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Alcoholic’s Anonymous - Area 75

Alcoholic’s Anonymous - Area 75

9:00 a.m. Sunday, June 11, 2006

Agenda Planning Meeting

Madison Senior Center

Madison, WI



OFFICERS PRESENT: Howard P, Area Chairperson; Monica M, Alternate Chairperson; Nancy G, Delegate; Robert S, Alternate Delegate; John B, Secretary; Kathy W, Alternate Secretary; Nancy H, Treasurer; Doreen H, Alternate Treasurer

STANDING COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSONS PRESENT: Nancy S, Archivist; Terry R, Archives; Paul H, Corrections; Stu E, Cooperation with the Professional Community (CPC); George P, Public Information (PI); Marion B, Treatment; Cindy H, Conference Advisory Committee; George D, Area Registrar

Excused: Ken Y, Bridging the Gap, Jo Mc, Grapevine; Michael N, Special Needs

DCM’s PRESENT: D1-John N; D3-Jim K; D6-JimMc; D8-Russ K (Alt); D11-John W; D12-Annette D; D13-Chris C, Kane B (Alt); D16-Randy R; D17-Carol McG; D19-Libby K; D20-Ireen H (Alt); D22-Matt Z; D25-Mark C, John W; D28-Ken N; D29-Ron G; D32-Chris E; D34-Todd U

GSR’s & DISTRICT COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSONS PRESENT: D1- Art B, David F; D3-Martha G, Deb T, Michael S; D11–Gregory P, Don K; D13-Donna F, Cheri C, Shelly D; D16-Theresa W; D19-Sam M, Bonnie W; D20-Steve T, Henry S; D25-George B; D29- Rick B, Beth S, Bill E, Dennis D; D32- Darwin M (Alt); D34- Drew A, Tom R

OTHERS PRESENT: Past Delegates (Area 75)-John B(31), Bill H(41), Joan J(43), Bill A(45), Ken G(49), Leo M(51); Michael S, Fall 2007 Conference Chair

Area 75 Agenda Planning Meeting

June 11, 2006

Area 75 Treasurer’s Report

Copies of the May 31, 2006 Balance Sheet, Budget Report and the Income Statement - Current to Prior Year Actuals were on the back table. Copies of the spreadsheets detailing contributions by group are available for your review. Additional funds have been received by the area since the end of May and will be deposited tomorrow so the area is currently in good shape financially. Contributions have been received from 266 groups, districts and individuals for the area fund. Count-on-Us has received contributions from 11 groups, districts and events and the Rainbow Fund has had 19 different contributors.

Thanks again to those groups using the contribution form (copies available here and on the area web site www.area75.org) and especially those who include their GSO group number. Many groups have similar names and it is difficult to determine whom the funds are from if all of the requested group information is not given. Use of the form makes my job much easier and makes the record of contributors to the area more accurate and complete.

An audit of the books for 2005 was performed at the Spring Conference and signed off by 2 past treasurers. The finance committee has established an ongoing audit process, which will ensure a more complete audit and making the end of year process much simpler.

The Finance Committee has begun work on planning for the budget process to aid committee chairs and officers in establishing their budgets for the next year. The committee also discussed whether clarification was needed in the assembly actions to identify what expenses are covered. The committee did not think additional assembly actions were required but thought it necessary to fully explain in more detail what would be covered when new officers and committee chairs take office for a new rotation.

Submitted by: Nancy H, Area 75 Treasurer

Balance Sheet





Current Assets

Cash in Checking-M&I


Prudent Reserve-M&I


Cash-Count On Us


Cash - Rainbow Can


A/R-Conference Seed Money


Expense Advance





Total Current Assets



Total Assets




Current Liabilities


Total Current Liabilities



Total Liabilities



Retained Earnings


Net Income



Total Capital



Total Liabilities & Capital





Income Statement

This Year

Last Year

Year to Date
This Year

Year to Date
Last Year


Group Donations





Group Donations - Rainbow





Group Donations - Count On Us





Conference Proceeds





Other Income









Total Revenues










Bank Charges





Conference Loss





Conference Booth Fee





GSO Fees










Literature - Rainbow/COU




















Misc/Office Expense















Registration Fees










Archives Rent



















Total Expenses









Net Income










Budget vs. Actual


2006 Budget YTD

2006 Actual YTD

2006 Total Budget

2006 Variance YTD














Alt. Delegate/Lit.
















































Public Info.












Spcl. Needs












Alt. Chair






Alt. Secretary






Alt. Treasurer












Dear Fellowship

My name is Howard P I am an alcoholic and I have the honor being Area 75 Chairperson.

I wish to thank all the Districts who have continued to send me you District minutes.  Thank you for keeping me informed as to what is going on in your Districts.



     Forms available on our Web Site.   If you have not registered please do so. 


    As we are all aware, we will be holding Area 75 Elections at our incoming Area 75 Fall Conference in South Beloit on the weekend of Oct 20th - 22nd.   I would ask each and every District to please talk about this Service opportunity.  And would ask you additionally go to our A.A. Service Manual for the specific requirements for the elected Area Service Positions.  We in Area 75 follow the Third Legacy Procedure as described on pages S20 / S21. 


   Knowing that we have sometime before this will take place but I feel that as DCM's I need to relay on you to pass on this Service information to our Fellowship.  


   As Area Chair I am responsible to make sure that each District in Area 75 be aware of this rotation process and as per Area 75 Assembly Actions, the newly elected Area Chair has the responsibility of assigning all the Area 75 Stand Committee Chairs.  By your Assembly Actions those who would be interested in seeking the position of an Area 75 Standing Committee Chairperson should submit our Area Resume form.

This resume form can be found on our Area 75 Web Site and I will be bring some with me to our up coming June 11th Agenda Planning meeting and also at the Sept. 24th Pre-Conference Assembly, the Fall Conference Oct. 20-22, 06. 

     Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have on these subject.  I would also you to contact the current Standing Committee Chairs to ask them of their specific duties and the qualifications for their respective position.


                 Yours in Service and Fellowship

                   Howard P / Area Chair

                   20860 George Hunt Circle #335

                   Waukesha, WI. 53186




    AS OF THE DATE OF THIS REPORT NO DISTRICT HAS STEPPED FORWARD TO HOST THE SPRING 2009 AREA 75 CONFERENCE.  If any District steps forward at the June 11th Meeting I will place the Conference Bid as emergency business.  Conference Bids need to be approved by the Area Assembly.


Standing Committee Reports:

Area 75 Registrars Report 06/11/06

George D

On May 6th after the morning Assembly I met with George P, Howard P, Nancy G and John B, to discuss the responsibilities of my position, also I received any and all information that George P had in his possession. I was instructed to call GSO and register my name with them and position held, I spoke with Karen H at GSO who is the Manager of Support Services, Karen said she would supply me with an updated list for this area, along with a program, we have since that time corresponded and it seems the program she wants to send me has some errors in it and as soon as it is fixed she will forward that on to me.

I also took the opportunity to write to Gail B at Area 74 who is their Registrar, Gail also gave my some valuable information, and finally I have been updating the area roster as I receive information. Should anyone one here need to reach me my E-mail is gdvorak@wi.rr.com and my home phone is 262-968-9497.

Yours in Service

George D

Area 75 Registrar

Area 75 Corrections Report

June 11, 2006

We had a good meeting this morning w/nine districts represented. All shared on how AA corrections meetings for jails & prisons are doing in their districts. Many struggle with getting enough volunteers to go into the meetings.

There was a very successful Corrections Conference for Areas 74 & 75 held last weekend in Madison – approximately 100 people attended. Great panels of ex-offenders, AA volunteers, Count on Us & Rainbow Funds, & main speakers from Chicago and the head administrator of Southern Oaks Girls School in Union Grove.

We are putting together an Area 75 Corrections Committee newsletter featuring success stories of how districts get larger numbers of volunteers involved in corrections meeting and sharing stories from inmates on how AA meetings behind the walls has helped them. This will be sent to all district corrections chairs and outside sponsors (AA) for corrections facilities.

I bought $650 in AA literature (30 Big Books, 20 12&12’s and 50 Daily Reflections) which was given out at this meeting for jail and prison meetings.

Since Jan. ’05 we’ve distributed 400 Rainbow Cans to fund literature purchases.

Respectfully submitted,

Paul H

Area 75 Corrections Chair

Literature Report


I had brought today’s topic up at the Spring Conference, and it sparked a very vibrant conversation. I say conversation because I don’t believe anybody walked away angry. There was lots of information sharing. What I’m speaking of is a time-honored tradition called “Conference Approved Literature”. I have been asked many times, “Just what is conference approved literature?” Or some one may ask, “What is the difference between conference approved and all the other stuff?”

I hope that those of us in attendance today know the difference. If not, please ask someone that does. I’m certain they will be more than happy to try to answer your questions.

The issues surrounding non-conference and conference approved are as follows:

 What message are we carrying? Is it the message of Alcoholics Anonymous or some ones opinion?

 What message are we presenting to the very susceptible newcomer?

 Are we being confused by mixed messages?

 Are we supporting A.A. or an outside entity? If the groups purchase non-conference approved literature, are we sending the message that the traditions were intended to be violated.

I’m sure there is much more that could be brought forth on this topic. Please keep in mind that we have no right to tell any individual what they may or may not read. This is completely up to the individual. Their own conscience and their own state of mind will dictate that decision. We don’t have the right to make that decision for any one.

We do however have a duty and a responsibility to A.A. That responsibility is to inform the unknowing, especially the groups, that they can make an informed decision as to what information they chose to pass on to the still suffering alcoholic.

I can only speak for myself, in knowing that I personally have read some conflicting literature in the past, this made me confused and headed me in the wrong direction several times. I have made it one of my duties to attempt to educate others so they don’t follow in my footsteps. I only hope each and every one of you will do the same, especially for newcomers.


Respectfully submitted,

Bob S

Area 75 Alt. Delegate/Literature Chair

Public Information Chairperson Report – June 11, 2006

Hello, everyone. My report will be short today. But I do want to give a shout-out to my friends from District 3. There are five of them here today. That could be an all-time record for our district. Maybe hosting the Fall 2007 5-State Conference helped that happen? Gee, maybe hosting a conference would bring growth to your district as well!

Tuesday night I will be attending the Secretary’s meeting at the Milwaukee Central office at the invitation of the Director. I’ll talk to them about Public Information and about the spiritual benefit of General Service to our dear fellowship.

We have been receiving plenty of events for posting on the Events Calendar at http://www.area75.org. You can submit your event my emailing the info as well as a .pdf copy of your flyer to events@area75.org.

Most districts have posted meeting information at Area75.org. Please check to see if your district has. If you need to make any corrections to meetings listed or have any suggestions or feedback on our website, please send them to me at geoman7447@gmail.com.

I’d just like to put in a plug for your consideration of attending the Unity Conference next month in Wisconsin Rapids. I will not be able to go because of a family wedding but I have secured a surrogate who will attend and use my re-imbursement.

Finally, I want to encourage anyone who has an interest in General Service to fill out the Area 75 Resume form. This form is available for download and printing at Area75.org. There are only 6 months left in this rotation and it will be very helpful for the next Area Chairperson to have lots of resume’s to pick from when deciding who to appoint to all committee chairs, including PI.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your PI chair. Please feel free to contact me if I can be of service to your group or district. I will travel anywhere.

George P, Area 75 PI Chairperson

CPC Chair’s Report to Area 75 Agenda Planning Meeting

June 11, 2006

Greetings. First, I promised all of you an update on efforts undertaken with the CPC chairs of the districts in Waukesha County in cooperation with the recently established OWI Treatment Court there. Word has gotten to me that several offenders have in fact been referred by the court to local AA meetings. In addition, District 13’s CPC Chair has reported specific requests for literature, meeting lists, and rides to meetings from the Court Manager. She has made known to the Court Manager the meeting list on the Area 75 website, so it is now being used regularly by court professionals to direct prospective AA members to meetings. This form of cooperation with courthouse professionals to directly encourage individual recovery is new ground for us here in Wisconsin. I hope you are as excited about it as I am! In addition, the judge in charge of the court has recently been in touch with the CPC Chair of District 34, who has served as our lead contact with the courthouse since this project began.

Immediately following our own Spring Conference, I did travel to Madison to work with volunteers from D20 at our booth at the 40th Annual Convention of WAAODA, the WI Association on Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse. GSO’s literature shipment did arrive, but fell somewhat short of our needs. Tom G. and I picked up additional literature from both MAICO and Greater Milwaukee Central Office. As you might recall, District 20 was Area 75’s financial partner in this convention exhibit effort. They evenly split a $400.00 booth fee with us again this year. Tom G., District 20’s CPC Chair, acted as my local co-chair. I did arrive on Sunday afternoon, as planned. My early arrival managed to secure for us a prime booth location—I heard a few government agencies are getting a bit jealous! Tom and I attended a meeting of the Monona Serenity Group Sunday night. Last year’s convention exhibit effort was highly successful. This year’s effort built further on that successful cooperation. We estimated 640 attendees at the WAAODA Convention this year who came by the Exhibit Hall, up from about 500 last year. Many were treatment counselors or students in a CADC curriculum. I did manage, as hoped for, a few moments alone with the Hon. Matthew Frank, Secretary of the Department of Corrections of the State of Wisconsin. Paul H., our Area 75 Corrections Chairman, had prepped me on one problem experienced in some prison meetings. I did relay that information, and I did give to the Secretary for all of you a copy of the GSC approved booklet, “Memo to an Inmate”. Our talk was brief but productive. Besides that contact, we fielded numerous questions, often about finding meetings locally. We handed out much literature. We made valuable contacts in counseling, corrections and AODA treatment. Some of those contacts have been invited to local CPC presentations like the upcoming “Lunch-N-Learn”, another Waukesha County event to be held on June 23rd. Another yielded an opportunity for a new jail meeting in Area 74. That area’s Corrections Chair will be handling that.

You have heard a lot today about efforts to identify those who will succeed us in the next term. I have resume forms with me. I can tell you that DCM and 12 Tradition experience helps a lot in this job. I would be glad to discuss specifics with any of you. If you have the experience and are looking for an AA service position with variety and an active committee supporting you, this is indeed all of that.

Well, our exhibit plans are over for the year. I will be working with a few district CPC Chairs this summer on projects. I have been asked to help get CPC up and rolling in several districts. It is a change of pace, but I will attend to that with, I hope, the same vigor I have tried to bring to this work all along.

Once again, I thank you all for your support in our CPC endeavors, both through spreading the word as you do and through your group and individual contributions which allow us to hand out literature and staff exhibits and presentations. Finally, my thanks to all who have allowed us to pursue this carrying of AA’s message with innovative approaches and cooperative effort.

Yours in Recovery and Service,

Stu E, Area 75 CPC Chairman

Treatment Committee Report

June 11, 2006

Madison Senior Center

Good Morning, My name is Marian B and I am an alcoholic, and your Area Treatment Chair as well.

On May 6th I attended the Spring Conference in LaCrosse, and was part of the joint Treatment/BTG Standing Committee meeting. Although the meeting was not as well attended as I would have liked it to be, the discussion was lively and to the point. Some of our Past Delegates “stopped by”, and as you might well imagine, the discussion became livelier.

As a result of that meeting, and some other input that I have been receiving over the last year, I have spent some time putting together a Proposal, which you will be able to debate later on today.

I continue to receive minutes from a majority of the Districts, for which I am most grateful. Thanks Everyone.

As this rotation is coming to a close, I urge all DCM’s to take a look at your Treatment Committee in your District, and make sure that your Treatment people are aware of the resume forms. Those DCM’s who are rotating out might also want to “take a look” at offering themselves for Area Service. This is a REAL BIG HINT.

Respectfully Submitted:

Marian B

Treatment Chair

June 11, 2006

Bridge The Gap Report

I am sorry I can't be there. I wanted to be, but I am under doctor's orders to stay close to home and not drive. I had surgery on June 6th and now I am recouperating.

As far the Bridge The Gap, I am almost caught up. I just received a list from Rogers Hospital to do. This should be done by Monday. Everything else is done.

In Loving Service

Kenneth Y

Area 75 Bridge The Gap Chair

Request to View Confidential Area 75 Archive Materials

Date: _______________________________________________________

Name: ______________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________

Phone: _____________________________________________________

E-mail: _____________________________________________________

Home Group: ________________________________________________

Material Requested: ___________________________________________





Reason for Requesting Material: ________________________________







Request Reviewed By:

1) __________________________________________________________

2) __________________________________________________________

3) __________________________________________________________

Date Reviewed: ______________________________________________

Approved Denied

Date To View Material: ________________________________________

Reason for Denial: ____________________________________________













Conference Advisory Committee

June 11, 2006

The conferences are coming along very well. The Spring ’06 conference in LaCrosse was very successful. There were 425 total registrations 173 rooms booked and $3000.00 was returned to the area.

Dave F. will give a full report on the Spring 2006 conference in LaCrosse. The advisor for this conference was Rick J.

The Fall ’06 conference will be in Beloit; specifically South Beloit. Wanda F. is the chairperson and Ken G. is advisor. I believe there are approximately 15 registrations at this time. There was nobody at the meeting this morning so I have no additional information.

The Spring ’07 conference will be in Madison & the chairperson is Ken G.

The 5 State Regional/Fall’07 conferences will be in Manitowoc. Mike S. is the chair, Joan J. is the advisor. Marv was at this morning’s meeting and shared with us how their conference is proceeding.

Spring ‘08 will be in Oconomowoc at Olympia Village. Ruth G. is the chairperson and Joan is the advisor.

Fall ’08 is hosted by Distric 12 and is being held at the Holiday Inn in Fond du Lac. Ron G. is the advisor and Annette D. is the chairperson. This Converence is presently signing their contract.

The Unity Conference will be held in Wisconsin Rapids. The Area 75 co-chair is Barb W.

Cindy H.

Conf. Adv. Chair

Spring 2006

Area 75 Conference

Radisson Hotel, LaCrosse

May 5-7, 2006

Chairperson’s Report

Submitted by: David F

Conference Advisor: Rick J


I would like to begin by thanking our advisor and all of the members of the conference committee for making my job so easy. Thanks also to the many volunteers who gave of their time to help the conference go smoothly. Once again, I was amazed by how far AA’s will go to carry the message.

Key results are outlined as follows:

  1. The total number of registrations was 425; 245 pre-registrations and 180 on site registrations.

  1. We sold 207 banquets; 190 were purchased in advance and 17 were sold at the conference.

  1. We sold 125 breakfasts; 115 were purchased in advance and 10 were sold at the conference.

  1. Our hotel room pickup was 173 rooms; 2 rooms Thursday night, 81 rooms Friday night and 90 rooms Saturday night. This was well in excess of the 150 room night commitment.


Total income of $15,819.18 and total expenses of $12,814.17 are detailed on the attached budget sheet.

The net result was a profit of $3005.01, which was given to the Area Treasurer on 6/11/06.


Because our committee wanted to be certain that this conference did not lose money, we made a conservative budget and set prices accordingly. We envisioned lower attendance than at recent conferences in Madison and Milwaukee and set the registration fee of $15 based on estimates of 400-450 registrations. This worked out well, as we had 395 paid registrations. Because we forgot about our tax-exempt status when calculating the meal costs, the prices of the meals were higher than they needed to be.

Advice for future conferences

  1. Arrange for interpretive services in advance of your conference even if you have not had any specific requests for these services. It is easier to cancel the plans a week before the conference than it is to arrange for them on short notice.

  1. During volunteer recruitment be sure to provide a schedule. People are much more likely to commit to a specific time.

  1. When negotiating with the hotel, work for a minimal room night commitment. This may drive your room rate up, but it will decrease the cost of the meeting space. If you are creative, you can arrange for a package that works well both for Area 75 and for the hotel.

  1. When discussing contract details, be sure to get everything written down. The hotel’s Sales staff is likely to turn over during the three years that pass between bid and conference.

  1. Be enthusiastic! When you take flyers to events hand them out rather than setting them on tables. At the conference, try to have at least one infectiously happy person working amongst your greeters and at the registration tables at all times. These people set the tone for the whole conference.

Area 75 Spring Conference 2006












$ 15.00

$ 6,750.00



$ 5,925.00



$ 28.00

$ 6,300.00



$ 6,216.00



$ 16.00

$ 1,760.00



$ 2,288.00

Seed Money

$ 503.73

$ -





$ -




$ 1,390.18

Total Income

$ 15,313.73

$ 15,819.18





$ 23.59

$ 5,897.50


$ 4,209.83



$ 14.88

$ 1,860.00


$ 2,001.81

Set up/AV fees




$ 500.00




$ -


$ 8,257.50

$ 6,211.64



$ 1,500.00

$ 443.40


$ -

$ 256.70





$ 700.00




$ -


$ 2,200.00

$ 700.10





$ 1,226.30

$ 2,599.34




$ 245.26

$ -





$ 245.26




$ -


$ 1,716.82

$ 2,599.34



$ 700.00

$ 619.75


$ 100.00

$ -


$ -

$ -


$ 100.00

$ -


$ 500.00

$ 275.00

Speaker Gifts

$ 125.00

$ 106.97


$ 150.00

$ 15.00

Name Tags

$ 75.00

$ -

PO Box

$ 80.00

$ 38.00


$ 150.00

$ 57.34


$ 100.00

$ 147.03


$ 420.00

$ -


$ 270.00

$ -


$ -

$ 22.00


$ 250.00

$ -

Cash Box

$ -

$ 200.00


$ -

$ 477.00

Returned Donations

$ -

$ 1,225.00

Rent for Planning




$ -




$ 120.00


$ 3,020.00

$ 3,303.09










Total Expenses

$ 15,194.32

$ 12,814.17


$ 119.41

$ 3,005.01

Payout to Area 75




$ 119.41




$ 3,005.01

Ending Balance

$ -

$ -

Unity Conference

July 7, 8 & 9, 2006

The Hotel Mead in Wisconsin Rapids

Update as of 6/11/2006

We currently have 44 people registered and 36 people signed up for the banquet.

We need 206 more registrants and 85 more people for the banquet in order to break even.

If you haven’t yet registered, please do so. Also, anything you can do to help get the word out about the conference would be greatly appreciated.

Our last meeting before the conference is today, June 11.

Thank you all for your support.

Respectfully submitted,

Barb W

Unity Conference Co-Chair/Secretary


Kathy West <westhawke@charter.net>






Jun 12, 2006 8:48 PM

We had a Unity Conference meeting Sunday, and we got a list of reservations

that were made with the hotel, and we also got the list of people registered

for the conference.

The committee asked me to remind everyone that if you want to get the

Conference rate for the rooms, you must make your reservation no later than

06/15/06. The hotel's phone number is 800-843-6323. If you made a hotel

reservation please call the hotel and confirm the registration, and verify

that it is being credited to the conference. We had to correct a few that

were coded incorrectly, so we were not getting credit.

I do not know the names of the standing committee chairs for Area 74, but

there are quite a few of the Area 75 standing committee chairs that are not

on the registration list yet, please send your registrations in as soon as


FYI-there will be areas set up for the Standing Committees to have joint

sharing sessions at 11:00 on Saturday morning. It will be a joint decision

between the Area 74 and Area 75 committee chairs as to if they want to just

have a round table discussion, or another format.


Pre-Conference Assembly

June 11, 2006

Thank you all for being here today to participate in our Third Legacy of Service.

District Visits

I have a calendar available to schedule visits to your District meetings and workshops. If you would like me to attend and/or participate, please let me know as soon as possible. I truly enjoy the District events and meetings, and with the rotation coming to an end, I would like to get as many scheduled as I can.

Group Contributions/New Groups

The Group Contribution report for the first quarter 2006 is available for your review. Overall, our group contributions for Area 75 remained the same as 2005 for this period – 23%. This is a very disappointing number. What have you done in your district over the last three months to encourage self-support? Have you had any discussions in your district meetings about the 7th Tradition? Did you read the letter sent by Don Meurer outlining the array of services provided by your General Service Office and share it with your groups? Did you participate in the birthday plan or educate your sponsees about it? It is a spiritual privilege and responsibility to support our fellowship worldwide. Let’s act on it. There are contribution and birthday plan envelopes available here today.

The new group forms I have received from GSO since our last meeting are for the following cities: Beloit, Burlington, Campbellsport, Elm Grove, Racine, Salem, Slinger and Waukesha. As always, some of these may be repeat forms. Please take the copies with you, contact these new groups, and make sure they are welcomed into the general service structure. If there is no district number on the form, please notify the GSO Records Department of the correct district number as soon as possible.

Hispanic Forum

In cooperation with other Areas in the East Central Region, Area 75 will be host to a Special Hispanic Forum in Kenosha on November 11-12, 2006. If you know of Spanish-speaking meetings in your District, please be sure to alert them to this wonderful sharing opportunity.

Also, it has been requested that each Area in our Region contribute $100 to this forum for coffee expenses.

General Service Board/Conference

- A Class A (non-alcoholic) trustee vacancy will occur on the General Service Board at the conclusion of the 57th General Service Conference in April 2007. The Trustees’ Committee on Nominating asks that the resumes of any friends of A.A. we believe would be interested in serving be submitted as soon as possible. If you want more information, please ask.

- For those of you who were not at the Spring Conference in La Crosse, I will be happy to provide copies of any and all of the reports on the General Service Conference via email or regular mail. Sign-up sheets are at the registration table.

- I want to share one more bit of inspiration from the Conference. As I mentioned in my report, we had two guests at the Conference; Noriaki Nozaki, General Manager of GSO-Japan and Valerie Martin, General Manager of GSO-Australia. On May 19, I received the following email:

Subject: Thank you so much from Japan

Dear Delegates,

It was a great pleasure to participate to your functionally-matured AA, and sure became a wonderful experience for me, felt like another miracle happened. This is my responsibility to pass this wonderful experience on to other members of Japan.

I was so blessed to have this opportunity to see the all dependable delegates, trustees, experienced members and GSO staffs concentrate on doing their best to

our primary purpose, especially to respect and make an effective use the Third Legacy at the Conference.

Bill’s word on the last day made my gratitude get deeper. Again, thanks for this opportunity and hope to see you again.

Best regards, In Fellowship,

Noriaki Nozaki

This is one more example of why I am so grateful to serve as your Delegate. This is why we are here. God bless.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy G

New Business

District 25 volunteered to make coffee for the Pre-Conference Assembly on September 24th.

Wisconsin I.C.Y.P.A.A. Bid Committee

June 11, 2006

I.C.Y.P.A.A. - Advisory Council

P.O. Box 46078

Denver, Colorado 80201

Dear I.C.Y.P.A.A. Advisory Board,

Area 75 is pleased to offer its support to the Wisconsin I.C.Y.P.A.A. Bid Committee. We hope that they are awarded the bid; Milwaukee is not only a phenomenal location for a conference of this scale, having the conference there would also enrich the A.A. community. In addition there are not any large conference events prior to or preceding the proposed weekend of the event which is Labor Day weekend of 2007.


Howard P

Area 75 Chairperson

Area 75 Proposal

Proposal Sponsor: Nancy H Sponsor Phone: 262-673-5019

Sponsors Service Position: Area 75 Treasurer

Describe your proposal:

Update the Composition of the Area Finance Committee Membership to add the Alternate Treasurer to replace one of the 3 additional members from the current Area committee pool. Membership would then be “Current Area 75 Alternate Treasurer and 2 additional members instead of 3 additional members.

List the primary benefits of your proposal to the area:

Currently the Alternate Treasurer is not one of the named positions on the Area Finance Committee. The Alternate Treasurer should always remain in a position to assist or take over the position of treasurer if needed. Having a position on this committee will help keep the Alternate Treasurer involved.

Estimate any funding required:

None. There is no change to the funding for this committee. Expenses for any postage or copies are already included in the Treasurer’s budget.

Voting: In favor – Unanimous



SPONSORED BY: Marian B - Area 75 Treatment Chairperson

Phone: 920-923-1592

Email: cuzmarian@charter.net

Proposal: Combine the Bridging the Gap Area Standing Committee into the Area Treatment Standing Committee.

This change would take place with the next rotation beginning on January 1, 2007.

Background: The Bridge the Gap Committee was formed by area action in 1992 to aid both Treatment and Corrections in helping alcoholics coming out of treatment facilities and correctional facilities to find a helping hand in finding meetings, sponsors, and friendships in AA.

With the major changes in the traditional treatment field of today, there is more of a need to aid clients in finding help in AA and much less in the actual assistance in the treatment process itself. At the time the Bridging the Gap Committee was formed consisted of many thirty-day treatment programs that, for the most part, do not exist today. As vast majority of our Bridging the Gap clients are coming from out-patient facilities and ninety-day residential treatment facilities. More than half of what our treatment committee people are involved with is covered very well with our own Area 75 Bridge the Gap workbook.

At the same time, the Corrections committee has developed their own lists of people who are willing to “Bridge the Gap” with people coming out of correctional facilities.

Therefore this proposal would eliminate much of the redundancy in these committees and get these committees back to our primary purpose.

Benefits: 1. Financially, it would eliminate the funding for one area standing committee person. In this rotation, taking the lowest budget figure between the two committees, $890 would be saved.

  1. Combining the two committees would bring us back in to line with GSO’s comments on Treatment Facilities Committees which reads as follows “The purpose of a treatment facilities committee is to coordinate the work of individual A.A> members and groups who are interested in carrying our message of recovery to alcoholics in treatment facilities and other non-correctional environments, and to set up means of ‘bridging the gap’ from the facility to the A.A. community. The committee will review all aspects of service to A.A. groups/meetings in treatment facilities and other non-correctional environments and make recommendations for changes and/or improvements.” To quote Joan J., our past delegate and past Treatment Facilities Chairperson who wrote the original proposal to set up Bridge the Gap, “The Bridge the Gap Committee has done it’s job. Let’s keep it simple and bring it back where it belongs.”

Funding: Short-term, there should be no cost to the Area. Long-term there may come a day when the Treatment Facilities Committee may need a PO Box similar to the treasurer and corrections committee mailboxes.

Voting: In favor – Unanimous


Area 75 Proposal

Proposal Sponsor: Fred K Sponsor Phone: 262-903-77199

Sponsors Service Position: Dist. 6 Correction & GSR - Wed. Night Delavan

Describe your proposal:

Close all area functions with the Responsibility Declaration rather than the Lord’s Prayer.

List the primary benefits of your proposal to the area:

Neither non-denominational, nor religious affiliation implied, states our purpose, simple, unifying.

Estimate any funding required:


Voting: In favor – 1, Opposed – 23, No minority opinion


Area 75 Proposal Form

Used for documenting proposals for the Agenda Planning Meeting

Proposal Sponsor: Kathy W Sponsors Phone: 608-225-2620

Sponsors Service Position: Alternate Secretary

Describe your proposal (Attach any supporting documentation)

That Area 75 checks require one signature, with the following officers having authorization to sign checks: Treasurer, Secretary and Chairperson.

In order to facilitate accountability on checks that are written, all checks require signed approval by one of the non-issuing authorized signers.

(If treasurer is signing check then secretary or chairperson would have to approve) A response to an electronic mail request for approval would be considered a signed approval.

List the primary benefits of your proposal to the area.

As it stands now there is a long wait between when expenses and/or invoices are incurred and when the treasurer is able to issue the checks, as a second officer must sign them. The officers of the present rotation live fairly close to each other, so if necessary they could get together to sign checks. However, if in a future rotation the officers lived far apart, this would not be feasible. By having another officer approve the expense, we are fulfilling the accountability issue that 2 signatures on a check achieves without delaying reimbursement.

The current policy unfairly discriminates against people who would not be financially able to hold service positions if there continues to be an extended delay before expenses are reimbursed.

Estimate any funding required. Outline where funding would come from. Explain whether this is a onetime or ongoing expense.


Voting: In favor – Unanimous



Sponsor: Monica M Phone: 262-792-1490

Service Position: Alternate Chairperson

Votes on this proposal: Yes______No______Passed?______Defeated?______

Provide complete details of your proposal:

This is basically a housekeeping item. There are many outdated, unused motions in the Area 75 Assembly Actions manual. This proposal is to delete or supercede these items. All items are one proposal and I propose that the assembly can vote on each item individually or as a whole.

p. 1-5

1965/10/16 Secretaries Meeting

Motion: Minutes of meeting to be sent to each group secretary with the “Between Us” mailing

1978/09/10 Pre-Conference Meeting and Assembly

Conference Funds: $1,500 Conference Fund minimum balance. Excess amount in Conference Fund transferred to Milwaukee Central Office to pay “Between Us” deficit.

p. 3-2

1975/09/07 Pre-Conference.

Motion: Group Secretaries meeting to be included at Conferences. Motion Carried.

p. 3-2

1975/05/11 Spring Conference, Burlington.

Conference dates:

Fall Conference - 3rd weekend in October.

Fall Pre-Conference - 3rd weekend in September (Madison).

Spring Conference - 3rd weekend in May.

Spring Pre-Conference - 3rd weekend in April (Madison


Motion carried to hold all Area Assemblies at the Monona Community Center. Does not include Conferences.

p. 5-4

1986/12/07 DCM and Standing Committee Meeting (Agenda Planning Meeting)

Incoming Area Chairman’s Report (Scott J.): Minutes of Assembly Meetings should be sent to Central Office in Milwaukee and GSO for their respective archives records.

See 2001/03/04 p. 5-1

p. 5-5

1980/05/03 Assembly Meeting, Madison

Delegate’s Expenses Fund: To provide an adequate sum for Delegate’s expenses. Now allowed: $700. Suggested: $1,000. Assembly fund used for Delegate’s Expenses which exceed $700. Shall we combine Delegate’s Fund with Assembly Fund? Group contributions to Delegate’s Fund are not sufficient to pay Delegate’s expenses

p. 5-5

1976/09/12 Fall Pre-Conference Assembly

Motion: Have two signatures for withdrawal of literature from safety deposit box with access to records by any two of the following: The current Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary. Motion carried.

p. 5-5

# 2 only

1975/09/07 Fall Pre-Conference Assembly Meeting

  1. Motion: Group Secretaries meetings to be included at conferences. Carried.

p. 5-6

1965/05/15 Spring Conference, Manitowoc, Wisconsin

Motion: $6.00 contribution at each Fall Conference to cover Delegates expenses to replace $12.00 contribution made every two years. Carried.

1963/10/18 Fall Conference, Kenosha

Motion: 30 days after a Conference, retain $500 in Conference Account. Contribute remainder to New York as Southern Wisconsin Conference contribution. Motion carried

p. 5-8


Rent increase from $250 to $325 for use of Monona Community Center lower level for committee meetings at Area 75 Agenda Planning Meeting.

p. 5-9


Motion passed that the prudent reserve for Area 75 not be raised, but will stay at $3,000.

p. 5-10

1983/06/26 District Committee Member $ Standing Committee Meeting

Motion: Assembly Fund minimum balance be raised from $1,500 to $3,000. All expenses of Committee persons to be paid from this fund. Carried.

p. 5-10

1983/04/10 Pre-Conference Assembly Meeting

Motion: Raise Assembly Fund $1,500 to $3,000. Motion carried.

1983/04/10 Pre-Conference Assembly Meeting

Motion: Pay Eastside Group $65.00 for each meeting of Area 75. Carried.


Area and Committee Assembly

Raise delegates fund contributions from groups to $13.00 per year. Motion carried.

1980/05/03 Assembly Meeting, Madison, Wisconsin

Delegates Fund: To provide an adequate sum for Delegates expenses. Now allowed: $700.00.

Suggested: $1,000.00. Assembly Fund used for Delegates expenses which exceed $700.00.

Shall we combine Delegates Fund with Assembly Fund?

Groups contributions to Delegates Fund are not sufficient to pay Delegates expenses.

Suggested that Group Service Representatives obtain group members opinion on raising Delegates Fund contributions to $13.00.

p. 5-11

1978/10/14 Committee and Assembly Meeting

Motion: “Between Us” subscription to groups increased from $10 to $15 per year, for ten (10) copies each month. Groups requesting more than 10 copies will pay an additional $1.00 per year for each additional copy. Motion carried.

1978/10/14 Committee and Assembly Meeting

Annual Package Deal will be:

$15.00 “Between Us” Subscription

$ 8.00 Delegates Fund

$ 2.00 Assembly Fund

$25.00 per year, per group (Effective 1/1/79)

1978/10/14 Committee and Assembly Meeting

One copy per month to groups not supporting “Between Us”.

1978/09/10 Pre-Conference Meeting and Assembly

Motion: Assembly Fund $500 maximum balance be changed to $300. Excess of $300 to be transferred to Conference Fund at the end of each year. Motion carried.

1978/09/10 Pre-Conference Meeting and Assembly

Conference Funds: $1,500 Conference Fund minimum balance. Excess amount in Conference Fund transferred to Milwaukee Central Office to pay “Between Us” deficit.

1978/04/09 Pre-Conference Committee Meeting

Change New York Delegate allowance from $500 to $700. Carried.

1976/09/12 Pre-Conference Assembly Meeting

Requested contributions from groups:

$10.00 Annual “Between Us” contribution from groups

(Mailed as Educational material)

$ 8.00 New York Delegates Fund (for delegates expenses)

$ 2.00 Assembly Fund

1976/09/12 Pre-Conference Assembly Meeting

Recommended minimum balance in Bank Accounts:

$1,500 Conference Account

$ 50 Assembly Fund

1975/05/11 Assembly Meeting, Burlington

Motion: Keep minimum of $150 in Assembly Fund. Motion carried.

p. 5-18


Motion: 50% of contribution to G.S.O. to be retained for Southern Wisconsin “Between Us” publication. Motion carried.

p. A-1

Attachment # 7 Conference guidelines superceded by Area 75 Conference Guidelines adopted by Assembly Action on 3/3/2002.

List the primary benefits of your proposal: Area 75 Assembly Actions are current.

Estimate any funding needed: Minimal as the cost of updating the Assembly Actions are included in the Alternate Chairperson’s annual budget.

Voting: In favor – 20, Opposed – 3, No minority opinion


Area 75 Proposal

Proposal Sponsor: Nancy H Sponsor Phone: 262-673-5019

Sponsors Service Position: Area 75 Treasurer

Describe your proposal:

Update the Composition of the Area Finance Committee Membership to include past Area Committee members so the additional members could be from the current or past Area Committee pool of DCM’s and GSR’s.

List the primary benefits of your proposal to the area:

Including past DCM’s or GSR’s who have been active in the area and have an interest in the finance committee will increase the eligible pool of candidates to choose from. Current DCM’s have many duties and most are unable to commit to an additional job. In addition many current members wish to attend other committee meetings that meet at the same time as the finance committee during assemblies.

Estimate any funding required:


Voting: In favor – Unanimous


Area 75 Proposal

Proposal Sponsor: Nancy H Sponsor Phone: 262-673-5019

Sponsors Service Position: Area 75 Treasurer

Describe your proposal:

Establish a term limit and rotation schedule for finance committee members. Committee members term will be for two years with three of the six members rotating off each year. The Treasurer, Alternate Treasurer and one other member will begin their term following the election of officers for the new rotation. The other three members will rotate off the following year. This rotation will take effect with the 2007 election of officers.

List the primary benefits of your proposal to the area:

This will keep a knowledge base present on the finance committee while ensuring rotation of service. This was the first year the committee has been in place and the committee is a valuable tool for the area. Keeping half of the committee in place when a new rotation starts will help the treasurer maintain the records that are vital to the area.

The existing procedure has a new committee appointed by the Treasurer at the beginning of each rotation. This proposal would continue to bring in new members and ideas each year and allow for an orderly method of rotation.

Estimate any funding required:


Voting: In favor – Unanimous


June 11, 2006


Agenda Proposal Sponsor: Terry R

Phone Number: 414 321-7845

Sponsor’s Service Position: Archives Committee Chair

Provide Complete Details of Your Proposal:

That Area 75 will reimburse Area 75 Archives Committee Chairperson for one night lodging, mileage, registration fee, and banquet dinner at Area 75 Spring and Fall Conferences.

List the Primary Benefits of your Proposal to the Area:

It is required that Area 75 Archives Committee Chairperson be at the Assembly meetings when voting takes place. During the time of Assembly meetings the Archivist maintains the Archives room at Conferences and is not at Assemblies.

Cost to Area 75:

On an average $375.00 per year.

Voting: In favor – 21, Opposed – 1, No minority opinion


Area 75 Proposal Form

Used for documenting proposals for the Agenda Planning Meeting

Proposal Sponsor: Stu E Sponsor’s Phone: 920-533-4438

Sponsor’s Service Position: Area 75 CPC Chair

Describe your Proposal (Attach any supporting documentation): On page 11 of the Area 75 Handbook (11-24-98) under “C. Cooperation With the Professional Community (CPC)”, replace existing sub paragraphs 1-6 with new sub paragraphs 1-8 as follows:

1. Maintain an awareness of both Area 75 and member district CPC activities with the aim of assisting District CPC Chairs in carrying AA’s message to professionals likely to come into contact with alcoholics.

2. Share experience, resources, and support with said District CPC Chairs as constraints of time and budget permit in order to minimize duplication of effort and wasted resources. Participate in training sessions, presentations, convention exhibits, and workshops consistent with our Twelve Traditions and as the above constraints permit.

3. Regularly share CPC experience and feedback from all of Area 75 with the CPC Desk at the General Service Office.

4. Maintain an up to date working knowledge of CPC resources (including print-based, audio-visual and web-based resources) and maintain an up to date copy of the Cooperation With the Professional Community Workbook and CPC Kit. Encourage same amongst District CPC Chairs.

5. See that the Area 75 CPC Committee meets during the Area 75 Agenda Planning Meetings, at the Area 75 Spring and Fall Conferences, and as scheduled during the Area 75 Delegate’s Workshop.

6. Employ CPC resources and carry out duties generally as outlined in the AA Service Manual, Cooperation With the Professional Community Workbook, Area 75 Assembly Actions, Area 75 Handbook, and local custom to accomplish the above.

7. Maintain a file of Area 75 CPC Committee documents to assist in CPC work.

8. Activities of the Area 75 CPC Chairperson and the CPC Committee are funded by Area 75 as a budget item.

List the primary benefits of your proposal to the Area: This proposal updates and clarifies the duties of the Area 75 CPC Chairperson in the Area 75 Handbook. It names the actual resources currently used in CPC work, generally outlines the sharing of information and experience that actually occurs, updates the Handbook to list when the CPC Committee currently meets, and allows for the passing on from term to term of locally prepared CPC Committee documents. It eliminates cumbersome old language that blurs the distinction between CPC and Public Information Committee work, resources, and documents.

Estimate any funding required. Outline where funding would come from. Describe whether this is a one-time or an ongoing expense: This proposal in no way supersedes or alters any part of the Area 75 budget process currently in place. Therefore, no funding other than that normally budgeted for CPC work from year to year is anticipated or to be inferred.

Voting: Withdrawn


Area 75 Proposal Form

Used for documenting proposals for the Agenda Planning Meeting

Proposal Sponsor: Kathy W Sponsors Phone: 608-225-2620

Sponsors Service Position: Alternate Secretary

Describe your proposal (Attach any supporting documentation)

That Area 75 reimburse the Alternate Secretary for mileage to Agenda Planning meetings, Pre-Conference Assemblies and Spring and Fall Conference Assemblies; and that Area 75 reimburse the Alternate Secretary for lodging for Friday night for the Spring and Fall Conferences to facilitate fulfillment of duties prior to the Saturday Assembly.

List the primary benefits of your proposal to the area.

Pursuant to current Assembly action, the Alternate Secretary is reimbursed for expenses

only if the distance is greater than 100 miles from his/her home unless the person is standing in for the Secretary.

However, the Alternate is responsible for the sign-in area and often helps set up

for these meetings. Therefore Alternate meeting attendance is mandatory, not only when standing in for the Secretary.

Estimate any funding required. Outline where funding would come from. Explain whether this is a onetime or ongoing expense.

Mileage - would vary based on distance and rate charged.

Hotel-using average of $120 would be $240 annually.

Total additional annual expense would be approximately $500.

Voting: In favor – 1, Opposed – 15, No minority opinion


Area 75 Proposal Form

Used for documenting proposals for the Agenda Planning Meeting

Proposal Sponsor: Stu E Sponsor’s Phone: 920-533-4438

Sponsor’s Service Position: Area 75 CPC Chair

Describe your Proposal (Attach any supporting documentation)

To redesignate all handbooks currently adopted by Area 75 Assembly Action as Area 75 Service Material. Review and updating of same to be responsibility of respective Standing Committees.

List the primary benefits of your proposal to the Area: (added after vote to place on agenda of next Pre-Conference Assembly) This proposal simplifies updating procedure for said handbooks, which presently require a proposal and an Assembly Action to make any changes at all. Some job descriptions, for example, do not reflect either the way in which we currently carry the AA message or the tools (e.g. website) which we use to carry it. The proposal in no way changes the fact that those Standing Committees and their chairpersons are ultimately responsible to the Area 75 Assembly as required by Tradition Nine (Short Form) and ought take no autonomous action contradictory to Tradition Four (Long Form) or any other of the Twelve Traditions.

Estimate any funding required. Outline where funding would come from. Describe whether this is a one-time or an ongoing expense: No financial impact. (Note: (added after vote to place on agenda of next Pre-conference Assembly) This proposal in no way supersedes or alters any part of the Area 75 budget process currently in place.)

Voting: In favor – Unanimous


Upcoming Area Dates

July 7-9, 2006: Unity Conference - Wisconsin Rapids, WI

September 24, 2006: Pre- Conference Assembly - Madison, WI

October 20-22, 2006: Area 75 Fall conference - Beloit, WI (Area Elections)

January 21, 2007: Agenda Planning Meeting – Madison, WI