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Alcoholic’s Anonymous – Area 75

Alcoholic’s Anonymous – Area 75

9:00 a.m. Sunday, June 24, 2007

Agenda Planning Meeting

Madison Senior Center



OFFICERS PRESENT: John B., Area Chairperson; George P., Delegate; Stu E., Alt Del/Literature; Nancy B., Secretary; Mark C., Alt Secretary; Nancy H., Treasurer; Cynthia H., Alt. Treasurer

STANDING COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSON PRESENT: Marty S., Corrections Chair; Cheryl M-J., CPC Chair; Nancy G., Grapevine Chair; Matt Z., PI Chair; John W., Special Needs Chair; Chris C., Treatment Chair; George D., Area 75 Registrar; Howard P., Conference Advisory Chair

DCM’S PRESENT; D1-Art B.; D3-Jim K.; D8-Darryl S.; D11-Dewey C.; D13-Kane B.; D15-Mike B.; D16-Randy R.; D19-Libby K.: D20-Doreen H.; D24-JD O.;D27-Gary C.; D28-Ken N.; D29-Dennis, Alt DCM; D30-Joel B.; D31-Benjamin B.; D32-Chris E.; D34-Edween R. Alt DCM.; D36-Barb W.; D37-Alt DCM.

GSR’S & DISTRICT COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSONS PRESENT; D1-Brad B.; D3-Tom R, Tony B.; D6-Conni M.; D13-Mark G., Donna F., Rick S., Leslie F., Diane P., Jeanne G., Dolly H.; D14-Frank S.; D16-Theresa W., Karen H.; D17-Darrel S., Dick K.; D19- Bonnie W.; D20-Sunshine G., Chris B.; D25-Jeff Z., Dave D., George B.; D28-Gregory L., Rick H., Vanessa L., Mark M., Jerry B.;D29-Gary E., Dennis D.; D31-Tom G., Charlie E.; D32-Rachel B., Kurt B.; D-34 Naz G., Lee Ann U., Drew A.; D36-Pete W., Joe H.

OTHERS PRESENT: Past Delegates: Joan J., Ken G., Nancy G., Jo McL; 2008 Spring Conf – Ruth G., 2008 Fall Conf - Annette D.; 2010 Spring Conference Chair – Bob S.; Others: Terry R., Ken S. Jim D.B., Debra S., Toni M., Joe N.

Secretaries Report - Nancy B.

Reviewed minutes from Spring Conference Assembly Meeting held Saturday, May 19, 2007, which were subsequently approved unanimously.

Registrar Report – George D.

Greetings all, this spring has been relatively quiet, although the long awaited GSO New Vision program is on line and working very well! I had the opportunity to make a change on the program and it works much in the same way as filling order form on the internet. There is however an additional layer of security over and above a user name and password, who ever has authority to use the New Vision Program is issued a Digital Certificate by GSO, basically this means even if you have the user name and password if the GSO server doesn’t recognize the computer it is talking to, your not going to get into the information! This should quiet any concerns about security!

In addition, I have been in contact with the Area 20 Northern Illinois Registrar who will be attending the Five State regional Conference this fall in Manitowoc, we are planning a luncheon get together along with other registrars from the Five State region to discuss the New Vision Program and what our responsibilities are in our respective Areas. Finally I have a made few changes to the Area 75 Directory, and there will be some additions to the District Directory shortly.

GSR forms are available on the Area 75 (area75.org) web site or write me and will send them to you, at that point mal them to GSO.

Treasurers Report – Nancy H.

Less than a third of the registered groups in Area 75 have contributed to the area at the present time. Payments and expenses reimbursed since the May 31, 2007 report was created caused us to go into the reserve fund by approximately $600 however; conference seed money which will be returned from the Spring 2007 conference and other contributions should return the reserve fund to its authorized amount and give us fund to pay other expected bills. The finance committee is not concerned about the balance at this time.

There are some items that will be reimbursed to the Treatment chair that were shared expenses with the Bridging The Gap committee incurred prior to the consolidation of BTG with the Treatment Committee. These expenses will be charged to the BTG budget. Current plans for the remainder of the BTG budget are to leave them unspent which will help our bottom line as the budget approved for this year exceeded previous year’s contributions.

A copy of the spreadsheets showing contributions made to the area, Count on Us Fund and Rainbow Fund by group is available for review. The report is sorted by group number if one was given or by group name. District number shown is what the contributor reported. All contributors are encouraged to use the area contribution form which is available on the area’s website (www.area75.org).

Balance Sheet as of 5/31/07


Current Assets

Cash in Checking-M&I


Prudent Reserve-M&I


Cash-Count On Us


Cash - Rainbow Can


A/R-Conference Seed Money




Equipment Depreciation



Total Current Assets



Total Assets




Current Liabilities


Total Current Liabilities



Total Liabilities



Retained Earnings


Net Income



Total Capital



Total Liabilities & Capital





Income Statement as of 5/31/07

This Year

Last Year

Year to Date
This Year

Year to Date
Last Year


Group Donations





Group Donations - Rainbow





Group Donations - Count On Us





Other Income









Total Revenues










Bank Charges





Conference Loss





Conference Booth Fee










GSO Fees















Literature - Rainbow/COU




















Misc/Office Expense















Registration Fees










Archives Rent



















Total Expenses









Net Income










Budget vs. Actual as of 5/31/07


2007 Actual YTD

2007 Total Budget

2007 Variance YTD












Alt. Delegate/Lit.








































Public Info.










Spcl. Needs










Alt. Chair





Alt. Secretary





Alt. Treasurer





Archives Chair










COU Literature


Rainbow Literature




Delegates (Panel 57) Report - George P.

Good afternoon! It is my great pleasure to serve as your delegate. Thank you so much for this opportunity to serve the fellowship and grow spiritually.

This report will cover the time since the Spring Conference when I delivered my Report on the 57th Annual General Service Conference.

On May 25th, I attended the Friday night Speaker meeting in Ellison Bay, Wisconsin where Jeff C., Area 74 delegate, presented me with a medallion for 20 years of continuous sobriety. I am grateful to Jeff for taking the time to attend the meeting and for honoring me. I am also grateful to all of you for helping me stay sober one day at a time. I credit the steps, the fellowship and service.

On June 9, I was privileged to present my report on the 57th General Service Conference at the Alano Club in Manitowoc. We had a group of 25-40 people and my report was warmly received.

I have been in attendance at the meetings of District three the past two months and have been assisting our DCM in running an efficient meeting. Jim has been very responsive and our District meetings have benefited from the increased organization.

I have received the statement of contributions to GSO for the three months ending March 31, 2007. If you would like the report for your district, please see me later and I’ll pass these along to you.

I have also received information about the 2007 AA Membership Survey which is to be conducted in Area 75 and throughout AA between July 10 and September 1. There are 12 groups in Area 75 that have been randomly selected to participate in this Membership Survey. They are located in Districts 1, 4, 7, 9, 17, 20 (2 groups), 25, 28 (2 groups), 29 and 35. DCM’s from those districts may want to meet with me later today to discuss whether these groups exist so that I can get the surveys to them and pick them up.

As I write this, I am planning on participating in the workshop being held in District 37 at Ruffner Hall in New Lisbon on Saturday, June 23. Jeannie even said I could bring my guitar. They don’t know what they are getting themselves into. I will also be presenting my report on the 57th General Service Conference in District 2 later this afternoon in Montello.

I look forward to visiting every district in Area 75 during my term as delegate. I don’t, however, want to show up where I’m not wanted. I would very much appreciate an invitation to give a 20-60 minute talk either on the General Service Conference or to share my experience, strength and hope as it relates to my life in recovery and service. It is my intention to knock myself out in service to Area 75 should you give me the go-ahead. There are still plenty of dates open on my calendar for this year. Avoid the rush! I would be very grateful to schedule visits to your district today.

My sincere thanks for allowing me to serve as your delegate!

Chairperson’s report – John B.

Good morning, my name is John B and I’m an alcoholic and your Area 75 chairperson.

This is a brief synopsis of my activities since we last met in April…

I saw many of you at the Spring Conference in Middleton and I personally enjoyed Vincent’s presentation on the finances of the General Service Office and George’s experiences at the recent General Service Conference.

I had an opportunity to speak on the Twelve Traditions at a CPC luncheon hosted by Districts 13, 32 & 34 at the Waukesha County courthouse. While the attendance was less than hoped for, the nine professionals that did attend seemed genuinely interested in Alcoholics Anonymous.

I am receiving minutes from several districts on a regular basis both by email and snail mail. Be sure to copy the Area 75 standing committee chairs as well as we are all interested in the activities within your district. Be advised that I am available to attend district meetings and events if you would like. I’m here to serve the Area in whatever capacity I’m able for the remainder of my term. All you need do is ask… If you have a question and I don’t know the answer, I will do my best to find out and get back to you in a timely fashion. If you have any suggestions as to how to better run our Area 75 meetings and reach a greater percentage of our fellowship, I’d be interested to hear them. Feel free to contact me in person, by phone (262-538-3829) or by email (jbaddaker@earthlink.net).

In Service,

John B – Area 75 Chairperson 2007-2008

Literature Report – Stu E.

Welcome to all of our GSR’s and DCM’s present today. First, I would like to thank all DCM’s and District Secretaries who have forwarded minutes to us this term. These minutes help us to know what is on the minds of our membership and to be more effective in serving you.

In AA literature, the General Service Conference has acted on a number of literature items. The title of the pamphlet “Can A.A. Help Me Too? … Black/ African Americans Share Their Stories” will be re-titled. Text relevant to financial support by groups of their GSR’s will be added to the pamphlet “The A.A. Group” and to the G.S.R. pamphlet. Progress on the new 3rd Ed. Spanish language Big Book is being made. This is a major item of interest in AA’s Hispanic community, and I will report more about it when more specifics are known. I am not at all sure of a planned publication date. The pamphlet “The A.A. Member—Medications and Other Drugs” will be revised and updated. It does NOT appear that there will be a Central/Intergroup Office pamphlet.

Reminder: The Literature Assignment at GSO is seeking submissions of revised stories for the pamphlet “A.A. for the Native North American”. Submissions should be typed, double spaced, and about 800 words long. They should concentrate on sharing experience, strength, AND hope, just like a Big Book or a Grapevine story. Submissions can be made directly to “Literature Coordinator, Grand Central Station, P.O. Box 459, New York, NY 10163 or to me at the address or email address specified in the Area 75 Directory. If you mail directly to the New York address, I would appreciate a copy of the manuscript for our committee files and archives. The deadline for arrival of manuscripts in New York is June 30, 2007.

More of our GSC-approved pamphlets will be appearing on the GSO website at www.aa.org . It looks like one addition will be the DCM pamphlet. AA Guidelines can also be found there now.

Our Take-and-Leave Sample Literature Rack is here again today for your use.

I am having some difficulty in getting catalogs and other support items like pamphlet samples for our literature display from the Literature assignment at GSO. I had intended to have enough literature catalogs available for all who wanted one at the Spring Conference. I last emailed Adrienne at GSO about ten days ago on this matter. My predecessor, Bob S., had similar difficulties. I will keep trying.

Since my last report to you not all that long ago, I attended the Spring Conference, and I also made it to one of our Corrections Workshops, which was held in Fond du Lac. Marty S. and Nancy G. do an excellent job with those workshops. If one is held near you, please be assured that it is worth your time and travel. That experience sort of inspired me to say yes when Marty asked me recently to handle a Pre-Release Contact for a male inmate coming out of Black River soon. I look forward to meeting the man and feel that this sort of work is important for AA’s trusted servants to participate in. I will let you know how it goes.

And, Cheryl M., our Area 75 CPC Chair invited me to help out in a couple of her events. This is something she and I discussed in general terms as far back as the Transition Meeting in December. She wanted to ensure some continuity between my term as CPC Chair in 2005-2006 and her term now. So I attended at her invitation the Waukesha County Professionals’ Lunch-n-Learn where we were able to speak together to some of the professionals we cooperated closely with in the past. They even brought some new staffers from their treatment center to meet us. I also worked with Cheryl in the booth at the WAAODA Convention this year for a day and a half. We got to meet many attending professionals together, form some new cooperative links, and I worked to let local AA volunteers there know just how important their contributions of time and participation are to all of us in Area 75. It is a statewide convention after all, and those volunteers carried the load for all of us.

My next priority is to get out to some district meetings in the coming months.

Thank you for being here, and thank you all for allowing me to serve you.

Yours in Recovery and Service,

Stu E., Area 75 Alt. Delegate & Literature Chair

Grapevine Report – Nancy G.

We had great information sharing at both the Spring Conference Grapevine committee meeting and the first Corrections/Grapevine workshop held in Fond du Lac on May 5. Marty S., Area 75 Corrections Chair, and I will be hosting our second “zonal” workshop on July 28 in New Glarus. Please contact either of us for more information and flyers (also available at area75.org).

I am happy to report on two new Grapevine products released since our April meeting:

  1. In Our Own Words” – A book with stories of young AAs in recovery from the pages of the Grapevine. This book sells for $7.95 in quantities of 1-4.

  2. A Lifetime of AA” – A special collection of old-timers’ stories from the Grapevine. This CD contains recordings re-mastered from the audiocassette tape “Old-Timers Corner” plus two new stories from the Grapevine. The price is $10.00.

The Grapevine website (aagrapevine.org) continues to be improved. The online Grapevine Forum is now a threaded bulletin board so you can better follow a conversation and share your experiences. You can now also get email alerts for new messages posted.

The July 2007 issue is out and, as always, its focus is AA in correctional facilities, with stories written by people who have been able to stay sober while incarcerated, often acknowledging the AA members who work hard to carry our recovery message inside. This issue is staple-free, and extra copies have been printed for use in institutions that prohibit stapled material.

The “gray pages” are returning to the Grapevine, with information about the social, medical and legal aspects of alcoholism. The first edition is expected in October 2007.


In order to increase awareness of the valuable 12th-step tools we have in the Grapevine and La Vina, we are launching a challenge to AA members in Area 75. It is hoped this challenge will increase subscriptions from our Area by at least 100, and will garner support for the Count On Us fund via back issues and monetary donations. Each DCM has received or will receive a challenge kit. Anyone interested in participating in this challenge is welcome to contact your DCM, your District Grapevine representative or me. I will be happy to get kits into the hands of anyone willing to help.

If you would like me and/or the Grapevine display to visit your District GSR Meeting or workshop, please let me know. Thank you.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy G. Area 75 Grapevine Chair



Corrections Report – Marty S.

A Corrections/Grapevine workshop was conducted on May 5, 2007, by Marty S. and Nancy G. This was held at the Gratitude Club in Fond du Lac. Zone 1 includes Districts 2, 3, 12, 23, and 25. We invited correction chairs, outside sponsors of jails and prisons, grapevine reps. and all interested AA’s. Over 34 attended the one-day workshop.

I mentioned all attendees were on the corrections standing committee and would be welcome to attend the Spring conference committee meeting; almost 40 attended.

Nancy and I will be going to New Glarus, on July 28. We are reaching out to districts 9, 20, 35, 30, 8 and 11. All DCM’s, GSR’s, outside jail and prison sponsors, correction chairs and interested AA’s are welcome. This is a one-day workshop. 

Districts 6, 36, 7, and 17 will have their workshop in September. We look forward to meeting with this group too. 

I was invited by two DCM’s and volunteers from District 36 and 17 to help them with a problem at Racine Correctional Center. I called the inside contact and arranged a meeting, to see what AA could do for this institution. This gentleman requested 25 Big books for the pod libraries. He was impressed with the pre-release writers program. He didn’t realize how much AA helped the inmates upon their release. The day after the meeting, I received a voice mail, stating he was conducting the first orientation for new volunteers, in over a year. We have had 8 men waiting to be cleared to help at RCI.

 Thank you to Al B. our webmaster for updating the Area 75 corrections website.

There is a note about needing men to go into Waupun prison and I’m happy to say there is no need for new volunteers at this time. We do have a need for women to go into Taycheedah Correctional Center. There are currently two women taking meetings in every other Tuesday. This facility is near Fond du Lac and the next orientation is in October. Please see me if you need more information. 

The State of Wisconsin/ UP Corrections conference was held in Rhinelander, on June 2. I counted 17 area 75 members who made the trip. The panels and speakers were wonderful; there is some discussion of holding it in Milwaukee next June.

I have received 22 requests and found writers for inmates in our area.


Ms. Marty S.

CPC Report – Cheryl M.J.

The following suggestions and planning options were discussed:

1. Contact and arrange workshops, exhibits, for the teachers' convention

2. Contact WYCCIPA to introduce Alateen to guidance counselors

3. Use age appropriate volunteers for young people’s workshops

4. PI & CPC could provide assemblies for high schools, middle schools and elementary schools

5. Recruit age and role appropriate volunteers to train for the schools­

6. Contact School Boards to present and identify possibilities for teacher, student and parent in-services

7. Contact schools that deal with at risk students

8. Place literature in the Family Court areas in all counties

9. Meeting where and where to be distributed at airports

10. Discussed the Visitors Bureaus in state and local facilities offering meeting


11. Break the area into four parts and centrally locate CPC workshops within these districts

12. Newsletter for CPC news and information via the web page

13. Amass a list of past CPC functions to pass templates to new CPC district chairs

14. Ask for more input from district chairs

15. Compile list of district CPC chairs

The line between other organizations was discussed. All of these suggestions will be taken under advisement and the committee; will narrow down suggestions to determine the best possible results.

Tom from District 3 presented these bullets at the meeting for the Area CPC chair that was not feeling well. All ideas were formed through a group' consensus and will be followed up on.

Note: This report is submitted late due to illness. Apologies extended for the lack of internet and email service at this time. This problem should be remedied shortly. The correct email: c.mantz@sbcglobal.net should be in service this week.

Yours in service and recovery,

Cheryl R. M.

PI Report – Matt Z.

A. Discussed things that a PI person can do at the District level:

1. Keep libraries stocked with Big Books, Twelve & Twelve’s, Living Sober and, AA Comes of Age. Places to leave when and where’s; police stations, hospitals, schools and doctors offices.

2. Discussed Senior Centers/Hopis could AA bring meeting to their facilities or bring people out to meetings.

3. Meeting schedules for Hotels and camp grounds.

B. Matt has information if your district wants to set up a website, can be integrated with Area 75 website.

Treatment Report – Chris C.

A month or so ago, a brochure was mailed to over 300 treatment facilities in Area75. This brochure listed ways in which AA could help in their facilities and services we can offer that may be of interest to them such as: starting an AA meeting within the facility, providing speakers from AA to share personal stories of recovery, providing a list of volunteers’ names and numbers who are willing to give rides to local AA meetings, presentations to staff about AA and what we can offer, providing literature such as pamphlets and meeting lists to clients, and the Bridging the Gap Program.

I have had a good response from these facilities and have initiated contact with the District Treatment Chairs, BTG Chairs, and/or the DCM’s where those facilities are located. I will work with the Districts in developing relationships with these facilities and help to coordinate the requested services.

To date, I have received requests from facilities in the following cities: Manitowoc, LaCrosse, Sparta, Poynette, Madison, and Milwaukee. I am expecting many more responses, as the mailings went out in groups at different times. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to establish relationships with these facilities and to carry the message to the alcoholic who still suffers. I look forward to working with the District Chairs involved in these new ventures.

There are many other treatment facilities in our Area that I do not have information on at this time. I have e-mailed the list of treatment facilities in Area 75 that I have compiled to all of the District treatment chairs – or at least those whose e-mail addresses I have. If you have not received this list and would like me to send it to you, please let me know. If you are aware of a treatment facility, hospital, etc. that is not on this list, please also inform me of that as well so that I can add it to the list.

Additionally, if you are interested in working with a facility not on the list and are not sure where to start, I would be more than happy to help you out and can send you the template that I used for this mailing as a starting communication point. I am always willing to come to your District meetings as well - to share my experiences, the experiences of others, or to help out where needed. Additionally, committees meeting such as the one held today are an important resource and offer the opportunity for sharing and learning.

Another exciting opportunity in the works began with a contact that Stu E. made with a treatment facility counselor for ARO Counseling while at the WAAODA Conference. I contacted her and she requested that I talk to the Regional Supervisor. The supervisor is very interested in the opportunities we can offer within their facilities. She will be meeting with all of the facilities in South Eastern Wisconsin within the next few weeks and will be getting back to me with the feedback from those facilities and what services would be helpful for each location. Once I have more information, I will be contacting the districts where those offices are located to see what we can do to coordinate the requested services.

This past week, I have developed some information to be posted on the Area website and have submitted that information to Allen, along with some Bridging the Gap information and tools that Tom had developed.

Tom has officially been designated as the Area 75 Treatment Co-Chair and continues to take care of the Bridging the Gap requests for our Area and is staying in touch with the District Chairs on a regular basis. You can continue to contact Tom for all BTG related activities.

Tom has also passed on to me some Power Point presentations from other Areas that they use at workshops, GSR meetings, and for volunteers that explain what the Treatment Facility Committee is, Suggested Activities for Committees, Do’s and Don’ts for volunteers, how to establish relationships with facilities, etc. I am hoping to use these presentations as a starting point to develop tools and presentations that will be useful for Area 75 and will begin to work on those in the near future.

Last, but not least, I had the opportunity to participate in District 37’s workshop yesterday – and my very first workshop as the Treatment Chair. It was a wonderful workshop and I appreciate the opportunity to share my experience related to treatment and to learn form the other panelists.

Thank you again, for allowing me to serve as your Area 75 Treatment Chairperson.

Bridging the Gap Reports: Submitted by Tom M.

Area 75 Bridging the Gap

Monitoring Report - Quarter 2, 2007

Q2 Report Apr. – June 2007

Treatment Facility Requests


Rogers/Oconomowoc 24

Hope Haven/Madison 13

St. Luke’s South Shore 6

VA Zablocki Domiciliary 3

St. Luke’s/S. 27th St 2

Lawrence Center 2

Beacon House/Fond Du Lac 1

Total Q 1 BTG Request 51

Requested Community Locations

District 1 1 Area 19 Chicago 3

District 4 1 Area 20 N. Illinois 2

District 6 1 Area 21 S. Illinois 1

District 11 1 Area 24 Iowa 1

District 16 3 Area 39 W. Missouri 1

District 19 1 Area 42 Nevada 1

District 20 17 Area 74 N. Wisconsin 4

District 24 2 unknown 2

District 28 2 (St Luke’s 27th)

District 29 5

District 32 1

District 34 1

Gender Statistics

Male: 27

Female: 24

Area 75 Bridging the Gap

Monitoring Report – Year to Date

Treatment Facility Requests


Rogers/Oconomowoc 47

Hope Haven/Madison 38

St. Luke’s South Shore 10

VA Zablocki Domiciliary 5

Beacon House/Fond Du Lac 4

St. Luke’s/S. 27th St 3

Lawrence Center 2

Milw. Central Office 2

District 28 1

Gateway/Madison 1

Keys to Recovery/Chicago 1

Total YTD BTG Request 113

Requested Community Locations

District 1 1 Area 15 S. Florida 1

District 4 1 Area 19 Chicago 3

District 6 3 Area 20 N. Illinois 5

District 7 2 Area 21 S. Illinois 1

District 11 1 Area 24 Iowa 3

District 12 2 Area 38 E. Missouri 1

District 14 1 Area 39 W. Missouri 1

District 16 4 Area 42 Nevada 1

District 19 1 Area 62 S. Carolina 1

District 20 43 Area 74 N. Wisconsin 8

District 23 2

District 24 4 Total Our of Area 25

District 27 1

District 28 2

District 29 10 Gender Statistics

District 30 3 Male: 64

District 32 3 Female: 49

District 34 1

unknown 5

Total Area 75 88

Special Needs Report – John W.

My committee of one plus myself discussed retirement community's that has drinking problems.

I contacted one in the Dousman, Oconomowoc, and Watertown areas and was informed by administration that there is no drinking problems by anyone at their facilities. It seems that an admission of the problem would be bad publicity, so denial is their way of handling the situation. LeAnn U. Special Needs Chair from District 34 suggested that we do an end run and go through either the Social Workers or Physical and Occupational Therapist. LeAnn said that she tried to a listing by County's of all physical and Occupational therapist on the Internet, but was unsuccessful.

I received a final communication from Gayle S.R., Special Needs GSO liaison, stating that Valerie O'N would now be the Special Needs liaison. This is due to all GSO service staff rotating jobs each July.

Also was informed that the Special Needs catalog will no longer be sent to

Special Needs Chairs, but that the regular Conference Approved Literature catalog with a sticker indicating the Special needs section.

It was suggested that if meetings had an American Sign Language Interrupter available at all meetings the deaf alcoholic would show up. I pointed out that some of my meetings only have 4-8 people and that at $2.00 a head we would be well short of the $25.00 that the cheapest Interrupters receive. Certainly not feasible for most small meetings, but something larger meetings could look at

I stated that I was sending personal invitations to all Special Needs Chairs

in the surrounding 4 states to attend the Fall Conference in Manitowoc this October. I also will be sending flyers to Intercrops and all SNC at the district level to attend the Preponderance Assembly and the fall conference.

It was my privilege to be invited to chair a Special Needs panel on Saturday the 23 at New Lisbon, WI. I was impressed by all the work that went into hosting the event, the great attendance, and all the delicious food served. My wife the Alanon Queen, she who must be obeyed, was impressed with all the work that the different Chairs at both the district and the area level were involved in. Kudos' to Jeannie the District 37 DCM for a job well done.

Archive Report – Robin S.

Not much to report; I have been helping out when I can at the Archives Room and talking it up. I want to get around to more districts this summer for sure.

We had a pretty well-attended morning meeting today with several District Archive Chairs present as well as the Archivist and some DCMs.

I was invited by District 16's DCM to come to meetings there and share about the archives.

Bonnie talked about the process of collecting archives from groups in her district, which had previously not been done. Dick K. is going to start an archives room at the Racine Central Office.

The archivist, Nancy S. talked about collecting oral histories from old-timers and the importance of saving archive materials from groups, even if the group has not been saving much up to this point; the idea being that now is a good time to start.

Robin S. - Area 75 Archives Chair

Archivist Report – Nancy S.

None at this time.

Central office/Intergroup Reports - None at this time.

Conference Advisory Committee Report – Howard P.

Conference Reports


The 56th Annual Spring Conference of Alcoholics Anonymous - Area 75 was held over the weekend of May 18th – 20th. And what a marvelous celebration of sobriety and our fellowship it was. Thank you to all who attended and made it a special occasion.

We were honored to be joined at the conference by Vince Keefe, Class A Trustee of the General Service Board, and Bob M., East Central Regional Trustee.

We had great speakers, panels, and awesome fellowship. It will always be remembered as one of the highlights of my sobriety.

The committee members made my job as the chairperson easy. They were particularly talented and ambitious. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with them and build what I am sure will be life-long friendships. As I was selecting the members of the committee, I asked my Higher Power who He wanted to perform each task. He has always done a better job than I can. Many thanks to those of you who accepted the invitation to serve and for a job well done.

Our count shows that we had at least 553 people in attendance. We were able to return $500.00 seed money to the Area as well as an additional $845.65.

Here are some of the lessons learned:

In closing I want to offer a special thank you to our advisor, John B., for his time, wisdom, and experience. Your contributions to this conference can never be measured.

Thanks, John!

Yours in service,


2007 Fall Conference East Central Regional Convention - Mike

October, 12th – 14th To be held in Manitowoc, WI

On target, have 57 registrations.

Flyers are available

Different Panels and workshops planned



May 18th - 20th

The Olympia Resort

Registratration15 rooms 99, coffee cup sold for the weekend


Hi everyone,

I am so sorry about the delay in getting the minutes to you this time to you!

Start time: 4:02 on 7/8/07 and in attendance where Russ, Stacy, Michelle, Tom, Mary, Judy, LeeAnn, Howard, Tami, Ruth, Edween, Sue, and Kathy F.


There has been a change to the speaker via the area assembly, there will only be 3 speakers instead of 4 and in place of the fourth speaker we will have panels.


Tax Exemption Number: We are a non-profit organization therefore we do not have to pay tax on our purchases so prior to your purchase please see Edween for the tax number. It absolutely can not be give out!


We have all been given different meetings to attend and begin to spread the word and ask for help. We should try to attend our different meeting two or three time in the next couple of months.


There needs to be a $218.00 change to the budget for a room expense that was not added in (room adjustment).


Program amount will be cut from 1500 to 750

Need to follow up with the House of Corrections about printing cost.

AA code is "AA"

Wednesday group will help proof read "Slim-Jims"

Food choices will/ need to be on registration form.

A blurb will need to be on the registration form for people needing assistance.

50 "Slim- Jims" need to be printed by September


Six panels will run @ a time from 10:30 - 11:15

Old timer’s panel will run alone from 9:00 - 10:15

Panels and Open Discussion will run from 12:30 - 1:30


Sent out 20 requests for help and 15 showed up


Talked to MCO about setting up literature and only AA approved literature will be allowed.

Must separate conference vs. non conference approved literature

Russ volunteered to check with Central Office about literature.


They would like to know how many entrances they are responsible for? Ruth with talk with Chris and get back to greeters.


Gene has pictures of Bill W. and if we would like to use them, he asks that we type him a letter with all of the things we need.

Questions/ Concerns presented:

The question of an additional cost for an Alanon speaker? This was a big discussion during this meeting because a concern has been raised about the monetary side of bring in Alanon speakers from different areas. Although this is not the issue for this conference, there was concern for future conferences to take things to the next level by spending money that may not be available or that should be allotted for AA speakers.

Time Frame


1. Panel topics/ confirmation on speaker

2. Sketch for banner

3. Confirm Spanish speaker 45 days out

I will see everyone on August 12th and I will bring the treats that day. I will also talk with Ruth and Tami and set the date for our pool party. Everyone take care and be safe.


Love to all,



Annette D.

Stu is program chair

Theme: Pg 159 Transcended by the Happiness they found. Still in the air

Meeting every other month

Toured the facility, it is very nice. Still 16 months away.


Barb W. Treasurer

May 15 – 17 2009

Co-chair Doug, Jo Mc

Racine Marriot 120, had first meeting

Area 75 Spring 2009 Conference Planning Committee Minutes

Date June 10, 2007 # 1

1. Meeting opened with DCM Linda N. explaining the history of the Spring 2009 Conference

a. District 17 is the hosting district for this conference.

b. DCM 17 Linda N. explained how the Area 75 Conference Advisory Chairperson Howard P. called and invited District 17 to host the Spring 2009 conference.

c. DCM 17 Linda N. decided to ask the surrounding (3) three districts to be part of the conference planning process similar to the Tri-County Conferences held in Kenosha.

d. Linda N. introduced the chairperson she selected (per the guidelines) for the Area 75 May 15-17, 2009 Conference Chairperson Jim S. Racine.

2. Chairperson Jim S. opened meeting with the Serenity Prayer

3. Jim S. asked for a non-smoking meeting hand vote taken and only 3 Nays passed

4. Jim asked Kathy G. to be temporary Secretary. Her notes put on paper by Jo Mc & appear here.

5. Introductions by names & districts of all 37 members - 36 alcoholics and one Al-Anon

a. District 6 (1) Walworth County

b. District 7 (5) City of Kenosha East of I-94

c. District 17 (27) City of Racine East of I-94

d. District 36 (4) Kenosha & Racine County West of I-94

4. Jim S. discussed being selected as Chairperson

a. Jim asked if there were any objections to his selection for chairperson and there were none.

b. Dave J. Racine nominated Jim -Seconded John S. Racine Unanimous Vote

c. Jim introduced the Area 75 Spring 2009 Conference Advisor - Jo Mc Past Panel 53 Delegate from District 07 Kenosha.

5. Dave J. D-17 Racine discussed the leadership of planning committees.

6. Past (3) three Racine based Area 75 conferences were discussed

a. First one was on 10/23-25/1987 “12 Steps to Freedom” (Districts 7 & 17 co-hosts)

b. Second one was in Spring 1993 (Districts 7 & 17 co-hosts)

c. Third one was on “10/19-21/2001 “Key to Willingness” (District 17 host)

d. Fourth one will be on 5/15-17, 2009 (Districts 6, 7, 17 & 36 hosts)

7. Jim S. gave a brief discussion of conference structure

a. Friday May 15, 2009 A.A. Speaker and Ice Cream Social

b. Saturday May 16, 2009 Area 75 Business Meeting 9 AM, Delegates Report, AA and Al- Anon panels, Area 75 Standing Committee Meetings, Al-Anon and Alateen speakers, A.A. speaker, banquet, dance.

c. Sunday May 17, 2009 Breakfast followed by A.A. Spiritual speaker

8. Racine Marriott contract signed by Area 75 Conference Advisor Jo Mc since Area 75 is responsible for any final debt. Per the Area 75 guidelines a second advisor Past Delegate Joan J. also reviewed the contract before it was signed.

a. Rooms at Racine Marriott locked in at $119 (1-4 people)-rates were just raised to $179.

b. Friday 50 room nights, Saturday 75 room nights, total 125 room nights on contract

c. Total food and beverage contracted for was $7, 000

9. Racine Marriott requested a $1, 500 deposit which was paid by Area 75.

10. Barb W. Kansasville was nominated for Treasurer by Dave J. & seconded by Linda N. Racine Unanimous vote

11. Conference tapers discussed and AMOT tapes were selected to be the conference tapers. John Racine nominated them to record our conference seconded by John S. Unanimous vote.

12. Barb W. signed the contract provided by adviser Jo Mc & mailed it back to AMOT.

12. Jim S. Racine – topics to consider before the next meeting are

a. Speakers – speaker tapes will be provided by AMOT tapes, other web sites for speakers also available. No fees for their service.

b. Jim asked Wes D. to listen to tapes & pick speakers to be voted on. Jo Mc Advisor said the appointed Program Chair should pick their own committee members to review tapes. Wes stated he didn’t want to pick the speakers.

c. Local band or AAA music?

d. Printing costs – many had cost cutting ideas

e. Budgets – Advisor Joan J. will provide sample budgets for next meeting.

13. Jim S. wants to meet at 2:00 PM for one hour on the second Sunday of each month for 5 months at RACO.

a. RACO must be reserved 30 days in advance

b. David recommended free rent from RACO.

c. Jim will ask the RACO board for free meeting space because they will be selling literature at the conference.

d. One meeting a month with primary chairs and co-chairs.

e. Jim says it takes about 350 people to do an area conference (?)

f. Dave J. says equal representation from all districts would work well.

14. Roxanne D. will make copies of all committee job descriptions for next meeting – no charge.

15. Barb W. will receive the $500 seed money from Area 75 at the June 24, 2007 assembly.

a. Barb will set-up a joint checking account for the conference.

b. Jim S. or Co-Chair will also be on the account.

16. Conference Secretary is badly needed.

17. All future meeting to be non-smoking but with break – vote by hands – passed

18. Jim’s contact information given (262) 633-1935 and/or jsimonsen4@wi.rr.com

19. Come back next month and bring a friend and/or sponsee.

20. Jim will go through all the Talent Search forms submitted and will have recommendations for all chair positions next month. The appointed committee chairs will pick their own committees and get a packet of information.

21. Tammy N. DR Al-Anon Racine stated the conference dates conflict with her main service commitment the Area 61 Al-Anon Assembly. As DR for Racine she has to be there but she said she will find committed Al-Anon members to fulfill the conference needs.

22. District 17 Archives Chair requested (2) two typed (not stapled) copies of the conference minutes each month.

23. Interesting – the new Bic 0.7 mm Z4 pen stops check forgers from using white out or making changing on your checks. From Jim S.

24. Meeting ended with the Lord’s Prayer Next meeting July 8, 2007 2:00 PM RACO 3701 Durand Ave 3 225 LL-B Racine WI (Elmwood plaza)


November 6 – 8, 2009 at the Heidl House in Green Lake


April 30th – May 2nd

The conference planning for spring 2010 is well under way. We have an almost complete committee with only one chair position open. Our committee chairs are presently working on assembling their own respective committees.

 The contract has been signed with the Olympia Resort in Oconomowoc. They gave us the most latitude in our negotiations and were very receptive to having us. The impression we left with them in spring of 2002 has helped immensely. They want us back.

 The details of our contract are as follows: Food and beverage to total a minimum of $7000, this includes coffee sales, concessions (snacks and coffee are to be sold by the hotel), the ice cream social, and our banquet and breakfast. We are responsible for 150 rooms at the rate of $99 per night, up to four people per room. If anyone wants to cram more in, they will be responsible for negotiating that with the hotel. The room nights are not set to any number amount per night. We are also receiving one complimentary room for every 50 rooms booked. In addition, as long as we meet the food and beverage minimum,

We will only need to book 80% of the room obligation. I hope that doesn’t convince anyone not to book a room. These conferences need every ones support. When so many of our fellowship shows up, that’s what makes the conference a success.

Respectfully submitted,

Bob S.





Bob S Conference Chair X

Mike A Co-Chair X

Chris P Secretary X

Darwin M Treasurer X

Debby P Registration Chair X

Katherine G Program Chair X

Kerry F Printing/Publicity Chair X

Shari Lynn E Greeters/Hospitality Chair X

vacant Entertainment/Decorations Chair

Denise M Al-anon/Alateen Chair X

George D Alkathon Chair X

Cindy H Conference Advisor X

Visitors Present: Kevin T

Tony P


Meeting started at 7:00 p.m.

Opened by Bob S., Conference Chair

Introductions of those attending

Conference Chair – Bob S.

-Commented that District Committee should not be sent minutes – only DCM of District should receive minutes. “No one person makes the decisions – we work as a committee”.

-Open Chairs-

Printing/Publicity –Kerry F. nominated by Debbie P.

- Kerry listed previous experience, sobriety date

- No objections by those attending – unanimously voted into position

Entertainment/Decorations – Nominations opened – none at hand

- Bob S. noted we may have candidate. District 16 was supposed to be present, they are willing to help us with the conference.

-7th Tradition- Bob mentioned keeping with this tradition, a donation to the church (at conference-end) would seem appropriate. Bob talked with Pastor – we are more than welcome to use facility at no-charge. Group consensus was to donate a sum to the church. Kerry F. brought up that putting this amount into the Chair or Co-chair budget would seem appropriate.

-Facility Contract-

We have a signed contract with Olympia Resort.(Bob S., Mike A., and Cindy H. took care of).

Total meal cost(s) = $7000.00 this includes for Sat. night, Sunday, coffee, snacks, ice cream social .

Rooms – 150 total rooms contracted for Friday and Saturday nights. (e.g. 75 for Fri/75 for Sat)

Cost: $99 per night – up to 4 people per room.

(note: questions regarding layout, rooms, sizes, were brought up – Bob S. noted we will be taking a field trip sometime in future to look at the facility)

Secretary – Chris P.

Passed attendance sheet – will update and e-mail to appropriate persons. Asked/verified people whom to send minutes to – was informed to follow conference guidelines as outlined. Will e- mail reminders of future meeting dates/times.

Treasurer – Darwin M. – No Report

Registration Chair – Debbie P. – No Report

Program Chair – Katherine G.

Inquired @ meeting rooms/sizes/availability – was informed she will be receiving a separate sheet with this information. She was informed she can receive tapes from the tapers – only needs enough copies for her committee, as they will be the ones voting on the speaker(s).

Debbie P. – motion to use AMOT Tapes as tapers – unanimously approved – to send/mail out signed contract for such.

Printing/Publicity Chair – Kerry F. (elected earlier in meeting)

Asked about 24 versus 36 month timeline mentioned in conference guidelines. Bob S. noted – 2 years is currently in the guidelines that would leave for 1 meeting per month for the 2 yr. period. If we use a 3 year timeline, meeting can be divided up accordingly so we do not have to meet as much, we can be more lax in setting meeting dates.

Greeters/Hospitality Chair – ShariLynn E.

Inquired about location of greeters at facility – was informed there are no restrictions, she can use her discretion. Bob S. brought up that a lot of people attending the conference forget to wear their name tags – at previous events the greeters have greeted everyone – it was a nice gesture to all who came into the hotel. He also mentioned that some greeters even helped with the luggage, as it appeared the hotel porters were overwhelmed with work.

Hospitality Room restrictions?? What can be brought in?? Answer was there are no restrictions, however, whatever is brought into the room must stay there.

--It was noted that Olympia Resort has estimates of ice cream and coffees needed from past experience at other conferences.

--Cindy H. brought up to consider as a committee if Olympia should provide a “bottomless cup of coffee”. (Example: Olympia could sell hotel mugs for $12-$15 that could be refilled the entire conference.) She also noted we will be able to get more feedback/info from District 34, which is putting on the A75 Spring 2008 Conference at same facility – Olympia Resort.

Alanon/Alateen Chair – Denise M.

Made introductions – listed previous experience(s) in this area.

She inquired about a budget – was instructed to look over budget worksheet included in Conf. Guidelines.

It was noted that Income from Registration is used to pay for speakers’ travel and rooms. We will need to provide/pay for rooms, unless we get the rooms for free. (Room Comps? Conference will get 1 complimentary room for every 50 rooms booked. Noted that if we can get enough rooms booked – we may be able to cover speakers’ room costs.)

It was suggested the we(as a group) will want to look at a Registration fee of $15.00 or lower(based on past experiences).

When will seed money be available? Cindy H. noted it is usually available when printing is started.

Flight costs for speakers – noted we may be able to get better deals on flight costs if booked early. Most airlines cannot be booked greater than 11 months ahead of time. George D. suggested credit card use for flight costs – then appropriate reimbursement. Mentioned that speaker may choose to pay costs on own, then we would reimburse him/her accordingly.

Printing/Publicity for Alanon participation?? Noted that Alanon info is included in main pamphlet for the conference. Bob S. brought up that “we are inviting Alanon as our guests”.

Alkathon Chair – George D. – Needs more information and conference theme before anything can be done.

Theme Ideas - Submit any ideas you have to Bob S. or Mike A. Sample and past themes/pamphlets were shared with the group. Noted that some ideas/samples are mentioned in the Conf. Guidelines.

--Recognition of -2- visitors – they were asked where (and if) they wanted to work/volunteer their services.

Kevin noted – anywhere except Decorations. Bob S. noted that someone from District 12 has some good ideas – and is willing to work with/pass along information to our Decorating Chair.

Future Meeting Dates – discussed and decided upon:

Meeting Closed 7:55 p.m. with the Lord’s Prayer

Respectfully submitted,

Chris P. Secretary

2010 FALL CONFERENCE – Currently no Bids

The following four proposals are being put on the agenda to be voted on at the Pre-Conference Assembly.

Proposal #1


Proposal Sponsor: Howard P / Nancy G Phone: 262-798-3583 / 608-221-2891

Sponsors’ Service Positions: Conference Advisory Chair / Area Grapevine Chair / Past Delegate Panel 55

Describe your proposal:

To rescind the assembly action of March 3, 2002 approving the Conference Advisory Committee Guidelines

Primary Benefits/Background Information

The subject assembly action covers guidelines for the Area 75 Conference Advisory Committee (the Committee). These guidelines were never fully enacted. The Committee carefully reviewed the guidelines (pursuant to direction in the existing document), and, after that complete review, concluded that new direction for the Conference Advisory Committee is needed.

An additional proposal is forthcoming that will effectively deal with new guidelines for the Committee as “service material”, rather than as guidelines requiring Assembly Action. Any amendments to the Conference Advisory Committee Guidelines will be shared with the Area 75 Assembly when revised, but will not be subject to assembly action for approval or implementation.

The Conference Advisory Committee will always welcome input from the Fellowship regarding changes to the guidelines.


Estimate any funding required: None

Supporting Documentation:

Assembly Actions - Appendix J – Attachment 10 - Area 75 Conference Advisory Committee Guidelines …A-41

To adopt the attached document entitled “Area 75 Conference Advisory Committee Guidelines” (draft copy dated 01/15/02)

Proposal #2


Proposal Sponsor: Howard P / Nancy G Phone: 262-798-3583 / 608-221-2891

Sponsors’ Service Positions: Conference Advisory Chair / Area Grapevine Chair / Past Delegate Panel 55

Describe your proposal:

To classify the “Area 75 Conference Advisory Committee Guidelines” as service material

Primary Benefits / Background Information

This change will greatly enhance the effectiveness and flexibility of the Area Conference Advisory Committee (the Committee). It will no longer take six (6) months to a year to implement revisions to the Conference Advisory Committee Guidelines. Amendments will require a simple majority vote of the Committee, rather than an assembly action. Any amendments to the Conference Advisory Committee Guidelines will be shared with the Area 75 Assembly when revised, but will not be subject to assembly action for approval or implementation.

The Conference Advisory Committee will always welcome input from the Fellowship regarding changes to the guidelines.

The revised Conference Advisory Committee Guidelines will be posted on the Area 75 website. Copies will be available from the Conference Advisory Committee upon request.

Estimate any funding required: None


Supporting Documentation:

Revised Conference Advisory Committee Guidelines (dated June 2007)

Proposal #3


Proposal Sponsor: Howard P / Nancy G Phone: 262-798-3583 / 608-221-2891

Sponsors’ Service Positions: Conference Advisory Chair / Area Grapevine Chair / Past Delegate Panel 55

Describe your proposal:

To approve the revised document “Area 75 Conference Advisory Committee Guidelines” dated June 24, 2007. This revised document will supersede the previous revision approved March 3, 2002.


Primary Benefits / Background Information:

This proposal will be withdrawn if the previous proposal reclassifying the Conference Advisory Committee Guidelines as service material is passed.

The subject Conference Advisory Committee Guidelines have been updated with regard to participation in and responsibilities of the Area 75 Conference Advisory Committee.

These revisions are the result of meetings of the ad-hoc committee appointed to review the guidelines, as well as input from members of the current Conference Advisory Committee, including members of district host committees.

Please review the current “Conference Advisory Committee Guidelines” as they appear in the Area 75 Assembly Actions, Appendix J – Attachment 10 – Area 75 Conference Advisory Committee Guidelines, page A-41.

The proposed Area 75 Conference Advisory Committee Guidelines are attached.

Estimate any funding required: Not to exceed $25

The revised Conference Advisory Committee Guidelines will be posted on the Area 75 website. One copy will be sent via email or mail to requesting Districts. It will be the responsibility of each District to make copies for district members.

Please note that the revised Conference Advisory Committee Guidelines consist of one page.

Proposal #4


Proposal Sponsor: Howard P / Nancy G Phone: 262-798-3583 / 608-221-2891

Sponsors’ Service Positions: Conference Advisory Chair / Area Grapevine Chair / Past Delegate Panel 55

Describe your proposal:

To approve the revised document “Area 75 Conference Guidelines” dated June 24, 2007. This revised document will supersede the previous revision approved March 3, 2002.

Primary Benefits/Background Information:

This proposal is the result of the work of the ad-hoc committee appointed to review the Area 75 Conference Guidelines, and is based primarily on conference experience gathered since 2002.

Attachments (A, B, C) to the original document approved in 2002 will remain as attachments to the revised document.

Copies of the subject document (with and without revisions) are available upon request. The suggested changes are highlighted in the June 2007 document.

Please review the March 2002 guidelines for comparison to the suggested June 2007 guidelines.

Estimate any funding required: Not to exceed $50

The revised Area 75 Conference Guidelines will be posted on the Area 75 website. One copy will be sent via email or mail to requesting Districts. It will be the responsibility of each District to make copies for district members. Copies will also be needed to update the Assembly Action binders.

Please note that the revised Area 75 Conference Guidelines document consists of ten pages (without attachments).

Other New Business:

  1. Kathy W. is resigning from the position of Alternate Area Chair. We need nominations for a replacement. Discussion from the floor, Ken G. suggested that John should appoint someone and the area will vote/approve/disapprove at the pre-conference assembly in September. John will go ahead and find someone to fill this position.

  1. John has asked Joan J. to head up an ad-hoc committee to look at the structure of conferences and find out what the fellowship really wants in regard to our conferences.

  1. Inventory to be held at the Fall Conference: we talked to East Central Trustee regarding whether this would conflict with the conference. We are planning to go ahead with our inventory. We are looking for ideas for the inventory; possibly use the format from last year, or an ask it basket, or pre-assigned questions.

When anyone, anywhere reaches out, I want the hand of A.A. always to be there, and for that; I am responsible!”


Upcoming events:

Pre-Conference Assembly – September 16th at the Madison Senior Center

Area 75 Fall Conference (Area Inventory)/East Central Regional Convention – October 12-14, Manitowoc, WI

East Central Regional Forum – November 9-11, Chicago, IL

We will be accepting bids for the fall 2010 Area 75 Conference at the Pre-Conference Assembly. Also at the pre-Conference Assembly, the DCM’s will be given the opportunity to give a brief two-minute report on the happenings within their district. Please be prepared with a copy to submit to the area secretary, which will be included in the minutes from that meeting.

If you have not already done so, please register for our Area 75 Fall Conference to be held October 12-14, 2007 at the Holiday Inn, 4601 Calumet Avenue, Manitowoc, WI 54220. Call (920) 682-6000 for reservations. Be sure to pick up flyers to take back and distribute to your respective districts.