the appropriate Standing Committee for review. The proposal sponsor(s) could be available to the Committee during the discussion. After review, the Standing Committee would return the proposal(s) to the Agenda Committee with a recommendation and the reasoning for placing or not placing the item on the voting agenda. Considerations would include, but not be limited to, A.A. Traditions and Concepts, and previous Area 75 Assembly Actions. If a proposal did not fall under the duties of a specific service committee, the Agenda Committee would retain it for review.

Background/Additional Information:

1. In the past, the Area 75 Chairperson was responsible for setting the agenda for the Assemblies. In an effort to get people more involved, the Agenda Planning meeting was created. There has always been confusion over “assembly” versus “meeting” and controversy continues regarding the right of GSRs to have a vote at the Agenda Planning Meeting. This proposal would eliminate these problems.

2. From Area 75 Assembly Actions – History:
5/11/75 – Have four Assemblies per year: two Pre-Conference Assemblies in Madison and the other two Conference Assemblies at the Conference site. Motion Carried. (pg 5-6)
3/27/88 – Area Assembly to meet six times a year. (2) Area Committee/Agenda Planning Meetings – Spring and Fall (6 weeks after Conference). (2) Pre-Conference Meetings – Spring and Fall (6 weeks before Conference). (2) Conference Assemblies – Spring and Fall. (pg 5-5)
3/25/90 – Motion passed to adopt the re-structured Agenda Planning Meeting. See Appendix – Attachment 3. (pg 5-4) [NOTE: Attachment 3 is incorporated in this 2008 proposal as Attachment A.]
9/14/97 – Pre-Conference Assembly Meeting. Elimination of Area 75 District Committee Members’ sharing sessions (during the morning of the Agenda Planning Meeting) and replace it with things that will attract the Group Service Representatives…. (with the agenda at the discretion of the Area Chairperson). (pg 5-2)

3. Proposals could be submitted at any time to the Area Chair/Agenda Committee. However, Committee consideration will take place at the Winter Service Assembly and at the Fall Service Assembly, with proposal voting to take place only at the annual Pre-Conference Assembly.

4. Sample Annual Assembly Schedule:
January Winter Service Assembly (committees review proposals; reports; other business)
April Pre-Conference Assembly (voting on proposals; reports; other business)
June Area 75 3-day Conference (Delegate’s report)
October Fall Service Assembly (elections/inventory; committees review proposals)

January Morning Session – Committee Meetings, GSR School, DCM Sharing Session
January Afternoon Session – Reports from Committees (including proposal recommendations) and other business

5. The Agenda Committee, in cooperation with the Area Secretary, will be responsible for finalizing the proposals/agenda for the April Assembly for distribution with the previous assembly minutes and posting on the Area 75 website. Area Officers, Standing Committee Chairpersons and Agenda Committee members will be available to the districts to provide background material and other information. This may be accomplished through traveling zone workshops, as well as by email and phone contact.

Estimated Funding Required:

Minimal expenses (such as copies, phone and mailing) are anticipated and would be included in and charged to the Area Chairperson’s budget. Reimbursement of any Committee expenses will fall to the recommendation of the Area Chair with the approval of the Finance Committee.


Dave of District 16 & 28 Sheraton Hotel - Approved unanimous.

The meeting closed with the Responsibility Declaration:

When anyone, anywhere reaches out, I want the hand of A.A. always to be there, and for that; I am responsible!”

Upcoming events:

Area 75 – 2008 Spring Conference – May 16 – 18, Oconomowoc, WI (Delegate’s report)
Agenda Planning Meeting – June 22, 2008 at the Madison Senior Center
Pre-Conference Assembly – September 7, 2008 at the Madison Senior Center
Area 75 – 2008 Fall Conference – October 3 – 5, Fond du Lac, WI (Elections)

If you have not already done so, please register for our Area 75 Spring Conference to be held at the Olympia Resort, Oconomowoc, WI. Call 800-558-9573 for room reservations.