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Alcoholics Anonymous in Southern Wisconsin
January 21, 2007

Alcoholics’s Anonymous – Area 75

9:00 a.m. Sunday, January 21, 2007

Agenda Planning Meeting

Madison Senior Center

Madison WI



OFFICERS PRESENT: John B, Area Chairperson; Kathy W, Alternate Chairperson; George P, Delegate, Stu E, Alternate Delegate/Literature Chair; Nancy B, Secretary; Mark C, Alternate Secretary; Nancy H, Treasurer; Cynthia H, Alternate Treasurer

STANDING COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSON PRESENT: Nancy G, Grapevine Chair; Tom M, BTG Chair; Marty S, Corrections Chair; Cheryl MJ, CPC Chair; Matt Z, PI Chair; Chris C, Treatment Chair; John W, Special Needs Chair; Nancy S, Archivist; Howard P, Conf. Adv. Com. Chair; George D, Registrar

DCM’S PRESENT: D2-Denise E; D3-Jim K, Mary S (Alt); D4-Nick S; D6 –Fred K; D7 Alt; D8-Darryl S; D10-Patrick F; D12-Annette D (Alt); D13-Kane B; D15 Greg H; D16-Randy R; D17-Linda N, Neal S (Alt); D19-Libby K; D20- Doreen H; D24-JDO; D25-Jaye S; D28-Ken N; D29-Gary E; D30-Joel B; D31-Charlie E; D32-Chris E; D34-Todd U; D36-Barb W (Alt); D37- Jeannie P

GSR’S & DISTRICT COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSONS PRESENT: D2-Sara J, Ron K, Darrel H; D3-Marv S, Tony B, Tom R, Dave N, Larry A; D6-John H; D7-Mike R, Sue L, Lynn K; D8-Sheri P, Kenneth W, Anita O; D10-Ricardo P, Russell J, Arturo H, Jose C, Julian G; D11-Don K; D12-Mary R, Betty W, Maury B; D13-Donna F, Rick S; D16-Theresa W, Ken Y; D17- Sam M, James R, Darrel S, Dale K; D20-Sunshine G, John S; D25-Jeff Z, Jon W, Marian B, George B; D28-Gregory L;D29-Dennis D; D32-Kurt B, Cheryl S, Bill S; D34-Jerry M, LeAnn U; D36-Pete W; D37-Sandy S, Mike M;

OTHERS PRESENT: Past Delegates: John B, Joan J, Ken G, Leo M, Nancy G; Fall 2006 Conf Chair: Mike S; Spring 2008 Conf Chair: Ruth G; Fall 2008 Conf Chair: Annette D; Dave D, D.O, Katie G, Don K, Dolly H, Howard P, Tom W, Tim W, Terry R, Henry S, Chris B, Corrinne V, Mike B, Tami R, Edween R, Ounah P, Daniel R, Diane P, Bob H, Cheryl P, Leo F, Jim DB, Toni M, Bob S, Rich Z,

The financial report was reviewed by Area Treasurer Nancy H. Area elections took place – voting results are contained in the minutes. Area Minutes: Reminder: that area minutes from the area meetings are available on the area website, www.area75.org. Anyone interested in being included on distribution list for area minutes should provide me with a valid e-mail address or mailing address. Also, anyone currently receiving a mailed copy of the minutes that do have an e-mail address should submit their e-mail address to me so this can be switched over. This will save the area in printing and mailing costs. Reminder: Anyone making a report at area meetings is required by assembly action to submit a written report to the area secretary. The preferred method would be electronic or a typed report. Area Forms: Area forms are available on the area website. I’d like to draw your attention to the newly posted District Committee Information Form. This form should be completed by all districts to update the areas records. Please return completed forms to the area registrar, George D. The function of this form will be to aid in opening the lines of communication between area chairs and district chairs, note this information is not being supplied to GSO, it is only for area communication purposes. (See attached form)

Area 75 District _____ Committee Information Form

Please insert Names, addresses, phone numbers and Emails if available

DATE_____________________ Page 1









































































































































































Please insert Names, addresses, phone numbers and Emails if available

Area 75 District _____ Committee Information Form

Please insert Names, addresses, phone numbers and Emails if available

DATE_____________________ Page 2































































































































Please insert Names, addresses, phone numbers and Emails if available























Twelve groups and districts contributed to the Count-on-Us fund plus two collections were made at area assemblies. $259.57 was carried forward from 2005 and $1367.22 was received during the year.

Forty groups, districts and individuals contributed about 67 times to the Rainbow fund. $1135.86 was carried forward from 2005 and $3672.76 was received during the year.

The translation equipment purchased in 2003 is being depreciated at a rate of 10% per year. When the depreciation amount equals the cost of the equipment it will be removed from the balance sheet. Since 2006 was the first year that any depreciation occurred $586.95 was charged to depreciation. The finance committee is investigation whether the depreciation can occur at a faster rate.

This is the first year the Rainbow and Count-on-Us funds are shown on the balance sheet. The corrections and Grapevine committee chairs use these special funds for literature purchases for institutions.

Acknowledgements have been sent to all groups who contributed to the area when address information was received. We wish to thank groups who sent a self addressed stamped envelope saving the area the expense of an envelope and stamp. The contribution form is available on the area website www.area75.org. This form should be sent in with all contributions made to the area.

Three past treasures, as required by assembly action, performed an audit for 2006.

Balance Sheet for December 31, 2006





Current Assets

Cash in Checking-M&I


Prudent Reserve-M&I


Cash-Count On Us


Cash - Rainbow Can


A/R-Conference Seed Money




Equipment Depreciation



Total Current Assets



Total Assets




Current Liabilities


Total Current Liabilities



Total Liabilities



Retained Earnings


Net Income



Total Capital



Total Liabilities & Capital





Budget vs. Actual December 31, 2006


2006 Actual YTD

2006 Total Budget

2006 Variance YTD












Alt. Delegate/Lit.








































Public Info.










Spcl. Needs










Alt. Chair





Alt. Secretary





Alt. Treasurer










Income Statement as of December 31, 2006

This Year

Last Year

Year to Date
This Year

Year to Date
Last Year


Group Donations





Conference Proceeds





Other Income









Total Revenues










Bank Charges





Conference Loss





Conference Booth Fee





GSO Fees

























Misc/Office Expense















Registration Fees










Archives Rent










Web Site














Total Expenses









Net Income










Group Donations - Rainbow





Group Donations - Count On Us





Other Expenses






Literature - Rainbow





Literature - COU





Approved Budget for 2007


2007 Total Budget





Alt. Delegate/Lit.
















Public Info.




Spcl. Needs




Alt. Chair


Alt. Secretary


Alt. Treasurer


Archives Chair




Vote on the Budget first as presented by the Budget Committee.

Motion voted: 31 for 3 against motion carried. Minority opinion was expressed and no motion for re-vote.

Workshop for BTG chair 800: breakdown: 200 lodging 75 meals 25 registration 500 airfare Motion voted: 26 for 8 against motion carried.

McHenry fest cost to show archives: Nancy S. shared experience with last visit to McHenry.. Northern Ill was already set up… No motion to approve, this part of Budget..

My first task after the elections was to select our Area standing committee chairpersons from the resumes that were passed on to me. I am hopeful that these trusted servants will serve our area well over the next two years and would ask that they attempt to identify their successors as they carry out the duties of their position. It is my hope that the next area chairperson has as many resumes to choose from as I did.

The one position left unfilled at this time is that of Archives chair. If you have an interest in what the duties and responsibilities of the position are, please see myself or Nancy S for details.

I continue to receive the minutes from the various district meetings throughout Area 75 and enjoy reading them. I would ask that district that is not currently sharing the minutes from their meetings to please consider doing so. I would ask that you not only copy the Area officers and standing committee chairs, but to please consider your neighboring districts as well. When serving as DCM I found this open line of communication with neighboring districts to be quite valuable in avoiding duplication of efforts and conflicting dates for events within our respective districts.

I am available to attend district meetings and events within the area if you would like. I’m here to serve the Area in whatever capacity I able to for the next two years. All you need to do is ask… If you have a question and I don’t know the answer, I will do my best to find out and get back to you in a timely fashion. If you have a suggestion as to how to better run the meeting and how to reach a greater percentage of our fellowship, I’m all ears as the saying goes. Feel free to contact me in person, by phone (262-538-3829) or by email (jbaddaker@earthlink.net).

In Service,

John B – Area 75 Chairperson 2007-2008

The theme of the Fifty-Seventh Annual meeting of the General Service Conference of Alcoholics Anonymous is “Our 12th Step Responsibility – Are We Going to Any length?” It will be held at the Crowne Plaza Times Square Hotel April 22-28 in New York, New York.

My “buddy” for the Conference is Jorge F. of Rhode Island. I have been assigned to the Finance Committee. I look forward to taking on the challenges that work with this committee will most certainly involve.

I will have to give an “Area Highlights” report at the Conference that needs to last no more than two minutes or I’ll get “dinged”. I have asked some of the past committee chairs to help me by providing some of the highlights of service with their committees over the past two years. Our Delegate’s Workshop will be held starting at 9 a.m. on Sunday, March 18, here at the Madison Senior Center. I have placed a sign-up sheet on the table near the entrance to give you a chance to make a commitment to attend and participate in this essential service activity. Everyone is welcome. Bring a friend.

My wife Liz and I are planning to attend the 34th Annual East Central Region Conference of Delegates Past and Present February 9-11 in Independence, Ohio along with Nancy, Ken and Stu. I’ll get a chance to practice my 2 minute “Area Highlights” and hopefully visit some of the sites of historical significance to AA in and around Akron, Ohio. Nancy has been indispensable for helping with the travel plans and easing some of my uncertainty. We are all so fortunate and I am so grateful for the enthusiastic participation of so many of our past delegates in Area 75.

Our new group information database called “Fellowship New Vision” is in the final stages of its development and will be rolled out this spring. We have received a very comprehensive set of Questions and Answers regarding the implementation of this valuable new tool. Please see me or George D., our Area Registrar, if you have questions about the new process of maintaining group information in AA.

I’m 21 days into my term as delegate and let me tell you. It all comes at you pretty fast! I am very honored at your trust in me and I promise to do my best to serve the fellowship that I have come to depend on and love dearly. I ask for your prayers and I thank you for your support and encouragement.

Respectfully submitted – George P, Area 75 Delegate, Panel 57

Delegates work shop flyer: See attached file or visit Area 75 calendar for link to flyer.

  1. Implement Area 75 BTG Committee to include District BTG Chairs, newly create Zone Leaders and Area BTG Chair. This includes development of profile for each BTG service level. Timeline for completion is March 31, 2007.

  1. Enact an immediate inventory of Bridging the Gap Program for monitoring and evaluating the number of patient requests and treatment facility penetration. Timeline: Ongoing

  1. Distribution of BTG Monitor and Evaluation Form with each BTG patient request. Timeline: Active

  1. Create and distribute new BTG Treatment requests forms, presentations, guidelines and other forms for immediate distribution. Address and updates are needs. Timeline: Active

  1. Create BTG Chair network and distribute to each district for direct response of patient requests. Average inpatient treatment is 3-5 days and this would assist in a faster response time. Timeline: September 2007

  1. Proposal to make the BTG National Workshop and ongoing annual expense in the Area 75 BTG Budget. Timeline: Ongoing pending proposal approval at Pre-Conference Assembly.

  1. Create Workshops in conjunction with other Area 75 chairs for each zone with up to 4 a year. Timeline: Spring/Summer 2007.

  1. Create a dedicated Bridging the Gap page on the area75.org website to include published information, forms and letters for easy access by districts, volunteers and other entities. Timeline: June 2007

  1. Reach out to surrounding Areas regarding the guidelines of Area 75 BTG Program. Timeline: March 31, 2007

  1. Provide updates on monitor and evaluation of BTG Program to Area beginning in June 2007 Agenda Planning Assembly. Timeline: June 2007

  1. Update current Area 75 District Bridging the Gap Workbook to GSO suggested guidelines. Updates will include newly defined responsibilities, procedures and forms. Timeline: September 2007

Area 75 Bridging the Gap Monitoring Report

December 2006 Report

District 13: Male patient (68) from Roger’s Oconomowoc was unsuccessful. Two calls were made to the Herrington House and one to patient’s home with no reply.

District 14: Male patient (55) from Roger’s Oconomowoc

District 20: Two Female patients (47, 50) from Lawrence Center

Male patient (53) from Roger’s Oconomowoc

District 30: Female patient (48) from Lawrence Center successfully contacted and received assistance to attend meetings.

District 32: Male patient (19) at Century House

District 34: Male patient (46) from Roger’s Oconomowoc successfully contacted. Release date was/is slated for January.

Out of State

Illinois-Area 20: Female patient (44) from Roger’s Oconomowoc successfully contacted and received assistance to attend meetings.

Minnesota-Area 36: Area 36 Chair and Treatment Chair were notified of a male patient (48) and responded. Waiting for an update.

Dear Area 75 members:

I am thrilled beyond words at my appointment as the Area 75 Corrections Chair. I promise to do my very best! I have some ideas to increase support for incarcerated AA’s, save money for the area by splitting it into 4 zones and asking districts to drive a shorter distance, to attend Correction workshops where we can encourage members to “carry the message” to prisons and jails. Forms and training will be provided close to home.

I hope to spread the word about the importance of the Rainbow can fund. This is just for the suffering alcoholic in correctional facilities, not treatment centers. I have heard from past members the correctional facilities have a literature budget for AA books. I have found this to be true. Juneau County Jail has requested AA meetings and will be buying books for their new meetings of 25-30 inmates. Dale H is the outside sponsor and please contact him should you wish to help, one night a month!(608/666-2363)  For other groups please think about using the Rainbow can and sponsoring a facility, with your donations for books. All books will be purchased from the Rainbow can, not the Corrections budget. I think we can be self supporting through our own contributions. 

Books will not be spread out on the table during each meeting. Please email, fax, or call me with your order of AA “approved” literature. I will bring them to area meetings to save postage or mail them to you. I will be keeping a journal of who buys books, so it is fair for everyone. I will send out order forms from A.A.W.S so we stay on the same page. 

I emailed 3 names of incarcerated males to a corr. Chair from the Milwaukee area. He emailed back and said he couldn’t find 3 sober men who would write these gentlemen. How sad that AA’s can’t find the time to write one letter. I need district correction chairs to start lists of men and women who will write to an inmate. And take them to their first meeting. It would be grand to have a sponsee and sponsor do it together. 12 stepping the old fashioned way! If there is fear of using your own address you can use your groups PO box. If they don’t have one, you may use the area 75 corrections PO Box, which is PO Box 170, Glendale, WI. 53217. 

It has seemed to me that the lack of universal forms for corrections has led to a lack of communication. I feel it’s important to use the same forms and have picked some easy to use and straight to the point. I will be mailing them to all outside sponsors and district corrections chairs. 

An area 75 corrections pamphlet has been written and will be printed and sent to all area 75 corrections chair, outside sponsors and interested members. This pamphlet can help you with rules from the institutions, how to get more members, etc. Tells us the difference between the “prerelease contacts” less than 6 mos. and the “corresponding contact” more than 6 mos. BTG is for treatment not corrections.

All area 75 county jails and correctional institutions have been up dated over the summer by Jo Mc and myself. We found several county jails asking us to get them AA meetings and have tried to help. Juneau is one and Jefferson is another facility. Jefferson has the same person going in for 10 years and needs help!

 I received 87 requests for temporary contacts from men and women returning to out area from prisons and jails. I passed all along to DCM’s or corrections chairs. I am praying everyone will have a sober person to write them and take them to their first meeting.

 If you need to email me you can use my home email” martys1@ticon.net” or contact :

corrections@area75.org and it will be forwarded to my email address

 Rainbow can funds:

Starting balance at the beginning of the year was: $1,135.86

Contributions through 11/30/06 were: 3,364.24

Expenditures through 11/30/06 were: 3,493.59

Balance as of 12/30/06 : 1,006.51


Ms. Marty Sorensen

Marty also discussed the Annual Moose & Goose correction literature fund raiser:

 Annual Moose & Goose

     Corrections literature

     Fund raiser

     April 20, 2007



      Exit Hwy 47 at Rt 156 go west of Navarino 3 miles

      Church is on the corner of Hwy 156 & Mc Donald Rd.

    Navarino, WI.


            5:00 PM        Set out rummage items & social time

            6:00 PM        Dinner

            7:30 PM        Speakers


     Meat donations needed

     Moose, goose, venison, duck, turkey, ham, fish or whatever are very much appreciated.

     If you cannot prepare it, you may contact one of the people listed at the bottom of the flier.


Ham Raffle, 50/50 Raffle, Silent Auction (bring your items to donate)

Your donations, AA literature or money from groups are welcome

You may mail contributions to:

Dick Garbelman, P.O. Box 298, Shawano, WI. 54166

For more information or meat donations Call:

Rolland G. (920)722-5417 Neenah, Roger W. (920)788-0529 Kimberly,

Terry & Mary W. (715)526-6758 Shawano, Ron O. (920)321-1072 Suamico,

Tom L. (715)757-2842 Crivitz, Ted G. (920)756-2504 Brillion, or Sam (920)660-3341 Green Bay

WAAODA’s annual conference will meet May 14, 15, 16 and we anticipate an invitation to exhibit to their professionals. LaCausa de Esperanza Outpatient Clinic expressed interest in having A.A.’s representatives speak to their client body. Waukesha County Technical College instructors and students have shown an interest in hearing from us annually. This will be explored in depth. Aro Counseling is another contact that has been established and will be followed up to expand our local CPC efforts. A request to provide information to Ozaukee County Probation and Parole Supervisors has been received. Waukesha County Probation and Parole was very receptive to a CPC presentation. Perhaps there are many more opportunities through other county services. This will be explored further. Waukesha Public Defenders are in need of current information regarding A.A. contacts as well as website listings. This will be followed up. A repeat of District 34’s Luncheon with Professionals is something we look forward to this spring. With new knowledge and experience under their belts perhaps regional lunch dates with professionals could spring up all over the area. We need to find out where these professionals eat lunch and go to them. Let’s brainstorm this one and take a professional to lunch.

Through the utilization of the newly formed viable websites and links to professional associations my hope is that we can increase these contacts to further communicate our availability to enlighten professionals in many more occupational categories with frequent and direct access to those in need of A.A. Our efforts to provide literature in our communities will never fully be replaced by websites; our personal contacts are evidence enough that as recovering individuals we represent what they need and want most.

As the major populace of district CPC activity has historically taken place in the southeastern region of Area 75 it is our goal to inspire, train and bring a new focus for CPC activities in the outer regions through our attendance at district meetings, one on one contact with CPC chairs and an increase in resources for professionals in your districts. This goal will motivate me and committee members to investigate ways to recruit volunteers, explore contact opportunities for future presentations and exhibits in your districts.

The CPC chair and committees will be working closely with PI and the new Area Registrar. Coordination will take place to investigate districts with no apparent representations, i.e. DCM, GSR, CPC, and PI. It is our goal collectively to resurrect these districts rather than abandon them. Remember to always be looking for that special someone that you can begin to groom as your service replacement at term’s end.

Prepared and submitted with gratitude by: Cheryl M. Area 75 CPC Chairwoman

It is a great Honor to be of service as the new PI Chair for the area 75.

News to report:

I have been in contact with our webmaster Alan B. in regards to a request to update the area website map. So we are working on adding Cities and Towns to the site.

There also had been Questions in regards to District 5&18.

I was advised by my Peers to leave district 5 alone and work on getting in touch with some of the meetings there to see if they would have a interest in getting things going again. In regards to District 18 I am researching to find out when it was combined with District 2-37.

We have also talked about adding the minutes for all District meetings to our site. It would be nice to see what is going on in all the different districts and what they are planning on doing.

We also would like to add a search engine to the site to easy search for past and present minutes from the area meetings, along with that we will have the assembly actions on the site too.

Other than that I’m still trying to get more acquainted with my new position and will start to go to some district meetings.

Thank you

Matt Z

I have already begun to develop a master list of treatment facilities within Area 75. To date, this includes nearly 300 facilities, including Detox Centers, Residential or Inpatient facilities, and Day Treatment or Outpatient clinics.

Often times when we think of treatment, we tend to think of the traditional In-patient or Residential facilities. Having worked in this field as a professional, I am aware of the need to develop relationships with outpatient clinics and that those facilities are often overlooked when it comes to carrying the message.

I plan to work in conjunction with the Bridging the Gap Chair and the CPC Chair in offering our services to all of these facilities.

Many AA groups and/or districts are currently working with a variety of treatment facilities. One of the first things I would like to accomplish is developing a list of those facilities, the AA contact person or coordinator, and what services are currently being offered. This will ensure that we are not duplicating efforts in facilities that are already being served by members of our fellowship.

I have developed a form that I am asking all DCM’s and GSR’s to take back to those groups that are currently working with a treatment facility in some way or another. Please complete the form and return to me via US mail, e-mail, or in person. I would appreciate it if those forms could be turned into me by the end of February. This will allow me to maintain ongoing communication with the contact person for those facilities and to provide assistance as needed.

I am in the process of developing a brochure to mail to those treatment facilities in which we are not currently involved in asking them to respond back and check off areas that they may be interested in, including Presentations for Professional Staff, Presentations for Clients, Meetings inside the facilities, Bridging the Gap, lists of local AA members willing to accept phone calls or give rides to area meetings, or other services. My hope is that this will be a great starting point in developing relationships with these facilities and finding out what their individual needs are. Once I receive feedback from these facilities, I will contact the respective District Treatment Chair and/or DCM, and the BTG and/or CPC Chairs as needed to schedule a time to meet with a facility representative to further discuss the facility’s needs.

Within the next few weeks, I am also planning to have a Treatment section added to the Area 75 website to include published information, forms, letters, etc. for easy access by districts, groups, and other interested members.

I am hoping to have a very active committee and invite all district treatment chairs, DCM’s, GSR’s, and other interested members to join us and share your ideas. I will be developing a master list of Treatment Chairs in all of the districts and hope to communicate regularly with all of them. In the mean time, I hope that all incoming treatment chairs will register with GSO and begin to look through the Treatment workbook, as there is a lot of great information in there.

If at any time, you have ideas, questions, or concerns related to Treatment facilities, you can contact me at Treatment@area75.org or at 414-698-8261. I would also appreciate it if each District could send me copies of your monthly District meeting minutes.

I am looking forward to serving as the Area 75 Treatment Chair for the next two years and hope that we can make accomplishments that will allow us to better carry the A.A. message to the alcoholic who still suffers.

Respectfully Submitted,

Chris C

I have been honored to be appointed to the Special Needs Chair for Area 75.

This being our first get together of the New Year we spent the time to get to know one another.

To identify the special needs that exist such as The Blind, Hard of Hearing or Deaf, The wheelchair bound, The Home Bound, Those with language barriers, and maybe those in need of child care during meetings.

Once having identified the needs how to best reach out the hand of A.A. to these people

From area, district, and the group levels.

Some idea’s were:

Elderly alcoholics that are now unable to attend meetings, people to volunteer rides, a small group of people to hold a meeting at their homes. A New York group that called themselves the “No One Left Behind Group’ sought out those unable to attend regular meetings.

District 10 the Spanish Speaking meetings; new DCM requested that our Area 75 GSR Handbook be translated to Spanish. So there will be a Proposal forthcoming from the Special Needs Committee to cover the cost of translation and printing. Before I step on anyone’s toes I would like to ask who first printed the GSR Handbooks? Ken G. stated that He had the first ones printed by a friend of his and He would look into the cost of printing and translation.

A reminder that if anyone needed the translation equipment or ASL translator for the deaf that a 30-day advanced notice was needed.

Thank you

John W Special Needs Chair

Our first Annual Area 75 Archives Movie Day was November 4, 2006. There were approximately 40 people in attendance. We showed House Full of Miracles, Phil Donahue’s interview with James Garder and James Woods, My Name is Bill, and GSO’s Markings on the Journey. We served hot dogs, popcorn, chips, soda, and cookies for sale. At the end of the day we had a raffle. Including rent, flyers, and food the debit total was $146.63. Donations: $15.68. Raffle profit: $29.00. Food profit: $102.00.That gave us a total profit of 5 cents. Those that were there enjoyed the day and learned about our history. They were all in favor of having it again. We may have only 5 Cents profit but the day was outstanding. We learn as we go. Next year we will have it on a Sunday rather than Saturday and it will be posted on the Area web site; which was an oversight on my part this year. Keep in mind that the 2nd Archives Movie Day will be Sunday, November 4th of 2007 at the same location as the Archives room.

The VCR / DVD player that had been donated last year had been used numerous times before it stopped working. District 16 was very charitable and donated a new VCR DVD player plus a new refurbished all in one printer / scanner. Thank you District 16.

Amy F, our GSO Archivist, requested all Areas to share their experience and growth for the new Archives workbook that will be coming out soon. There are now 3 stories in the current workbook. Our story will be in the new workbook. It begins with the Assembly Meeting minutes of April 17th 1982 when Virginia H. (Area 75 Delegate 1973 – 1974) unanimously was appointed to be Area 75’s Archives Chairperson. It closes with the process and growing pains we went through to have an Archivist and Archives Chairperson position in Area 75 along with the passing of the proposal to have an Archives room and pictures of the room.

The Archives room now will be open only on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month until further notice. We will be closed May 20th, June 17th, September 16th, and the entire month of December. This information is posted on Area 75’s web site at area75.org under Archives committee. I have informed all of our central offices in Area 75.

I want to thank Terry R for all of the dedicated and hard work he has done over the past two years as your Archives Chair. Terry has researched and shared District histories & Archives activities at several Districts. He has attended all Area 75 assembly meetings and committee meetings at Area 75 Conferences and was very involved in the 1st annual Archives Movie Day last November. Terry helped load, unload and set up Archives materials at functions. He was at the Archives room almost every Sunday from noon until 4:00 and assisted in placing reports, flyers, central office news letters, when & where’s etc…. in plastic sheeting’s to keep history binders up to date. Terry was also very instrumental in developing Area 75’s Archives Mission statement, Purpose, and requirements for researching confidential materials. Although it was not written as a proposal that these are the duties of the Archives chair, it is what was needed at the time.

As most of you already know we do not have an Archives Chair for the term of 2007 – 2008. If there is anyone that has any interest in the position, and wants to learn more please do not hesitate to contact Terry or myself for further information. The job probably sounds harder than it really is. Actually it can be rewarding and lots of fun.

Suggestions from the Archives Committee Meeting January 21, 2007:

Thank you for allowing me to serve you,

Nancy Seelen

Area 75 Archivist

2650 S. 68 St. Milwaukee, WI 53219

(414) 321-8059


The big news in AA literature is that the General Service Board has approved the AAWS Publishing Committee’s recommendation that the price of the Big Book on audio CD be reduced form $85.00 to $55.00. This is especially great news for those visually impaired members. I did note that new titles are frequently added to the www.aa.org website, where members and non-members alike can view these items online. To be sure to see all the titles available there, click on Site Map. The new (red cover) AA Service Manual, 2006-2007 edition has been out for a while and should be available at your nearest Central/Intergroup office. A special corrected supplement to that publication containing the most recent changes to the by-laws WILL NOT be forthcoming, contrary to what was previously disseminated. One thing I did note is that the AA website does not contain a listing of the titles and prices of our GSC-approved Literature and Service Material. This puzzles me, and I plan to inquire further.

The Area 75 Literature Display is in need of refurbishing, so it will not be with us until later in the year. The Literature Committee has added a literature sample rack. This is so you can sample pamphlets and view books for use in your own service work. It is not a “bulk supply” for your group or district. Please take only what you need as samples to preview before ordering for your use. We will see how this experiment goes. Your feedback is invited.

The Area 75 Literature Committee will next meet on Saturday afternoon at the Spring Conference. All District and Group Literature Chairs, GSR’s, DCM’s, and any regular AA members are welcome.

Finally, I would encourage all members who are able to please attend the Delegate’s Workshop here on March 18th. It is your chance to make a direct input to our Delegate on matters we know will be the agenda at the General Service Conference. Your experience, strength, and hope are needed for the conference process to work.

Thank you.

Yours in Recovery and Service,

Stu E., Area 75 Alt. Delegate/Literature Chair

FINAL REPORT – FALL CONFERENCE 2006 – Hosted by District 8

Two Final Report binders were prepared by Jan C., Conference Committee Secretary, and delivered to the Area Archivist and the Area Conference Advisory Chair.

Financial Summary:

Total Income $15,206.80

Total Expenses $12,929.81

Net to Area 75 $ 2,276.99

Registrations = 547; Banquets = 291; Breakfasts = 144

This was the first Area Conference hosted by District 8 and it was a resounding success. Every group in the district was contacted, and all contributed in some way to the conference. We thank all who supported our efforts by attending.

Nancy G

Conference Advisor

First of all, I want to welcome and congratulate our 2007 Area 75 servants, especially those of you who are new to Area service. I offer to you this sound piece of advice, received my first year at the annual meeting of the General Service Conference: “Listen like you have no opinion”. That is not an easy task when my alcoholic ego is insisting that I’m right and you’re wrong, or that I already know all there is to know about a topic of discussion. That small, spiritual thought has been an invaluable tool in helping me keep an open mind in all types of meetings, but most particularly in general service meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous.

When you elected me to serve as your Panel 55 Delegate in 2004, I had no idea that it would prove to be such a tremendous blessing. I was overwhelmed with the thought of the responsibility, and fearful of not knowing enough to do a good job. But as with all service positions in Alcoholics Anonymous, we find the strength we need if we simply ask for help and stay open to the response. A Past Delegate from another Area shared this gem with me by email early in my rotation: “God does not call the qualified; He qualifies the called”. So take heart if any of you are feeling inadequate in your new position. We have all felt that way. I assure you that if you humbly seek God’s will, and keep the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous as your guide, you will be successful in doing your part to help carry our life-saving message worldwide.

Left to my own devices, I tend to be selfish, shying away from sacrifice and service to others. But you have never allowed me, since my early sobriety, to withdraw into that fatal selfishness for any length of time. There has always been a job for me to do in Alcoholics Anonymous, always something to make me feel “a part of”, something to allow me to contribute in my small way; from setting up chairs to serving as Delegate. And as we each contribute in those small ways, we find we can make a great difference in people’s lives. Margaret Mead said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” I heartily agree with that statement and add that we, in our home groups, our districts and our Area, through our thoughtful and committed work, are changing the world, one drunk at a time.

It is through that blessing of service to Alcoholics Anonymous that I have found true happiness. As Helen Keller said, “Happiness… is not obtained through self-gratification, but through fidelity to a worthy purpose.” I have found no more worthy a purpose than serving you, and those yet to come to our fellowship. I have learned that we in Alcoholics Anonymous serve with enthusiasm because we love with sincerity. Love and service – these principles are central to our life-saving message, to our common solution. And through the work we do here, and throughout the service structure, we help to ensure that the integrity of that message will be preserved, that our program and fellowship will continue to be available to all who need it.

In closing, I send my heartfelt gratitude and love to those I have served and served with in past rotations, and also to those who will grace my current and future service work in Alcoholics Anonymous. The people I have met in my travels, my home group members, the dedicated GSRs and DCMs, our invaluable Past Delegates, my husband, my sponsor, my sponsees, my friends; all have been unfailing in their support and love while I served as Delegate. And all of you will live in my heart forever. Thank you so much for this great opportunity.

Nancy G

Panel 55/Area 75 Delegate

New area conference chairperson elected is Howard P.

We are still working on getting speakers. For those not aware, the delegates report will be given Saturday morning.



November 19, 2006

Present: Ken G, Nancy G, Dave S, Penny, Kathy W, Doreen H, Carol P, Dan K, Henry, John C, Dee S (Committee Members), John B (Conference Committee Advisor)

Ken opened the meeting with a moment of silence followed by the Third Step Prayer.

Minutes were read and approved.

Treasurers Report:

The ticket for the Al-Anon Speaker from Dallas was purchased for $280.00.

Chairperson – Ken G

The Regional Trustee will be attending the Spring Conference now. We discussed the possibility of having Special needs persons on the panels for the Conference. Penny and Dave will mention this to the Panel Chairs. The committee discussed and setup the meetings for the remaining months before the Conference. We will meet on January 7, February 18, March 11, April 15 and May 6. One of the meetings will be held at the hotel again. This meeting date has not been decided yet.

Subcommittee Reports:

1) Program Committee – Dave S and Penny R

- AMOT sent Nancy some tapes of speakers in case we need a back up for Keith. Penny and Dave will listen to them and contact one of them to speak if necessary.

2) Printing/Publicity - John C

- The wrong address was printed on the flyer. 4000 new flyers are being printed. Old flyers are pink. The new flyers will be blue. The Post office is trying to catch all the flyers coming to the wrong PO box and putting them into the correct box. Ken printed up stickers to apply over the address on the pink flyers that have been distributed.

3) Registration – Nancy G

- 16 registrations were received from the 2006 Fall Conference in Beloit. A box of stuff (badge holders, paper, cutter, etc.) was given to Nancy at the conference.

4) Entertainment – Carol P

- Will be purchasing literature for each table. Checking on getting two poster board posters to set by the stage. On one of the posters we would like to get the Triangle printed with the title Our Three Legacies underneath it. Then on the second poster it would be the “ Our Three Legacies” a description of what the legacies are.

- Dan K is putting together a Grapevine Play for Saturday late afternoon. He will be looking for volunteers after the first of the year.

5) Greeters- Henry

- Henry is arranging to have a few greeters Sunday morning since the speaker is from Madison and we may get some attendees for that.

6) Hospitality – Garry and Janet M.

-They are ready for the conference

7) Al-Anon - Dee S.

- Ticket for the main Al-Anon speaker has been purchased. Looking to run Lois tapes in one of the rooms reserved for Al-Anon. Dee is looking to have a double winners panel in the second room.

8) Alkathon – Felisha

- Felisha has volunteered to be the chair for the Alkathon. She was not able to attend the November meeting, but has some ideas on getting groups to commit for an hour or two for the Alkathon.

Next meeting: January 7, 2007 at 2:00 PM at the Fitchburg Serenity Club.

Respectfully submitted,

Doreen H

Spring 2007 Conference Secretary

Mike S – on target, working on flyers $91/Holiday Inn

Theme: “We are Responsible”

This will be a 5 state regional conference

We are on schedule and getting a lot of help so far. Great speakers are lined up.

Ruth G, Edween R -Treasurer gave short report - $99 rooms

Theme: “Love & Service”

Hi everyone,


Here are the conference minutes from 1-14-2007:


Meeting began at 4:34 p.m.


Attended: Tom S., Joan J., Mary Jo, Russ, Kathy, Tim M., Tami, Maggie, Ruth, Michelle, Sally, Edween, and Mary D.




 - Tom will send  a draft of the"Slim Jim" flyers electronically.  Ruth and Tom will work on that.

 - Tom will have the brochure layout completed by the June deadline.

 - Crystal will have a logo by the next meeting.


 - Edween will get information for dinner entry fee and go ask Area 75 for seed money. The seed money is $500.00 and must be asked for in writing. She will also look into opening the joint checking account and get a P.O.Box for registrations. 


 - The deadline for the budget is the committee meeting in March.  Edween will work on the budget information and have a spreadsheet completed by the meeting in April.



 - Ruth will send out a conference budget sheet via e-mail and through this budget sheet, the committees will set their budgets according to this sheet. The registration fee will be based on the budget.


 - Joan will get copies of budgets from prior conferences.  We will look at guidelines and Joan has %100 faith in previous conference budgets.


 - Tami discussed buttons to signal who the greeters are and instead of using pins on the back of buttons she suggested "Earth magnets;" however, they must be attached to something metal or they will stain clothing.

 - Joan suggested using the lanyards from the last conference in order to eliminate expense.

 - Another suggestion was using "bull-rose" clips.


 - Russ and Tim and working on the entertainment; however, they need a floor plan to check of space size.


 - Mark has speakers tentatively picked. Butch (from Toronto) will be Sat. speaker and Sheri R. (from Ft. Worth, TX) will be Fri. speaker (still need conformation from her).  Next sub committee meeting for them is 2-2-07.


 - Mary Jo (Alanon) - Their speakers will depend on the budget.  Alanon is looking more closely to local people.


***** TRIP TO THE OLYMPIA ******

 - This will be scheduled for 2-2-2007. The group should meet in the Olympia lobby at 6:00 p.m. The tour should last from 1 - 1 1/2 hours.  After the tour, people who are interested will possibly got out for dinner.



 - For every 50 rooms we book and use, our conference will get one sleeping room for free.  These free rooms will go to our speakers.


 - The committee has designed a different layout to the conference "plan of events."  The committee decided to introduce a "round-robin" to the layout of events.  For those of you who don't know what that is, it is a common topic shared by members of AA, Alanon, and Alateen and people go around and share on this topic.  It is very exciting and this will give people more things choose from.  For the member who enjoy the panels, there will still be the panels to attend.  They will be 45 minutes long with a 15 minute break. Way to go group.  If someone was unable to attend, please e-mail me back and I will send you a list of events for the day.   


- Also, the same group discussed skits being done while the tables are being cleaned (something fun and enjoyable to watch!) They are conference approved skits about AA and can be found on our AA website.  So if you have any ideas let us know at the next meeting.


 - Alanon asks that their panels be more centrally located.  In the past, they feel their panels where off of the beaten path and not very attainable.


 - The pre-assembly meeting was held on 1-20-07 in Madison from 9:00 am until 10:30 am.  Ruth, Tami, Maggie, Joan, Edween, and Russ (I know he brought treats, I am just not sure what car he went in) went to represent our group.  There was a motion to take our conference information to Madison and present it there.  Thanks to all of you who attended that meeting and represented our group!!!


 - On 2-2-07, we need to make sure we check with the hotel about making coffee.  Some counties don't allow coffee to be made there because of health regulation and restrictions.  If we get an OK about making the coffee, Joan made the suggestion for each group to donated two pounds of coffee per group.


The next conference meeting will be held on 2-11-2007 at Ruth's house at 4:30 pm. with Maggie bring treats.


The meeting closed at 5: 46 pm with the Lord's Prayer.





Annette D – Hosted by District 12 (Washington County) $98/night

Advisor Ron G.

Theme: “Transcended by the happiness they found” pg 159 (Focusing on the newcomer)

We are meeting bi-monthly until Oct. which is one year prior to the conference. At that time we will meet monthly. All chairs are developing their own committees. Co-chairs are encouraged to attend. Contract is signed and mailed for taping of speakers. Program and Alanon chairs are listening to tapes to find speakers. In May, we hope to be able to tour the facility as a group. We are on schedule.

We have a committed an enthusiastic group who ensure me that we are going to have an exceptional conference.

Yours in service and gratitude,

Annette D.

Winnebago Central Office – Dave 280 N. Main in Fond du Lac. All manned by volunteers, hotline manned 24/7.

Delegate’s Workshop (March 18th) will be covered by District 20

Pre-Conference Assembly (April 22nd) will be covered by District 25

Both functions will be at the Madison Senior Center.

Note: The coffee volunteer is to take the coffee supplies with them at the end of today’s meeting and replenish supplies from the donation can if needed. Coffee pots are supplied by the Madison Senior Center which opens at 8:00 AM the day of the event. The coffee volunteer is responsible for clean up of the coffee pots and transfer of supplies to the next volunteer at the end of their day…

Spring Conference 2009

Randy of District 16 - Tentative Bid to be hosted by 3 Districts 16, 28, and 29, need to take back it to their Districts for approval, will confirm on April 22nd at the pre-conference assembly.

Fall Conference 2009

Bid by: District 25 Fond Du Lac County, Jaye S – DCM

Hotel: Heidel House in Green Lake, $99.00 + 15 each additional person over 2

Alternate site” Holiday Inn – Fond Du Lac. Jaye has contacted Ken & Nancy G about advising this conference.


SPONSORED BY: Marian Bauer-Area 75 Treatment Chairperson

Phone: 920-923-1592

Email: cuzmarian@charter.net

Proposal: Combine the Bridging the Gap Area Standing Committee into the Area Treatment Standing Committee.

This change would take place with the next rotation beginning on January 1, 2007.

Background: The Bridge the Gap Committee was formed by area action in 1992 to aid both Treatment and Corrections in helping alcoholics coming out of treatment facilities and correctional facilities to find a helping hand in finding meetings, sponsors, and friendships in AA.

With the major changes in the traditional treatment field of today, there is more of a need to aid clients in finding help in AA and much less in the actual assistance in the treatment process itself. At the time the Bridging the Gap Committee was formed consisted of many thirty-day treatment programs that, for the most part, do not exist today. As vast majority of our Bridging the Gap clients are coming from out-patient facilities and ninety-day residential treatment facilities. More than half of what our treatment committee people are involved with is covered very well with our own Area 75 Bridge the Gap workbook.

At the same time, the Corrections committee has developed their own lists of people who are willing to “Bridge the Gap” with people coming out of correctional facilities.

Therefore this proposal would eliminate much of the redundancy in these committees and get these committees back to our primary purpose.

Benefits: 1. Financially, it would eliminate the funding for one area standing committee person. In this rotation, taking the lowest budget figure between the two committees, $890 would be saved.

  1. Combining the two committees would bring us back in to line with GSO’s comments on Treatment Facilities Committees which reads as follows “The purpose of a treatment facilities committee is to coordinate the work of individual A.A> members and groups who are interested in carrying our message of recovery to alcoholics in treatment facilities and other non-correctional environments, and to set up means of ‘bridging the gap’ from the facility to the A.A. community. The committee will review all aspects of service to A.A. groups/meetings in treatment facilities and other non-correctional environments and make recommendations for changes and/or improvements.” To quote Joan J., our past delegate and past Treatment Facilities Chairperson who wrote the original proposal to set up Bridge the Gap, “The Bridge the Gap Committee has done it’s job. Let’s keep it simple and bring it back where it belongs.”

Funding: Short-term, there should be no cost to the Area. Long-term there may come a day when the Treatment Facilities Committee may need a PO Box similar to the treasurer and corrections committee mailboxes.

National Bridging the Gap Work Shop a Covered expense. 22 for and 7 against, this proposal will be on the agenda.

Update Area Assembly Actions Appendix E, Attachment 5, Meals - This is a house keeping to clarify. 24 yes and 3 against, this proposal will be on the agenda.


Used for documenting proposed agenda items for the Agenda Planning Meetings

Agenda Proposal Sponsor Nancy H. Phone #__262-673-5019_____

Sponsor’s service position______Area 75 Treasurer ______

Votes on this proposal: Yes 24 No 3 Passed? Yes Defeated?_____

Provide complete details of your proposal (attach any supporting documentation)

Update Area 75 Assembly actions Appendix E, Attachment 5

- Financial Support of Area Officer to add the following: Meals at Area 75 Conference means meals provided for on the registration form (e.g. Banquet and Breakfast.

List the primary benefits of your proposal. Who does it help? How?

The Purpose of these changes is to clarify current assembly actions.

Total cost to Area 75 members? ________________________________________

Minimal. Cost to update Assembly Action Binders Annually is included in the area budget.

One time expense? ______________________Ongoing? ____________________

Where would funding come from? ______________________________________

Update Area Assembly actions Appendix E, Attachment 5, reimbursed for workshops and mini-conferences are those specifically related to your service position, must participate in event. 18 yes and 6 against, this proposal will be on the agenda.


Used for documenting proposed agenda items for the Agenda Planning Meetings

Agenda Proposal Sponsor Nancy H. Phone #__262-673-5019

Sponsor’s service position______Area 75 Treasurer

Votes on this proposal: Yes 18 No 6 Passed? Yes Defeated?_____

Provide complete details of your proposal (attach any supporting documentation)

Update Area 75 Assembly actions Appendix E, Attachment 5

- Financial Support of Area Officer to add the following: Expenses reimbursed for workshops and mini-conferences are those specifically related to your service position.

List the primary benefits of your proposal. Who does it help? How?

The Purpose of these changes is to clarify current assembly actions.

Total cost to Area 75 members? ________________________________________

Minimal. Cost to update Assembly Action Binders annually is included in the area budget.

One time expense? ______________________Ongoing? ____________________

Where would funding come from? ______________________________________

GSR can vote on the budget. 27 for and 0 against, this proposal will be on the agenda.


Used for documenting proposed agenda items for the Agenda Planning Meetings

Agenda Proposal Sponsor___Doreen H_______Phone # 608-223-5540

Sponsor’s service position______District 20 DCM_______________________

Votes on this proposal: Yes 27 No 0 Passed? Yes Defeated?_____

Provide complete details of your proposal (attach any supporting documentation)

GSR having voting privileges for Budget purposes no matter what meeting the approval of the budget is held.

List the primary benefits of your proposal. Who does it help? How?

GSR should be included in the voting process of the budget.

Total cost to Area 75 members? None

One time expense? ______________________Ongoing? ____________________

Where would funding come from? ______________________________________

District 34 – Todd N. GSR’s to be able to vote on all issues and levels at all meetings, to encourage GSR attendance. There was not motion to accept this proposal. This proposal will not be on the agenda.


Used for documenting proposed agenda items for the Agenda Planning Meetings

Agenda Proposal Sponsor___Todd______Phone #

Sponsor’s service position______District 34 DCM____

Votes on this proposal: Yes 0 No 0 Passed? Defeated?__

There was no motion to accept this proposal.

Provide complete details of your proposal (attach any supporting documentation)

GSR’s be able to vote at all Area Assemblies & Conferences on all voting issues. (At all levels.)

List the primary benefits of your proposal. Who does it help? How?

Encourage GSR attendance.

Total cost to Area 75 members? None

One time expense? ______________________Ongoing? ____________________

Where would funding come from? ______________________________________

(Amendment to proposal #6) To change name of agenda planning meeting to change to agenda planning assembly. 11 for and 13 against, this proposal will not be placed on agenda.


Used for documenting proposed agenda items for the Agenda Planning Meetings

Agenda Proposal Sponsor___Todd______Phone #

Sponsor’s service position______District 34 DCM____

Votes on this proposal: Yes 11 No 13 Passed? Defeated? Yes

Provide complete details of your proposal (attach any supporting documentation)

To change name of agenda planning meeting to change to agenda planning assembly. Thereby giving GSR’s the right to vote.

List the primary benefits of your proposal. Who does it help? How?

Encourage GSR attendance.

Total cost to Area 75 members? None

One time expense? ______________________Ongoing? ____________________

Where would funding come from? ______________________________________

When anyone, anywhere reaches out, I want the hand of A.A. always to be there, and for that; I am responsible!”

Upcoming dates: Delegates Workshop – March 18th, Pre-Conference Assembly – April 22nd.

We will be accepting bids for the spring 2010 Area 75 Conference at the Pre-Conference Assembly. Also at the pre-Conference Assembly, the DCM’s will be given the opportunity to give a brief two-minute report on the happenings within their district. Please be prepared with a copy to submit to the area secretary, which will be included in the minutes from that meeting.

If you have not already done so, please register for our Area 75 Spring Conference to be held May 18 - 20, 2007 at the Marriott Madison West, 1313 John Q. Hammons Drive, Middleton, WI 53562. Call (608) 831-2000 for reservations. Be sure to pick up flyers to take back and distribute to your respective districts.

Sparta Group #1

New Home—Lower Level of Masonic Lodge

603 N. Court St.

(Corner of Court St and Montgomery St.)

Off-street parking—use side entry


Monday-Friday at 1pm Sunday-Saturday at 7pm

Sunday—Big Book


2nd Saturday of each month—tape/movie

Last Saturday of each month—speaker/anniversary

AU Saturday meetings are open—all others are closed

Note: AH evening meetings are now at 7pm

Handicapped accessible All meetings are non-smoking


60th Anniversary

April 28, 2007

Faith Evangelical Free Church 6644 State Highway 16

(West of Sparta—take exit 25 off interstate.

Follow 27 North towards Sparta.

At first stop light go left on 16 West Go approximately 2 miles. Church will be on right.)

Panels (noon to 3:30pm)

Speaker Meeting (4pm to 5pm) Pot-Luck Dinner (5pm to 6pm)

Contact: Theresa B. (269-8523)