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Alcoholic’s Anonymous - Area 75

Alcoholic’s Anonymous - Area 75

9:00 a.m. Sunday, April 9, 2006

Pre-Conference Assembly Meeting

Madison Senior Center

Madison, WI



OFFICERS PRESENT: Howard P, Area Chairperson; Monica M, Alternate Chairperson; Nancy G, Delegate; Robert S, Alternate Delegate; John B, Secretary; Kathy W, Alternate Secretary; Nancy H, Treasurer

STANDING COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSONS PRESENT: Nancy S, Archivist; Terry R, Archives; Ken Y, Bridging the Gap (BTG); Paul H, Corrections; Stu E, Cooperation with the Professional Community (CPC); George P, Public Information (PI); Marion B, Treatment; Cindy H, Conference Advisory Committee

Excused: Jo Mc, Grapevine; Michael N, Special Needs

DCM’s PRESENT: D1-John N; D2-Susan J; D3-Jim K; D6-JimMc; D8-Darryl S; D9-Apryl B; D11-John W; D12-Annette D; D13-Chris C; D15-Greg H; D16-Randy R; D17-Carol Mc; D19-Libby K; D20-Dan K; D22-Matt Z; D23-Darrel S; D25-Mark C; D27-Marty S (Alt); D28-Ken N; D32-Chris E, Bill S (Alt); D34-Todd U; D36-Dennis L

GSR’s & DISTRICT COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSONS PRESENT: D1- Al B, Dewey C; D2-Don G; D3-Tony B, Deb T, Marvin S; D6-Fred K, Liz Y; D7-Michael R; D8-Sheri P, Ken W; D11–Ric, C, Don K; D12-KatieG, Mike G; D13- Kevin T, Donna F, Cheri C, Rich F; D17-Dale K, James R, Mary S; D20-Jeremy S, Debra B, Kathy W (Alt); D22-Carl H, Brian W; D23-Candy P, Dan K; D24-JD O; D25-Brian A, Jon W; D27-Marty S; D29-Kurt V, Rick B, Beth S, Bill E, Dennis D; D32-Mike A, PJ E, Don D, Darwin M (Alt), Alex G; D34-Bebecca B, Lee Ann U, Rick D, Teri S, Drew A, Sharon B

OTHERS PRESENT: Past Delegates (Area 75)-John B(31), Joan J(43), Bill A(45), Leo M(51); Past Delegate (Area 74)-John C(48); Spring 2006 Chair-David F; Bill A; Fall 2007 Chair-Michael S; Kevin V; 2006 Unity Co-Chair-Barb W; Fall 2006 Chair-Wanda F

Area 75 Pre-Conference Assembly

April 9, 2006

Area 75 Treasurer’s Report

Copies of the March 31, 2006 Balance Sheet, Budget Report and the Income Statement - Current to Prior Year Actuals are available today plus the reports have been sent to the Area Secretary for inclusion with the minutes.

We have had steady contributions from groups with checks received weekly. I want to thank those groups using the contribution form (copies available here and on the area web site) and especially those that include their GSO group number as it makes my job easier. I have copies of the contributions by group report available here for review and will have updated reports available at each assembly. The report is for contributions received by me since taking over the Treasurer’s position in January. No report is available for last year.

Since taking over the Treasurer’s position in January I have:

The finance committee held a meeting on March 11, 2006. Discussion was held on Audit of the Books. An audit needs to be done however supporting expense statements for some checks is missing. The previous Treasurer has been asked for the missing items several times but has been unable to provide the missing documentation. We discussed a possible proposal to have the past treasurer on the Finance Committee audit the books and then have two other past Treasurers sign off. Another possible proposal is to amend the Finance Committee structure to have the Alternate Treasurer be a designated member of the committee and also to change the wording of the committee membership from current Area Committee members to Current or Past Area Committee members.

The committee discussed how updates to budgets during the year should be handled. It was decided updates should be brought up during my report. We have two updates that need to be made to the budget approved at the January assembly.

When we added the Rent for the Archives room to the Archives budget one month did not get included in the total. Rental for the year is $1200. Addition of the missing $100 increased the archives total to $4040.00.

The Alt. Secretary submitted a revised budget, which totals $474.87. This amount is less than the prior years budget and therefore does not require approval by the assembly.

The committee reviewed various Treasurers’ position procedures to ensure requirements in the Assembly Actions are being met. A requirement for two signatures on checks is in the assembly actions yet that has not been followed for several years. I was instructed by the committee to follow the two-signature requirement until it is either changed by future assembly action or we find a prior assembly action that didn’t make it into the binder. Nancy S. looked through proposals through 1997 and did not find any proposals that changed this requirement. All area officers and committee chairs were notified of this change as it means only issuing checks 6 times a year when the assembly meets.

The finance committee will be holding its next meeting in LaCrosse on May 6th.

There were two outstanding checks that are no longer valid as the 60-day limit has been passed. I spoke to Cathy W. and she said she had all expenses she had coming and I should void the check payable to her. The other check was payable to Conference Treasurer but there is no information on the duplicate check indicating what Conference and no supporting documentation. This check will be voided and any conference missing their seed money will need to contact me.

On the Income Statement the $17.01 Other Income was for Archive Room Contributions received. The $170.74 Conference Loss is from the 2005 Fall Conference. A problem occurred when the Marriott billed one of the Speakers for her room instead of putting it on the Master Account. The Speaker did not discover this until after the Conference Checking Account was closed. In addition $39.00 was received for 3 registrations. Somehow the check was misdirected and was eventually sent to the Area PMB.

The treasurer is to receive the mileage reimbursement used by GSO from the Delegate each year. Nancy G. has sent me the information and this year the rate is 36.5 cents per mile.

Submitted by: Nancy H, Area 75 Treasurer

Balance Sheet


Current Assets

Cash in Checking-M&I


Prudent Reserve-M&I


Cash-Count On Us


Cash - Rainbow Can


A/R-Conference Seed Money




Total Current Assets


Total Assets



Current Liabilities

Total Current Liabilities


Total Liabilities



Retained Earnings


Net Income


Total Capital


Total Liabilities & Capital


Budget vs. Actual


2006 Budget YTD

2006 Actual YTD

2006 Total Budget

2006 Variance YTD














Alt. Delegate/Lit.
















































Public Info.












Spcl. Needs












Alt. Chair






Alt. Secretary






Alt. Treasurer












2005 vs. 2006


This Year


Last Year

Year to Date

This Year

Year to Date

Last Year


Group Donations





Group Donations - Rainbow





Group Donations - Count On Us





Other Income





Total Revenues






Bank Charges





Conference Loss





Conference Booth Fee





GSO Fees





Literature - Rainbow/COU




















Misc/Office Expense















Registration Fees










Archives Rent










Total Expenses





Net Income





April 9, 2006



My name is Howard P, I’m an Alcoholic and I have the honor of being Area 75 Chairperson.

I wish to thank all of you being here today. Your participation in our Alcoholics Anonymous Service Structure is paramount. It is only by your attendance and participation, which allows us to continue to fulfill our Primary Purpose of our 5th Tradition of carrying our message of Recovery. And in turn offers us to participate in our third Legacy of Service.

I thank those Districts who continue to send me your District minutes. And encourage those who can please add our Area 75 Standing Committee Chairs and Area Officers on your mailing list.

I also wish to thank those Districts who have the duties of hosting future Area 75 Conferences, who had forwarded me your Conference Committee minutes. If not already doing so, please include our Area 75

Conference Advisory Chairperson in your mailing.

I appreciated attending your District meetings and District workshops. Because of some recent health

issues, I have been restricted of being able to drive. So please understand that as soon as this situation changes I will attempt to attend more of your District meetings.

For those here who have not registered for our Area 75 Spring Conference, May 5 – 7, 2006 in LaCrosse

to please do so as soon as possible.

There is one subject I would ask each District to please give this some consideration. If there is anyone

within your respective District, who has Internet access, to please forward that name and email address

to our Area Secretary. This would be of great aid for us to communicate with your District. It also reduces the costs of coping and postage.

Please understand that the Area 75 Directory is confidential information, and is not distributed to everyone. It has become a vital tool for all of us to communicate with each other, in a more timely manner.

Note that I have made available the remaining Area 75 calendar, Conference bid forms and our Area 75

Standing Committee resume form. All of these forms are on our Area 75 Web Site.

We will be holding Area 75 election at our Fall Conference, Oct. 20 – 22, 2006 Beloit.

We will be following our Alcoholics Anonymous Third Legacy Procedure as shown in our Service Manual, page S20, for electing Area 75 Officers. Those position being, Delegate, Alt. Delegate, Area Chairperson, Alt. Chairperson, Treasurer, Alt. Treasurer, Secretary, Alt Secretary.

Please refer to the Service Manual for listed qualification for these A.A. Service position.

All Standing Committee Chairperson positions are appointed by the incoming elected Area 75 Chairperson, except for the Conference Advisory and Area Finance Committee chair. Participating

Conference Advisory Committees members and Finance Committee members select their own Chair.

For those interested of being considered for chairing a Standing Committee position please forward you’re Area Resume Form to me as soon as you can. I will then pass on those resumes to the newly elected Area 75 Chairperson. I would also suggest you keep a copy of your submitted resume for yourself.



Yours in Service and Fellowship

Howard P.


Pre-Conference Assembly

April 9, 2006

Welcome to all and thank you for being here today.

District Visits

I have a calendar available to schedule visits to your GSR meetings and District workshops. If you would like me to visit, let’s get a date scheduled today. I have had many great experiences while visiting your GSR meetings and workshops, and I look forward to more visits before the rotation ends.

Group Contributions/New Groups

The Group Contribution report for the fourth quarter 2005 is available for your review. Overall, our group contributions for Area 75 fell to 42% from 44% in 2004. This is disturbing. I encourage you all to review the importance of the 7th Tradition in your group business meetings and reassess your commitment to self-support. And let’s make better use of the birthday plan. There are plenty of envelopes, for both birthday and group contributions, available at the registration table.

The new group forms I have received from GSO since our last meeting are for the following cities: Beloit, Janesville, Mishicot, Milwaukee (D29), and Racine. Please take the copies with you, contact these new groups, and make sure they are welcomed into the general service structure. If there is no district number on the form, please notify the GSO Records Department of the correct district number as soon as possible. Also, if there is anyone who knows of the Hales Corners Tuesday Night Group, please let me know. I continue to get mail for them and would like to get that mailing address changed.

A.A.W.S. Highlights

The March 17, 2006 A.A.W.S. Highlights were also available at the registration table. If you did not get a copy, let me know and I will email or mail one to you. As always, this is a good snapshot of what is going on at your General Service Office.

Delegate’s Workshop/General Service Conference

Thanks to all of you who attended the Delegate’s Workshop on March 12. We had 61 people! It was extremely informative for me and my hope is that it was for you also. With the input from that day, as well as that received via district visits, various workshops, the January Board weekend in New York and the Delegates/Past Delegates Conference, I feel well prepared to participate in the 56th General Service Conference.

Ken and I leave for New York on April 20 and return on April 30. The Conference opens Sunday, April 23 and runs through Saturday, April 29, at the Crowne Plaza Times Square Hotel in Manhattan. I am looking forward to the experience differently this year, simply because I know what to expect. I will only have five days in which to prepare my report for the Spring Conference for you, but with God’s help, it will all come together.

Thank you once again for allowing me to serve as your Delegate. God bless.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy G


MARCH 17, 2006

General Manager, Greg Muth reported that on February 10th a delegation of eight Russian professionals concerned with alcoholism and interested in AA as a resource visited the General Service Office. Some of the professionals were from Siberia and the far eastern regions of Russia who spoke of the challenges they face in dealing with widespread alcoholism in rural and isolated communities. Leonard Blumenthal, Chair of the General Service Board, Elaine McDowell, Trustee Emerita, and Dorothy Wilson, Trustee-At-Large U.S., joined several of the G.S. O. staff to provide information on Alcoholics Anonymous and answer questions.

G.S.O. .Archivist Amy Filiatreau reports that 69 films, filmstrips, and videotapes were sent t.o our vendor for preservation and transfer to Digital Beta and DVD. Films in poor conditiop will be restored, organized in ascending numbers, and labeled with catalog numbers using archival marking pens. When we receive the originals and copies back and perform quality control checks, original films will be transferred to environmentally-controlled bunker storage.

In December, our Records Department received responses from most Area Registrars on format preferences for updating information via hardcopy or CD. The Delegate Area program and blank database disks were ready for mailing on schedule but distribution was delayed for two weeks because of errors by the vendor.

Group Information sheets were scheduled to be mailed the end of January 2006, with a return date of April 1st. A delay occurred in preparing the sheets that necessitated extending the return date to May tho This delay should not effect the July 1, 2006 publication of the regional AA Directories, but emphasizes the importance of the new version of G.S.O.'s record system (Del/Area) currently under construction by our Project Management Office (PMO). Our intention is to implement a secure password-protected, stand-alone web based portal for Area Registrars to use when updating group records at G.S.O. The Project team is currently gathering functional requirements and will distribute a Request for Proposal (RFP) by June, with implementation scheduled for year end.

Voluntary contributions in January and February are almost 113% ahead of budget, possibly as a response to the October 2005 contribution letter explaining the numerous services provided to AA groups and committees, and offered by the General Service Board.


Staff Coordinator - It is the time of year when invited staff members participate in area AA service events where the focus is often on the theme, workshop topics and agenda items of the upcomiQg annual General' Service Conference. Eva reported that in 2005 the staff responded to 12,830 letters, 22,311 emails and 794 faxes, which adds up to a grand total of 35,935.

Conference - Thanks to all committee secretaries and a wonderful in-house team, all background was sent to Conference members who requesteq it in early February. We are compiling the contents of the Conference Manual, including general data and rosters; committee agendas; workshop information; and staff, trustees' Committee and Corporate Board reports.

We are working with the Delegate chair to make sure that information about the Delegates Only meeting is distributed, and are coordinating with the local volunteer Host Committee that will be showing Conference guests around the city.

Cooperation with the Professional Community - On March 1, several G.S.O. staff members met with the Executive Director and staff members from AI-Anon/Alateen Family Group Headquarters to discuss AI-Anon's guideline? on their relationship with AA, and AA's guidelines on the relationship with AI-Anon, with the goal of providing accurate and consistent information on the other fellowship.

In February, a mailing went to all 2,600 female outside correspondents currently listed in our Corrections Correspondence Service (C.C.S.) to update the status of their correspondence with inside "female" AA members. An activity update was mailed to chairpersons of 729 Correctional Facilities, Hospitals & Institutions (H&I) and Bridging the Gap committees.

International - Doug Richardson, Don Meurer (G.S.O.'s Chief Financial Officer) and John Kirwin (event consultant), traveled to Malahide, Ireland for on-site planning meetings for the 19th World Service Meeting that will take place October 15-19, 2006. The theme is "Anonymous, but not Invisible." Doug also visited Ireland's G.S.O. in Dublin to discuss the formation of the host committee for this event.

Following the on-site planning meetings in Ireland, Doug traveled to York, England where he met the staff of Great Britain's G.S.O. Doug was invited to sit in as an observer of an "Executive" meeting that included the Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, and General Secretary of Great Britain's Board of AA .

Literature - An Activity Update was mailed to approximately 713 Literature committee chairs. This mailing included the updated service piece "The AA Message in Print - Summary of Distribution," information regarding the extended deadline for Spanish-language stories for the Spanish Third Edition Big Book, and Literature items on the Final Agenda for the 2006 General Service Conference:

Nominatina/Special Needs/Remote Communities - Final preparations are being made for the new pocket folders and catalogs for Special Needs that will be sent to 144 Special Needs/Accessibilities Committee chairs at the area, district and other levels. This will be accompanied by an assignment activity update letter, which will summarize the responses received to a letter sent in November 2005 requesting shared experience from the committees.

Regional Forums - In February a little over three-hundred AA members gathered in Winnipeg, Manitoba for the Western Canada Regional Forum. A show of hands indicated that more than 50% were attending their first Forum.

Treatment Facilities/Loners - The UM correspondence service continues to be a vital way for AA members to stay sober while living in areas where there are no AA meetings. At the same time, our list of "sober soldiers" has grown to 14 persons deployed and 8 returned, with 13 AA meetings in camps in Iraq and in Afghanistan.

The A.A.W.S. Services Committee's recommendation was approved by the Board to add to G.S.O.'s AA Web site the following pamphlets: "AA for the Native North American"; "Can AA Help Me Too?"; "AA for the Woman"; "Questions and Answers on Sponsorship"; and, "Problems Other Than Alcohol"

The committee requested that the Intra Office Web site committee in conjunction with the Project Management Office provide detailed cost savings information in a proposal to make the newsletters: Markings on Journey and About A.A. available electronically.

The A.A.W.S. Publishing Committee discussed a report from the Publications Department on suggested items to be discontinued from inventory. The committee asked Chris Cavanaugh to prepare a "recycle" strategy for the disposition of items to be discontinued from inventory for review at the A.AW.S. Publications committee meeting in June 2006

Translations - The pamphlets "AA in Your Community," "Understanding Anonymity," "Speaking at Non AA Meetings," "Let's Be Friendly With Our Friends" and "Problems Other Than Alcohol" in Dutch, the book Dr. Bob and the GoodOldtimers in Polish, the pamphlets "Questions & Answers on Sponsorship" and "The Jack Alexander Article about AA." in Portuguese have been reviewed and/or completed.

Publications - Total distribution of all books in January and February was 323,534, down 1 % from 2004's total of 327,083 units. The total AA purchases in January and February amounted to 272,756 units, while non-AAs accounted for 50,778 units, or 16% of the total. We distributed 174,683 Big Book units in January and February, compared to 154,205 in the same period of 2005. For January and February 2005 gross sales were budgeted at $2,150,179. Actual sales, unaudited, were $2,045,255 or 5% under budget. In the same period of 2005, gross sales amounted to $1,867,727.

Online Ordering for large purchasers: On Monday, March 13, 2006 we opened online ordering to "qualified" customers.

Standing Committee Reports:



1)     The Area 75 Corrections committee has handled 38 contact requests from inmates in the first 3 months of this year.

2)     A Wisconsin/ UP Michigan corrections will be held on June 3rd at Trinity Lutheran Church (1904 Winnebago St.) in Madison, WI.

        Contact persons: Kathy W. (608) 225-2620 & Nancy G. (608) 221-2891

3)     $1154 in books for prisons and jails has been given out since Jan. 1, 2006. 

4)      Prison literature is funded solely by the Area 75 Rainbow Fund.  This is collected by passing Rainbow cans at group meetings.  So far this year we've received $713.25 in donations and our current balance is $622.33.

5)      Flyers for the corrections conference, books & rainbow cans will be available during lunch recess.

Respectfully submitted, Paul H, Area 75 Corrections Chairperson

Literature Report


My report today reflects what is going to be happening at the General Service Conference in regards to literature. If you attended the Delegates Workshop, you are already aware of these items.

Some of these are considered a work in progress, which means the items have been worked on during previous years and are in a continuing process.

Those items are as follows:

The following are new agenda items:

Discuss request for a review of language in AA literature that refers to the first 164 pages of the Big Book.

Discuss requests to develop an Intergroup/Central Office pamphlet.

Consider requests to develop an AA history book covering the years 1955 to 2000.

Consider proposal that the pamphlet “Letter to a Woman Alcoholic” be discontinued.

Consider developing a pamphlet concerning AA, religion, and spirituality.

  These are only the literature agenda items. Ten major items. Now think about the other committees that I haven’t even mentioned. There’s much work to be tended to at the conference. Every time I see one small part of the agenda, it gives me renewed respect for the diligent work our Delegates and Trustees do when in New York and at home. I’d like to say “thank you” to each and every one of them.

Respectfully submitted,

Bob S.

Area 75 Alt. Delegate/Literature Chair

Report of the Public Information Committee Chair


I have the following things to report since we last met:

  1. I have visited Districts 2, 6, 25 and 27. In each case, I tried to speak about how important service work is to me. I was greeted warmly everywhere.

  2. Several more districts have requested logins and passwords so that they can post their meetings on Area75.org. We still do not have meetings posted for districts 4, 5, 9, 14, 18, 22, 24, 27, 29, 35 and 37.

  3. You can now find forms on our website for the following:

    1. Area Donation Form

    2. Area Proposal Form

    3. Standing Committee Chairperson Resume

    4. Conference Bid Form

    5. Conference Guidelines

    6. Expense Report Form

    7. Group Information Change Form - from aa.org

  4. Things you can do to get PI going in your district:

    1. Post meetings in local papers and advertisers

    2. Deliver literature to social service agencies, treatment centers, probation offices, etc.

    3. Offer AA books to libraries, school and public.

    4. Set up an AA hotline

    5. Keep your district meeting list up to date.

    6. Publish business cards with your hotline number and spread them around with AA literature.

    7. Communicate with local media, print, radio and TV and mention our PSA’s and ask if they would like to run them.

    8. Contact schools and ask if they would like someone to speak about what AA is and what it is not.

    9. Set up a District AA website?

    10. Go to meetings other than your usual ones and talk about service and opportunities to do PI work.

  5. If I have not yet visited your district, I’d love to know that you want to see me. There are plenty of dates open on my calendar.

  6. Thank you for the privilege of serving as Area 75 Public Information Chair. If there is any way I can assist your district, please feel free to contact me.

George P

Area 75 Public Information Chair

CPC Chair’s Report to Area 75 Pre-Conference Assembly

April 9, 2006

First, I would like to extend a warm welcome to all those DCM’s and GSR’s who are attending their first Area 75 Assembly. For many of our new GSR’s this will be your first opportunity to vote the conscience of your group in our common affairs as an area. And welcome as well to our returning DCM’s and GSR’s. None of this could work without you and your groups. Thank you for coming to be with us this morning.

The question I am asked most as CPC Chair is, “and what was CPC again?” Area 75’s CPC, or Cooperation with the Professional Community Committee’s goal is to reach suffering alcoholics through the professionals in their lives. Any district CPC chair, DCM, or any interested AA member is welcome to attend and to participate at our meetings, which use a round-the-table discussion format. We will next meet as a committee on Saturday afternoon at the Spring Conference in LaCrosse.

In January, I reported to you that the CPC Chair from District 25 (Fond du Lac County) and I had made a presentation to a group of social services workers. Feedback tells me that some good things came out of that. After working with me on this one, Barb has plans to approach some other professionals as well. If other districts are planning similar presentations, I would be very pleased to hear about them.

In February, I traveled for you to Waukesha County a number of times in conjunction with the new OWI Treatment Court very recently established there. Besides district meetings, I helped conduct a training workshop for booth volunteers. Those volunteers, one of the three Waukesha County district CPC Chairs, and I then set up and worked a booth at a health fair in the Waukesha County Courthouse. Literature support came from the CPC Desk at GSO. An ample number of very capable volunteers worked the booth while Shelly D., CPC Chair from D13, and I met other exhibitors, mainly outpatient treatment providers. She and I also met briefly and informally with the judge in charge of the court, the District Attorney, Court Manager, and the head of the Public Defender’s Office there. At this point we are still trying to arrange a sit down meeting with key court officials. We cannot seem to get the court to tell us what form they would initially like our cooperation to take. Please be assured that we are ready and that our cooperation will follow our 12 Traditions and the AA guidelines for cooperation with this sort of court entity. I have been told by a court clerk that no offender had yet opted into this court as of a few weeks ago. None of us involved know more at this point, and I will update you when we do.

Immediately following our own Spring Conference, I will be traveling to Madison to work with volunteers from D20 at our booth at the annual convention of WAAODA, the WI Association on Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse. GSO’s literature shipment should be on its way to me as we speak. District 20 is not only our exhibit partner, but also our financial partner as well in this effort. They have evenly split a $400.00 booth fee with us again this year. Tom G., District 20’s CPC Chair, will again be acting as my local co-chair. Since the members of this organization, mainly alcohol and drug treatment professionals are spread all over Wisconsin; their efforts are benefiting all of your groups and districts. I feel we all owe District 20 our gratitude for shouldering this burden on our behalf. This will be our second consecutive year at that convention. Last year’s effort was highly successful. We hope to build and expand on that success.

Thank you all for your support in our endeavors, both through spreading the word as you do and through your group and individual contributions which allow us to hand out literature and staff the exhibits. Finally, my thanks to all those DCM’s and district secretaries who forward minutes to me each month.

Yours in Recovery and Service,

Stu E., Area 75 CPC Chairman

AREA #75 - Special Needs Report - April 9

1. The Area #75 "Accessibility Survey" is on our website. I'd like to

encourage all DCM's and special needs chairs to download this document

and get it into the hands of all GSR'.

2. Area #75 special needs was featured in the April newsletter from


3. I've asked Gayle (special needs desk) from GSO for the contact

information for the 39 area special needs chairs. I'd like to began a

national communications for special needs.

4. A major goal has been to build a strong Area #75 special needs

committee. Several factors have impeded progress: (1) I missed the

fall conference because I was in the hospital; (2) I'll miss the spring

meeting because I'll be training with a new dog guide; (3) The DCM's

have been very slow in providing me with the names of their special

needs chairs. I will ask someone to chair our May meeting.

5. The spring planning committee has agreed to include people with

disabilities on panels. I have provided them with names and contact

information. Have you contacted them?

Yours In Service - Michael


April 9, 2006

Good Morning. My name is Marian B., and I am you Treatment Committee Chairperson. I hope you are all in fine form today.

As you know, the Treatment Committee is going through some changes in not only name, but also function. At our Delegate’s Workshop last month, we had a lively discussion on proposed changes to the Treatment Committee Workbook and what the Treatment Committees at the Group and District opportunities are in the changing world of Treatment. You will note that I am emphasizing “at the Group and District level” in all of my remarks, as that is where the action is. Out there, in what a friend of mine calls the world of “earth people” is where we need to carry our message.

I’m inviting us all to think “outside the box”. Although the Treatment Committee Workbook was designed and written for a 28 day hospital treatment plan, our opportunities for reaching the still suffering alcoholic remain vast.

One example was illustrated very well in our local newspaper. On the same page (Friday, Ap. 7, 2006 ) two stories appeared, one having to do with domestic violence, (man beats woman after being served divorce papers, breaks her collar bone, small children cowering in corner) and the other having to do with OWI conviction of a female (second offense, driving without a valid license.) Guess what? The last names and the addresses were the same. My point is that reaching out to shelters for domestic abuse people, and anger management treatment might help the still suffering alcoholic.

In the area of Corrections, the sky is the limit! New programs like Drug Court and ATR give us new opportunities to work with our colleagues in C.P.C. and Corrections to work within the legal system. Also, in talking with someone who works for the State of Wisconsin in the Corrections system, (my sponsor) I’ve been told that Fox Lake Correctional has/will be in the next month or two doing a treatment program within the walls.

Those of us who have working in Treatment are looking at ways to reach out and be of service, even if we no longer have a “Treatment facility” nearby.

Thanks to all who have sent your District minutes!!


Respectfully Submitted:

Marian B

Treatment Chair

Bridge the Gap Report for April 9, 2006:

All requests for Bridge the Gap are done in a timely manner. Usually in less than 24 hours.

I had three requests outside of Area 75. Two people going back to Alaska and one to Mexico. The one going back to Mexico was the most timely. Even G.S.O. didn't have any contacts in Mexico. But they sent me an international G.S.O. book and set him up with a contact before he got back home in Mexico City. I even got a local request from a young man that got kicked out of a local halfway house. He thought I had the power to make them take him back. I suggested he go back there and try begging and maybe they would give him another chance.

Because of the Bridge the Gap program in Area 75, I was asked to help set up a Bridge the Gap program in Area 2 (Alaska). We sent them all the things we have put together over the years except the temporary contact list. (I sent them a blank one).

They didn’t know it was good for all aspects of the referral program, treatment, correction and detox.

I have started traveling to the districts. I hope to visit yours soon. Last year I visited all active districts and plan to do the same this year.

Today I will be passing out the new temporary contact list. We had better luck this year. More districts sent in district information. Maybe next year all districts will think it’s important to be included in the list. Every district will get one copy. If you need more than one, feel free to print more at your own expense.

I got an email from a lady who thinks we need to expand the Bridge the Gap program. I think it’s a good idea. I applaud her for the effort.

I wish more people would submit ideas to make Bridge the Gap program better. You don't have to in the Area 75 committee to submit ideas. So keep them coming.


Kenneth Y

Area 75 Bridge the Gap Chair

Archive Report to Area 75

April 9, 2006

Went to Tri County Spring Conf. on March 18, 2006. Nice turn out and a number of people stopped & looked at Area 75 archives and said what a nice display of archives.

Also went to Dist 29 and talk about the archives and gave a small history talk on Dist 29.

We have new flyer made with the dates archives room will be closed.

April 16 Easter, May 7 – Weekend of Spring Conf, May 14 – Mothers Day, May 28 – Memorial Day weekend, June 18 – Fathers Day, July 2-9 Independence Day weekend and Unity Conf, Sept 3 – Labor day weekend, Oct 22 – Fall Conf, Oct 29 – Halloween weekend, Nov 26 – Thanksgiving weekend, Dec 27 – Christmas Eve & Dec 31 – New Year’s Eve.

District 1 Consisting of Five Counties

Trempealeau, Jackson, Monroe, La Crosse and Vernon

[1]. District Meetings are held the 2nd Saturday of every month at 1:00 PM and are rotated every month throughout the district. Odd month's meetings are in Sparta, 115 E. Franklin Street.

A. This months meeting was held in La Crosse at the Alano Club.

8 in attendance, 4 GSR'S and 4 Committee members.

B. In May it will be in Sparta on May 13, 2006 1:00 P.M.


[2]. Picked up a little. Have some G.S.R.'s that are taking interest and getting involved. Asking questions and making suggestions. "I'm grateful for it." I believe with active G.S.R's the District will be more informed and be able to reach more alcoholics that are still suffering, as long as we keep principles before personalities.

District Chairperson Position

[3]. Filled positions: Unfilled Positions

a) D.C.M. & Alt. a) Secretary

b) Treasurer b) Bridging the Gap

c) Corrections c) Cooperation with the Professional Community

d) Literature d) Public Information

e) Grapevine

f) Archives

g) Special Needs

h) Treatment

Active Chair Positions

[4]. a) Kim T. Corrections, Kim and Hillary are in the process of contacting the Viroqua Jail for starting a meeting for women inmates.

b) Joe S. Literature Chair: Joe just took on this service position and is already working hard to get our Literature stock up and current.

Current Activities:

[5]. a) Spring Conference planning is going very well.

b) Joe S. District Literature Chair has brought a proposal to District. Putting Stickers in Books & Literature going into Correctional Facilities in District 1 so Inmates will know how to contact District when released. He will bring sample stickers next month.


c) Kim T. our Correction Chair was approached by a lady named Gena R. about

helping with BTG Treatment. Gena seems to be having trouble getting into one

of the Hospitals in La Crosse. They don't seem to want AA in there. Reason has been they have an AODA Counselor and feel that is enough. I will be looking into it further. Maybe through a CPC avenue.


[6]. All in all District 1 is alive and well.

Submitted by John N, Sr. DCM District 1

District 2

Hi, I’m Susan DCM for District 2, area 75 (Our Waushere Tues, Nite Group is no longer, due to financial difficulties.)

District 2 consists of green Lake and Waushere counties – we have 25 groups.

We are very active in corrections work and have Rainbow cans for all the groups.

We meet once a month on the 4th Sunday and have a pretty good turn out. We also host a Sunday breakfast at Royal Ridges in Ripon on the first Sunday of the month with a speaker that also has a good turn out.



APRIL 9, 2006












District 6 Report - April 9, 2006

Pre-Conference Assembly

Jim McL,

DCM District 6

District 8

We are getting closer to the 2006 Fall Conference which is Oct 20-22 at Ramada Inn in So. Beloit, Ill. We have all the speakers, room rates and registration fees in place.

Our district is planning a work shop on April 22nd. The topic will be on 7th tradition.

We have a chair person for our CPC & PI committee. We have three new groups and GSR to come to our GSR meetings. I am happy we are getting more people involved.

District 9

D9 – Made up of Grant, Iowa, Lafayette & Crawford counties with 23 meetings in Barneveld, Boscobel, Casseville, Cuba City, Darlington, Dickeyville, Dodgeville, Muscoda, Hatteville, Potosi, Prairie du Chien.

Our district meetings are held last Monday of month @ 6:30 p.m. in Platteville.

Our last district meeting, we had largest attendance in quite a long time with 17 members participating.

Our priority in District 9 is to improve our internal communications within such a large geographical region.

We are working on creating a corrections committee since the correction chair can not manage servicing 4 county jails, one prison and one super max alone.

The chair positions we have open are: Alt. DCM, Literature, Public Information, and Special Needs.

Last Sat April 1st we held our 22nd Annual Mini Conference in Dickeyville. It was a great day of recovery with over 180 people in attendance.

Thank you.

Sunday April 9, 2006

District 11 D.C.M Report:

My name is John W. and I am an Alcoholic. I am also privileged to serve District 11 which encompasses all of Jefferson County and two meetings in Dane County. We continue to grow we have added 3 GSR's to our monthly meetings and a new meeting on Friday Nights in Watertown.

We are planning a mini work shop the third Saturday in June the 17th I believe. To be held in Waterloo at the Methodist Church from 1- 4 p.m. A GSR school was requested and like the last one some other topics could be added. Fliers will be out after our next district meeting the fourth Tuesday of April at 6 p.m. at tri-county unity in Watertown.

My alternate D.C.M Dewey C. and I completed the survey of all 34 meetings these last couple of weeks. We let them know that we are there to help them and asked for ideas for the workshop.

Once again with God's Grace and his help things are running smoothly.


John S.W., D.C.M. District 11

District 12

Washington County

Annette D. – DCM

We are grateful to have a full district committee. Our committee chairs continue to be active with carrying the AA message to police, clergy, medical professions, correctional officers, treatment centers, and more. In February, we hosted a workshop on relationships. We gave door prizes, served lunch, and had what we thought was a fairly decent turnout. Comments were all very positive. Our hotline is receiving strong financial support. There are 30 groups in our district. In fall of 2008, we will be hosting the area conference and an informational meeting was held last month. We have meeting cards printed for our district and will be updating those soon. Attendance at our meeting is typically between 20 and 25.

District 13 DCM Report

District 13 currently has all chair positions filled.  Many of our chairs have been very active - specifically the PI and CPC chairs who are working on a "Lunch N Learn" session for area professionals.


We have about 75% of our groups represented by GSR's at our District meetings on a regular basis.


We are currently searching for a new meeting place to hold our District meetings because we are no longer able to use our current meeting facility.

Other than that, things are running smoothly in District 13.

Chris C - District 13 DCM

District 15

Greg H. – DCM

I’m starting my rounds of the district meetings about 40. We got 2 new GSR;s in the last 3 months. One of them seems to be a go getter and wants to be involved. I’ve been sharing area reports. I’m inviting any area officers to come to our district. I appreciate the area officers who’ve come. We meet on the 3rd Tuesday of the month @ St. Michael’s Hospital, 2400 W. Villard @ 6:30 p.m.

District 16 Report


DCM – Randy R.

Since September of 2006 District 16 has had zero GSR for the District. District 16 has 57 Active meeting within it boundaries.

District 16 has no chairs filled at present. We are currently going to the meetings in our district in hopes of drumming up volunteers to be GSR’s. There are no workshops or open meetings as of today’s date, hopefully this will change in the near future.

District 16 has had numerous Area 75 visitors at our district meetings, (archives, Alternate delegate/Literature chair and most recently Bridging the Gap Chair)

District 16 will work diligently at “getting out of the dark”.

We do have 9 – B.T.G. contact that are current from 4/1/06.

District 17 April 9, 2006

I am pleased that all our district committee chairs are filled at this time. The only exception is that we do not have a men's chair for corrections meetings. However our women's chair is coordinating both the men's and women's meetings at this time. She regularly recruits for volunteers to go into the county jail and currently there are 2 women's meetings and 2 men's meetings. She is doing a great job handling both!

The district Hotline is manned 24 hours, thanks to volunteers. The Hotline is handled by RACO from 9-5 and then volunteers take over from 5 PM to 9AM. There is also a substantial list of 12th step volunteers.

PI/CPC did the semi-annual mailing in January 2006. District meeting lists went out to 850 community professionals (school social workers, POs, human resource departments, dentists, judges, doctors, social service agencies). It is accompanied by a cover letter that informs them we will do this mailing on a regular basis and provides contact information for our PI Chair offering to provide speakers for any professional organization function. We are attempting to convert to an e-mailing and have gotten responses from approximately 25 to receive this information by e-mail rather than snail mail. We're hoping the number continues to climb because this will really cut down the cost.

We have been updating and printing our district meeting list on a monthly basis but lost our donation of printing. Due to the cost of printing 200 copies every month we have decided 'we will update and print quarterly. We're still hoping to find a donation for the printing even on the quarterly basis. We are also looking at changing the format - right now it's on legal size paper which increases the cost.

A service workshop was held on Dec. 3rd, 2005 in partnership with districts 6 and 36. There were approximately 25 people in attendance (partly due to the free coffee and donuts!) but we were pleased with the turnout. There was a small snafu with the scheduled speakers but our Area Chair and Area GV Chair graciously filled in and it was a great time!

I am pleased to announce that a second Spanish speaking meeting has started in the last couple weeks. It is held on Thursday night at 7 PM at RACO. Another meeting is held on Monday at 7 PM at Cristo Rey church. I spoke with the gentleman who has started the Thursday meeting and offered to help him in any way I can. Our Spanish speaking population has increased significantly the past couple years and we are happy that AA has reached out to them.

District 19

Libby K.

District meeting is last Wed. of the month 6:15 in Baraboo.

Attendance is good 15 to 25.

3 new meetings in district.

CPC/PI trying to get minutes posted on website (Area 75/Maico)

Working on a district service information packet for groups.

Bridging the Gap will be working more closely with the treatment center in Baraboo on “Bridge” meetings for patients and families.

Corrections are going strong.

District 20 Report


We did a survey of all meetings in the district and the total was 175. District 20 covers all of Dane County and is the result of 3 district merging.

Our District treasurer Debra J. stepped down and the DCM Dan K. will cover temporarily.

Riverview club house has disbanded.

Dan K

DCM District 20

District 22

Meeting is held every second Thursday of the month at the Alano Club at the Milwaukee Eastside at 6 p.m.

District 4 & 22 are working on getting letters out into Assisted Living Facilities to bring meetings here or let them know where they are.

We are doing the same with the college’s in the downtown area (USM/Marquette/MSOE) Our attendance is up at the District meeting but we could need more, due to some open positions.

Thank you.

Matt Z.

DCM 22

District 23

Jim D.

Representing most of Dodge Co.

We have a total of 17 meetings within our district, approx a year ago; we had about 3 GSR’s.

The number has increased to between 8 – 9.

I’ve been to and have encouraged groups to find GSR’s.

There are also now 3 open speaker meeting per month within the district.

One 12&12 meeting.

1 Big Book meeting.

Sat. evening at the Alano-Club we have topic meetings. One person volunteers to pick a topic, researches & finds readings pertaining to that topic & shares. It is going along very well.

Prison meeting going well at correctional facility.

District meeting 2nd Wednesday of the month. Out of the committees we have 5 chairs in our district. PI, Special Needs, Corrections, Treatment, CPC

Our GSR’s are very active & enthusiastic about carrying the message.

We’ve been educating & encouraging the groups to discuss & exercise the group conscience. Money & Memo to the AA Treasurer. Pamphlets handed out to all groups.

The groups have been dealing with such issues as trust & responsibility and accountability while carrying the message.

Principles before personalities.

I won’t bore your with anymore. So enjoy your day!

District 25

DCM – Mark C.

District 25 is all of FDL County and some good people are taking the responsibility of carrying the message to heart. Public Information is trying to keep the community current regarding when and where meetings and such are. A couple thousand business sized cards will be printed with the Hotline number listed. CPC has met with Social Services and the lawyers at the Amer. Bar Assoc. meeting. She is trying to arrange an informational meeting with local physicians & assistants at one of their AMA meetings. BTG follows up right away on any leads we get from the area or other districts and I just really appreciate all the hard work these people contribute. We are starting to plan our Inter-group which will be held in October and Our Grapevine Chair has setup a Grapevine workshop in FDL in November which will feature Robin B. as our speaker. Robin is the executive editor of the Grapevine. Plenty of flyers are on the back table, so please feel free to take some and get the word out.


District 26

Dennis L – DCM

The district has a few new meetings. Last month we had a chili & brat dinner. With Nancy G, Jo MC, and Paul H. talk about service in their program. We had about 40 people show up. It was a good meeting. We are trying to get more meetings to get involved with AA as a whole. Our monthly meeting is now non-smoking. Our meeting is the 2nd Tues. of the month @ 6:00 p.m. at the Burlington 12&12.

April 9, 2006


D.C.M. Kenneth N woodchuckl944@sbcglobal.net

I have some of the Chairs filled and trying to fin the rest. It seems that nobody wants to get involved in service work.

There is 43 Groups registered in District 28 and only about 10 or 12 G.S,R.'s show up for the District meetings. I plan on working on this matter.

Also there are a lot of meetings going on in the District that - aren't registered. I also plan on looking in to this to see if we can get more people into service work.

One BTG contact.

28 & 29 alkathon was a success – over 400 attended for 2 weekends.

April 29, 2006 Group 48 is having a workshop on Sponsorship, Home Group and Service.

June 2, 2006 - Oak Creek Friday Night Group 30th open meeting. 8:00 p.m.

District 28 is having a mini conference on June 24, 2006. Panels will be held all day with a lunch and catered dinner. The speakers are from Reading PA. Flyers on the table and will be on the web site.

District 29

April 9, 2006

Census shows 44 register groups – DCM goal: do a complete census/update/get GSR’s for group.

We are updating group info.

Terry R. Area 75 Archive Chair shared. Archive room in West Allis.

Interesting Dist 29 history.

District 29 calendar/updated monthly – Secr. Beth.

Round Robin/year – doing other update (bi-monthly)

Four?? (Open Meetings)

Organizing suppor for V1 Spanish Meeting November

Strong in 2 service positions – Bridging the Gap, Correction

Looking to fill others.

DCM Report - District 32

April 9, 2006

The district is doing well in spite of having just electing me as DCM. The district meetings are held on the 3rd Sunday of the month at Galilee Lutheran Church in Pewaukee. We have had good attendance though we still have some chair positions to fill, but the previous chairs have been kind enough to continue helping out until they are filled. The We Enjoy Living Life Big Book Group held a weekend Big Book study March 4th & 5th at the Goodwill center in Waukesha that was well attended and a big success. I look forward to helping the district to the best of my ability for the next two years. .

Submitted by

Chris E

DCM District 32

District 34 DCM Report 4/8/2006

Who you see here, what you hear here, when you leave here, let it stay here!

In Service,

Todd U

h 262-786-8656

c 262-424-6646

fax 262-786-8656

mail to:powrls@wi.rr.com



MAICO address:

6400 Copps Drive

Madison, WI 53716


Hours 11-6 Monday – Friday

Email –Maico@tds.net

Web – search

Welcome to MAICO

  1. Not moving at this time, lease expires 8/07. Keeping eyes opened for new place – handicap accessible.

  1. Any district that wants to put minutes on website contact Diane @ MAICO

  1. Informational flyers may also be put on website, contact Diane.

GMCO Secretaries Meeting April 11, 2006

  1. New groups/secretaries: 7

  1. Gene’s report.

    1. Bank balance is $914.82.

    2. Please return the Gratitude Boxes as soon as you can to the Central Office.

    3. It is time to renew your subscription to the Between Us; the subscriptions run January through to December. You cannot pro-rate the subscription; you have to pay the complete amount: $9 for one issue per month for a year; $18 for 5 issues per month.

    4. The Jamboree will be held on September 16, 2006 at the Milwaukee County Zoo. Tickets will be available in late May or June. Scott R. will be speaking and the meeting will be held at the Peck Center. The dinner will be at table rounds instead of long tables and there is a maximum limit to the room of 700.

    5. The ticket price may include parking.

  1. Announcements.

    1. The Outcast Motorcycles group will be holding is 23rd annual poker rum and open speaker meeting/dance on May 6.

    2. The District 28 mini-conference will be held on June 24.

    3. Renuka will no longer be taking minutes of the secretaries meeting every month; if you are interested in doing this service work, contact Dan at the central office at 414.771-9119 or Renuka at 414.241.9218.

    4. The How To Club will be holding an open speaker meeting on April 15, at 8:00 pm.

    5. If you are interested in carrying meetings to the jails in Milwaukee County, women please contact Fran at 414.475.7690; men contact Gene at the central office at 414.771.9119.

    6. Volunteers are needed to man the AA hotline on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Call Gene for more information at 414.771.9119.

    7. Gene received a letter from someone in AA in Costa Rica who sent $20 and asked for us to send them a Beginner’s Packet, as they are having a conference there and would like to hand out those packets.

    8. Randy, DCM of District 16 said that he will be going to all of the meetings in District 16 to find out if they have GSRs and encourage them to elect one, as the groups are very poorly represented, and the district is a “dark district,” in that the groups’ opinions are not represented at the area level.

  1. Old Business (none).

  1. Guest Speaker: Nancy H., new Area 75 Treasurer.

    1. Nancy was elected as the Alternate Treasurer in October of 2004. Her duties at that time included helping the Area Treasurer when required, and in general just “hanging around.” Her sponsor nominated her for the position.

    2. At the recent January assembly, the Area Treasurer (George B.) stepped down, and Nancy took that position.

    3. Duties of that position include:

      1. Processing all contributions to the Area.

        1. Nancy passed out a balance sheet of the Area finances.

        2. 218 Groups contributed since Nancy took office.

        3. The Grapevine and Count On Us funds are represented.

        4. Maintaining area general fund and checking account.

        5. Paying bills.

        6. Rent for the four area assemblies in Madison.

        7. Rent for the conference assemblies twice a year.

        8. Creation of the annual budget.

    4. Doreen H. is the new Alternate Treasurer.

    5. The requirements of the position:

      1. It is a two year term.

      2. A minimum of 5 years of sobriety is needed.

      3. A history of local and area service.

      4. Accounting experience is helpful.

      5. Regular access to a computer is strongly recommended.

    6. The recent area proposals that were brought forth at the preconference assembly are:

      1. Creation of a Registrar position.

      2. Discontinue the financial support of the Unity Conference.

      3. The Area Archivist would like to make a bid for the National Archives Conference 2008-2009.

    7. Other details of the Area 75 budget:

      1. The area has a $4000 prudent reserve.

      2. Last year’s expenses came to about $20,000.

      3. The Count On Us fund has $1299.85.

      4. The Rainbow Fund has $1199.53.

      5. Conference seed money is $500, unless they need more.

      6. Equipment costs – equipment for translation for the deaf – for more information ask the Special Needs Chair (Michael).

      7. Group donations total $5000 so far this year.

      8. There was $1701 in “other contributions” which were from the contributions can at the Archives.

      9. There were bank charges for checks and endorsement stamps.

      10. We had a minimum balance charge, but now all of our accounts are tied together so that will not happen again.

      11. Last year we made up the conference loss – we didn’t fill our room blocks and had to pay the hotel.

      12. There were some messes to tie up.

        1. The hotel charged the wrong person.

        2. There was a check floating around.

      13. The Area paid for half of the charge for a booth at the Professionals Conference; District 20 paid for the other half.

      14. Literature printing costs.

      15. The Treasurer is responsible for raising money for the Area and for GSO.

      16. There was an article in the February Grapevine called “Buck in the Basket” and another similar article, written by the same person, in the October 2004 Grapevine (a reprint of a 1984 article) called “Another Day, Another Dollar.”

      17. Nancy talked about how when she first came in, the tradition was to put a buck in the basket at her meetings.

        1. Alcohol is expensive – one glass of wine at a bar is equivalent to a buck in the basket for five meetings.

        2. Cigarettes cost money.

        3. Coffee at Starbucks every day costs money.

    8. Another duty: answering questions.

      1. How groups can open a checking account.

      2. Can we deduct our AA contributions on our taxes? *Only money that goes to GSO; you can only deduct contributions to a 501(c)(6) organization, and GSO is one. Groups are not. Some tax examiners may allow it if you offer proof; some may not. The maximum donation for an individual is $2000; but contributions from groups are unlimited.

      3. There is a Birthday Fund, where people send in a dollar for every year sober or a penny for every day sober. Started in 1955.

      4. Memorial contributions are only accepted from AA members. GSO does take credit cards.

      5. Pamphlets are available with more information.

      6. Even a small amount, sent consistently, makes a difference.

      7. Pamphlets are available that make suggestions for splits, but that is not set in stone.

      8. There are 900 groups in Area 75, and about 600 of them are in the Milwaukee area.

      9. Contribution forms are available online at www.area75.org.

      10. Guidelines are available online at www.aa.org, under Services for Members.

      11. The “A.A. Group Treasurer” pamphlet is available online.

  1. Miscellaneous.

    1. The next Secretaries Meeting is on May 9, 2006 at 7 p.m.

    2. There is a GSR orientation beforehand, at 6:30 p.m. for new GSRs.

    3. The Greater Milwaukee Central Office has a website at www.aamilwaukee.com.

    4. There is a correction to be made to one of the flyers: Mother’s Day is on May 14.

    5. There is a Board of Directors meeting this month – on the second Wednesday of the even numbered months only – the next one is on June 14, 2006 at 6:30 p.m.

  1. Meeting adjourned.

Spring 2006 Conference Report


Things are going well.

Registrations as of 4/08 162

Banquets as of 4/08 130

Breakfasts as of 4/8 60

Rooms reserved: We have met our room commitment of 150.

May 5-7, 2006

Radisson Hotel, LaCrosse, WI

Rooms 109 & 119

Registration $15

Banquet $28

Breakfast $16

Speakers: Ed M Saturday

Mildred F. Sunday

Will K. Friday

Jim S. Al-Anon

Sarah G. Alateen (change*)

If you wish to volunteer for service work, please talk to John, Nimmo, Greeters chair, or myself. We are in need especially of volunteers to chair alkathon meetings in the wee hours of the morning on both Saturday and Sunday.

Submitted by conference chair

David F.

April 8, 2006

Report for the 2006 Unity Conference

Everything is moving along according to the suggested timeline.

Our most recent conference call was on March 19th. At that time we had 11 people registered.

Registration is $17. Saturday Banquet $25. Rooms are $89 for up to 4 people. Suites are also available for $129.

The first 100 people registered will be entered in a drawing to win a free set of tapes.

So please send in your registration.

Fall Conference 2006

Ramada Inn S. Beloit

Oct 20-22, 2006

All speakers set

Registration set $10.00

Meal prices set ??

Flyers finished will be ready for Spring Conf. LaCrosse.

First 100 registrants will enter drawing for set of conference speaker tapes.

Witch much help from our conference advisors Nancy & Ken G. everything is on track. The committee is working well together and excited to be of service to Area 75.

Please remember we will be electing our Area Officers at this conference. This info will be on the flyers.

Will be registration table @ spring Conference.

Respectfully Submitted

Sheri P. for Wanda F.

Voting: 66 in favor, 4 opposed, no minority opinion

Spring 2007 Conference

May 18-20, 2007 at the Madison Marriott West in Madison.

Keith L. from North Carolina is the Saturday night speaker.

All committee chairs are active and meeting regularly.

The next meeting is in May at the facility. More detailed info

regarding pricing will be available after that meeting.

Note: Fall 2007 will be the East Central Regional Conference in Sheboygan

District #34

Spring 2008, Conference

May 13-14-15, 2008 Olympia Resourt Oconomowoc, WI

Contract signed

Committee organizational meeting – Sunday May 21st

At NW Alano Club

Large contact

Email list compled

Fall 2008 Conference

Oct 3-5

Conf. Chair to be elected at Dist 12 meeting Wed May 3rd.

Negotiations w/Holiday Inn, Fond du Lac proceeding on schedule +- 1 week.

Agreement on room commitments – Dist/committee w/hotel.

Previous conf. under – delivered, but penalty was minimal (200) Needs clarification.

Xtra room (40) block in adjoining hotel will not be counted in commitment.

Need to settle our proposal (pre-contract agreement) next week.

Share/agree with – Chair load adv. Committee

Contract signing due early/mid May.

Formal 2-year planning calendar starts Oct/Nov.

Here are the proposals from the January 22nd Agenda Planning Meeting:

January 22, 2006


Agenda Proposal Sponsor: Terry Reno

Phone Number: 414 321-7845

Sponsor’s Service Position: Archives Committee Chair

Provide Complete Details of Your Proposal:

Area 75 Host a National Archives Workshop

List the Primary Benefits of your Proposal to the Area:

Members of Alcoholics Anonymous within Area 75 will gain knowledge and understanding of the importance of A.A.’s history while at the same time being involved in service work within the conference.

Cost to Area 75: No Cost to the Area

Voting: This item was approved by a unanimous vote

Agenda Proposal Sponsor: Nancy Gusner Phone 608-221-2891

Sponsor’s service position: Area 75 Delegate Date: January 22, 2006

Provide complete details of your proposal (attach any supporting documentation):

That Area 75 creates the appointed service position of Registrar.

The purpose of the Registrar position is to maintain an accurate database of the groups and roster of the trusted servants in Area 75, and communicate any changes to the General Service Office. The roster includes all Area officers, DCMs, Area Standing Committee Chairpersons, Conference Chairpersons, Past Delegates, Trustees, Intergroups/Central Offices/answering services, and the current Area 74 Delegate.

The Registrar will be appointed by the Area Chairperson (as are the Standing Committee chairs), and will serve as a member of the Secretary’s Committee.

The duties of the position will include, but not be limited to:

Benefits of the Proposal/Background Information

At some point in 2006, the DELAREA database group information package maintained at the General Service Office will become web-based. This will be a great improvement over the current group update procedure. To properly utilize this new service, it will be necessary to have one person responsible for gathering the information changes and updating the database on-line. This is accomplished with authorization via a password assigned by GSO.

It would be extremely beneficial to have accurate group information available. It is commonly known that by the time the annual group updates are completed, the information is sent to GSO, and the regional directories are published, the information is obsolete. Also, many of the statistics generated by GSO, for financial and other purposes, are calculated based on group information. To have a more accurate, current database would improve GSO’s reporting to the fellowship.

For Area 75 purposes, Area, district and group trusted servants would have one person to contact regarding group information, streamlining the arduous annual update task. It would no longer be an overwhelming chore; revisions could be provided to the Registrar throughout the year.

The Secretary and the Alternate Secretary currently have duties such that another responsibility would be burdensome.

Estimated Funding Required

Initial year start-up costs – expense reimbursement to attend Area meetings to establish procedures and familiarize fellowship with duties = $250 (not to exceed).

Annual Expenses = $100 (not to exceed) to be included as part of Area Secretary’s budget.

Voting: This item was approved by a unanimous vote


Used for documenting proposed agenda items for the Agenda Planning Meetings

Agenda Proposal Sponsor: Monica Mutchler Phone # 262-792-1490

Sponsor's service position: Alternate Chairperson

Votes on this proposal: Yes_____No____Passed?__Defeated?___

Provide complete details of your proposal (attach any supporting documentation)


List the primary benefits of your proposal. Who does it help? How?

1. Area 75


3. Area 75 pays

1. Area 75 Delegate's Expenses

2. (1 night lodging, registration and mileage) for the area chairperson, secretary, treasurer and the standing chairs with 2 nights lodging for the Archivist.

3. The Alternate Chair, Secretary and Treasurer receive reimbursement for mileage and registration and 1 night lodging if the distance is further than 100 miles.

4. The Unity Conference has lost money the last 2 years.

5. "If the Unity Conference would incur expenses beyond conference funds Area 74/75 cover these costs 50/50

6. Lack of attendance (support) by Area 75 and Area 74 membership.

7. Area 75 is hosting the 5 STATE EAST CENTRAL REGIONAL CONFERENCE in 2007. The conference will be back in our area-AREA 75.

Total cost to Area 75 members? ZERO 0 The Area has the potential of saving $2.000-$3,000 per year.

Voting: 66 in favor, 3 opposed, no minority opinion

Upcoming Area Dates

May 5-7: Area 75 Spring Conference - La Crosse, WI

June 11, 2006: Agenda Planning Meeting - Madison, WI

July 7-9: Unity Conference - Wisconsin Rapids, WI

September 24, 2006: Pre- Conference Assembly - Madison, WI

October 20-22: Area 75 Fall conference - Beloit, WI (Area Elections)