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Alcoholics Anonymous in Southern Wisconsin
Alcoholic’s Anonymous – Area 75

Alcoholic’s Anonymous – Area 75

9:00 a.m. Sunday, April 22, 2007

Pre-Conference Assembly Meeting

Madison Senior Center

Madison, WI



OFFICERS PRESENT: John B., Area Chairperson; Kathy W., Alt Chair; Stu E., Alt Del/Literature

Chair ; Nancy B., Secretary; Mark C., Alt Secretary; Nancy H., Treasurer; Cynthia H., Alt Treasurer

STANDING COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSON PRESENT: Nancy S., Archivist; Robin S., Archives Chair; Tom M., BTG Chair; Marty S., Corrections Chair; Cheryl M-J., CPC Chair; Nancy G., Grapevine Chair; Matt Z., PI Chair; John W., Special Needs Chair; Chris C., Treatment Chair; George D., Area 75 Registrar; Howard P., Conference Advisory Chair

DCM’S PRESENT; D1-Art B.; D2-Denise E.; D3-Marv Alt. DCM; D4-Nick S; D6-Fred K.; D7-Elizabeth P.; D8-Darryl S.; D10-Patrick F.; D11-Dewey C.; D12-Ted N.; D13-Dolly H. Alt DCM; D15-Greg H.; D16-Randy R.; D17-Linda N.; D20-Doreen H.; D24-JD O.; D25-Cindy B.; D28-Ken N.; D29-Dennis, Alt DCM; D30-Joel B.; D32-Chris E.; D34-Todd U.; D36-Barb W., Alt DCM; D37-Jeanne P.

GSR’S & DISTRICT COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSONS PRESENT; D1-Brad B., Bob P.; D2-Jim DB., Sara J., John A., Rose K., D7-Mike R., Sue L., Cheryl P.; D10-Francisco, Fortunato A., Julian G., Ricardo P., Jose S.; D12-Bill R., Mary R., John H., Lori C., Jordann G., Steve G.; D13-Sandy S., Leslie F., Kevin T., Dawn K., Rich F., Mark G., Shri B., Sara L.; D14-Greg H.; D16-Ken Y., Theresa W.; D17-Jason C., Liz D., Michael h., Darrel S., Mary T., Renee B., Jim R., Terry p., Diania M., Bobby B., Robert R., Katie N.; D20-Felesha R., Sunshine G., Aryn O; D24-Dale R., Diane K., Jonathan L.; D25-Barb F.; Barb S., George B., Marian B., Jeff Z.; D31-Greg G.; D32-Chris P.,Bill S., Michael C., Mike A., Don D., Kurt B., RJ E.; D34-Perry C., Peter L., Marybeth K., Edween R., Drew A.; D36- Pete W.; D37-Mike M.

OTHERS PRESENT: Past Delegates: John B., Joan J., Nancy G., Jo McL;; Michelle S. & Tami R, 2008 Spring Conf ; Neil R., Bob T., Mike B., Mike B., Lee M., Cora I., Toni M., Bob S., Terry R., Maria H.

Secretaries Report - Nancy B.

Reviewed minutes from Agenda Planning Meeting on January 21, 2007

Balance sheet for 12/31/2006

Budget vs. Actual for 12/31/2006

Income Statement for 12/31/2006

Approved Budget for 2007

Results of 3 budget items individually voted on.

Standing committee reports

Conference reports

Proposals submitted for consideration, and voted on.

5 proposals will be on the agenda at the Pre-Conference assy.


Anyone making a report at area meetings is required by assembly action to submit a written report to the area secretary. The preferred method would be electronic or a typed report.

Area 75 Minutes are available on the area website: www.area75.org as well as other area forms.

Anyone interested in being included on the distribution list for area minutes should provide me with a valid e-mail address or mailing address.

Changes to the Area Directory are now handled by our Area 75 Registrar George D.

Treasurers Report – Nancy H.

Contributions have been received weekly since the beginning of the year. 231 groups have contributed at least once to the area’s general fund. Four (4) groups have contributed to the Count-On-Us fund and 18 to the Rainbow fund. A list of group contributions is available for review at area meetings. The list is sorted into group number order or alphabetically by group name if no number was given.

Acknowledgements have been sent to all groups who contributed to the area when address information was received. We wish to thank groups who sent a self addressed stamped envelope saving the area the expense of an envelope and stamp. The contribution form is available on the area website www.area75.org. This form should be sent in with all contributions made to the area. Using the form makes my job easier and is appreciated.

According to our traditions we only accept contributions from AA members and groups. This is another reason for including the contribution form with your check as it helps me to identify who the contribution is from.

Balance Sheet as of 3/31/07





Current Assets

Cash in Checking-M&I


Prudent Reserve-M&I


Cash-Count On Us


Cash - Rainbow Can


A/R-Conference Seed Money


Expense Advance




Equipment Depreciation



Total Current Assets



Total Assets




Current Liabilities


Total Current Liabilities



Total Liabilities



Retained Earnings


Net Income



Total Capital



Total Liabilities & Capital





Income & Expense Statement as of 3/31/07

This Year

Last Year

Year to Date
This Year

Year to Date
Last Year


Group Donations





Group Donations - Rainbow





Group Donations - Count On Us





Other Income









Total Revenues










Bank Charges





Conference Loss





Conference Booth Fee





GSO Fees















Literature - Rainbow/COU




















Misc/Office Expense















Registration Fees










Archives Rent



















Total Expenses









Net Income










Budget vs. Actual as of 3/31/07

2007 Actual YTD

2007 Total Budget

2007 Variance YTD












Alt. Delegate/Lit.








































Public Info.










Spcl. Needs










Alt. Chair





Alt. Secretary





Alt. Treasurer





Archives Chair










COU Literature


Rainbow Literature




Chairperson Report – John B.

Good morning, my name is John B and I’m an alcoholic and your Area 75 chairperson.

This is a brief synopsis of my activities since we last met in January…

I had an opportunity to speak at the greater Milwaukee Central Office back on February 13th. Despite the snow that evening, there were approximately 40 – 50 group secretaries in attendance. I gave them a brief overview of the purpose and functions of “area” and an “area committee” within the structure of Alcoholics Anonymous. I also made a pitch for our then vacant archives chair as well as a plug for the upcoming Area 75 spring conference.

A couple of weeks after the secretary’s meeting I was approached by an individual who had heard about the vacant archives position during the secretary’s report at her Tuesday night meeting. I was able to put her in touch with Nancy S., our Area 75 archivist, who was able to convince her to accept the position of archives chairperson. Please join me in extending a warm welcome to Robin S. as she joins the rest of our Area 75 standing committee chairs in carrying the message.

Also in February, I had several requests for updated copies of the Area 75 Assembly Actions, which will be distributed to our District Committee Member’s later today. After a brief poll conducted by email, I asked our Area 75 Public Information chair to work with the Area 75 Webmaster to place the current Assembly Action’s as well as the Area 75 Handbook on our website. It is now available to all interested members of our fellowship.

I late March I was contacted by Steve B., a GSR from a group in Anchorage, Alaska. Steve has been assigned to an ad-hoc committee to explore redistricting Area 02 and was looking for information. He was able to track me down through a Google link to our website and information from GSO in New York. Although I wasn’t able to be of much help, I did receive an invite to his home group the next time I happen to be in Anchorage.

I am receiving minutes from several districts on a regular basis both by email and snail mail. Be sure to copy the Area 75 standing committee chairs as well as we are all interested in the activities within your district. Be advised that I am available to attend district meetings and events if you would like. I’m here to serve the Area in whatever capacity I’m able for the remainder of my term. All you need do is ask… If you have a question and I don’t know the answer, I will do my best to find out and get back to you in a timely fashion. If you have any suggestions as to how to better run our Area 75 meetings and reach a greater percentage of our fellowship, I’d be interested to hear them. Feel free to contact me in person, by phone (262-538-3829) or by email (jbaddaker@earthlink.net).

In Service, John B – Area 75 Chairperson 2007-2008

Delegate’s Report – George P.

Dear AA trusted servants-

As some of you may be aware, I will not be with you at the Pre-Conference Assembly on April 22 because I will be in New York attending the General Service Conference at that time.  I have made the Area Chair aware of the dates of the GSC in the future so that conflicts like this can be eliminated.

I wanted to let you know what I've been doing since my election as your delegate.  Stu E., your alternate delegate, will be presenting an updated version of this report at the Pre-Conference Assembly.

My activities as delegate kicked off with an invitation to speak at the Secretary's meeting at the Milwaukee Central Office on January 9.  I was greeted and treated warmly as I shared my experience in service with the group secretaries who were in attendance.

Next I attended the WICYPAA conference in Madison on January 19 and 20.  They were relatively small in number compared to our Area Conferences but they made up for it in enthusiasm.  While I did not function in an "official" manner at WICYPAA, I met a lot of great people and gained an appreciation for their efforts at working the AA program.

On January 21, I attended the Agenda Planning Meeting in Madison after being lost in the snow in Madison for about a half hour.  I recently bought a GPS unit and should not spend too much more time being lost in Wisconsin or anywhere else in the US or Canada for that matter.

On February 9, my wife Liz and I together with Stu E., Nancy G. and Ken G., jumped on a plane and flew to Cleveland, Ohio for the East Central Region's Delegates and Past Delegates Conference. 

After our arrival in Cleveland, we rented a van and took a tour of some places relevant to AA history.  We visited the Akron Central Office where they have a large stained glass window depicting "the man on the bed" as well as extensive AA archives.  From there we visited Dr. Bob's house on Ardmore Avenue, the gatehouse where Bill and Bob met for the first time and Dr. Bob's grave.

The conference opened at 8 p.m. Friday night and I got to give my 2 minute "Area Highlights" presentation.  I read it well and didn't go over the two minutes or I would have gotten "dinged" by the bell.

One of the main purposes of this conference is to prepare new delegates like myself for our first AA General Service Conference. Our mock committee meeting lasted until 12:15 a.m.

Saturday was a long day. We started with breakfast with the Regional Trustee at 7:30 a.m. and had no more than several 10 minute breaks until 4:30 in the afternoon. Much of what we dealt with during this time was East Central Region business. Dinner was at 6:30 and you can bet that I took a nap during our two hour interval. The main speaker after the dinner was Rick W., a staff member at the General Service office in New York.

Sunday morning the Conference started at 9 a.m. with a "mock conference" during which we debated the "recommendation" that had come out of committee on Friday night. The purpose of this "mock conference" was to prepare the new delegates such as myself with the parliamentary procedures used ant the General Service Conference. My motion not to consider a floor action that was proposed by a past delegate passed by a 2/3 vote and the mock conference ended at about 10 a.m.

While we had a good time, I want to emphasize that this conference is very business-oriented and an important step in preparing new delegates to be effective representatives of the AA fellowship at the General Service Conference.

On Tuesday, Feb. 20, I attended the district 24 meeting at Advent Lutheran Church in Cedarburg.  I want to thank JD for the invitation.  I am grateful to have had the opportunity to spend some time with trusted servants in District 24.

The following day it was off to New Lisbon and the first meeting of District 37 in some time under the leadership of new DCM Jeannie P.  I was warmly received by a small but very enthusiastic group of AA members who are learning as they go to spread the message of the spiritual rewards of working on all three of AA's legacies of Recovery, Unity and Service.  I am very grateful to have anything to do with assisting a district that is struggling to go from dark to BRIGHT!

My next activity was on March 9 when I traveled to the How It Works Group in Waukesha.  Again, I got lost and had to ask directions but I arrived in plenty of time and was warmly welcomed as I shared my experience, strength and hope.

On March 17, I spoke at the 15th anniversary of the Lomira AA group.  The event was well-attended and again, I was treated to a very warm reception.  This was actually the first commitment to speak that I made after my election and I sincerely thank the members of the Lomira Group for their hospitality.

The Delegates Workshop was held at the Madison Senior Center on March 18 and the event was attended by about 70 GSR's, DCM's, Area Officers, Past Delegates and just plain AA members.  We began at 9 am and wrapped up by 1:30 p.m.  May I again offer my sincere thanks to all those who attended?  You helped me to get a grip on the issues that will be dealt with at the General Service Conference next month and I think you all grew a bit as you became more aware of the scope of issues that come before the delegates.

On Friday, March 30, I attended the Badger Intergroup at the invitation of the committee.  It is humbling to have been honored to sit up there on that stage in front of so many people.  It was wonderful to see so many recovering people laughing, hugging and generally really enjoying the benefits of sobriety.

On Tuesday, April 18, I visited the District 15 GSR meeting at the invitation of DCM, Greg H.  An election for a new DCM was held and Mike B. was elected to serve through 2008.  I know that Greg has served the district through more than one rotation and it was wonderful to witness the humility that it takes to rotate out and allow "new blood" to infuse the fellowship.  I want to extend my sincere thanks for the invitation and my best wishes for an increase in spiritual growth through service in District 15.

I have found that being delegate means getting lots of communication via both email and paper mail.  I have received the quarterly group contribution figures from GSO for the last quarter of 2006.  I have also been informed by our Regional Trustee, Bob M. that there is a discussion going on regarding the term of the General Manager of GSO.

"In the January Executive Session, the General Service Board continued discussion of a topic that began in the October, 2006 session concerning the term of employment for the General Manager at the General Service Office. A certain number of the trustees, principally Regional Trustees, feel this position is a service position in addition to being a job. Because of the high profile nature of the job, those trustees feel the job is subject to rotation, the same as other service positions in Alcoholics Anonymous. As you can imagine, there was a great deal of debate and a lot of background produced, including the original job offer which stated the job to be approximately 5 – 7 years. The current GM has been on the job 8+ years and the feeling expressed by some is that it is time to start the process of looking for a new General Manager. That process will take up to a full year to complete. However, the final result of the discussion was a vote in which a substantial majority of the trustees voted that the principle of rotation did not apply and a search was not initiated for a new General Manager. In fact, the General Service Board declined to take any action whatsoever on the matter, even to consider setting a term for future consideration."

 Of further interest, in a recent mailing from New York, it was mentioned that the Fellowship New Vision project for creating a web-based database of group information will not be phased in over a period of time but rolled out to the entire fellowship at the same time.  The timeline for this rollout has been delayed slightly but the project appears to be in good shape.

While it sometimes looks like I've been very busy, I sometimes feel I'm not doing enough.  I would be delighted to visit any district that will have me.  Once the General Service Conference is over (Liz and I are flying out on April 20 and the conference lasts from April 22 to April 28) I plan to present my delegate's report wherever I can beg the time.

Please also know that our alternate delegate, Stu E., is ready and able to visit any district that would like his presence and support.  He is an experienced trusted servant who has held several Area committee assignments and is very willing to share with the fellowship.

In conclusion, I want to thank you for the honor of serving as your delegate.  Please contact me if there is any way I can assist you in serving the fellowship of AA.

George P, panel 57 delegate, Area 75, Southern Wisconsin

Alternate Delegate & Literature Chair Report – Stu E.

Welcome to all of our GSR’s and DCM’s present today. First, I would like to thank all DCM’s and District Secretaries who have forwarded minutes to us this term. These minutes help us to know what is on the minds of our membership and to be more effective in serving you.

So, what is going on in AA literature? The General Service Conference will be considering action on revising the title of the pamphlet “Can A.A. Help Me Too? … Black/ African Americans Share Their Stories”, adding some text relevant to financial support by groups of their GSR’s to the pamphlet “The A.A. Group” and to the G.S.R. pamphlet, progress on the new 3rd Ed. Spanish language Big Book, and whether there is a need to revise the pamphlet “The A.A. Member—Medications and Other Drugs”.

The Literature Assignment at GSO is seeking submissions of revised stories for the pamphlet “A.A. for the Native North American”. Submissions should be typed, double spaced, and about 800 words long. They should concentrate on sharing experience, strength, AND hope, just like a Big Book or a Grapevine story. Submissions can be made directly to “Literature Coordinator, Grand Central Station, P.O. Box 459, New York, NY 10163 or to me at the address or email address specified in the Area 75 Directory. If you mail directly to the New York address, I would appreciate a copy of the manuscript for our committee files and archives. The revised deadline for arrival of manuscripts in New York is June 30, 2007.

Warm weather has finally arrived. Now that I can work in my unheated garage and small workshop, I will be working at refurbishing our battered Area 75 Literature Display. I hope to have it at the Spring Conference. Meanwhile, our Take-and-Leave Sample Literature Rack worked out very well at the Agenda Planning Meeting. It is here again today for your use.

In other upcoming items, I am considering a proposal for the June Agenda Planning Meeting to request our Delegate to propose to the General Service Conference that the title of the pamphlet “A.A. for the Older Alcoholic” be changed. Experience here suggests that a much better title could be found. For one thing, our senior member’s do not like being called “old”—trust me on this—I am now over 50 myself. And, placing the word “Alcoholic” in the title in the way it is used here would seem to force a prospective member to fight the battle of acceptance before ever getting to their first meeting. I believe we can do better. The matter will be part of our next two Literature Committee meetings, namely those at the Spring Conference and on the morning of the Agenda Planning Meeting.

I would encourage any District Literature Chair, any DCM, GSR, or any interested AA member to attend a meeting of the Literature Committee. There is no means more essential than our literature when it comes to carrying AA’s message.

My activities on your behalf since my last report to you began in February with the ECR Conference of Delegates Past and Present. I would echo George P.’s remark wholeheartedly. That conference is not your ordinary AA conference for having a relaxed good time. It tries to duplicate the content and pace of the General Service Conference itself. It is fast, furious, and long. There were mandatory sessions for Alternate Delegates in mock-committee session from 8 p.m. until past midnight Friday, at lunch with our ECR Trustee on Saturday, and in mock-conference session Sunday morning. While none of us would ever hope to see an Alternate Delegate have to replace a Delegate mid-term, it has happened elsewhere often enough to make the Alternate Delegate’s attendance at this conference necessary insurance for you and for AA as a whole. In addition to these sessions, we attended to East Central Regional business Saturday; this was a whole new experience for me. One agenda item was a report by our own Jo McL. on the ECR Regional Hispanic Forum from November 2006. I had had the pleasure and valuable learning experience of attending that forum with Jo, Nancy G., and others. Also at the Conference of Delegates Past and Present, I had an opportunity to meet and talk at length with our Trustee-at-Large, U.S. and to hear about Dorothy W.’s duties travels mainly abroad for AA. I also got to meet George M., a non-Trustee Director of AAWS, specializing in finance. I had known little about what these special workers do for AA until he explained these things to me. And, I got to meet Rick W. of the GSO staff in person for the first time. Rick, as s GSO staff member, has often shared his experience with me by phone and by email in the area of treatment Facilities and CPC when I chaired those standing committees here in different terms of this committee. If you liked some of the CPC things we did here last term, both Rick W. and Irene K. in New York were a big part of our effort. Rick and I compared notes—a New York perspective and a local perspective--on many projects after his Saturday evening talk. I have to believe that experiencing the things I did at the Conference of Delegates Past and Present only adds to my fitness to serve you here. I hope you agree.

After returning from Ohio, I attended the Waldo Intergroup, the Campbellsport 25th Group Anniversary Open Meeting, the Lomira 15th Group Anniversary Open Meeting, and the Badger Intergroup. Before dinner at the Badger Intergroup, a young GSR came up to me to say hello. He had sat next to me at last fall’s Area 75 Elections and was then a bit confused by the procedure. He thanked me for explaining things to him as they occurred. His eagerness to attend new service meetings and events, to experience new things in AA had increased his interest and knowledge. I feel strongly that each member of this or any other AA service committee must take time to teach new GSR’s and the membership at large anytime those opportunities to share are available to us. I like hearing from our GSR’s and our DCM’s in particular as we each travel our AA journeys.

In mid-March, I chaired the Literature Committee meeting at the Delegate’s Workshop. We made thorough and well considered input to our Delegate on the literature items the GSC will consider this week. George and both thank all who pitched in at the Delegate’s Workshop.

Late in March, I attended the Tri-County Conference in Kenosha. Though not scheduled as a panelist, some things came up in the sharing after a couple of panels where I was able to make contributions from my own experiences in service. One item concerned the separate but overlapping and mutually supportive functions of our service committees like TF, CPC, and BTG. We are all part of a great whole; we are not specialists in one small area of AA service.

On the whole, you’re Delegate and I seem to work well together. We compare notes and experiences from time to time, and he and our ECR Trustee keep me up to speed on all those things I believe you would like me to be informed about. I appreciate the presence of both of them.

Finally, especially for our GSR’s experiencing your first voting assembly today, I would like to share some advice given me along my own journey: listen to the reports, particularly the DCM reports for things being done elsewhere that might work well in your own group or district. Please try your best to keep an open mind, even when the discussion gets laborious and long. Please remember that our primary purpose is spiritual, not financial. We are all about carrying the message, not about profit or loss. Ask questions during our breaks or as needed during the discussion. The members you see at this front table are all here because they have some very special experience and a great degree of willingness—learn from them. And finally, please remember that when we leave here today, we must all come back here in the future because AA’s needs are continuing. A bit of patience and tolerance go a long way.

Thank you for being here, and thank you all for allowing me to serve you.

Yours in Recovery and Service, Stu E.

Grapevine Report – Nancy G.

Here are some highlights of recent information from The AA Grapevine, Inc:

I encourage you to explore aagrapevine.org. The prices for the Audio Grapevine have been slashed to $20 for an annual subscription and $3.95 for a month’s subscription. You can download a free sample issue. And the website offers the Digital Archives, an amazing tool with which you can search a wealth of previous Grapevine articles.

Please encourage your GVR’s and District Grapevine reps to attend the Grapevine Committee meeting on May 19 at the Spring Conference. We will organize the committee for this rotation, elect officers and discuss our goals. Once we have a Treasurer in place, we will ask that the Count-On-Us fund be brought back under the umbrella of our standing committee. The fund will no longer be an additional responsibility of the Area Treasurer, but will be accounted for and administered by the Grapevine Committee.

If you would like me to visit your District for your GSR meeting or a workshop, please let me know. I can show up with or without the Grapevine display. Thank you.

Respectfully submitted, Nancy G.

Bridging The Gap Report – Tom M.

This has been event filled first quarter of 2007 for Area 75 Bridging the Gap. New forms are out, new programs are being evaluated, exchanging of ideas with other Areas, several districts were visited and bridges we completed.

The new Area 75 Bridging the Gap Treatment Forms for Patients have been released to all central offices and Intergroups with a single point address to assist with tracking and monitoring efforts. These forms have been also been distributed to all districts via email. If you have not don’t have a copy please provide me with your email or additional contact information after the assembly.

A new Bridging the Gap Phone Program received from Area 15 South Florida is under a feasibility study by District 32. Jason E., the District 32 BTG Chair is taking a proactive approach in possibly developing this program and is consulting with Area 15 on how they do it. Four districts in Area 15 are currently using this program and I believe they are confirming 50 bridges a month. This would be a great addition to the list of current Area 75 Bridging the Gap Programs.

Since the beginning of my tenure, I have been in contact with Area15 S. Florida, Area 19 Chicago and Area 69 Utah. We have exchange ideas and presentations to better carry the message to Treatment Facilities. PowerPoint Presentations are been developed for use in sending to Treatment Facilities and for soliciting temporary contacts. The sharing of ideas is how new forms and programs are developed within our own Area in our attempts to better carry the message.

I have also visited three districts and the Tri-County Conference and have been well received. My visits include assisting the start the BTG Program in District 2, providing addition information and education to Districts 27 and 29. At the Tri-County Conference Panel which included past Area 75 BTG Chair Ken Y., District 32 BTG Chair Jason E. and myself. Our panel discussed how bridging the Gap Programs works from three different service levels, National, Area and District. How contacts were made, ideas exchange and programs developed as well as relating our experiences and passion for our service work. This was a recorded panels and I recommend obtaining a copy for your BTG program in your district. Tapes are $5.00 and CDs $7.00. Please see after the assembly for more information in obtaining a copy.

Alas, we are seeing early results of our efforts with the Bridging the Gap program. In Quarter One, Area 75 received 63 Bridging the Gap Requests which is a start in obtain measurable numbers in determining success Area 75 Bridging the Gap Program. The monitoring and evaluation efforts will show us if we are being accountable in carrying the message to the still suffering alcoholic. Here is the break down of Q1 numbers.

Area 75 – BTG - Monitoring Report - Quarter 1, 2007

Q1 Report Jan. – Mar. 2007

Treatment Facility Requests


Hope Haven/Madison 23

Rogers/Oconomowoc 23

Beacon House/Fond Du Lac 4

St. Luke’s South Shore 3

VA Zablocki Domiciliary 3

St. Luke’s/S. 27th St 3

Milwaukee Central Office 2

Gateway/Madison 1

District 28 1

Total Q 1 BTG Request 63

Requested Community Locations

District 6 1 Area 15 S. Florida 1

District 7 2 Area 20 Chicago 2

District 12 2 Area 22 N. Indiana 1

District 14 1 Area 24 Iowa 2

District 16 1 Area 38 E. Missouri 1

District 20 26 Area 74 3

District 23 3 unknown 3

District 24 3 (2 St Luke’s 27th, St. Luke’s SS)

District 27 1

District 29 5

District 30 2

District 32 2

District 34 1

Gender Statistics

Male: 38

Female: 25

Contact Disposition

Treatment Contact

Successful Treatment Contacts 13

Unsuccessful Treatment Contacts 8

Resident Contact

Successful Residential Contacts 9

Unsuccessful Residential Contacts 8

Bridge Disposition

Successful Bridges (at least 1 meeting) 6

Unsuccessful Bridges 8

*Treatment Contact to Request Ratio: 1:3

*Residential Contact to Request Ratio: 1:3.7

*Monitoring Forms Returned: 2

*Successful Bridge Ratio: 1:10

*Unsuccessful Bridge Ratio: 1:8

Monitoring Completion Ratio: 1:4.5

*Based on returned Area 75 BTG Monitoring forms or emails response with some pertinent information from Area 75 BTG Chair follow-up on requests. Not all information is provided and actual numbers and ratios vary between 30% - 50%

Special Thanks go to Diane B. of MAICO for providing additional Bridging the Gap information for the Madison Area in Q1 on short notice. While this information does include facility request, dates and gender and is necessary to Area 75 Bridging the Gap monitoring and evaluation, MAICO can not provide follow-up on these requests for patient contact or bridge success of which matters the most.

The numbers are inconclusive at this time for several factors. Some patient request sent in have release dates after Q1 and I am still waiting follow up information and monitoring forms from many districts and Areas as to the disposition of requests of patients recently released. As we move forward we will have more conclusive results towards the ending of the year. I do provide a monitoring form with each BTG request yet there has been little participation at this time. I do appreciate those District BTG Chairs who have sent completed forms in as it is to yield truer numbers. The monitoring program is new Area 75 and I did not expect 100% in returned forms. However it is important to have them completed and return so we can determine if the Area 75 Bridging the Gap Program is effective and if we are being accountable for carrying the message to the alcoholic released from Treatment as defined in the BTG Pamphlet and with the Spirit of Service shown to us by our fore fathers. Let us never forget where we came from to get here today.

One final note, I will not be attending the National Bridging the Gap Workshop as it coincides with the Area 75 Pre-conference Assembly on Sept. 16th. My first obligation is the Area. Unfortunately problems arose and the workshop date was reschedule from the previous week of Sept. 7-9.

Thank you and God Bless.

In the Spirit of Service, Tom M

Corrections Report – Marty S.

The Corrections Committee has been very busy these past couple of months. Nancy G, Area 75 Grapevine chair, and I have been planning the “Zone 1” Corrections/Grapevine workshop. This will be held at the Gratitude Club, in Fond du Lac, WI on May 5, 2007. There are flyers in the back of the room.

Zone 1 consists of districts 2, 3, 12, 23 and 25.  I contacted all DCM’s, correction chairs, and outside sponsors to help pass the flyers and information to their groups. It is a delight speaking with the outside jail and institution sponsors. After all, the workshop is about informing the corrections chairs about the new ‘pre-release” forms, bringing in new volunteers and finding writers for the AAs getting out of jails and prisons. If you have a new corrections chair, please send their information to me. When they register with GSO, they will receive a wonderful workbook to help them do their jobs.

We plan on another Corrections/Grapevine workshop this summer. Please call or email me at martha.sorensen@sbcglobal.net.

I have copies of the new pre-release forms, correctional facility group forms, and Rainbow cans, at the back of the room.

Since our last meeting I have had 38 requests from incarcerated AA’s for pre-release writers. I am still in need of writers in Milwaukee (north side) and some of the other districts. Corrections chairs and DCM’s have been very helpful. I have received more than half of the total requests from Area 74. These are inmates coming home to Area 75. If you can help, please email me. The Corrections Committees in the two areas work hand in hand.

At this time we have 71 correctional facilities in our area. These include male and female inmates in state prisons and federal prisons. There are 30 prisons and correctional centers. Currently there are 41.

County jails and this includes Huber facilities. Some of these facilities have no active A.A. meetings. Should your district like more information on how to start a correctional meeting; I would be happy to meet with you. A special thank you to all the outside sponsors and volunteers who make our current meetings possible!! You can’t keep it unless you give it away!

Thanks to the districts that answered my plea for donations to the Rainbow fund. March was a good month. I have been able to send Big Books and 12x12s to: Jefferson County jail, John Burke Correctional Center, Fox Lake Correctional Center, Marquette County jail (a new meeting), and the House of Corrections, Milwaukee. If you have questions about the Rainbow can or need A.A. approved literature, please contact me.

Once again, I am looking for short features for our quarterly Area 75 Corrections newsletter. Any and all ideas are appreciated.

 Humbly, Ms. Marty S.

CPC Report – Cheryl M.J.

The CPC committee will be collaborating with District 20 at the 41st Annual WAAODA Conference in Madison May 14 through 16 with an exhibit to carry the CPC message to licensed alcohol and drug counselors from our state. This will be a busy week with the upcoming Spring Conference May 18-21, 2007. David L. the CPC chair for District is gathering volunteers to assist with the exhibit. The cost of this exhibit is budgeted and shared with the District 20 budget. Doreen H. DCM for District 20 is providing half of the registration fee to the Area 75 Treasurer. This collaboration is commendable. The conference draws other professionals from mental health and social services as well. Stu E., prior CPC chair, will attend and assist at the conference this year. A thank you for his service gratefully appreciated. The format for collaboration of funds will be shared with other districts to initiate more CPC events in Area 75.

District 34 and 32 CPC chairs have been busy preparing for the second annual “Take a Professional to Lunch Bunch”; which will be held on Wednesday, May 23, 2007 at the Waukesha County Courthouse We expect a greater turnout than last year with a larger cross section of professionals, The committee decided to go where they eat lunch make it more convenient for them. They sent 575 invitations to judges, sheriffs, police, probation and parole, attorneys, public defenders office, doctors, psychiatrists, counselors, mental health workers, family court liaisons and anyone else that might need to hear our encouraging vital message.

A discussion to insert CPC information through an in-service and distribute AA information into the Domestic Violence packets has resulted in action to administer this plan. The Waukesha County Clerks Office and Domestic Violence Task Force have been contacted. A date is pending.

The Grapevine Chair, Corrections and CPC chair are discussing preparations to take a “Road Show Trip” to the out lying districts especially in western and central Wisconsin. Through this effort we believe an impact can be made to inspire, teach and encourage more activity and strengthen the communication around Area 75. Face to face is how this all began and is the most invaluable tool we have. If we share expenses money will be saved and put to other good use.

Congratulations ladies!

I will be attending the Spring Conference in Middleton and expect to learn more about service and its rewards. I have had opportunities to visit four district meetings in this southeastern area and understand the importance these connections can begin. Carrying the message to others is a privilege and life saving grace. Thank you.

Respectively submitted, Cheryl M. - CPC Chair Area 75

PI Report – Matt Z.

My name is Matt Z. I am an Alcoholic.

It is a great Honor to be of service as the PI Chair for the area 75.

News to report:

I have been going over the Assembly actions a have been taking out any and all last names and have given them to our webmaster Alan B to be added to our website.

I also have gone over the Area 75 Handbook and have added it to the website.

We have been busy sifting trough and posting events on the area website along with working with treatment to add a link to post treatment forms and contacts.

The project in progress is adding the minutes for all District meetings to our site. However that will require that we revue and eliminate last names on each document forwarded to me and then later have them archived. There has not been any progress on our search engine to the site

I have gone to a couple of district meetings in the last couple of month’s and look forward to going to more.

Thank you, Matt Z

Treatment Report – Chris C.

Treatment Chairperson Report

Here is a brief summary of my activities since the Agenda Planning Meeting in January:

On March 13, I was asked to present information at the Secretary’s meeting at the Milwaukee Central Office. I shared information on the history of treatment facilities and the evolution of those facilities since their conception. I also explained the carious ways in which groups and districts can become involved in treatment facilities and shared about the benefits and experiences of being involved in General Service and what a difference it can make in your sobriety.

At the Agenda Planning meeting in January, I provided each district with questionnaires regarding treatment facility involvement. This questionnaire was also distributed at the secretary’s meeting and I have received many responses.

Using the information from those questionnaires, I have updated the ever-evolving list of treatment facilities in Area 75 – now about 350.

This list is also being used as a starting point for establishing and/or maintaining contact with facilities in our area. I developed an informational brochure to mail to these facilities that will allow them the opportunity to request information and/or services.

I continue to review all district minutes that are sent to me and have communicated with our BTG chair as needed.

I have committed to participate in District 37’s workshop in June, and again would like to remind all of you that I am always willing to attend your District meetings and am looking forward to continuing this journey in general service.

Chris C.

Special Needs Report – John W.

John W. and I am an alcoholic.


I sent a letter of idea's to all DCM's to share with each group in their district.  The letter outlined ways to reach out to those with special needs.


I was asked to address the Secretaries meeting at Milwaukee Central Office On April 10, 2007.  That went well and I enjoyed doing it.


I had a request for translators for our Spring Conference and today's meeting for our Spanish speaking contingent.  One showed up for today's meeting but I inadvertently sent her home early.  I would like to thank Jo Mc for her help in finding translators.


I am looking forward to serving on a panel for the District 37 work shop in June.


As always if anyone in Area 75 needs help or information from Special Needs please call or E-mail me.  I am on the Area 75 website and roster.

Archives Report – Robin S.

No Report at this time.

Conference Advisor Committee Report – Howard P.

1. We have a active ad hoc Committee reviewing our Area 75 Conference Guidelines, Conference Advisors, Conference Advisory Committee and Conference Advisory Chairperson Duties.

Ad hoc Committee members - Joan J., John B., Ken G., Nancy G. Howard P.

2. Some suggested items will be presented at our Standing Committee meetings at the Spring Conference and additionally at our June, 2007 - Agenda Planning Meeting in Madison

3. Reminder that our Area 75 Conference Guidelines can be accessed on our Area web site. Additionally our A.A. Guidelines - Conference and Conventions can be found at www.aa.ore:.FromthehomepageclickonCONTACTusthenclickonA.A.GUIDELINES. Then go to the window ID Select a Guidelines. Drop down and click on Conference, Conventions and Roundups. You will be able to down load this six (6) page documents.

4. A reminder that Area 75 will be accepting bids for our Fall 2010 Conference at the Sept. Area 75 Pre-Conference Assembly.

5. Please feel free to contact me for assistance on your possible Fall 2010 bid. It's never too soon to start talking about this bid.


Fall 2007 - Host District 3 - 5 State East Central Regional

Spring 2008 - Host District 34

Fall 2008 - Host District 12

Spring 2009 - Open

Fall 2009 - Host District 25

Spring 2010 - Open

Yours in Service and Fellowship, Howard P.

Archivist Report – Nancy S.

I am now receiving materials from a number of Districts that had not shown any interest in preserving their District’s history in the past. To those Districts and Districts that are sending materials, I want you to know that it is very much appreciated. My concern is that some of the Districts that were sending information regularly, or even periodically, have stopped altogether. If you have anything that is pertinent, or trivial in your opinion, it can be included in your District binder at any time.

Districts: Send District meeting minutes, District meeting lists, District flyers for District conferences, District workshops, newspaper articles, District letters to professionals, or any other item that your District wants included. When a flyer is sent; please follow up with a program if one was provided at the function.

Groups: In the past I had said that it would be the District’s responsibility to gather group flyers and materials. This has not been practice or perhaps I just haven’t been informed. I do have a collection of group histories but I can see that I need to go one step further. I will now be preserving group flyers and other materials any group would like to have in the Archives. Please inform your groups.

PLEASE remember that it is so important to put the full date on everything. (Day, Month, Year) From District meeting lists to Area 75 Proposals. It becomes difficult and time consuming when the year is not included. Example: I can come up with the year when I have Sunday, January 23rd, but if the day of the week is not included it is almost impossible to figure out what year it was and the item becomes useless. It may seem trivial or even silly when everyone knows what year it is now, but what happens after a few years go by and someone is looking at the item and wondering when that was.

A revised Workbook has been developed as of April 2007. In it is Robin’s information who is our new Archives Chair and other information. I brought the new workbook for each District. It will soon be on the web.

The Archives room is continuing its hours from noon until 4:00 the 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month except it will be closed May 20th, June 17, and September 16th. It is also closed through the month of December. Last Sunday we had 6 people come to visit. Maybe the warm weather will help attendance.

Thank you for allowing me to serve you, Nancy S.

Registrar Report – George D.

District 1

In December we had elections for DCM, Sec., Treas., all these positions were filled and alt. DCM.

By the time we had our first meeting of the New Year our DCM had to back out because of a job situation. So it seems no one else cared to step up to the plate. So yours truly took the position.

We had a tragedy in our District, Sparta Group #1, burnt down the last Saturday in November. The month of December we met at a Brookside Apt. We were able to have 7 meetings a week there. All the groups in the District came together and helped us out. We had a couple of groups from Milwaukee contribute to our cause. We now meet at the Masonic Temple at 7:00 p.m. seven nights a week and afternoon meetings at l: 00 p.m. Monday & Friday.

We will also be holding our 60th anniversary of Sparta Group April 28, 2007. I have flyers for anyone interested.

District chairs that are filled are Literature, Corrections, Treasurer, Secretary and we have a BTC person but he doesn’t wish to be involved in the district, but that’s okay long as he works. Our District meetings are being covered by as little as 6 members and as high as 15 members.

There is a new meeting in West Salem @ 7 p.m. on Wednesday, 625 Franklin Street.

Yours in Service, Art B. – DCM

District 2

George P. sent an e-mail saying if your district was dark he would like to help make it bright. I liked this analogy because it helped define where district #2 was at. I would say we were dimly lit. Our attendance at District meetings is outstanding. Our meetings are once a month on the fourth Sunday of the Month in Princeton at St. Johns Catholic church @ 4:30 pm. We have many dedicated people that show up at the meetings. Our problem however, was we did not really understand what we could be doing to better carry the message. I would like to thank those who came up with the idea for the GSR and DCM “school” at the January Agenda Planning meeting. It was a most valuable experience for our district. Those who attended were able to go back with a much better understanding of how to implement committees and get thins going. We have had turn-outs for our meetings a large as 23 in attendance. Each meeting has had a different “theme” usually including food and that seems to be a great draw!!! Tom Mitchell Area 75 BTG chair accepted our invitation to come and clarified many questions we had with a fabulous presentation. Thanks again Tom.

At the Delegate workshop, I was that the Area Treatment table where we were asked to review questions and give George our feed back for him to take to New York. Our questions dealt with the Video HOPE: Alcoholics Anonymous. Many had not seen the video so at our next District meeting we watched the movie and had popcorn and soda. This video is a great resource for CPC/PI, BTG, Treatment/ and all sponsors and their sponsees who are trying to get started in the program.

We have been successful in filling about half of the chair position including BTG/treatment which we have chosen to merge. Our corrections Chair Dave H. has been working very hard finding volunteers to go into the jails and has been working with Marty S., Area Corrections Chair, getting involved in her workshop to be held in FDL on May 5th. This workshop also includes Grapevine panel - Nancy S. The CPS/PI chair has also been filled and there are some summer plans in the works. Our June meeting will be held at a different location and will include a turkey roast and bonfire. George P has agreed to come and share the news from New York with us at that time. Terry and Helen R have graciously offered their home setting for this meeting and all are welcome. The meeting will be located in Montello and if any one interested would like to attend, please contact me via e-mail and I will get directions to you.

I am hoping to invite Area Chairpersons who are willing to come to our meetings and to keep us heading in the right direction. A road trip to the West Allis Archives room is in the works as well.

So far I have learned so much about the in’s and out’s of the service part of the program. It has certainly strengthened my own sobriety and I see how others also find service enhancing sobriety. Studying the Service Manual and talking with the old timers, asking questions and using my various service sponsors has helped stay even more connected to the program and it feels GOOD!

In the last month sadly we in district #2 have had to say goodbye to 2 of our respected old-timers, Clarence K (34 yrs) who passed on March 2nd and Morrie G (25 yrs) passed Friday, April 13th. These 2 men were instrumental to many, many alcoholics and I am so grateful to have learned so many things from them. Although they are sadly missed, the legacy of their 12 step work will live on through the work of those they taught. What a great program and what a great life we have been give through the Grace of God. I am so happy to serve as District #2’s DCM and I thank all for giving me this opportunity.

Thank you. Denise E. – DCM

District 3

Over the winter our district has been taking an honest and through inventory. We found some weakness but it will be transcended in strengths.

District 3 is right where it should be at this time. We are growing in understanding and effectiveness. The C.P.C. and literature committees have been filled with good leadership, dedication, and active focused people.

The 4th edition big book study group will again sponsor a three day “action & study weekend “ on November 9-10-ll this year. Try to attend!

Plans for the 2007 East Central Regional Convention October 12 – 14 are going well.

We as a district are blessed with great sponsors. They not only help the suffering alcoholic to recovery, they encourage them to get involved. The service sponsors have also blessed us for without their input it would be too painstaking.

It is with great joy and humility I serve. I will do my best to listen to all.

I cannot be with you today because of the thanksgiving with my family.

To Alt DCM Marv, you did a great job, keep up the good work. Be at peace with yourself.

Thank you and take care. Jim K. – DCM

District 4 & 22

Outreach – District 22 distributed AA literature to 6 different campuses around the area. In addition, contact numbers were provided to interested students or faculty.

Website – The aa.org website has been updated to now include all meetings in the District 4 area. The DCM for district 22 is now in the process of adding the meetings in her district as well.

Literature – The district has decided to purchase a number of big books and other literature for Hope House.

Nick S.

District 6

District meetings held 2nd Wednesday every other month. District hotline response, about 29 calls/month. There is a new schedule printed and ready for distribution. There are 2 jail and 3 Huber meetings/week. District has a new special needs chair thus accessibility is included in new schedules.

New service position Inter-group – central office liaison. The officer visit each office sits on Milwaukee Central Office boards of directors and distributes Dist 6 support & info regularly to Milwaukee Central Office, RAICO & MAICO. Dist 6 is Equidistant from each.

Delavan has WI Site Deaf School, so we are exploring needs for deaf – hearing impaired including a presentation by a licensed interpreter clarifying anonymity issues.

Fred K – DCM

District 7

Workshop – Working with low bottom drunks (WET)

Conference 2009 May 15 – 17 Dist, 6, 7, 36 & 17 possibly



Have 2 empty chairs: Treatment & PI

District meets 4th Sunday of month at 4:00 Tri-county

Finally have copies of Spanish fourth edition

Elizabeth – DCM

District 8

We had our spring workshop March 31, 2007. It was on seeking the solution. We had good turn out for this event.

We are hosting SOWANI May 5, 2007 at Rockton, ILL, Community Center. Dinner is at 5:30 followed by speaker who is Joe A.

We will be having our annual picnic August 26, 2007 at Riverside park in Beloit, WI, Flyers will be out soon.

Darryl S. – DCM

District 10

2nd Sunday of the month @ 4:00

Nov. 24 & 25 convention at the Four Point North. New delegate for the convention in Portland Oregon.

Patrick F. – DCM

District 11

District 11 has 39 groups in 22 locations consisting of Jefferson County including 2 groups in Dane County, (Deerfield & Waterloo communities). We also have a correction meeting at Jefferson County Jail on Wednesday evenings. We’re attempting a visitation once a week at Thompson Correctional Facility, Cambridge, WI, as we lost our AA contact recently. Thompson, being a minimum security institution, brings inmates to our Friday evening meeting at Fort Atkinson, St. Peters Episcopal Church, 8:00 p.m.

Looking forward to May conference.

Thank you. Dewey C.

District 12

Average attendance at district meetings is 25.

We sponsor a local hot line, approx 70 calls.

Sponsor a District Open Meeting.

All Chairs are currently filled.

About 21 groups, 2 women only.

County jail meeting Friday night and Sunday morning.

Fall 2008 Conference

Ted – DCM

District 13

District is trying to reach out to all groups/meetings within the District and is putting together an informational binder. We have requested info from GSO, all groups needed to be updated and we have received this info back in March. Below is cover letter that will accompany the binder. We plan to visit these meetings and to attain info to update GSO will leave the binder behind for the group’s reference.

Dolly H. Alt DCM

Sample Letter:

Greetings from your District 13 Committee Members!

As your District Committee Member (DCM), we are the link in the service chain that connects your group with other groups within a geographical boundary. One of the primary means of communication from group to group is at the district meeting. Good district meetings can improve the health of the groups within its boundaries and lead to the growth of AA as a whole.

District meetings are held for the purpose of uniting groups in the district, encouraging members to become involved in service, coordinating service projects and linking the groups to the General Service Office (GSO).

District 13 Meetings are held the first Sunday of the month at St. Mathias Episcopal Church (111 E. Main Street. Waukesha, WI) the meeting starts promptly at 2:30 p.m.

We have put together this binder as a reference guide for your group.

All of the contents can also be found at:

www.AA.org and www.area75.org

We thank you in advance for your support and look forward to seeing you at future district meetings

In service

District 13

District 15

We meet at St. Joseph’s Hospital, 5000 W. Chambers Street, room 1824. The 3rd Tues of the month @ 6:30 p.m.

George P. came to our meeting Tuesday and gave us support and input.

We had elections for new DCM and Treasurer. The new DCM;s Mike B & the new Treasure is Greg.

In the spirit of rotation I needed and wanted to rotate. This is to allow for someone new to be of service. I don’t know where the future will lead me. But I hope I don’t become a bleeding deacon. This position has got my program on track.

Much love in AA, a faithful servant, Greg

District 16

District 16 held its first workshop since turning the lights on in our District. Our Workshop consisted of two separate panels (Sponsorship/Service and Vulnerabilities). The workshop was on February 25th the second worst snow storm of the 06/07 winter. This snowstorm did not keep the enthusiasm in our district down. We had a complete sell out at the H.O.W. to Club and were told that people show up but could not find a place to sit or stand and so they left. Approximately 85 people attended this Workshop.

District 16 is planning a “Come and Meet Your District Leaders Picnic” in June/July with the hopes that the people who do attend will ask questions as to what the positions are and their involvement in the district. This picnic’s intent is to hopefully attract new people who are willing to do service work in the district. We are also hosting a Corrections/Bridging the Gap workshop on September 30th. Flyers are on the back table, please take some back to you districts and get them out to you meetings.

District 16 along with District’s 28 and 29 kept very busy with trying to secure our bid for the 2009 Spring Conference. Unfortunately we have had a zero positive response from the hotels in the Milwaukee Area. It is my job as the tentative Chairperson to rescind our offer to host the 2009 Spring Conference.

The District 16’s Chairs are very busy and involved in our area and will continue to do what the intentions of district service is suppose to do.

Thank You, Randy R - DCM District 16

District 17

District meeting are held on the 3rd Sunday @ 1:00 p.m.

GSR School yesterday with Ken G. had 40 in attendance. All chairs are currently filled with the exception of archives, which we are currently working on. We all plan to submit proposal for 2009 Spring Conference. Issues with hotline – New chairs.

Linda N. – DCM

District 20

Our District meeting is held the last Tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm at the Atwood Community Center.

District 20 has all Standing Committee Chair positions filled. All are eager to be involved in Service work. About 20 GSR’s, old and new, attend the District meeting on a regular basis. The District plans to host a Sponsorship Workshop sometime in late August or early September. More details to be announced. I am currently working on completing the updated Group information with the help of the GSRs. We are looking to hold a GSR school but need to look for dates from Ken G.

Yours in service, Doreen H.

District 22 & 4

Outreach – District 22 distributed AA literature to 6 different campuses around the area. In addition, contact numbers were provided to interested students or faculty.

Website – The aa.org website has been updated to now include all meetings in the District 4 area. The DCM for district 22 is now in the process of adding the meetings in her district as well.

Literature – The district has decided to purchase a number of big books and other literature for Hope House.


District 24

Our district consists of Ozaukee County which is the county just north of Milwaukee. Our district meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. in the Advent Lutheran Church in downtown Cedarburg. WE have 49 meetings in our district with 80% of the meetings located at 2 clubs: the New Day Club in Mequon and the 24 Hour Club in Thiensville.

Currently we have 8 groups represented by GSR’s and we have a PI, Corrections, Treasurer/Secretary, Bridging the Gap and Grapevine chair for our District. We have 4 people attending from out District today, which is the largest number of people out district has had at an Area Pre-Conference Assembly.

Our biggest focus for our District has been the Ozaukee County Jail. We have 3 women’s and 2 men’s meetings a week at the jail. Additionally, we continue to provide literature in the form of Big Books, Daily Reflections, and 3 Grapevine subscriptions.

District 24 is looking at a PI campaign to help develop a more uniform means of distributing literature through our district. We are also looking for groups to provide us with ideas to spend the $750 or so dollars that we have in our treasury.

Recently our groups decided not to submit a bid for the 2010 Area 75 Spring Conference. We hope to review the Conference Guidelines and try to get support from the groups to bind on the 2010 Area 75 Fall Conference.

This past week Ken G. came and gave a 1 hour and 15 minute GSR workshop during our regular business meeting. This was very helpful as we have 7 brand new GSR;s (6 attended the meeting) that recently rotated into their positions.

I am continuing to visit a different meeting each week in District 24 to talk about how AA at the Group, District, Area and GSO are connected. Hopefully, we can continue to increase participation in the service structure.


District 25


The Fall 2009 Area 75 Conference venue has been contracted.  It will take place the first week of November 2009.  Barb F. and Jeff Z. of District 25 are the Co-Chairs.


Saturday May 5th, 9a-3p a Corrections/Grapevine Workshop will be held at the Gratitude Club of Fond du Lac.


In Service, Cindy B. - DCM, District 25

District 28

Well seems like its true only 10% of the people are willing to do the work of carrying the message of Alcoholics Anonymous. I’ve been to several meetings trying to get people to fill the chairs and it isn’t happening. I go to meetings in the District and invite people to the District meeting to see how the District does service work and very few people show up.

District 28 is planning an Old Timers week in October. Final dates are forthcoming. Anyone with 25 years or more that would like to share their story, please contact me. The meeting will be in October and won’t conflict with the Fall Conference.

Again District 28 and 29 are planning an Alkathon for the Christmas and New Year’s weekends.

Now about the Spring 2009 conference. The outrages prices that these hotels want in Milwaukee County sure are unbelievable. Maybe it’s time Area 75 and Area 74 sat down at the table broke some bread and started talking about a state wide conference. Maybe just maybe more people would be interested in attending and getting involved.

If I am not wrong I thought there was a committee that was looking into this, and I don’t remember any report as to the result of this committee.

Respectfully your servant, Kenneth N. – DCM

District 29

Most of the district GSR’s are registered with GSO at this time.

Still handing out registration forms for groups that are not registered with GSO.

Continuing to update group information as requested by GSO.

Most committee chairs are filled at this time. Open committees are Treatment, Special Needs and Archives.

Have had 2 very successful round robin meetings. Several groups have signed up to participate in round robins. They are held the second Sunday of every other month.

We are working on the final draft of a district when and where.

Dennis, Alt DCM

District 30

District 30 covers the northern half of Rock County. We currently have 27 groups holding 54 weekly meetings. District meeting attendance averages 10-15 participants. We currently have all chair position filled except for the Archives, Special Needs and Bridging the Gap Committees.

We are currently organizing our bi-annual, district mini-conference which is a joint effort with District 8 along with participation with Al-Anon district 25. It will be held on Saturday, October 27th.

Our PI/CPC chair continues to update meeting information with all local newspapers and replenishes motels and hotels with meeting schedules. The district hotline is manned 24/7 by a member of AA. We have Grapevine magazines and soft cover Big Books available for distribution at corrections and treatment facility meetings. At the Rock County Jail we have 1 men’s and 2 women’s meetings each week. We are currently not allowed to hold AA meetings inside treatment facilities, but have AA members who are providing transportation to those in treatment who wish to attend AA meetings. Our MAICO rep has been keeping the district appraised on MAICO activity. We print 3,000 or 4,000 district meeting schedules every 4-5 months for distribution at our monthly GSR meeting which meets at 6:30 pm, the first Friday of each month at the Unity Group clubhouse in Janesville, WI.

Thank you, Joel B. – DCM

District 32

Attendance at district meeting has been increasing. We typically meet the 3rd Sunday at Galilee church in Pewaukee at l:00 p.m. everyone is welcome to attend. We are currently looking for a corrections chair. Our CPC chair, in cooperation with District’s 13 & 34, will be holding a luncheon for professionals in Waukesha County in May. We have formed a committee to submit and bid to host the 2010 spring conference.

Submitted by: Chris E. – DCM

District 34

on the first Tuesday of the month at the NW Alano club, N88 W17658 Christman Rd., Menomonee Falls, Wi. 53051.

In Service, Todd U (DCM District 34) powrls@wi.rr.com

District 36

District 36 is doing well~ 


All district committees except archives have a chairperson, we have expanded the number of meetings that have GSR representatives and hope to participate in the GSR school at RACO on April 21st.  Our monthly GSR/district meeting is well attended~ the last 2 months we've had 15 to 18 people attending.


Our district efforts to raise money for corrections literature via the Rainbow Can has decreased some, but lately we are having success at reinvigorating this. 


Our district will chair a panel discussion at the Spring conference.  The subject will be "Into Action~ Steps 4 through 9".


Much of our current success is attributable to the fine efforts of the preceding DCM's~ we owe them our thanks.


Respectfully submitted,  Paul H. - DCM 

District 37

Juneau County

Meets 3 rd Wednesday of the month since the beginning of the year. This has been a learning experience. George came in Feb to share.

This was a dark district for several years and is now coming alive. We now have 7 groups, 2 GSR’s. We are encouraging groups to register, using AA group pamplets. Also encouraging groups to send donations to districts and MAICO, Area, and GSO.

1st district workshop

Jam session/dance/raffle/bring your instruments & your talents, Will K bringing Irish drums & bones.

Jeanne P.

Conference Reports/ Past & Present

Special Hispanic Forum Report Area 75 Pre-conference Assembly 4-22-07

The Special Hispanic Forum was held in District 7 Area 75 on November 11-12, 2006. It was hosted by Area 19, 20 & 75. In 2004 a core group of three non-Hispanic alcoholics grew to 37 members composed of both current and Past Delegates, an area registrar and a mixture of 30 bi-lingual and Spanish speaking alcoholics.

In 2006 we held a series of four final full committee meetings in Illinois and Wisconsin. Area Hispanic groups were visited, revisited and called giving personal invitations to the upcoming special forum.

2 days before the forum Valerie O’N. Staff member on Regional Forum assignment and our ever faithful staff assistant Ivy R. arrived to double check the hotel arrangements.

One day before the forum, Leonard B., Class A (non-alcoholic) Trustee and General Service Board Chairperson flew in from Canada. Robin B., Executive Editor of the Grapevine flew in from New York not only to share at the forum but to meet our ECR Trustee Bob M. and drive 2 hours one way to attend a planned Area 75 Grapevine workshop in District 25. Julio on Public Information and ECR correspondent assignment and Hernan LaVina editor arrived late Friday. All forum members were blasted with unexpected sleet, snow and strong freezing gusts of wind. Yet they kept coming.

Day one of the forum, several Hispanic men from District 10 Area 75 showed up to unpack and set-up the Spanish language literature displays provided by A.A.W.S. Donations from Hispanic groups, a few areas and Area 75 districts supplied not only coffee but a Saturday night ice cream social in the funded hospitality room.

The November issue of the LaVina dedicated to Hispanic women in AA was given to every Hispanic woman who attended the forum. Area 93 Delegate Francisco A. and some friends flew in from California to surprise and support the forum members.

There was an impressive presentation of the Spanish language “Markings of the Journey”. Numerous boxes of AA pamphlets on our three legacies, GSR and DCM workbooks, Grapevines and LaVina magazines were laid out for distribution.

Greg M., General Manager of GSO, flew into Chicago from Kuwait on Saturday morning and, without stopping to sleep after his many hours of flight, drove to WI changed and gave his usual laid back well versed responses to any and all questions asked of him.

I want to extend special thank you messages to Past Delegate Panel 40 Area 20 Marcia S. for stepping in at the last moment to prepare and present a presentation when a scheduled delegate just didn’t show up, Hispanic DCMs from Area 19 Aurelio B., Area 20 Jesus J., Area 75 David D. and all the dedicated committee members.

Imagine how disappointed the hard working committee members were when only 72 of the 200 pre-registered Spanish-speaking alcoholics and 30 non-Spanish speaking alcoholics showed up for the forum. But Leonard B. said it best – “just enough people were at this forum to make it a rewarding weekend”.

I cannot speak for others but I know I have learned more about myself from this forum experience. I learned keeping things simple works best for all AA events. A Hispanic man with 25 years in A.A. shared he had never heard of the 12 Traditions before the Forum. He finally understood why his group has so many problems.  A Past Hispanic DCM woman addressed the major issues restricting the recovery of Hispanic women and urged them to move beyond the controls and harassment.

In Area 75 alone I’ve seen the following positive changes: members volunteered to start a Spanish language meeting in a local jail, a shy alcoholic stood for and was elected DCM of our linguistic district, a list of bi-lingual contacts is being created for local district and central office hotlines to support calls from Spanish speaking alcoholics and attendance at area assemblies has increased.

Please take a moment to reflect on attending your first AA meeting. Now try to imagine attending your first meeting being unable to understand any spoken words. Feel the anxiety of an incarcerated alcoholic unable to read the English language AA literature available or a young man or woman fearing deportation if they seek help of any kind including attending this forum.

Dr. Bob told us, “A.A. is for those who want it as well as those who need it.” If we want the hand of AA to be there for anyone, anywhere we cannot wait for non-English speaking alcoholics or any other minority to reach out for us we have to go to them.

I feel we have to go outside our “comfort zones” and take responsibility for the future of Alcoholics Anonymous, to help preserve it for the alcoholics being born today. Local forums designed to reach an unseen group of alcoholics are the best tool available to all of us.

I believe alcoholics are the most loving people on earth. I believe AA smiles offer hope to any newcomer. I believe we can make a difference in the lives of others and for that I am responsible.

Thank you for another chance to reach the still suffering alcoholics and to gain wonderful new lifelong friends within our Hispanic members.

In Service, Jo McL Past Delegate Panel 53 Area 75


Marriott Madison West - May 18-20, 2007

As of our April 15 committee meeting, we had 125 registrations sold, with 107 banquets and 75 breakfasts committed. We have exceeded our room night commitment with 65 rooms sold for Friday and 74 for Saturday. If you still need a room, there are many alternate hotels in the area with a wide range of pricing. One particularly generous offer came from the Road Star Inn, two exits east of the Marriott. For up to 4 people in a room, the discounted rate is only $50 plus tax.

We are only 25 days away from the conference. In order to fulfill our contract banquet requirement, we need to sell more banquets and breakfasts, and to have good participation in the Friday ice cream social, the Saturday luncheon and the weekend-long concessions. Those of you who joined us in 2003 at the Marriott will remember the delicious food and generous portions. If by chance you sent in your registration without taking the banquet or breakfast, and would now like to reserve one or both meals, please feel free to contact Kathy W. or me. We will be happy to take care of you. We hope to have some meals available for sale conference weekend, but those numbers will certainly be limited.

In addition to the second-floor hospitality suite, we have the added amenity of a large gathering room on the first floor. This room was not available to our conference in 2003 as a bar called Flashbacks occupied the space. I don’t believe there is a connection between our presence in 2003 and the bar closing.

Our special guest for the weekend is Vincent K., a Class A (nonalcoholic) Trustee. He will give a presentation on Friday night at 7:00 on how your 7th tradition contributions help carry the AA message worldwide. If you wonder how your General Service Office uses that buck in the basket, here is your opportunity to find out from one who is personally involved. After his presentation, Vince will also participate in an Ask-It-Basket with our East Central Regional Trustee, Bob M. This is a great opportunity to get any questions answered about the operation of the Region, the General Service Office or AA as a whole. This is Vince’s last year as Trustee in service to our fellowship. Let’s show our gratitude for his contribution with a good turnout for him on Friday night. On Saturday morning, you will have the opportunity to hear the first report on the 2007 General Service Conference from your Delegate, George P.

I strongly encourage the DCMs and GSRs to promote conference attendance in your groups. Area 75 conferences are wonderful events, with a great combination of fellowship, fun and service.

Thank you for your support!

Respectfully submitted, Nancy G. - Conference Co-Chair/Registration

2007 Fall Conference Report

October 12- 14th at the Holiday Inn, Manitowoc

Conference planning is on schedule.

There are people asking to volunteer. They are encouraged to attend a planning meeting. We hope this enthusiasm carries through until conference time.

We are meeting at the facility (Holiday Inn in Manitowoc) for a walk-thru and to talk to their representative.

Flyers will be available at the spring conference in Middleton on May 18-20th. We will see you there.

Respectfully submitted by: Marv S

Secretary for Mike S. Conf. Chair

2008 Spring Conference Report

Hi everyone here are the minutes for 4-15-2007,


Attended: Kathy F., Russ, Lee Ann, Vicki, Joan, Tom, Crystal, Mark, Michelle, Ruth, Tami, Tim, Sally, Judy, and Mary.

Our May 13th meeting will be postponed due to Mother's Day and the Conference Meeting being held that weekend; however, we will be doing our meeting in Madison on May 19th during the Conference Meeting between 1 - 3:15 pm. For anyone who can attend that would be great. Also, that May 18, Friday night Michelle will be speaking at 8:30 and everyone is invited to breakfast the following morning at 7:45.

Our next formal meeting will be on 6-10-2007 and after our meeting we will be having a pot luck dinner. I will get with Ruth to start some type of list for the food. And at that meeting, we will plan for a pool party during the month of July. At that party, everyone can bring their families and we can all get to know each other on a deeper level.

Topics discussed:

Hotel Info:

They are checking on the cost for mugs

Michelle will get with Judy and Mary to show them the Alanon rooms

We can not change room arrangements the day of the conference

The hotel will let us use the microphone for a minimal fee of $5.00

We have decided to put speakers on a riser - which the hotel provides


Question about the skit needing a run way and there is no run way needed

To reduce cost - the head table will be in with everyone else verse eating on a riser

Russ will consult with DJ about being on a riser; however, the DJ interacts with the audience and will most likely be set up on side of dance floor. The DJ should set up prior to dinner.

Banner - Ruth will check on price for banner. She has a client who may donate one for our conference.


The time of Alanon events has changed from the schedule. The new time is between 3:00-4:30 pm on Saturday afternoon.

Pub and Publicity:

Discussion about the cost of Slim- Jims, Tom will come back to the group with a figure.

Discussion about the amount of flyers that would be needed. Tom and Crystal said $50.00 for the cost of an ink carter age.


We have previously discussed having a fly-in speaker for the Saturday morning meeting; however, Joan pointed out that the GSR' s have an assembly meeting that morning and it would cause some conflict. Therefore, there will still be a speaker, just not one of the flow-in speakers.

Prior to the Spring Conference, we will discuss how to handle conflicting issues about the conference in an appropriate way. Russ suggested the book: "Book of Emotional Sobriety," which is approved AA literature.

Meals and Tickets:

We discussed the expense for the ice cream social; some people were ok with the cost while others not; therefore, we need to check with the Crystal Grill about their ice cream cost.

People need to make their food choices during their registration, not at the conference it's self.

The members of the Spring Conference Committee should go to other groups and ask them to donate Bill W. Tickets.

Discussion of drawings for extra tickets and a possible waiting list for dinner tickets. We will ask past conference people what has been done for this situation.


Ruth has begun a running list of rooms reserved

We need to provide rooms for speakers, delegates, trustees, and treasurer.

We revisited the budget to see were costs could be cut. Prior to budget discussion, the cost per person was $18.00 and when the meeting was over, the cost was lowered to $16.00 per person. At this point of the meeting, we stop the discussion until the next meet formal meeting in June; therefore, this gives each person time to look over their part of the budget and see where costs can be cut.

Secretary Info:

At the next meeting, I will pass around a new list to update phone numbers, e-mail, etc., in order to stay current and keep everyone on the same page.


See you in Madison!!!

Love and Prayers - Kathy

2008 Fall Conference Report

District 12 – Co-chair – Mary R.

Following time line, and are right on now. In may we will be visiting facility to determine how to best fit the needs for area meetings and break/outs – space. Program chair is in the process of selecting and securing speakers. Theme to be: Reaching out to Newcomers. Titles; Page 159 Big Book “Transcended by the Happiness they found”

Central Office/Intergroup Reports


Madison Area Intergroup Central Office

Report for Area 75 Assembly on April 22, 2007

  1. MAICO Reps are having their 2nd Annual Picnic on August 11, 2007 at Honeycreek Park, Monroe, their will be AA, Al-Anon & Alateen speakers. Some flyers available here, also on MAICO web site, upcoming events:


  1. So far this year MAICO has been asked to sell literature at WICYPAA, Dist. 19 Reedsburg, Dist.9 Dodgeville and in June Dist. 37 New Lisbon conferences/workshops. By MAICO participating in these District events we are able to open up the lines of communication and receive some added income.

  2. Various members of the MAICO Steering Committee will visit each of the Districts in the MAICO service area in the next few months. A packet of information about what MAICO is and does will be given to the district. This also creates communication between the districts and MAICO, helping to find out how we can be of service.

  3. The 11th Annual Youngtimers/Oldtimers Workshop will be on Saturday, November 3, 2007 at Trinity Lutheran Church, 1904 Winnebago St., Madison

Coffee Volunteer – for Agenda Planning meeting on June 24th, at the Madison Senior Center. D-16 Randy R.

Old Business:

Bid for Spring 2009 Area 75 Conference.

D-17 Linda N. 5/15 – 17

D-6 & 7 & maybe 36 119 rates, 50 rooms, negotiated 7000.00

Unanimous in favor.



April 18, 2007

Ms. Joanne McL.

1802 Sheridan Road

Kenosha, WI 53140

ORGANIZATION: Alcoholics Anonymous Area 75 Spring Conference

EVENT: May 15-17, 2009

Dear Jo,

Thank you for your interest in the Racine Marriott. It would be our pleasure to have the opportunity to host the A.A. Area 75 Spring Conference May 15-17, 2009.

The Racine Marriott provides:

. Exceptional Service - Marriott is known to be the best in the world in providing outstanding customer service and satisfaction.

. Affordability - The Racine Marriott provides first class accommodations at acceptable rates while not compromising exceptional service and amenities. .

Friday May 15 2009 50 King or Double Occupancy Guestrooms

Saturday, May 16, 2009: 100 king or double occupancy quest rooms

. The discounted rate for the 2009 A.A. Area 75 Spring Conference is $119.00, exclusive of tax. This rate is based on single or double occupancy. The rate offered is a discounted rate from the current rate of $159 for a standard room, exclusive of tax. A.A. will be responsible for utilizing 90% (135) of the contracted number of guestrooms.

. Luxurious Accommodations - All guest rooms have been fully renovated with upgraded bedding and refined amenities. The Marriott Supreme Mattress by Jamison is covered by a luxurious down comforter, designed by Pacific Coast - America's #1 natural bedding brand. This bedding is enhanced with down pillows specifically designed for Marriott. Because of the design and manufacturing process, these items are hypoallergenic, as well.

. Non Smoking Facility _ Marriott has recently introduced completely nonsmoking hotel environments in all of North America and Canada. All guest rooms, meeting rooms, and public areas are nonsmoking. An outdoor smoking area is offered.

. Convenient Location - The Racine Marriott is located 30 minutes south of downtown

Milwaukee, and 80 minutes north of downtown Chicago.

. Full Service Amenities - Bentley's Restaurant offers a daily breakfast buffet with cooked-to­-order Omelets and Belgian Waffles, as well as a Sunday brunch. Lunch is served in both Bentley's and Chats Lounge. Menu items include sandwiches, steaks, fresh seafood, soups and salads. Daily dinner specials are also available, as well as our popular Friday Fish Fry.

. Relaxing Environment - Relax in the indoor pool, whirlpool, and newly renovated fitness center.

. Banquet Information - Based on the Saturday evening banquet and Sunday Breakfast, the minimum host food/beverage expenditure required is $7.000 exclusive of tax and gratuity. Facility fees will be waived: however, in the event less than 7,000 in host food/beverage. The difference will be retained as a facility fee. Standard 2009 menu

pricing will apply. '

Banquet 250 Breakfast 190 are only suggested numbers actual commitment is the $7,000!

Additional Information:

*1 complimentary room per 50 rooms utilized on a cumulative basis.

Thank you for this opportunity to offer a proposal for the 2009 A.A. Area 75 Spring conference. Please contact me at 262-886-6100, or dhenson@racinemarriottcom with any questions you may have. Also, please visit our website, www.racinemarriott.com. to view our rooms and meeting space.

Warm Regards,

Denise Henson

Associate Director of Sales

New Business: Bid for the spring 2010 Area 75 conference.

D32 Chris E. Fri April 30

Bob S. – Olympia Resort Hotel, Oconomowoc

7000 Food & Bev Commitment

150 rooms divided any way we want, rate of 99.

Howard P.

Unanimous in favor – tentatively based on the date, may conflict with Delegate schedule.

Vote on Proposals from 1/22/07 Agenda Planning Meeting:


SPONSORED BY: Marian B. -Area 75 Treatment Chairperson

Phone: 920-923-1592

Email: cuzmarian@charter.net

Proposal: Combine the Bridging the Gap Area Standing Committee into the Area Treatment Standing Committee.

This change amended to take place with the next rotation beginning on June 1, 2007.

Background: The Bridge the Gap Committee was formed by area action in 1992 to aid both Treatment and Corrections in helping alcoholics coming out of treatment facilities and correctional facilities to find a helping hand in finding meetings, sponsors, and friendships in AA.

With the major changes in the traditional treatment field of today, there is more of a need to aid clients in finding help in AA and much less in the actual assistance in the treatment process itself. At the time the Bridging the Gap Committee was formed consisted of many thirty-day treatment programs that, for the most part, do not exist today. As vast majority of our Bridging the Gap clients are coming from out-patient facilities and ninety-day residential treatment facilities. More than half of what our treatment committee people are involved with is covered very well with our own Area 75 Bridge the Gap workbook.

At the same time, the Corrections committee has developed their own lists of people who are willing to “Bridge the Gap” with people coming out of correctional facilities.

Therefore this proposal would eliminate much of the redundancy in these committees and get these committees back to our primary purpose.

Benefits: 1. financially, it would eliminate the funding for one area standing committee person. In this rotation, taking the lowest budget figure between the two committees, $890 would be saved.

  1. Combining the two committees would bring us back in to line with GSO’s comments on Treatment Facilities Committees which reads as follows “The purpose of a treatment facilities committee is to coordinate the work of individual A.A> members and groups who are interested in carrying our message of recovery to alcoholics in treatment facilities and other non-correctional environments, and to set up means of ‘bridging the gap’ from the facility to the A.A. community. The committee will review all aspects of service to A.A. groups/meetings in treatment facilities and other non-correctional environments and make recommendations for changes and/or improvements.” To quote Joan J., our past delegate and past Treatment Facilities Chairperson who wrote the original proposal to set up Bridge the Gap, “The Bridge the Gap Committee has done it’s job. Let’s keep it simple and bring it back where it belongs.”

Funding: Short-term, there should be no cost to the Area. Long-term there may come a day when the Treatment Facilities Committee may need a PO Box similar to the treasurer and corrections committee mailboxes.

#1 Vote on this proposal 81 for and 14 against – This Passed

National Bridging the Gap Work Shop a Covered expense. This proposal will be on the agenda.


Update Area Assembly Actions Appendix E, Attachment 5, Meals - This is a house keeping to clarify.


Used for documenting proposed agenda items for the Agenda Planning Meetings

Agenda Proposal Sponsor Nancy H. Phone #__262-673-5019_____

Sponsor’s service position______Area 75 Treasurer ______

Votes on this proposal: Yes No Passed? Defeated?_____

Provide complete details of your proposal (attach any supporting documentation)

Update Area 75 Assembly actions Appendix E, Attachment 5

- Financial Support of Area Officer to add the following: Meals at Area 75 Conference means meals provided for on the registration form (e.g. Banquet and Breakfast.

List the primary benefits of your proposal. Who does it help? How?

The Purpose of these changes is to clarify current assembly actions.

Total cost to Area 75 members? ________________________________________

Minimal. Cost to update Assembly Action Binders Annually is included in the area budget.

One time expense? ______________________Ongoing? ____________________

Where would funding come from? ______________________________________


Update Area Assembly actions Appendix E, Attachment 5, reimbursed for workshops and mini-conferences are those specifically related to your service position, must participate in event.


Used for documenting proposed agenda items for the Agenda Planning Meetings

Agenda Proposal Sponsor Nancy H. Phone #__262-673-5019

Sponsor’s service position______Area 75 Treasurer

Votes on this proposal: Yes No Passed? Defeated?_____

Provide complete details of your proposal (attach any supporting documentation)

Update Area 75 Assembly actions Appendix E, Attachment 5

- Financial Support of Area Officer to add the following: Expenses reimbursed for workshops and mini-conferences are those specifically related to your service position.

List the primary benefits of your proposal. Who does it help? How?

The Purpose of these changes is to clarify current assembly actions.

Total cost to Area 75 members? ________________________________________

Minimal. Cost to update Assembly Action Binders Annually is included in the area budget.

One time expense? ______________________Ongoing? ____________________

Where would funding come from? ______________________________________



GSR can vote on the budget. This proposal will be on the agenda.


Used for documenting proposed agenda items for the Agenda Planning Meetings

Agenda Proposal Sponsor___Doreen H_______Phone # 608-223-5540

Sponsor’s service position______District 20 DCM_______________________

Votes on this proposal: Yes No Passed? Defeated?_____

Provide complete details of your proposal (attach any supporting documentation)

GSR having voting privileges for Budget purposes no matter what meeting the approval of the budget is held.

List the primary benefits of your proposal. Who does it help? How?

GSR should be included in the voting process of the budget.

Total cost to Area 75 members? None

One time expense? ______________________Ongoing? ____________________

Where would funding come from? ______________________________________


When anyone, anywhere reaches out, I want the hand of A.A. always to be there, and for that: I am responsible!”

Upcoming Events

Area 75 Spring Conference – May 18th – 20th (Delegate’s Report)

Agenda Planning Meeting - June 24th

Pre-Conference Assembly - September 26th

Area 75 Fall Conference/East Central Regional Convention – October 12th-14th

East Central Regional Forum – November 9th – 11th (Chicago, Ill)