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Alcoholic’s Anonymous – Area 75

Alcoholic’s Anonymous – Area 75

9:00 a.m. Sunday, September 16, 2007

Pre Conference Assembly Meeting

Madison Senior Center



OFFICERS PRESENT: John B., Area Chairperson; George P., Delegate; Nancy B., Secretary, ; Nancy H., Treasurer; Cynthia H., Alt. Treasurer

STANDING COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSON PRESENT: Marty S., Corrections Chair; Cheryl M-J., CPC Chair; Nancy G., Grapevine Chair; Matt Z., PI Chair; John W., Special Needs Chair; Chris C., Treatment Chair; George D., Area 75 Registrar; Howard P., Conference Advisory Chair, Robin S., Archives Chair

DCM’S PRESENT; D1-Art B.; D3-Jim K.; D6-Fred; D7-Elizabeth; D8-Darryl S.; D9-April B.; D10-Patrick F.; D11-Dewey C.; D13-Kane B.; D15-Mike B.; D16-Randy R.; D17-Linda N.; D20-Doreen H.; D22-Carl H.; D24-JD O.; D25-Cindy; D28-Ken N.; D29-Gary E.; D30-Joel B.; D31-Benjamin B.; D32-Chris E.; D34-Todd U.; D36-Paul

GSR’S & DISTRICT COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSONS PRESENT; D-2 Bob T.; D-3 Martha G., Myrna H., Tom R.; D-6 Connie M.; D-8 Edna T.; D-12 Mary R.; D-13 Kevin T., Mark L., Bob M., Rick S., Leslie F., Dolly H.; D-15 Clay K., Daniel S.; D-16 Ken Y., Theresa W., Dave K., Karen H., Deb R.; D-17 Sam M., Dale K., Jim R., Danny S., Darrel S., Becca K., Dick K.; D-20 Dan S.; D-24 Jonathan L.; D-25 Jeff Z., Marian B., George B., D-28 Greg L., Rick H.; D-29 Gary E.; D-31 Charlie E.; D-32 Rick M., Bob G., Kurt B.; D-34 LeeAnn U., Perry C., Connie R., Drew A., Greg G., Naz G.; D-36 Pete W.

OTHERS PRESENT: Past Delegates: Joan J., Nancy G., Jo McL, John B. Bill A.; 2008 Spring Conf – Ruth G., 2008 Fall Conf - Annette D.; 2010 Spring Conference Chair – Bob S.; Others: Terry R., Bobbi W., Crystal C., Toni M. Dennis D., Michael S.

Secretaries Report - Nancy B.

Reviewed minutes from Agenda Planning Meeting held Sunday June 24, 2007, which were subsequently approved unanimously.

Registrar Report – George D.

Greetings all, I hope you all had as good a summer as I did, there hasn’t been much activity as far as my position goes, that however will soon change as DCM’s rotate out of their position and new people take over. I would like to take this opportunity to remind you all too please look at the Area 75 Directory and let me know of any changes you might have to it, this is also true all year long the only way I know to make any changes is by input from all of you.

I sent out a revised copy of the directory in late June and except for Tom M.’s resignation I haven’t heard from anyone about any changes.


George D.

Treasurers Report – Nancy H.

A total of 334 Groups, Districts and Individuals have contributed to the area this year thru August 31st. There have been 6 contributors to the Count-On-Us fund and 36 to the Rainbow Fund. Totals are on the financial reports included with the minutes of this meeting. A listing of the contributors with contributions received by month is available for review at all area meetings including this one.

Conference seed money for Fall 2008 has been sent to the conference treasurer. The check for $500 left us with a balance of $63.59 in the cash account. Since the check was written in September it is not reflected on the reports distributed today. We also have contributions that were received this month that will be included in the September month end report that will be available at the Fall Conference.

The Treatment Committee had expenses that were incurred jointly with the Bridging the Gap Committee prior to June 1st when BTG was consolidated into the Treatment Committee. $500.00 was transferred from BTG to the Treatment budget to cover expenses for the joint project.

I have added a listing of Conference Seed Money by Conference to the reports. This list is to help inform the area which conference has what amount in the accounts receivable line of the balance sheet. It is also to help your treasurer keep accurate record of receipts and disbursements. Last year the Fall 2006 conference had $1000 in seed money but I only accounted for $500 as seed money and the rest as income. I have revised the end of year report and have included a copy with these minutes. It did not affect the bottom line but it did decrease the A/R Conference Seed Money and the Conference Proceeds by $500.

Three members of the Finance Committee will be rotating off at the end of this year. Members rotating are John B. Past Delegate, Barb W. Past Area Treasurer and Toni M. Past DCM District 8. Anyone interested in serving on this committee should contact me. The committee has 6 members and 3 rotate off each year.

I want to thank all those who use the contribution form when sending in your contributions. It makes my job much easier. I have found that many groups do not know what their GSO number is or what district they are in. If you look at the listing of contributors I only report the information I was given. If you are aware of any incorrect or missing information on the report please let me know. Contribution forms are sent as part of the acknowledgment for all contributions received. Additional contribution forms are available online at www.area75.org.

Nancy H.



Current Assets

Cash in Checking-M&I


Prudent Reserve-M&I


Cash-Count On Us


Cash - Rainbow Can


A/R-Conference Seed Money




Equipment Depreciation



Total Current Assets



Total Assets




Current Liabilities


Total Current Liabilities



Total Liabilities



Retained Earnings


Net Income



Total Capital



Total Liabilities & Capital






This Year

Last Year

Year to Date
This Year

Year to Date
Last Year


Group Donations





Group Donations - Rainbow





Group Donations - Count On Us





Conference Proceeds





Other Income





Other Income









Total Revenues










Bank Charges





Conference Loss





Conference Booth Fee










GSO Fees










Literature - Rainbow/COU




















Misc/Office Expense















Registration Fees










Archives Rent










Web Site














Total Expenses









Net Income







2007 Actual YTD

2007 Total Budget

2007 Variance YTD












Alt. Delegate/Lit.

























Budget Trans $500 to Treatment
















Public Info.










Budget Trans $500 From BTG

Spcl. Needs










Alt. Chair





Alt. Secretary





Alt. Treasurer





Archives Chair










COU Literature


Rainbow Literature




Conference Seed Money

Fall 2007


Spring 2008


Fall 2008


Spring 2009


(Hotel deposit)

Delegates (Panel 57) Report - George P.

Good Morning and thank you once again for the privilege of serving as your Delegate.

Since our Agenda Planning Meeting in late June, I have been very busy personally but not too involved in visiting districts.  My calendar showed a complete lack of any activity regarding Area 75 service in July.  One ongoing project was my role in the 2007 Membership survey.  In early July, I received notice from Irene K. at GSO along with a list of the 12 groups in Area 75 that had been randomly selected to participate in the 2007 Membership survey.  I made an attempt to find a phone number for every person on the list because GSO provided only mailing addresses.  I called every named group contact person that I could and asked for help from DCM's when I was unable to contact the person directly.  The process dictated that I deliver between July 10 and July 28 blank copies of the survey to each group contact person.  I sent out 8 sets of surveys as I was unable to contact the other 4 groups.  Group contacts were to conduct the survey in their group during one regular meeting of the group between August 1 and August 14 and then return the completed surveys to me.  I was to return the completed surveys to GSO no later than September 1.  Of the 8 sets of surveys I sent out, I received about 6 sets back and forwarded them to your General Service Office.  This activity caused me to meet some new friends over the phone and I had several very warm interactions with fellow recovering alcoholics.   I thank you for opportunity to engage in this rewarding spiritual experience.

I was invited to give my delegate's report at the Secretary's meeting at the Milwaukee Central office on August 14.  As usual, I was received warmly by the staff and my 30 minute report, complete with PowerPoint slides, went well.

Last Tuesday, I presented a 15 minute delegate's report at the 12&12 Club in Burlington at the invitation of the DCM from District 36.  Though I was an hour late (it doesn't help to have a PDA if you don't look at it), the people at the district meeting stuck around and I was able to give the short version of my report of my experience at the 57th General Service Conference last April in New York City.

The following evening, last Wednesday, I attended an organizational meeting for Milwaukee County Corrections volunteers organized by our Corrections Chair, Marty S.  The meeting was held at a location near the Pettit Ice Center in Milwaukee and I managed to find it with no difficulty.  I am grateful for the opportunity to meet with AA’s who are active in carrying the message into our correctional facilities as I do at the Sheboygan County Detention Center.  I distributed some of the Final Reports of the 57th General Service Conference and am grateful to support corrections in Milwaukee County.  I'm sure Marty will provide more details on this successful meeting.

Last night, I attended Jamboree 2007 at the Peck Center in the Milwaukee County Zoo organized by the Milwaukee Central office.  I am grateful to the members of AA for inviting my wife and myself to this celebration of sobriety and sanity.

I have brought copies of the Final Report of the 57th General Service Conference.  Please take 2 or 3 copies for your group as that is the number that I requested from GSO.  There are also copies in Spanish and I hope that our District 10 DCM, Patrick, will take those for distribution in his district.

I have also brought some flyers for the East Central Regional Forum which will be held November 9
th – 11th near Chicago, IL.

Finally, there are plenty of Birthday Plan envelopes.  Please take a supply and remind members of your groups of the tradition of supporting the General Service Office by the expression of gratitude on our AA birthday.

I would be very pleased if any districts would include some time for me to come and deliver my delegate's report.  I want to come and tell you what I saw, what I heard and how I felt.  I would be happy to deliver the 15 minute, 30 minute, one hour or All-Day version of my report with or without PowerPoint slides.

Thank you so much for the privilege of serving the fellowship of AA.

George P.

Chairperson’s report – John B.

Good morning, my name is John B. and I’m an alcoholic and your Area 75 chairperson.

This is a brief synopsis of my activities since we last met in June…

As you may remember at our last meeting that Kathy W resigned her position as Alternate Area Chairperson and you entrusted me with the task of locating a suitable replacement. I have located an individual with a sufficient history of service and the desire to fulfill the commitment. When we reach the new business portion of the agenda today I will ask Ron B. to come to the podium and give you a brief synopsis of his service history and then I will ask you to approve his appointment.

Tom M. resigned from his position as Bridging the Gap Coordinator effective 9/10 due to his recent health issues. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Tom for his efforts and enthusiasm and I’m sure you all join me in wishing him a speedy recovery.

At the Agenda Planning meeting in June, I asked Joan J. to head up an ad hoc committee to review our current conference structure with individual districts within Area 75. I have been receiving progress reports as the committee has visited each district and although the review process has not been completed, the results gathered so far indicate its time for a change. I hope that one or more proposals will be placed before you at the next agenda planning meeting as a result of their efforts.

I am receiving minutes from several districts on a regular basis both by email and snail mail. Be sure to copy the Area 75 standing committee chairs as well as we are all interested in the activities within your district. Be advised that I am available to attend district meetings and events if you would like. I’m here to serve the Area in whatever capacity I’m able for the remainder of my term. All you need do is ask… If you have a question and I don’t know the answer, I will do my best to find out and get back to you in a timely fashion. If you have any suggestions as to how to better run our Area 75 meetings and reach a greater percentage of our fellowship, I’d be interested to hear them. Feel free to contact me in person, by phone (262-538-3829) or by email (jbaddaker@earthlink.net).

In Service, John B. – Area 75 Chairperson 2007-2008

Literature Report – Stu E.

Welcome to all in attendance today. I regret that I cannot be with you in person. I had some surgery nine days ago involving my field of vision. Things got a bit complicated in the post-surgical recovery room and I had to be admitted to the hospital for part of last weekend. At a post-surgical follow-up appointment on September 14th, my surgeons instructed me to continue another week on very light activity and limited travel. Please know that my heart is with you in the spirit of AA service and that I thoroughly look forward to rejoining you at the Fall Conference.

Since my last report, I have attended several district meetings and functions. The district meetings ranged from large and active to smaller and covering the basics. Functions included an excellent workshop hosted by District 37 in late June, where I was privileged to serve as one of the panelists. It was a hugely pleasurable, satisfying experience. I understand that a couple of members came forward afterwards in District 37 to fill open positions as AA’s trusted servants there. To them, welcome to one of the most rewarding aspects of life as a recovering alcoholic and to a new period of personal and spiritual growth.

In AA literature, I am immensely pleased to report that some new things are happening:

1. The pamphlet “Can A.A. Help Me Too? … Black/ African Americans Share Their Stories” has been re-titled to “AA for the Black and African American Alcoholic”. The pamphlet is presently available.

2. Text relevant to financial support by groups of their GSR’s has been added to the pamphlet “The A.A. Group”. Similar wording will be incorporated in the G.S.R. pamphlet at its next scheduled reprint in February 2008.

3. Seventy-one stories were submitted for the revision of the pamphlet “A.A. for the Native North American”, which is just more than double the number submitted before the appeal for more stories made by GSO and carried to AA in all of the U.S. and Canada by Area and District Literature Chairs. It is planned that a final draft will be available for the February meeting of the Trustees’ Literature Committee. This effort alone is a great example of how this service structure of ours ought to work in order to bring the collective experience, strength, and hope of our collective membership to the individual suffering alcoholic.

4. BIG NEWS!!! The Third Edition Spanish language Big Book should be available for purchase in early December! Check with your local central/intergroup offices. Here I would like to extend a thank you to Patrick F. and other members of District 10 for their inputs to me and to the Area 75 Literature Committee. They told us what was important to them in this project. I, in turn, was able to communicate that to you, to our delegate, and to the Literature Coordinator at GSO.

5. The pamphlet “The A.A. Member—Medications and Other Drugs” will be revised and updated. Either a draft version or a progress report will be presented at the 2008 General Service Conference. There might be a call coming in the future for some story submissions here. Stay tuned for now; I will do the same.

I will have literature catalogs to dispense in the Main Assembly Room at our Fall Conference. I miss all of you and look forward to seeing you next month. Meanwhile, thank you all for allowing me to serve you.

Yours in Recovery and Service, Stu E., Area 75 Alt. Delegate & Literature Chair

Grapevine Report – Nancy G.

Financial Report

For the six-month period ended June 30, 2007, the Grapevine Corporation realized a profit of $6537 in comparison to a budgeted loss of $151,338. Total Grapevine income was $103,457 ahead of budget, with expenses $54,418 lower than budget. Circulation averaged 106,272 for the 6-month period. This is 3,272 higher than budget and 2,484 higher than 2006. La Vina income was $50,858, which is over budget by $3,222. Gross profit on the magazine is $17,535. This is $4,907 ahead of budget and $9,748 ahead of the same period in 2006.


The website has an average of 40,642 visitors per month. The e-newsletter, Heard It From the Grapevine, with links to stories in the current issue and the Digital Archive, is now being sent to over 22,000 people. The website is constantly improving. If you have not visited it lately, please do. You will be impressed.

New Products

The 2008 Wall Calendar and the Pocket Planner are now available. Please visit the website or your Central Office to check them out. Both have a new look and are tri-lingual. They make great holiday gifts for sponsees and friends.

An anthology of 53 articles from La Vina (Lo mejor de La Vina) has recently been published. The stories chart the evolution of the magazine over its first ten years. It is entirely in Spanish.

The Area 75 Supports the Grapevine Challenge

The challenge has been well–received. As of the date of this report, we have 29 new Grapevine subscriptions reported, along with one La Vina. We have collected well over 200 back issues for Count On Us. They are being bundled in packs of 20 and are available for any Corrections volunteers who need them. We have collected $192.62 in Count On Us donations, and one new subscription for a Dane County facility has been purchased. PLEASE continue the good work. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Corrections/Grapevine Zonal Workshops

The July 28 workshop in New Glarus and the September 8 workshop in Kenosha were well-attended (20 to 30 people each) and garnered great participation. Will K’s article writing tips and the ex-offender panels are always very interesting. The next sharing session will be December 1 in Mauston at Hess Memorial Hospital. Flyers will be available shortly.

If you would like me, with or without the Grapevine display, to visit your District GSR Meeting or other AA function, please let me know. Thank you.

Respectfully submitted, Nancy G. Area 75 Grapevine Chair



Corrections Report – Marty S.

There are many exciting events happening within our Area 75 corrections committee. A follow-up meeting was held at Racine Correctional Inst., attended by Bill H, Steve J, Darrel S, Mr. Tommie T., Programs Dir., Ms. Michelle F., Social Worker and myself. Past issues were cleared up and a second orientation was scheduled. Dist. 17 and Dist. 36 now have at least 10 new volunteers carrying the AA message to sober inmates at RCI. Ms. F. asked if we could add a night with guest speakers. I am working with Dist. 10, our at large Spanish district, to make them part of this request. All sides are very pleased with what seems to be “our new pair of glasses.”

The Milwaukee County Corrections committee has been formed again and met with all district DCMs, GSRs, corrections chairs, outside sponsors and interested volunteers. It was suggested we have a follow-up meeting on Sept. 12. Anyone interested in carrying the 12th step into a Milwaukee County facility, please call me at 414-975-8903. A suggestion was raised about following a tradition started by Jack N. to have one individual order literature and be the “hub in our correction wheel”.

I received a letter forwarded by our G.S.O. A male inmate, at the Milwaukee Secure Detention Center, asked why there were no AA meetings for inmates. I called the new Chaplain and set up a meeting. He is very open-minded about AA and we decided to start the first women’s AA meeting on Sept. 2. I will be the temporary outside sponsor until I find another woman to step in. I have one other volunteer at this time. We will need about 13 sober men for the 13 pods in this institution. I ask that individuals please consider taking a Sunday night from 6:30-7:30, or that groups adopt a night once a month. We will need a male outside sponsor for this meeting. Chaplain Beyah shared information with me about a Muslim AA group in New Jersey. G.S.O is also very interested in this information and we may be able to use this in our prison systems.

The second Corrections/Grapevine workshop and sharing session was held on July 28 in New Glarus. The third workshop was Sept. 8 at the Kenosha Alano Club. Both workshops were well attended. The next workshop will be Dec. 1 in Mauston.

I met a director from the Wisconsin Dept. of Corrections at our State corrections conference. We have kept in touch and had dinner in Madison. She has been a big help getting me into many institutions. I have names and direct numbers for wardens and chaplains. She is very supportive of AA and asked me to contact Dodge Correctional, where the staff is asking we bring AA back. I also will be contacting Taycheedah to see what AA can do for the women of this institution. At this time they have a meeting every other Tuesday. They have to split their time with NA because they only have two ladies who carry the message. The meeting starts at 5:30 pm and this is something I would like to discuss. I feel if we could start at 7:00 pm, we could get more ladies from surrounding communities to drive to Fond du Lac.

The new CD from GSO on what AA is has been tentatively set for distribution this fall. Many of my contacts with the Wisconsin Dept. of Corrections are eagerly awaiting this film.

I attended the Illinois State conference and was able to make many contacts with people who have volunteered to write inmates coming home to Illinois.

I received 41 requests for “pre-release” letter writers. These inmates were going to E. St. Louis, IL, Las Vegas, NV, 15 to Milwaukee, 12 to Madison, 14 to Area 74, etc. I still need men and women to write to these inmates and take them to their first meeting. One of the Milwaukee writers uses the Area 75 Corrections P.O. Box and I forward his return letters. If you are interested and would like to use this method, please call me.

I feel very blessed I was asked to be your corrections chair and I find this to be a very humbling experience. My Higher Power has truly blessed me and given me the strength to serve you and the incarcerated alcoholics.

Thank you for this experience.

Ms. Marty S. Area 75 Corrections Chairperson

CPC Report – Cheryl M.J.

Requests for District CPC 2007 reports were e-mailed to DCM's early this month. Two districts responded with brief documentation of recent activities. District 16 update was received from Gary B. The West Allis Police Chief was contacted for an appointment. An in person presentation was given to Lt. Navarette, Crime Prevention/Community Relations Officer, who agreed to stock informational literature with contact numbers for use by officers and those they contact that ask for help with alcohol issues. Gary B. also reported that 2nd Century House on 85th and Grant in West Allis requested literature. There are 8 people sharing one 12 & 12, and five people needing Big Books. The Director of 2nd Century thinks it would be a good idea for contacts after residents leave the house. Central Office still offers BTG contact sheets. Two anonymous donors gave $100.00 for eight 12 & 12's and five Big Books. Thank you to Gary and the anonymous donors.

Gary B. also, reports that Milwaukee Police Department District Commanders in District 16 are advised of our availability and literature. The predominant health care organization in District 16 supplied Physicians by zip codes for us. An advisory letter and brochure was mailed to each. Both of these activities could be repeated by District 16 and recreated in other neighboring districts.

The largest treatment facility Rogers Hospital will be contacted to repeat a presentation to department heads through a corporate level point of contact. An "About AA" presentation will be scheduled for December of 2007. Froetdhert Hospital will be contacted to join their monthly health fair exhibits for staff. An exhibit will be provided to inform the staff of our availability.

Madison District 20 CPC Chair Dave L prepared an instructional statement: "Help the Professional Help Others." This clear and concise explanation directed to members in District 20 offers an invitation to assist the CPC committee. The goal of the project is to subscribe more professionals to "About AA" a quarterly newsletter aimed at professionals that come into contact with individuals that have alcohol related problems.

This is how it works. AA members with at least a year of sobriety would speak to a professional that they know about recovery in AA. The AA member would carry with them a sample newsletter and a subscription card. They would ask the professional to subscribe, fill out the subscription form for them. And leave the sample newsletter with the professional. The instructional document would be printed and given to GSR's along with subscription cards and sample newsletters. Everyone knows professionals personally and face to face is the best way to carry the message "About AA." "Thank you David L. and your committee."

Concordia College, Mequon, Mount Mary College, Wauwatosa and Viterbo, LaCrosse, have all requested presentations for students in their psychology 'and human service majors. Future dates will be announced as final details are arranged.

Submitted in service to recovery: Cheryl R. M. CPC Chair, Area 75

PI Report – Matt Z.

My name is Matt Z. - I am a Alcoholic.

It is a great Honor to be of service as the PI Chair for the area 75.

News to report:

I had been invited to speak at Central Office on what PI is and how we can spread the word to the still suffering Alcoholic. I focused my lead a bit on history of PI but mostly what the can be done at the group level. I also put great emphasis on the use and importance of the website for Area 75 and GSO.

The project’s in progress:

I’m working on putting together a list of contacts to our local TV and Radio stations so I can follow up with them if they have all the PSA’s. And also to let them know that we are here to be of service if so needed.

I have been at couple of district meetings in the last couple of month’s to spread the message on PI work, and look forward to going to more.

Thank you. Matt Z

Treatment Report – Chris C.

To begin, I am sad to share with all of you that Tom M. has stepped down from his position as the Treatment Co-chair. Tom has done a tremendous amount of work with the BTG functions and I wanted to publicly thank him for all of his hard work. Nothing will change in regard to BTG related activities, except for the fact that - as the Treatment Chair - I will be assuming the responsibilities rather than Tom. The BTG e-mail (bridgingthegap@area75.org), will still remain, as will the Treatment e-mail (treatment@area75.org). I will continue to monitor the BTG requests and report that information to all of you. The full Second Quarter BTG report was printed in the minutes from the Agenda Planning meeting. I also have an update from July and August to share with you (see report below).

Although I could not attend the District 27 workshop on September 8, Tom was able to take part in it and stated that it was a success and that he was glad that he was able to take part in that workshop.

I have been invited to participate on a panel at the District 16 workshop on September 30 and look forward to attending that workshop. I’m sure that we will hear more about that workshop from the DCM.

At the upcoming Fall Conference, we will be having a Treatment Committee table and display set up that I have been working on. I am hoping that this will attract and generate some interest in the Treatment Facilities committee.

Additionally, when the Treatment Committee met in June, we had a discussion of how we can get more people involved in our meetings. One of the suggestions was to design a flyer to be distributed a month or so before we meet to be passed out to DCM’s, treatment chairs, and meeting secretaries announcing when we will be meeting and inviting anyone involved with treatment facilities, or those interested in working with treatment facilities to attend.

I have been working on developing some Power Point presentations for our Area that could be used at workshops, GSR meetings, and for volunteers that explain what the Treatment Facility Committee is, Suggested Activities for Committees, Do’s and Don’ts for volunteers, how to establish relationships with facilities, etc. Most of these ideas for the presentations come from other Areas…I am just hoping to build on them and tailor them to fit our needs. I am planning to have them completed for the next Treatment Committee meeting so that we can review them as a committee to see what we want to change, what we want to keep and for other general feedback. I will then make those changes and distribute these Power Points to the Districts Chairs.

Lastly, I would just like to remind the DCM’s that I am always willing to come to your District meetings and share more about the Treatment Committee and what is happening in our Area.

Special Needs Report – John W.

I am John W. and I am an alcoholic and the Area 75 Special Needs Chair.


Not much to report since our last assembly.


I had a request from District 10 DCM Patrick F. for a translator for today.  I hired one and he had to cancel out last Thursday night, because of a family emergency.  Panic time.  I was able to retain the services of Maria De A. with only 2 days notice and to work on a Sunday!!!  Thank You Maria.


Last time we decided to find a way to contact physical & occupational therapist.  We tried state listing for the professional services and certification list via the web, but were unsuccessful.  So each District or the meeting in that area will have to visit each assisted living facility for the elderly in their immediate area and try to get meeting list and volunteer drivers.


Howard P. contacted me about giving my information to each conference committee for retaining translators etc.  I said sure no problem.  In our discussion I told him that the expense for interpreters came out of my budget.  Bob S. came to me with the assembly actions and pointed out that it was an Area expense because I would have no way knowing the cost per year.


Other than that I have been able to golf every day since we last met, except during the monsoons.


It was brought to my attention that I don't have my phone numbers in the Area Directory, my home phone number is (262) 593-2683 and my cell phone number is (262) 370-8353.


Our Area Registrar George D. has been informed and will change the Area Directory.


Thank You for the chance to serve you.

Archive Report – Robin S.

Archivist Report – Nancy S.

The Archives room is continuing its hours from noon until 4:00 the 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month. We will be closed the month of December. Documents, tapes, books, and other miscellaneous items continue to be donated to our Archives. It’s amazing what people have found buried deep in their storage space. Please keep looking, you might have that one piece of the puzzle that is missing in a stack of papers you want to throw away. Don’t worry; we’ll look through the stack for you.

Area 75 Archives 2nd Annual Movie Day will be Sunday, November 4, 2007 Noon - 4:30. It will held at the Same Location as the Archives Room: Holy Assumption School Between 71st & 72nd Orchard St. West Allis School Building // Movie Schedule: 12:30 House Full of Miracles / 1:30 Days of Wine and Roses - 1962 Starring: Jack Lemmon & Lee Remick / 3:45 GSO’s Markings on the Journey / 4:30 Raffle

To Uphold AA Traditions: Only AA Members May Purchase Raffle Tickets. You do not have to be present to win. There are flyers on the back table. We hope to see you there.

GSO Archives has revised the Archives Workbook. The history of Area 75’s Archives is in it!! There are a few copies on the back table for you to read. Your District Archives Chairperson will be registered with GSO in a few weeks and will receive the workbook. Please have your District Archives Chairperson

get in touch with Nancy to verify their contact information.

Please keep sending those District meeting minutes, District meeting lists, District flyers for District conferences, District workshops, Newspaper articles, District letters to professionals, and other items for your District. Remember to include the year on all materials.

Thank you for allowing me to serve you, Nancy S. Area 75 Archivist


Meets on odd number Month in Sparta WI at 603 at 603 N. Court Street Masonic Lodge. Use the side entrance. Even number month to be determined at the end of odd numbered meeting. Sept Dist meeting was quiet small hopefully this won’t continue. There are 3 new groups in Dist 1. 1 at the VA in Tomah, is now registered. 2 a group in West Salem while I gave paper work to get registered. And the Easter Sky group in Black river falls and they are registered.

Yours Truly in Service

Art B.


Since our last report District 2 has continued to have great attendance at our District meetings. We have filled most of our committee chairs but are still needing grapevine and special needs chairs. Corrections Chair Dave H has covered a lot of ground to get some meeting interest within the prisons and jails. He and others on the committee attended the workshop at the Gratitude Club in Fond du Lac and felt they had gained a lot. I’d like to thank Marty and Nancy for all of their efforts with these Correction/Grapevine workshops they’ve offered in centrally located zones.

Three new GSR’s have been added for groups that previously didn’t have a representative and new groups have been established and successful in our district. There is a new group Big Book Study on Sundays at 2pm in Wautoma at the New Life counseling center. A lot of positive feedback has come back for this meeting as they are trying a new style in their meeting. As the big book is read, attendants are welcome to wrap on the table at anytime they wish to speak. Many are liking this format rather than reading a section of the book in it’s entirety before opening the table for discussion.

At our district meetings we have tried to have different themes which seems to promote attendance. The basic theme is Food! We have had dessert meetings, hors’dourves, potlucks, movie popcorn party meetings, a turkey roast hosted by 2 of our members at their home and the end of the summer picnic meeting. We have tried to invite representatives to our meetings to help continue to educate our group about how to better serve the fellowship. Tom Mitchell Area BTG chair, George P. Area delegate, Jo Mc ad hoc committee and Pat J from Maico all attended and gave great reports and info that was helpful to our groups. I’d like to a say a special Thank you to them for coming to our meetings and sharing their time and knowledge with us. We also purchased the Video Hope: Alcoholics Anonymous and made one meeting into a movie /popcorn party.

Upcoming we have scheduled an open meeting Halloween Party for October 27 at St. John’s Catholic Church. There will be a speaker, food of course, and door prizes. Food will be served at 6 pm with the speaker/s to follow at 7. Come in costume or not, all are welcome. Our District meeting will be held at 4:30 in the afternoon that same day instead of Sunday Oct. 28.

The November/December meetings will be combined and meet on Dec. 9 instead of the 4th Sunday of each of those months. Starting in January 2008, the group has decided to move the meetings to the 2nd Sunday of the month instead of the 4th Sunday of the month. Out of 11 scheduled meetings this year there were 5 or 6 which conflicted with either these Area meetings or a holiday weekend. I will be making that change on the internet.


Four groups have outreach programs:

Mishicot NSS Group, started in late 2005, held a Road Rally,Scavenger Hunt on August 18th ,followed by a speaker and a live band.

The Fourth Edition Big Book Study Group will be holding it's 5th annual weekend recovery seminar. "Precisely How We

Have Recovered" November 9,10, &11, 2007. (Fliers are on the table in the back of the room.)

The Seekers of Serenity Group, Waldo, WI .sponsored it's third Intergroup Open Speaker Meeting & Potluck.

The WITTSS GROUP has been instrumental in the upcoming 27th East Central Regional Conference and Area 75, 56th Fall Conference October 12,13, & 14th, 2007 hosted by District 3 with the co-operation from other groups and advisors.

We as a district are doing well with our committee chairs. In some way we are intertwined.

Our wallet size meeting lists are doing their job, when anyone calls a contact person he or she can be assured they are getting accurate information. A committee was formed for this purpose.

Without the input of the GSR's our district would not grow.

We are also fortunate to have our current delegate, George P. available to guide us in conducting meetings using the Roberts Rules of Order as a Guide.

Make sure your groups know about the AA Service Manual. It could be a benefit both now and in the future.

District 3 starts its monthly meeting with the “I am Responsible Declaration”.




District 6 meets 2nd Wednesday every other month, next meeting in November. GSR attendance is down, about 6-10. Secretary position is still open but the job is getting done well. Topics recently discussed: Involvement with Milwaukee Central Office, Distribution of excess funds, caring the message through PI via various media, changing the meeting to monthly.

All chair positions are filled with a new Grapevine chair. Mo MC. enlightened us on the conference concerns. Productive comments followed.

Good cooperative involvement as a whole. Corrections is still a shinning star. 1 men 1 women jail meeting per week and 3 coed Huber meetings per week. New meeting district sponsored at Hand H.S. 6:30 Tues Night hosted by a different group each month.

Fred K. - DCM


Meets 4th Sunday at 4 p.m. at Kenosha Alano

Open chairs: CPC, Treatment, GV & Literature

New Policy: Must attend two meetings as training before officially voted into position due to high turnover/lack of interest.

September 8th workshop correction was successful.

Working on:

November 4th a workshop to help us get a better understanding of how to help those coming in who have not stopped drinking.

Conference 2009: Cooperating w/District 17

We purchased a digital voice recorder to assist w/minutes.

Elizabeth K. - DCM


We had our annual picnic which turned out good with good attendance.

Jan C. a M.A.I.C.O. Rep. came to our District 8 meeting in September. She told us what M.A.I.C.O. did for the groups and left us material we can use for different meetings in south central WI. She also told us about literature.

Darryl S. - DCM


District 9 meets last Monday of the month. Holding meetings in Grant, Iowa, Lafayette, and Crawford counties in the following cities: Barneveld, Boscobel, Cassville, Cuba City, Darlington, Dickeyville, Dodgeville, Finnimore, Muscoda, Platteville.

Jail meetings in Grant, Iowa, Crawford County Jails.

District 9 participation is growing. We generally have 8 – 15 people attend District meetings. We have new representation GSR’s from Darlington and Barneveld and Boscobel.

We have lost our newsletter chair and Grapevine chair. Still looking for DCM position term opens January 2008.

We are working toward creating a stronger E-mail list, so we can connect easier because we are geographically challenged (covering 4 counties).

Working on our annual mini-conference, which is held 1st or 2nd Saturday in April. Look for flyer in February.

District 9 Golf outing in the works planned early fall in Dickeyville.

There is a growing Hispanic Community in Darlington. There is a need for a Spanish speaking meeting.

April B. - DCM


Open AA meeting

District 10 &District 29

At Pass it on Club

Sept. 22nd, Time 5 – 7 p.m.

Speakers: Jo MC Food & Dance

District 10 meets every 2nd and 4th of every month at 9:00 a.m. to 11 a.m.

The District 10 has a new treasurer for the district.

8th Convention S E Wisconsin at Four Point Hotel

November 24 & 25, 2007

Registration is $10.00

For more information call Ricardo (414) 801-7522

8th Convention meetings every Saturday AT 5:00 p.m. at 1663 S. 6th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53204

Patrick F. - DCM


District #11 encompasses Jefferson County 576 Sq. miles in addition to 3 communities, Cambridge, Deerfield, and Marshall located in Dane County.

Within this area it provides for 35 groups at 26 locations in 12 communities with 8 morning and 27 afternoon and evening meetings. In addition it also provides Monday and Wednesday evening meetings at Jefferson County Jail and Friday evening meetings in John Burke Center, Dane County.

Average attendance at meeting varies from 3 to 5 to over 30 individuals, depending on time, day and location per week.

An informational and instructional meeting for GSR’s was conducted by past delegate Ken G., July 31, 2007.

District #11 meets the last Tuesday of the month in the Moravian church at 6:00 P.M. in Lake Mills.

Respectfully Submitted, Dewey C. - DCM


District 13 has completed and started distribution of the information binders to groups. (Dolly H. reported the start of this project at the April 22nd Pre-Conf Assembly.)

We will be using the Distribution of this info packet as a means to update the group information and contact information of the groups in our district.

Kane B. - DCM


District 15 is located entirely in the City of Milwaukee bordered by I-94 to the South, 35th Street to the West and the Milwaukee River to the North and East. There are currently 47 registered groups in the District.

The District had elections in June, 2007, electing a new DCM, Secretary and Treasurer. The focus of the district since the elections has been to increase participation of the groups at the district level. Currently, only two groups send GSR’s to participate in District meetings and functions. Thus far, our efforts have primarily consisted of visiting groups in the district and creating an awareness of the service structure, District function and needs.

None of the District committee chair positions in District 15 is currently filled. An assignment by those participating in the District meetings has led to a focus on carrying the AA message into Corrections and Treatment Facilities. There are several correction and treatment facilities in District 15 that have communicated a need for AA to the District through a number of service entities. District 15 is eager to participate in the Milwaukee County Corrections center, which has been organized thanks to the diligent efforts of Marty S.

District 15 will be electing a Corrections chair at our meeting this month, we hope this will make a small but strong beginning that will reinvigorate the spirit of service in District 15. Our District Meeting takes place the third Tuesday of every month at 6:30 p.m. at St. Joseph’s Hospital, room M1524. We invite all those who wish to lend guidance and/or support to attend.

Mike B. - DCM


Once again I stand before you with a two minute update as to what’s been going on and what will be going on in District 16. After serving for two years and eight months you would think this would be easy.

We of District 16 have hosted a Workshop consisting of two panels, an “Information Picnic” (Info. about Dist. 16 Chair positions)) and will be ending the year with a Correction/Treatment Workshop on September 30th, 2007. We have continued the Chair positions main purpose, as the CPC been very busy, as has the Corrections Chair the PI and the Treatment Chair. We have distributed lots of literature and books to the appropriate facilities.

District 16 has come a long way in a very short time. My time as DCM will soon end and the torch will be passed to a very capable person (Theresa W.), she, without a doubt, will be a phenomenal DCM for District 16. The transition will be smooth, that I will personally guaranty. I have no plans to leave the District; I will continue to go to the meetings and will fill in where needed.

It’s been my honor to serve in District 16 and has been an experience that will never be forgotten.

All in all……District 16 remains out of the “DARK”…. the light is still on (and continuing to grow)…. and District 16 will continue to shine bright.

Thank You, Randy R. - DCM for District 16


District 17 – 20 – 30 people

All chairs filled, except for Treatment

PI/CPC mailing will be going out the end of the month.


12 Step VOl., Picking up, still one facility to get into too.

New meeting @ RCI

Hot line: Filled through November

Meeting still held 3rd Sunday of month at 1:00 p.m at RACO

Grapevine” Posters w/ all clubs.

2009 conference planning meeting going well, the chair will discuss that.

Fellowship day on 29th of September at RACO – District 17 & RACO


Our District meeting is held the last Tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm at the Atwood Community Center.

District 20 has all Standing Committee Chair positions filled. Our CPC Chair from District 20 was very involved in the helping the Area 75 CPC Chair with the WAAODA Conference held in Madison in May. There is approximately 20 GSR’s attending the District meeting on a regular basis. The District plans to host a Sponsorship Workshop sometime in late November or early December. More details to follow. We are looking to hold a GSR school but need to look for dates from Ken G.

Yours in service, Doreen H. – DCM


New DCM for Dist 22 (Carl H) which meets with Dist 4 on 2nd Thursday of the month at 6:99 at the East Side Alano Club in Milwaukee.

We’re still looking to fill some open positions: DCM for District 4, Corrections and CPC, then we are a group.

I believe we had 3 GSR’s attend last meeting. We are trying to promote the need for GSR’s & service work to the 14 groups in the North shore area.

District 22 & 4 were working on a combined meeting directory of sorts for both districts.

In Service, Carl H. – DCM


Over the past 5 months attendance has been light at District 24, which is typical during the summer months. We currently have 5 GSR’s in our district and we are trying to fill the following positions: Secretary/Treasurer, Grapevine Chair, PI Chair, CPC Chair.

One of our groups in our district, the Monday Mequon Men's meeting has started to take a monthly meeting into the Huiras Outpatient treatment center. Our district will also be supporting a speaker meeting at Huiras approximately every 6 weeks with both a male and female speaker.

We are trying to get more men and women involved in our meeting at the Ozaukee County Jail. Currently we support 2 men's meetings a week and 3 women's meetings. Our goal is to get a training session scheduled with Ozaukee County Jail to get more volunteers approved.

Jo. Mc visited our meeting in August to discuss reducing the number of conferences. Our district expressed interest in separating the Area Assemblies from the conferences; conducting them annually; and having Area officers travel to the zones/districts to get the Delegate's Report out and to provide information on the proposals for voting. We feel that we should emulate successful Areas elsewhere in the U.S. instead of trying to support a failing system.

We had a request from a club in our district to conduct a workshop. We are working to schedule a workshop similar to the one in District 37. This could possibly take place in the winter months.

J.D.O. - DCM


Will host it’s annual Intergroup at Lake Side Park Oct. 6th At Fond Du Lac, Registration at 4:00, Potluck at 5:00, Alanon speaker at 7:00 and AA speaker at 8:00.

All committees are filled and going strong and progressing with committee goals.

Cynthia B. – DCM


My name is Kenneth N. and I’m an Alcoholic. DCM for District 28.

In our District we are having a old timers week, being held at the Serenity Club in Cudahy, WI at 3677 E. Pulaski Ave. There will be a Alanon speaker and a A.A. speaker. The meetings start at Sunday September 30th , 2007 running thru October 6th 2007 . Meeting start at 7:00PM sharp please don’t miss out on these meetings.

Also the District 28 wants to hold a Mini Conference next summer in 2008. Which we are looking for people in the district to run the Conference.

District 28 and 29 are going to have an Alkathon for Christmas and for New Years. Which starts on Dec.24th 2007 at noon and run for 36 hours and again on Dec. 31st 2007 thru January 1st 2008 at midnight. Please contact Michelle S. will be running things again this year.

Also Milwaukee did at one time have a Corrections committee and it seemed to disappear. Where as the area Corrections Chair has gathered some people to reinvent the Corrections Committee. We have a coordinator, a treasure, and a secretary. We plan on talking to Gene P. at Central Office and put the responsibility in the hands of A.A. where it belongs.

When this happens any money ear marked for Milwaukee County Corrections will go to the Treasure. And then the money will be distributed to the Outside Sponsors only.

This should all be set up by the next Sectary Meeting in October

As my term expires as DCM. As of December 31st 2007 I will be assuming the position of Treasure of Milwaukee County Corrections Committee.

I want to send to District 28 My thanks for letting me serve as DCM, and for being at there service for the last two years.


District 29 meets first Monday of the month 7:00 p.m. at St. Alphonsus in Greendale.

The Round Robin series of open meetings is going well. We have groups signed up through August 2008. These meetings are held the second Sunday of every month.

Our PI chair had to step down due to personal reasons, as well as the secretary. We have a new secretary. Special Needs and PI chairs need to be filled.

Districts 29 and 10 will be co-hosting a Spanish/English speaker meeting Sept 22nd at the Pass it on Club in Milwaukee,

District 29 will once again be hosting English speaking panels for the Hispanic Conference which will be held in November at the Sheraton 4 Points Hotel in Milwaukee.

Many years ago, there was a program in place which enabled us to get into local schools to speak to the children about alcoholism. We are working on implementing this program again and are hoping to be back in the schools in our District once again.

District 29 has a new District When and Where printed up and will be distributing them to libraries, EAP offices, police stations, treatment facilities, etc.

Corrections purchases numerous Big Boos, 12 x 12 and grapevines for the House of Correction. There 4 meetings per week at H.O.C. 3 men and 1 woman’s meeting.

BTG/Treatment chair made up a nice folder for each group with a sign-up sheet and a list of do’s and don’ts for those interested in BTG.

Gary E. – DCM


District 30 comprises the northern half of Rock County and has 27 groups holding 56 meetings per week. We finally have all committee chair position filled.

Currently we hold 2 women’s and 1 men’s AA meeting per week at the Rock County Correctional Facility. Our district AA hot line is manned 24/7. We spend lots of Money on AA literature available for corrections & treatment. Our treatment chair is attempting to make inroads w/local treatment programs w/little success. New Archives/PI & CPC/ Special Needs chair persons are getting up to speed.

In conjunction with District 8 and with participation from Al-Anon and Alateen, we are having our Bi-annual mini-conference on Saturday October 27th at the Trinity Episcopal Lutheran Church located at 409 East Court Street in Janesville. It runs 9 am to 9 pm with registration and breakfast starting at 8 am. The theme is the 5th tradition and festivities will include panels, speaker meetings, a GSR school hosted by Ken G., raffles, drawings, a sobriety countdown, and ice-cream social. Registration is free and as well as all meals. Fliers are available at the back table and are on MAICO and Area 75 websites.

We’ll be having our election in November for the next rotation of district service members effective January 1st of 2008.

3000 updated AA meeting schedules will be printed and available at our next District/GSR meeting, 1st Friday of the Month on Friday Oct 5th at 6:30 pm at Unity Group Club on Railroad Street in Janesville.

Thank you. Joel B. - DCM


District 31 held elections in May – filled positions: DCM, Alt Sec, and Treasurer

8 of 10 groups send GSR’s to District meetings; good participation.

Corrections and Archives chairs now filled.

We are still looking for CPC & PI chairs.

Columbia county corrections (CCI) on going for 10 years and have not missed a meeting! Thank you for everyone’s support. Meeting sponsored by Dist 31 but received support from surrounding districts, so thank you.

Archives chair working w/district 19 to get our archives up and running.

Recently held GSR school and had a good turnout! Nancy & Ken G. came to speak. Thank you Ken & Nancy! Helped a lot of our new GSR’s very informative and encouraging.

Good support from District 31, for BTG and Treatment at St. Clair Center in Dist 19.

We are looking to get packet of literature out to professionals in our district, including guidance counselors, parole officers, therapists, etc.

There are 8 new GV subscriptions either for Groups or individuals in our district, maybe more that I’m unaware of.

New meeting scheduled printed and working w/GSR’s to make sure group info is correct and up-to-date.

Thank you to everyone for helping us carry the message to other alcoholics.

Benjamin B. – DCM


District 32 is comprised of about half of the city of Waukesha and most of western Waukesha county. Our Monthly meeting is typically on the third Sunday of the month at Galilee Lutheran Church in Pewaukee. With the exception of corrections, all chairs are filled and attendance is good. The committee for the 2010 spring conference has met several times already and enthusiasm is high. We will once again be hosting a fall workshop together with districts 13 and 34. The tentative date is November 17th and will be held at St. Luke’s Lutheran Church in Waukesha. More details and flyers will be available soon. I would like to thank the members of district 32 for electing and trusting me to this position. It has been an honor to serve them and AA.

Submitted by: Chris E. – DCM


District 34 is located in the northeast comer of Waukesha County. Our district meeting is on the first Tuesday of the month at the NW Alano club, N88 W17658 Christman Rd., Menomonee Falls, WI. 53051. There are 32 meetings.

Institutions and Archives Chairs resigned recently, we also have two Alternates.

Groups GSR/ Contact info is up to date.

Over the past two years we have attracted better group representation by instilling service in the community. For almost a year and a half we had full participation. To date we are successfully representing our district as it hosts the Spring 2008 Area 75 Conference.

District 34 keeps busy in many ways getting the message out. Our 2nd annual CPC event was a public professional outreach luncheon Also the three Waukesha districts are continuing to work together with the new DUI court in Waukesha County Courthouse. Our PI Chair- has initiated new methods of informing the communities. Our new Special needs chair has initiated a new outreach program.

We will also be hosting the spring 2008 Area 75 Conference, the status of which will be covered in their report. We have a district 34 Monthly Open Meeting at 8 pm. 200 Saturday of the month, at St Francis Episcopal Church.

Upcoming events: Stepping into the holiday’s workshop.

Our district has countless dedicated servants and I would like to thank them personally fur their unselfish and dedicated service. It is AA members like them that inspire us all to continue to spread the message of Alcoholics Anonymous to others. This in turn helps keep us all stay sober. .

In Service, Todd U – DCM District 34


Things are going well in our district. Most committee chairs and all district offices are filled. Our attendance at district/GSR meetings is 10-15 people.

In the spring we had a presentation by Cheryl M., Area CPC chair. In August Jo Mc, a member of the Conference Advisory Committee, gave us an in depth explanation of the proposals before our Area. In Sept. George P., our Delegate, told us about participating in the 2007 General Service Conference. We also had Tom, BTG chair visit and explain transition in BTG requests.

Our district has commenced a district inventory, which is on going.

Our district meets at the 12 & 12 Club in Burlington every month on the 2nd Tuesday at 6 p.m.

Our Corrections committee is continuing to get AA books to the men’s prison, RCI and the women’s prison, Ellsworth.

Submitted by Paul H. - DCM

Conference Advisory Committee Report – Howard P.

Dear Fellowship,


My thanks to all the future Area 75 Conference Committees / host Districts for sending me your Conference Committee minutes.  I am happy to hear the continuing enthusiasm each of your respective Conference Committee are demonstrating.  Please feel free to contact me if I can be of any service.


And just as important, my thanks to all our Area 75 Conference Advisors.  The importance of your experiences you bring to these hosts (District) Conference Committee is vital.  And as advisors I will continue to need your feed back to aid me in doing my responsibilities. My appreciation goes to you to trust me to act as our Area 75 Conference Adversary Chairperson.


We will get more into the specifics as to the suggested actions that have come out of our Fellowships feed back, plus the hard work the two ad-hoc Committees have done regarding our Conference Guidelines and future considerations of Conferences in our Area.


And last. I thank those Districts who include me in your e-mails of your District meetings minutes.


Yours in Service and Fellowship

Howard P. - Conference Advisory Chairperson

Conference Reports

2007 Fall Conference East Central Regional Convention - Mike

205 registered

This is the 5 State Regional

Flyers available, plenty of rooms left.


Hosted by Dist 34

Olympia Resort Oconomowoc

Theme: Love and Service

Having fun – contact us to get involved.

Speakers: Max M. from Chicago, Ill

Peter M. from Union, New Jersey

Cheryl M. from Brookfield, WI

Registration: $15

All you can drink soda and coffee mug for the weekend $12.00

Ice-cream social + Bingo + Fun + Games + Surprises

Special Needs – Outreach – Hispanic, deaf & hard of hearing

2008 FALL CONFERENCE - Annette D.

Holiday Inn, Fond du Lac - Oct. 3,4, & 5th - 2008

Theme: “Happiness through Change”

Seed money has been requested.

Checking accounts and PO Box are opened.

Speakers for Saturday (Maria G. - NY) and Sunday (Ed B. - Chetek, WI) Friday is TBD

Alanon is Judy K - Reno, NV. Alateen is TBD

Chuck M. has agreed to do the invocation for Saturday banquet.

Flyer is pre-planned. - Pre-budget will be discussed.

We will be discussing meals next month.

D.J. has been contacted. Clarification of hotel equipment is underway.

An AA member is making a quilt with AA symbols to raffle off to help with hospitality costs.


Good Morning my name is Dick K. I have the honor of being the Chairperson of the Area 75 spring 2009 conference committee. Dennis L. of District 36 is the Co-chair.

District 17 the city of Racine is the hosting district for the Area 75 spring 2009 conference. As a team Racine, District 07 the city of Kenosha and District 36 Kenosha and Racine Counties are working to bring our conference to life.

The conference will be held at the Racine Marriot, the site of past 1987, 1993 and 2001 Area 75 conferences.

Out of over 30 entries, we selected the theme “From Loneliness to Living” which continues the message of “hope” offered in the theme of the fall 2008 conference “Happiness through Change.”

District 06 Walworth County expressed the need to focus on the needs of their district rather than the conference. We support their decision and wish them well. We agree the primary focus of any district should be the needs of their groups.

Our committee meets at 2:00 PM on the second Sunday of the month at the Racine Area Central Office. As the conference date nears, we plan to take the meetings “on the road” in order to meet and attract more volunteers from the other two participating districts.

All the main committees including Spanish and Al-Anon have been filled and have begun the search for speakers and panelists.

Our treasurer Barb W. is reviewing past conference budgets to prepare the committee.

Open committee positions are publicity, cleanup, young persons, special needs and the Dr. Bob committee.

Flyers for the 27th East Central Regional Convention and Area 75 fall Conference were handed out. Hope to see you there.

Report completed by Mary Mc., conference co-secretary


Co-chairs Barb F. and Jeff Z. and Conference Advisor Nancy G. have been working on this. While we have not yet held our first official meeting, we have all but two of our committee people chosen and are working to find the right volunteers for the remaining two positions. Most of the current volunteers have previous conference experience, so we think we will have a great group to work with.

Contract has been signed with Heidl House in Green Lake, WI for November 6, 7 and 8, 2009 and with AMOT Tapes. Room rates will be $109 per night.

Per the Conference Advisory Committee Guidelines, our first meeting will be held in October or November, 2007.

Respectfully Submitted, Jeffrey Z.


Not much has changed since my report given on 6/23/07. The conference is still planned for April 30th through May 2nd. Our contract is still with Olympia Resort in Oconomowoc. None of the rates have changed.


Our sub committees are still being assembled, with one exception. Our program committee is holding their first meeting some time this week.


According to our conference planning timeline, we are ahead of schedule when compared to the number of committee meetings we have held. I only hope the enthusiasm that has been portrayed thus far continues.


Respectfully submitted, Bob S.

2010 FALL CONFERENCE – Currently no Bids

Central office/Intergroup Reports -

Madison Area Intergroup Central Office (MAICO) Report

  1. The 11th Annual Youngtimers/Oldtimers Workshop will be on Saturday, November 3, 2007 at Trinity Lutheran Church, 1904 Winnebago St., Madison

  1. The MAICO Steering Committee has visited the districts that MAICO serves over the last few months. The purpose is keep communication open between the Districts & MAICO. Districts 2, 8, 11, 19, 20, 30 were visited so far. Districts 9 and 37 still need to be visited. A packet of information about MAICO is given with each visit.

  1. New Glarus Mini-Conference – Oct. 6, 2007 St. Stephens Church, 12th Ave., New Glarus: MAICO has been asked to sell literature. Need some volunteers, packing, transporting, selling. If interested in helping, call Diane at MAICO.

  1. MAICO bought a new cash register, funded by a few members of AA. The old cash register still works, just antiquated – Free to anyone who wants it, pick up asap.

February 9, 2008 – MAICO Reps 12 Step Study, Saturday, 9am to 3pm, one hour for lunch. Bruce E. from Eau Claire will be facilitating, he facilitated the MAICO Reps Big Book Study this past Feburary.

Winnebago Fond Du Lac:

Coffee Volunteers Agenda Planning Meeting at Madison Senior center – January 20, 2008 District 15


1. Conference Ad-hoc committee – Joan J.


SEPTEMBER 16, 2007

Committee Members: Joan J. (chairperson), Jo McL., Nancy H., Nancy G.

Purpose: To survey the Area 75 fellowship and gather basic information regarding the desired number of Area 75 conferences

To accomplish our directive, the committee members visited as many GSR meetings as possible in the allotted timeframe. Information was also solicited by phone, email and in person at various AA functions. General background information was provided, and three basic questions were asked of the fellowship:

  1. Should Area 75 continue to hold two Area conferences per year?

  2. If we have only one conference, should it be held in the spring or the fall?

  3. If we eliminate one conference, should we hold one-day meetings to replace that conference (either spring or fall) to conduct Area business (e.g., delegate’s report, elections, Area service committee meetings)?

The committee members visited and/or contacted members from all but five districts at the time of this report. In addition, survey information was gathered from interested individual AA members.

Results are as follows:

  1. 82% = No - Area 75 should not continue to hold two conferences per year

  2. 67% = preferred Spring

  3. Of those who answered Question 3, the majority agreed with one-day business meetings to replace those normally held at the eliminated conference.

Much discussion was generated in the information gathering process. Some often heard comments were:

It became clear during this process that many individuals have no desire to attend Area conferences or Area business meetings. Many members, including GSRs and DCMs, seem apathetic or ill-informed about the importance of the AA group and their trusted servants at all levels in the general service structure. Most groups are not active at the district or area levels and often do not know what their role is within the structure. More than a few did not know about Area conferences.

It is the opinion of the ad hoc committee that this initial survey process reflected a greater problem in Area 75 than simply lack of attendance at Area conferences. We see a need to address the conference issue, but more importantly, the way our Area 75 service structure operates is desperately in need of review. Questions include, but are not limited to:

As a committee, we hope that the Area Chair will either expand the scope and membership of this committee, or appoint a new committee, to address what we see as the greater issues within the Area 75 service structure.

It is our hope that research into our history as an Area, as well as that of other Areas within our Conference, in addition to further input from our members, will yield proposals that will improve the quality of our structure, and thereby attract greater participation. Greater participation within the structure, whatever form that takes, can only improve our ability to carry the AA message to the still-suffering alcoholic.

2. VOTE TO SUSPEND THE AREA 75 INVENTORY occurring at the 2007 Fall Conference due to conflicts with the East Central Regional presentations. Motion brought to floor, much discussion, pros & cons. Motion was withdrawn and inventory will be held.

3. AREA ALTERNATE CHAIR REPLACEMENT: Kathy W.’s replacement Ron B. from Dist 32. has held many positions, GSR, DCM, Area PI chair.


The following four proposals were voted on:

Proposal #1: 63 FOR and 6 AGAINST


Proposal Sponsor: Howard P / Nancy G Phone: 262-798-3583 / 608-221-2891

Sponsors’ Service Positions: Conference Advisory Chair / Area Grapevine Chair / Past Delegate Panel 55

Describe your proposal:

To rescind the assembly action of March 3, 2002 approving the Conference Advisory Committee Guidelines

Primary Benefits/Background Information

The subject assembly action covers guidelines for the Area 75 Conference Advisory Committee (the Committee). These guidelines were never fully enacted. The Committee carefully reviewed the guidelines (pursuant to direction in the existing document), and, after that complete review, concluded that new direction for the Conference Advisory Committee is needed.

An additional proposal is forthcoming that will effectively deal with new guidelines for the Committee as “service material”, rather than as guidelines requiring Assembly Action. Any amendments to the Conference Advisory Committee Guidelines will be shared with the Area 75 Assembly when revised, but will not be subject to assembly action for approval or implementation.

The Conference Advisory Committee will always welcome input from the Fellowship regarding changes to the guidelines.


Estimate any funding required: None

Supporting Documentation:

Assembly Actions - Appendix J – Attachment 10 - Area 75 Conference Advisory Committee Guidelines …A-41

To adopt the attached document entitled “Area 75 Conference Advisory Committee Guidelines” (draft copy dated 01/15/02)

Proposal #2: 67 FOR and 6 AGAINST


Proposal Sponsor: Howard P / Nancy G Phone: 262-798-3583 / 608-221-2891

Sponsors’ Service Positions: Conference Advisory Chair / Area Grapevine Chair / Past Delegate Panel 55

Describe your proposal:

To classify the “Area 75 Conference Advisory Committee Guidelines” as service material

Primary Benefits / Background Information

This change will greatly enhance the effectiveness and flexibility of the Area Conference Advisory Committee (the Committee). It will no longer take six (6) months to a year to implement revisions to the Conference Advisory Committee Guidelines. Amendments will require a simple majority vote of the Committee, rather than an assembly action. Any amendments to the Conference Advisory Committee Guidelines will be shared with the Area 75 Assembly when revised, but will not be subject to assembly action for approval or implementation.

The Conference Advisory Committee will always welcome input from the Fellowship regarding changes to the guidelines.

The revised Conference Advisory Committee Guidelines will be posted on the Area 75 website. Copies will be available from the Conference Advisory Committee upon request.

Estimate any funding required: None


Supporting Documentation:

Revised Conference Advisory Committee Guidelines (dated June 2007)

Proposal #3: WITHDRAWN


Proposal Sponsor: Howard P / Nancy G Phone: 262-798-3583 / 608-221-2891

Sponsors’ Service Positions: Conference Advisory Chair / Area Grapevine Chair / Past Delegate Panel 55

Describe your proposal:

To approve the revised document “Area 75 Conference Advisory Committee Guidelines” dated June 24, 2007. This revised document will supersede the previous revision approved March 3, 2002.


Primary Benefits / Background Information:

This proposal will be withdrawn if the previous proposal reclassifying the Conference Advisory Committee Guidelines as service material is passed.

The subject Conference Advisory Committee Guidelines have been updated with regard to participation in and responsibilities of the Area 75 Conference Advisory Committee.

These revisions are the result of meetings of the ad-hoc committee appointed to review the guidelines, as well as input from members of the current Conference Advisory Committee, including members of district host committees.

Please review the current “Conference Advisory Committee Guidelines” as they appear in the Area 75 Assembly Actions, Appendix J – Attachment 10 – Area 75 Conference Advisory Committee Guidelines, page A-41.

The proposed Area 75 Conference Advisory Committee Guidelines are attached.

Estimate any funding required: Not to exceed $25

The revised Conference Advisory Committee Guidelines will be posted on the Area 75 website. One copy will be sent via email or mail to requesting Districts. It will be the responsibility of each District to make copies for district members.

Please note that the revised Conference Advisory Committee Guidelines consist of one page.

Proposal #4: 65 FOR AND 5 AGAINST


Proposal Sponsor: Howard P / Nancy G Phone: 262-798-3583 / 608-221-2891

Sponsors’ Service Positions: Conference Advisory Chair / Area Grapevine Chair / Past Delegate Panel 55

Describe your proposal:

To approve the revised document “Area 75 Conference Guidelines” dated June 24, 2007. This revised document will supersede the previous revision approved March 3, 2002.

Primary Benefits/Background Information:

This proposal is the result of the work of the ad-hoc committee appointed to review the Area 75 Conference Guidelines, and is based primarily on conference experience gathered since 2002.

Attachments (A, B, C) to the original document approved in 2002 will remain as attachments to the revised document.

Copies of the subject document (with and without revisions) are available upon request. The suggested changes are highlighted in the June 2007 document.

Please review the March 2002 guidelines for comparison to the suggested June 2007 guidelines.

Estimate any funding required: Not to exceed $50

The revised Area 75 Conference Guidelines will be posted on the Area 75 website. One copy will be sent via email or mail to requesting Districts. It will be the responsibility of each District to make copies for district members. Copies will also be needed to update the Assembly Action binders.

Please note that the revised Area 75 Conference Guidelines document consists of ten pages (without attachments).

When anyone, anywhere reaches out, I want the hand of A.A. always to be there, and for that; I am responsible!”


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If you have not already done so, please register for the 27th East Central Regional Conference, held in conjunction with the 56th Area 75 Fall Conference, October 12 - 14, 2007 at the Holiday Inn, 4601 Calumet Avenue, Manitowoc, WI 54220. Call (920) 682-6000 for hotel reservations. Be sure to pick up flyers to take back and promote the conference to your respective districts / groups.

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