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Agenda Planning Meeting - Sunday, January 23, 2005 Printer Friendly Version

Alcoholics Anonymous-Area 75 Sunday, January 23, 2005

Agenda Planning Meeting 9:00 a.m.

Madison Senior Center

Madison, WI



OFFICERS PRESENT: Nancy G, Delegate; Robert S, Alternate Delegate; Howard P, Area Chairperson; John B, Secretary; Kathy W, Alternate Secretary; George B, Treasurer

STANDING COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSONS PRESENT: Terry R, Archives; Nancy S, Archivist; Ken Y, Bridging the Gap; Stu E, Cooperation with the Professional Community (CPC); Paul H, Corrections; Jo Mc, Grapevine; Michael N, Special Needs; Marian B, Treatment

DCMs PRESENT: John N-D1; Ray Z-D3; Jim Mc-D6; Dale W-D7; Toni M-D8; John W-D11; Annette D-D12; Chris C-D13; Patrick R-D16; Patrick N-D19; Dan K-D20; Alternate-D22; Mark C-D25; David W-D27; Ron G-D29; Lori M-D30; Dale H-D32; Alternate (Bob D)-D34; Linda T-D36.

GSRs & DISTRICT COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSONS PRESENT: 4D3-George P; D4-Matt Z; D6-Tad K, Liz Y; D7-Packy D, Cathy F; D8-Russ K; D11-Ric C; D12-Dick K; D13-Cheri C, Jodi K, Peggy D; D14-Frank S, Renuka V; D16-Dave P; D20-Doreen H, Steve V, Tom G; D23- Dave T; D25-Rebecca B; D27-Mike M, Lisa W; D30-Dave L; D31-Jeff L; D32-Chris E, William S; D34-Don R; D36- Linda T; D36-Barb W

OTHERS PRESENT: Past Delegates (Area 75)-Joan J, John B, Ken G, Leo M; Mary Z, Ray Z

1. Howard P opened the meeting with a moment of silence, followed by …

2. The Serenity Prayer.

3. Bob S, Alternate Delegate & Literature Chair, read the Twelve Concepts.

4. John B, Area Secretary, took Roll Call.

5. Secretary's Report - John B read the minutes from the fall conference and they were accepted as read.

6. Treasurer's Report - George B introduced himself as the current treasurer and introduced Barb W (outgoing). Barb read the 2004 year end financial statement and it was accepted as read.

7. Chairpersons Report - Howard P thanked the past officers and the area for the opportunity to serve. Howard asked that we remember Jack N and Millie B who recently passed on. Howard stated that he was looking forward to working with all during the current rotation.

8. Delegate's Report - Nancy welcomed the new DCM's and GSR's and mentioned the AA Information Change Form. Nancy G reminded the area of the upcoming Delegate's Workshop on March 13th. Nancy stated that according to a recent report received from General Service Office, only 39% of groups from area 75 contribute to GSO. Area 75 is hosting the 2006, Delegates - Past Delegates Conference, in Kenosha, February 10 - 12.

9. Archives - Nancy S asked that the full date (MM/DD/YY) be put on any items submitted to archives, otherwise it cannot be placed in the proper chronological order. Group history binders are available for examination today. Nancy reported that she is receiving minutes from most of the districts now and thanked them. Nancy asked that district and group flyers be forwarded for inclusion into the archives. Nancy asked that information on District Archives Chairpersons be sent to her as soon as possible. Nancy has been voted in as Archivist (non-rotating). Terry R has accepted the position of Area 75 Archives Chairperson for the next two years. Nancy stated that we need an ad-hoc committee to research the possibility of renting some space to store and work on the Area Archives. Nancy will head the ad-hoc committee. Terry R then introduced himself and offered to come to the individual districts and explain why it is necessary for districts and groups to participate in Area Archives.

10. Bridging the Gap - Ken Y has distributed requests to all districts asking for temporary contact information. In the absence of such information, the DCM is placed on the contact list. Linda T has agreed to be Ken's alternate. Ken also asked for district BTG chairpersons to get in contact with him and to participate in the area BTG committee. Ken then asked the area for permission to bid the 2007 National BTG Workshop. No funds are needed from the area. Ken also stated that he was available to visit the individual districts if they would like.

11. Cooperation with the Professional Community - Stu E introduced himself as the incoming CPC Chairperson and gave some brief history regarding CPC. Stu made a general request for volunteers to join his committee. The CPC committee met during the morning session and had a lively meeting. Budgeting was discussed because CPC costs are dependant on the level of activity within individual districts. Stu reported that the budget he submitted to the area was $233 less than previous submitted budget, heavy on literature and light on administrative costs. Stu pledged to use any area funds allocated to his efforts wisely and prudently.

12. Grapevine - Jo Mc introduced herself as the incoming Grapevine Chairperson. Jo explained that past issues of GV and La Viña are available online through the digital archives for $10 year if you are a current GV subscriber and $15 for those who aren't. Jo needs district information for GV and La Viña chairpersons. Jo would like to update the current Count On Us subscriptions so that the subscriptions can be balanced for all the institutions. Jo would like to hold GV writing workshops, so that more people can contribute to the Grapevine. Deadline for the GV photo contest is (was) February 15. Jo also stated that she is open to visiting individual districts to host writing forums for the GV. GV is looking for stories on how their groups celebrate anniversaries.

13. Corrections - Jo Mc also gave the corrections report as the new Corrections Chairperson, Paul H had to leave. Steve T is now outside sponsor for Waupun (Sat. 8:00 am - 9:30 & Wed. 1:00 pm - 2:30) and volunteers are needed. Jo also reported that women are needed for a Friday night John Burke meeting at 7:00 pm. Budget estimate has been submitted to area 75 Chairperson and is $121 less than previously submitted budget. Any donations for corrections should be sent to the Area 75 Corrections mailbox earmarked for the rainbow fund. Renuka was asked to pass the Rainbow can and Count On Us can.

14. Literature - Bob S introduced himself as the incoming Alternate delegate and Literature Chairperson. Bob hasn't been able to get in touch with the outgoing chairperson from the last rotation and therefore the literature display is not yet available. Bob thanked the area for the privilege to be of service. Stories are still needed for the third edition Spanish Big Book from the Spanish community. The deadline for submission is September 1, 2005. Bob asked that we please help get the word out to the Spanish community.

15. Public Information - Al B introduced himself as the area 75 web master, and gave a report on behalf of the excused area PI chair. Al reported that the database and programming has been added to allow individual districts to put district meeting information on the website. It will be up to the individual districts to keep the information current. Districts will need a password to access the website. The event calendar is being evaluated to make it easier to add information to the calendar. The web masters email address is: abuss@mwt.net. Howard P reminded everyone that the website calendar was available for district event information only and was governed by the original website proposal as detailed in the Assembly Actions.

16. Special Needs - Mike N reported on the purpose of Special Needs Committee. Mike hopes to raise the consciousness of the needs of those members of the fellowship with physical disabilities. An evaluation form is available for individual groups to do a self-evaluation of their meeting place for accessibility. Literature will be made available to the DCM's as to what needs to be looked at in terms of new meeting places. Mike needs the central office's approval to be referenced in this piece of literature.

17. Treatment -Marian B introduced herself as the incoming Treatment Chairperson and asked everyone to keep Cleo in their prayers. Cleo was the past Treatment Chair and is currently ill. Marian stated that more temporary sponsors and child care providers are needed to enable single women to attend meetings. Marian emphasized the need to adhere to individual treatment facilities rules and regulations as to not alienate these facilities. Marian asked for DCM's to send copies of district meeting minutes and information on the current Treatment Chairperson at the district level. Marian would like to see more workshops emphasizing treatment, corrections & BTG. Marian is willing to go to individual district meetings if invited.

18. Ad Hoc Committee on Conferences - Ken G presented the report and asked that the DCM's ask the groups in their district if they are willing support 2 or 3 conferences? The first choice would be to maintain the current three conference format: Spring, Fall & Unity. The second choice would be to keep the Spring and Fall conference and eliminate the Unity conference. The third choice would be to keep the Unity conference and eliminate either the Spring or Fall conference. If the districts would like to see other scenarios, please bring those recommendations to the committee. Recommendations are needed from the districts by the Pre-Conference Assembly. If no recommendation is forthcoming from fellowship, the ad-hoc committee will make a recommendation at the next Agenda Planning Meeting.

19. Ad Hoc Committee on Finance - Leo M read the recommendations from the ad-hoc committee. The unanimous vote from the committee is to form a permanent finance committee to participate in the budgeting process. The makeup of the committee is defined in the proposal and the supporting documents.

20. Ad Hoc Committee on Area 75 BTG Workbook - Mark H reported that the evaluation of the current workbook is just beginning. The committee will be made up of: Mark H, Ken G and Steve K, in conjunction with the current BTG chairperson and others.

21. Past Conference Report (Fall 2004) - Dave L, the conference treasurer gave this report: did not have the exact number but approximately a $2500 profit was generated after the area seed money was backed out. Dave reported that the conference was well attended and there was no negative feedback that he was aware of. Two checks still have not cleared the bank, but recipients claim to have cashed them.

22. Spring 2005 Conference Report - written report submitted and read by co-chair, George B. George reported that the conference committee was requesting early registrations and room reservations. George specifically asked that the area officers and chairpersons register as soon as possible.

23. Fall 2005 Conference Report - no representative on hand from this conference. John B will get a written report from the conference committee and include it in the published minutes.

24. Unity Conference 2006 & 2007 - Lavonne S reported that they are currently forming conference committees and are looking for volunteers. The 2007 conference will be the Five State Regional Conference, which will be hosted by Area 75. This conference will be held in conjunction with the Unity Conference.

Setting the Agenda

25. Proposal on Finances - The proposal was read and presented by its sponsor, Leo M. Discussion: It was pointed out that this proposal overrides previously established assembly actions. It was pointed out that the area needs to operate within the limits of the funds available with the maximization of 12-step work in mind. The area has been operating without an approved budget for some time now. Hopefully this committee would be able to allow the area committees to operate with an approved budget in the future. The proposal is designed to eliminate unnecessary expenses, not to eliminate 12-step work. A request for amendment was declined.

Call the question: Unanimous.

First vote: 20 in favor, 3 against (no minority opinion).

The item has been placed on the agenda.

26. Proposal for Helms-Briscoe to Negotiate Future Conferences - The proposal was read and presented by its sponsor, Jo Mc. Discussion: This is a resubmission of previous agenda item, where the proposal was withdrawn. Chairman for the ad hoc committee on conferences asked Ken to state that they are not in favor of this proposal as it takes service work away from AA members. This is the reason for conference advisors to participate in the bidding process. Only 4 of the 110 conferences to date have lost money. Area deficits are not the result of conferences, but a result of other problems within the area. Fear is that Helms-Briscoe will only negotiate with their favored facilities and will limit our future selection for conference sites. Original proposal was withdrawn to allow for committee process and due to the fact that a non-alcoholic is not allowed to address the area assembly. The current conference committee chairperson has ignored due process due to the fact that additional requests for information and subsequent inquiries that have been sent and have gone unanswered. Helms-Briscoe is an outside concern and our involvement with them goes against the traditions. This decision needs to be made by the groups and not the area assembly and therefore should not be tabled.

Call the question: 23 in favor, 1 against.

First vote: 14 in favor, 10 against (no minority opinion).

The item has been placed on the agenda.

Note: This proposal was subsequently withdrawn by its sponsor.

27. Proposal to Discontinue Printing the Pamphlet: “Is There an Alcoholic in Your Life?” - The proposal was read and presented by Dave L. Discussion: It's too late for this year's agenda. Does not need to be an assembly action, merely needs the recommendation by the area. An area assembly action seems to have more weight rather than an assembly recommendation. District 30 agreed to sponsor the proposal since an individual AA group does not qualify as a proposal sponsor.

Call the question: Unanimous.

First vote: 21 in favor, 2 opposed (no minority opinion).

The item has been placed on the agenda.

28. Coffee Volunteers - District 20 volunteered for the Delegates Workshop on March 13, 2005 and District 30 volunteered for the Pre-Conference Assembly on April 10, 2005.

29. Meeting was closed with the Lords Prayer.

Respectfully submitted,

John B.

Area 75 Secretary 2005-2006

Upcoming Area Dates

March 13, 2005 - Delegates Workshop, Madison Senior Center, Madison WI

April 10, 2005 - Pre-Conference Assembly, Madison Senior Center, Madison WI

May 13 - 15, 2005 - Spring Conference, Fond du Lac WI

June 12, 2005 - Agenda Planning Meeting, Madison Senior Center, Madison WI

September 25, 2005 - Pre-Conference Assembly, Madison Senior Center, Madison WI

October 14 - 16, 2005 - Fall Conference, Waukesha WI

Appendix 1


This Year


Last Year

Year to Date

This Year

Year to Date

Last Year


Group Donations





Conference Proceeds





Other Income





Total Revenues






Bank Charges





Coffee/Donut Expense





Conference Loss





GSO Fees






























Misc/Office Expense















Registration Fees















Web Site










Total Expenses





Net Income






Current Assets

Cash in Checking-M&I


Prudent Reserve-M&I


A/R-Conference Seed Money


Total Current Assets


Property and Equipment



Total Property and Equipment


Other Assets

Total Other Assets


Total Assets



Current Liabilities

Total Current Liabilities


Long-Term Liabilities

Total Long-Term Liabilities


Total Liabilities



Retained Earnings


Net Income


Total Capital


Total Liabilities & Capital









Variance YTD

Year to Date

Year to Date






























































































Appendix 2

Jan. 23, 2005

Area 75 Chair Person Report

My name is Howard P. I'm an alcoholic and thank you for giving me the honor of being our Area 75 elected Chairperson. I'm truly humbled by this honor. Thank you for this Service opportunity.

Additionally I find myself in the good company with our newly elected and appointed Area 75 Officers and Standing Committee Chairs. Our Area is blessed in having these recovering A.A. members who are willing to serve. Like myself, we will all need your input and support in full filling our required duties, as shown in our A.A. Service Manual, and full filling the primary purpose of our 5th Tradition.

On a personal note, my home group is the Waukesha Sunday Night AA group. Like yours, my Home Group is also one of the best A.A. Groups in Alcoholic's Anonymous. We meet at 7 PM at Ascension Lutheran Church in Waukesha. You are all welcome to come and share you experience strength and hope with us.

I want to thank the past-rotated GSR's, DCM's Area 75 Delegates, Area 75 Standing Committee Chairs and rotated elected Area 75 Officers for the service they had given our A.A. Fellowship.

I find myself having the honor to mention two special individuals who we have lost last year.

There was the lost of our Past Delegate Panel 35 Millie B. I had the honor of working with Millie during the creation of our first Unity Conference. She will be truly missed.

And we have also lost another past trusted servant Jack N. Jack was at one of my first Area 75 Assemblies. Jack was one of our past Alt. Delegates.

If you would please place both Millie's B. and Jack N. families in your prayers

I am looking forward working with you all during this rotation. We will need each of your mentorship to aid us in our A.A. service duties.

I pray that my Higher Power will continue to aid me to listen with an open mind and willingness. I need to remember that “He who presides over us all”. I do have complete trust in our A.A. group conscious process. It will always work when I let it.

As in our Area 75 past history, I will follow the path and directions listed in our Alcoholic Anonymous Service manual. Plus additionally by the guiding of my Sponsors and mentors.

Please feel free to contact me and let me know what I may do to help follow our 5th Tradition.

Yours in Service and Fellowship

Howard P

Appendix 3


Agenda Planning Meeting

January 23, 2005

Good afternoon and thank you all for showing up on this wintry Sunday. I extend a special welcome from the Area Committee to the new GSRs and DCMs. I hope you will find your new general service position to be a rewarding learning experience. It is important that you register your new positions with the General Service Office. There are forms available for GSRs both on the GSO web site and at our registration table today. DCM info change forms are also on the table.

Based on the agenda items presented, we will probably be combining Committees for our workshop, so you may serve on two Committees that morning. When I get better organized, I will contact you with more information.

That's all for now. Thank you for allowing me to serve as your Delegate. God bless.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy G

Appendix 7

Area 75 Grapevine Report January 23, 2005

Respectfully submitted by Jo Mc

Another year - another chance to serve Alcoholics Anonymous. I remain excited at the service opportunities that are available in this program…from ashtray cleaner down to Trustee-at-Large. Every service position offers us another chance to learn about A.A. around the world. Next month I will be attending the Delegates/Past Delegates Convention in Detroit as your outgoing Delegate. I will meet old friends and make new ones. I want to thank you for allowing me to serve you, Are 75 and Alcoholics Anonymous in various positions over the years. Every new position created new challenges & fears. Every new position created new friends. Every new position created new strengths and for that I am grateful.

I have sign-in sheets for all new Grapevine and LaVina reps. It is very important that I have the correct mailing information for all district and group Grapevine and LaVina reps. For the first time “A Guide to the Grapevine” will be mailed free of charge to all registered GvRs and RLVs who request it at (212) 870-3404. In addition, free copies will be available for GvRs (Grapevine Reps) and RLVs (Spanish LaVina Reps) at Grapevine & LaVina workshops at Regional & Special Forums. The workbook can also be read or downloaded from the Grapevine website at www.aagrapevine.org.

I hope to achieve several goals during my two year term as your Grapevine Chair:

  1. Create a new “Count on Us” mailing and renewal file system so that address and sponsor updates can be easily made.

  2. Create a Sponsorship program which will help groups and/or individuals sponsor the facility or entity of their choice.

  3. Hold Grapevine writing workshops within the area to share our wit, wisdom, experiences, strengths and have some fun. We will learn together!

  4. Work closely with Paul H. Area 75 Corrections Chair to create and maintain an accurate list of all DOC facilities in our area from jails to maximum security prisons. We need to be sure that the subscriptions are going to the active outside or inside sponsors of these facilities at their correct address.

If you are receiving a subscription via the “Count on Us” fund & receive a renewal notice please send it to me at Area 75 Corrections, PMB #170, 5464 North Port Washington Road, Glendale, WI 53217.

The Grapevine digital archive offers us a change to explore all Grapevine writings since 1944. Costs are very reasonable: for non-subscribers $2 a month, $15 a year or $10 a year to Grapevine and La Viña subscribers. Check it out at www.aagrapevine.org or call (212) 870-3404.

The Grapevine is looking for articles on how your group celebrates anniversaries, stories from AAs in the military on staying sober away from home and on any AA related issue from one liner to 2000-3000 word stories.

The Grapevine and La Vina are an excellent way to carry the message of Alcoholics Anonymous to anyone that may need it. CPC, Treatment and PI Committees can use them at health fairs, hospitals or service presentations. Buy them in bulk at 50 back issues for $26 and leave them at your doctors, therapists, shelters, lawyers, gym, laundromats, beauty or barber shops. I thought of bars but my sponsor says that would be promotion so we'll skip them. The possibilities are endless.

September 17th I will be in West Bend for the 9th Annual District 12 Open meeting, cookout and fun day. I love going to district and group events. Call me at 262-551-7371 or email me at jo_mc75@hotmail.com. I am at your service.

In loving service, Jo Mc

Appendix 11

Treatment Committee Report

Jan. 23, 2005

Madison Senior Center

Good morning, or afternoon as the case might be. My name is Marian B, and I am an alcoholic. I am also your new Treatment Chair. As I've only been on the job for a little over three weeks, I've very little to report, but I do have some requests.

First, what I've been doing in three weeks. As my community is blessed with several 90-day inpatient centers, as well as one hospital inpatient/outpatient center, and a county outpatient center, I took the opportunity to contact the Directors of these centers to ask if there was AA involvement in their treatment programs, and if so what were we doing right, and what we were doing wrong. In all but one of these programs I was told that AA was an important part of the treatment program, and to keep on coming. What these people told me was what they really needed was MORE. More schedules of meetings to pass out to their clients, more temporary sponsor lists, and more people on those lists, more offers of rides to meetings, as some, if not most of their clients have trouble with the DMV. Another request was for childcare, for mothers who need to go to meetings, but have no family or friends to look after small children. The one center that has minimal AA involvement at this time, told me that, as a Correctional facility, we have to play by slightly different rules that the “outside” centers do, and although AA is welcome, it's on their terms, not ours. I have another appointment with this lady next week.

One thing that I have learned in going into treatment centers, is after talking about AA to the clients, one of their first questions is “But I've also got a problem with drugs, overeating, fill in the blank?” I've run off some copies of “Fellowships Similar to AA” from the Treatment Handbook. These were passed out at the meeting this morning, and I have some left, if DCM's or others want to take one. If I run out, please let me know if you want one, and I will either snail mail or email one to you.

Now for the requests: DCM's, I love you. But there are some people I love more than you, and that would be my husband, your D. secretary, and your D. Treatment Committee Chair. This is my way of asking you to please to send your District minutes and Committee reports to me. I'm also asking, dear, lovely DCM's to send me your Treatment Committee Chair's name, address, phone number and email address. This is because they are members of the Area 75 Treatment Committee, and I am here to serve you. This is a committee, not a commit-I.

One more request, and then I'm done. I'm inviting DCM's or perhaps two or more Districts to put on a Workshop that might include Corrections, Bridge the Gap, Treatment and Special Needs. The Workshop format might very well bring in more people that may not be reached at a District meeting, and would also give your District Chairs more opportunity to be a part of the Area Committee.

As always, I'm most ready to go to any District, and will not just drop in at a District meeting, without giving a “heads up” to the DCM.

Are there any questions?

Respectfully Submitted:

Marian B

Treatment Chair

Appendix 13


I have asked George B, our co-chairperson to present my conference report to you. I am planning on doing some R&R, Rest and Recuperation, this weekend. Just before Christmas, I had a heart attack. I am doing well, but not at 100% yet.

Our conference is moving along pretty much on schedule. Our last meeting was with the Holiday Inn Staff and we went through the set-up and schedule of events line by line. We also took another walk through the conference center. Everything looks in place.

We are looking for contributions for the Hospitality area from AA groups and any private individuals wishing to do so. We are not able to bring in any food or drink so we are needing to purchase snacks from the Holiday Inn.

The Holiday Inn will be having a mug available for purchase ($12.00). You will have unlimited refills of soda and coffee for the conference weekend. Otherwise, the Holiday Inn will have beverages available by the cup.

We are always looking for volunteers for greeters, hospitality, Alkathon, etc. If you are interested in volunteering, please give us your name and phone number.

George B has conference flyers with him today and if you need additional flyers, please let George know and he'll get you what you need.

As DCMs, GSRs, and trusted servants, please encourage your AA group members to register early and also to book their motel reservations early. Those booking rooms early will be in a drawing for one free nights stay at the Holiday Inn, so it pays to book early. And talking about early registrations…ARE YOU REGISTERED YET FOR THE SPRING CONFERENCE??? What are you waiting for? Don't procrastinate; send in your registrations today!!! We appreciate your support.

If you have any questions, George will glad to answer them for you.

Cindy H

Spring 2005 Conference Chairperson